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Epidemiologist Dr. David Egilman of Brown University joins Dash to discuss his experience testifying as an expert witness in over 600 cases against some of the world’s largest corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, and Merck. Dr. Egilman's testimonies have recovered billions of dollars worth of settlements for injured/sick workers and consumers. Dr. Egilman explains the ethical implications of corporations funding their own science and research. He also shares effective ways that society can take its power and health back from the grips of industry giants. Dr. David Egilman is board-certified in internal medicine and preventive and occupational medicine and an epidemiologist. He's also the previous Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health and the current Editor of the The Journal of Scientific Practice and Integrity.
Best-Selling Food Author Marion Nestle joins Dash to discuss the potential causes of America's high obesity rates. She explores the health of Ultra-Processed and Vegan Plant-Based foods, breaks down artificial sweeteners and 'hard' sodas, and explains how US federal food agencies represent both the product and the consumer.    Marion Nestle is a Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and New York University and a visiting Professor at Cornell. She is also the author of multiple award-winning books including Food Politics, Soda Politics, Unsavory Truth, and her latest book, Slow Cooked. To get a copy of Marion Nestle's Slow Cooked, go to Slow Cooked and use code 21W2240 at checkout for 30% off.
Washington DC's Former Chief of Homicide Glenn Kirschner joins Dash to discuss the patterns and psychological motivations of the murderers he put behind bars, the dangerous process of flipping witnesses, and whether or not enough money -- and power -- can be used by the ruling class to purchase their way out of facing justice for their crimes. Glenn served as a Federal Prosecutor with the DC United States Attorney's Office for 24 years. Glenn is also a legal analyst for MSNBC, and the host of "Justice Matters." Link to watch Glenn Kirschner's daily show 'Justice Matters': Justice Matters
NYT Best-Selling Historian Eleanor Herman joins Dash to trace back 3000 years of violent gender struggles surrounding power. She draws from her new book, Off With Her Head, to show how society has conditioned women into subordination, why feminism is often viewed as a threat by both males & females, and how Big-Tech algorithms are deliberately perpetuating the gender culture wars.   Get your copy of Eleanor Herman's Off With Her Head:
Dopesick Author Beth Macy joins Dash to discuss the ongoing Opioid epidemic that has claimed thousands of American lives. Beth goes into stories from her brand new book, Raising Lazarus, which uncovers groundbreaking Big Pharma corruption — while showcasing the courageous individuals who risk their careers & lives to fight against this man-made drug disease that continues to plague the country. From OxyContin to Fentanyl, Beth shares her expertise to predict trends that may lie ahead, and offers ways to combat the forces of corporate greed and addiction. It's time to reexamine the national conversation about America's War on Drugs -- before it's too late. Beth Macy is also the Executive Producer of Hulu's Limited Series, Dopesick, which has earned 14 Emmy nominations for exposing Purdue Pharma’s role in perpetuating the OxyContin Crisis. Read Beth's award-winning work and get a copy of her new book, Raising Lazarus:
Investigative Journalist Mike Rothschild joins Dash to uncover the reasons why human beings remain susceptible to dystopian conspiracy theories. Mike draws from his popular new book, The Storm is Upon Us, to provide groundbreaking connections from the First World Wars, Reptilians (Lizard People), Biblical storms, and violent myths that continue to plague contemporary society. What role do conspiracy theories play in our modern culture? Is there an underlying psychological factor that compels men and women to embrace these conspiratorial movements?   Link to read Mike Rothschild's new release, The Storm is Upon Us:
New York Times best-selling author Craig Unger joins Dash to deep-dive into Russia's long-spanning history of planting assets in the United States through money laundering, business loans, and "honey trapping." Unger delves into excerpts from his hit book, American Kompromat, to further explore how the Jeffrey Epstein scandal ties into Russia's recruiting tactics; and how high-profile figures may be compromised by the alleged 'tapes.' Link to read Craig Unger's NYT Best-Seller, American Kompromat:
Dr. Steven Hassan joins Dash to unpack the specific brainwashing methods cult-leaders use to indoctrinate their victims. From Neuro-linguistic Programming, to Hassan's BITE method, we delve into the tactics of L. Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, and contemporary influential figures who may be operating under the radar as we speak. Has social media helped cult-like figures achieve their malicious agendas? Dr. Steven Hassan is the author of 4 major books on undue-influence, and hosts the Influence Continuum Podcast. To learn more about Dr. Hassan's work, visit his website, FreedomOfMind.Com
Psychologist Dr. John Gartner joins Dash to break down the evolutionary reasons humans may be drawn into ruthless authoritarian movements. Even Chimpanzees showed an allegiance towards aggressive and often violent alpha-males. From 1930s Germany to ancient civilizations -- differing ideologies and religions continue to be pinned against one-another by powerful demagogues. Are psychological factors --  that can be traced back to our primate ancestors -- still at play?
High-Profile Democratic Strategist Jack Cocchiarella joins Dash to discuss how the GOP has abandoned the Median Voter Theorem principle to embrace the far-right surge in America. Furthermore, Andrew Yang's 'Forward Party' is distracting the electorate from the festering fascist movement within the Republican Party. With less than 100 days out from the Midterms, every decision President Biden makes will carry significant weight in swaying voters. What's the 9th-inning strategy for the Democrats?
TikTok phenomenon Abe Gurko of "Won't Be Silent" joins Dash to challenge the Democrats' lack of aggression in their messaging efforts to combat a growing Fascist movement. Democrats' policies align with the everyday man, but still, something must be causing over 40% of Americans to stay home and refrain from the ballot box in the midst of a democratic crisis. The '60s and '70s saw waves of protests over the Vietnam War - but in 2022, the political fight appears to have shifted online. For the best?
Marjorie Taylor Greene is emerging as one of the most extreme political ideologues of the 21st Century. From speaking at a Neo- convention, to proudly declaring herself a "Christian Nationalist", Georgia's Congresswoman has shown a blatant disregard for Separation of Church and State. Furthermore, her recent remarks regarding 'Monkeypox' raise serious alarm bells. Let's be clear: Marjorie Taylor Greene is using specific language to create an unprecedented wave of ultra-nationalism in America.
It is impossible to claim oneself as a "fiscal conservative" without one having to make peace with the fascistic elements of the 2022 Republican Party's agenda. From outlawing abortion rights and removing gun safety laws -- to a majority of Republicans voting to ban marriage and contraception -- is it still possible to self-identify as a Grand Old Party moderate?
Far-right extremists feel comfortable making public appearances in a post-Trump America. From Confederate flag wavers, to Neo- flaunting swastikas, these once-clandestine organizations now emerge at nearly every Republican rally. Terrorist militias such as the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and the Oath Keepers have joined the fray as well. What compels these previously-shamed organizations to proudly patrol the public square?
Republicans have embraced Neo- as a prominent faction of their political base. From both a rhetorical and legislative perspective, the right-wing has deployed ideology as they gear up for the upcoming elections. Are right-wing politicians playing to these extremist waves within their party as a mere electoral strategy, or have GOP political elites decided to steer their party in a much more dire direction?
The pressing issues of a backsliding Democracy have taken a backseat to controversy and ratings. They criticize President Joe Biden for Inflation, Gas Prices, and a "sinking" Approval Rating -- with the same intensity as they criticized former President Trump for inciting an Armed Insurrection at the US Capitol. Ultimately, the mainstream media is caught up trying to blame "both sides" for the current state of political polarization. But only one side is to blame.
Trump's post-election intentions are under scrutiny. His rallies are used to de-legitimatize democratic institutions, and are held as tools to rile up the "MAGA" base into hysteria. Furthermore, Trump continues to spread election lies -- both on Truth Social and at his rallies -- the same lies that led to the January 6 attack. Moreover, red states appear to be doubling down on Trump's big-lie, as opposed to rebuking it. Are Trump's actions leading to a civil war?
The Republican Party is using "birth rates" as their new talking point to rile up the right-wing base. This is tied into their anti-globalization rhetoric, and reflects the false conspiracies that circulate around far-right groups. Furthermore, the "birth rates" obsession is directly tied in to the recent overturning of Roe V Wade, and the recent 195 House Republicans that voted to ban Contraception.
Andrew Yang has spent the past year attacking Democrats and making appearances on the Tucker Carlson show. His goal is to siphon off voters from the Left - not the Right. Is Andrew Yang aware of the consequences of his 'Forward Party' campaign?
Republicans have engaged in a fascistic political strategy to target young men in America.
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