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The Undisputed Podcast. Discussing the biggest stories in the world of sports. It's unscripted and unfiltered. Don't miss the television show Monday-Friday at 9:30am ET on FS1.

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(00:00) Can the Eagles prove they are the best in the NFC against the 49ers? (16:32) Can the Seahawks slow down the Cowboys red-hot offense? (31:42) John Salley talks the NBA In-Season Tournament and expectations for Victor Wembanyama Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Have the Eagles been lucky during 4-game win streak? (22:27) Are the Eagles truly the best in in the NFC ahead of 49ers game? (39:18) Did Draymond Green's antics cause the Warriors a win? (54:28) Will the Seahawks slow down the Cowboys attack? (1:10:59) Debating the In-Season Tournament and expectations for Victor Wembanyama? (1:24:29) Aaron Rodgers says Dak Prescott is one of his favorite QBs to watch (1:36:58) Will the Clippers right the ship? 4-7 with James Harden (1:46:27) Yella Beezy & Allan Cubas talk Cowboys vs. Seahawks (1:54:18) How will the Lakers respond to 44-point blowout loss tonight? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00)Will the 49ers avenge last year’s NFC championship loss to the Eagles? (16:53) LeBron James has played the most minutes in NBA history. How remarkable is King James’ longevity?  (33:13) The New England Patriots are 2-9 after a loss to the New York Giants. Will this be Bill Belichick’s last year as the Patriots’ HC? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Bears beat Vikings 12-10. Should the Bears still be looking to draft a 1st round QB? (23:09) Will the 49ers avenge last season's NFC Championship loss this weekend against the Eagles? (40:07) LeBron James becomes the all-time NBA minutes leader. How impressive is this latest accomplishment? (56:27) Bills DE Shaq Lawson says he "made a mistake" shoving fan after confrontation durng game (1:11:55) What do the Lakers need to change after LeBron's worst career loss? Lost by 44 to the 76ers (1:24:15) Is this Bill Belichick's final season as a the Patriots HC? (1:37:33) Reaction to Russelll Westbrook engaging with another heckler? (1:47:58) How intense will this NFC Championshi rematch be? (1:54:51) Will the Cowboys remain undefeated (5-0) in Dallas vs Seahawks? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:00 BREAKING NEWS: Carolina Panthers fire HC Frank Reich after falling to 1-10 19:50 Eagles beat Bills 37-34 in OT: Are they the best in the NFC? 33:48 Colorad (4-8) finishes season on 6-game losing streak Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:00 Are the Eagles the best team in the NFC or are they lucky? 23:39 Will Lamar and the Ravens dethrone Mahomes and the Chiefs? 36:37 Are Trevor Lawrence and CJ Stroud the best two young QBs in the league? 46:26 Panthers fire head coach Frank Reich 1:06:16 Eagles tie NFL record with 4th-straight comeback win 1:20:29 Raiders fall to Chiefs after blowing 14-0 lead: should they make Antonio Pierce the permanent HC? 1:32:15 Bills DE Shaq Lawson appears to shove Eagles fan in stands during yesterday's game 1:42:25 Can this season be deemed a success for Coach Prime? 1:51:49 Will the Broncos make the playoffs after starting 1-5? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) The Cowboys are rolling after a 45-10 thanksgiving victory over the Commanders (22:39) Did the Packers 29-22 victory over the Lions say more about Jordan Love breaking through or Lions losing steam?  (37:51) Lil Wayne discusses the Cowboys odds to win the Super Bowl Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Cowboys win 3rd straight game 45-10 against Commanders, How impressive was this win? (22:58) Are the 49ers the best team in the NFC after 31-13 win over Seahawks? (39:24) Was Packers victory over Lions more about Love breaking through or Detroit losing steam?  (55:14) Does the Cowboys Super Bowl drought end this season? (01:12:24) Skip and Michael preview Ohio State vs. Michigan, Jaguars vs. Texans and Bills vs. Eagles (01:19:51) Daron Bland breaks NFL record with 5th pick-six. How remarkable is this accomplishment? (01:31:19) Lil Wayne joins Cowboys Super Bowl debate (01:41:10) Did Jordan Love prove he’s the Packers franchise QB? (01:48:55) Encouraged or discouraged by Lakers 9-7 record?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Can the Cowboys cruise to another big win over the Commanders? (21:02) Did LeBron James cost Lakers win by missing a 3-pointer that would have forced OT? (32:05) 49ers and Seahawks play on Thanksgiving for the first time since 2014 (38:09) Is this the year the Cowboys end championship drought? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(0:00) LeBron James reaches historic 39,000 career points. How substantial is this accomplishment for him? (21:12) Zach Martin said “real football doesn’t start until Thanksgiving.” Do the Cowboys have an advantage playing on Thanksgiving every year? (40:06) Micah Parsons thinks that Tyreek Hill should have more MVP buzz than Tua Tagovailoa.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) LeBron James becomes the first NBA player ever with 39,000 career points (21:29) Can Aaron Rodgers save the Jets season if he returns by Christmas? (34:34) Is there an advantage to the Cowboys always playing on Thanksgiving? (53:45) Would winning a NBA Cup have any significance for the Lakers? (1:08:49) Has this season been a success for 4-7 Colorado? (1:24:59) Micah Parsons: "Tua's not doing that work" compared to Tyreek. Should he be making comments like this? (1:34:57) Where does LeBron's 39,000 career points rank among other great sports accomplishments? (1:46:14) Yella Beezy & Allan Cubas react to LeBron's achievement (1:54:36) Victor Wembanyama's debut jersey sells for 762,000 at auction Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Chiefs unable to score in 2nd half and fall to Eagles 21-17. Is this a big problem for Mahomes and KC? (23:42) LeBron is playing some of his best basketball this month. Can he keep up the consistent play? (42:01) Did the Eagles win over the Chiefs last night put Philly too far ahead of the Cowboys in the NF East? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Will the Chiefs offensive struggles keep them from repeating as Super Bowl Champions? (23:43) Can LeBron James maintain his November success the rest of the season? (42:20) What is wrong with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense? (59:39) Will Jalen Hurts' success against winning teams lead him to his second MVP? (1:14:49) Have the Eagles already taken the NFC East from the Cowboys? (1:27:08) Travis Kelce says he thinks about retirement "more than anyone could ever imagine" (1:37:46) FSU QB Jordan Travis injured after hip-drop tackle: NFL could ban it in the offseason (1:47:28) Jets bench Zach Wilson. Will he ever get another chance? (1:54:51) Steelers fire OC Matt Canada Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Cowboys beat Panthers 33-10. Was this an impressive win for Dallas? (19:18) Eagles and Chiefs clash in Super Bowl rematch tonight. Who wins the game? (34:46) LeBron James sinks clutch free throw to win 105-104 against the Rockets. How impressive was LeBron’s 37-point performance? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Can Russell Wilson and the 5-5 Broncos go on a playoff run? (20:46) How impressive did the Cowboys look against the 1-win Panthers? (40:04) Who wins tonight: Eagles or Chiefs? (55:54) How impressive was the 49ers 27-14 win over the Bucs? (1:11:42) Was Raiders close loss to the Dolphins a moral victory for Antonio Pierce and Las Vegas? (1:24:30) C.J. Stroud throws 3 interceptions in win over Cardinals. Will the turnovers continue? (1:33:53) Jerry Jones announces that Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor (1:44:59) How impressive was LeBron James' 37 points in Lakers win over Rockets? (1:52:09) Who wins tonight: Jalen Hurts or Patrick Mahomes? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Ravens beat the Bengals 34-20 on TNF. Have the Ravens locked up the division? (21:36) Jim Harbaugh and Michigan accept suspension from Big Ten (36:32) The Cowboys are winless against teams above .500. How much does that mean? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Did the Ravens lock up the AFC North by beating Bengals? (21:36) Jim Harbaugh and Big Ten agree to 3 game suspension. Harbaugh will miss Maryland and Ohio State games (36:50) Surprised that Steve Kerr didn't defend Draymond Green after the 5 game suspension? (55:32) Are the Cowboys Super Bowl contenders or pretenders? (1:16:04) Do you think Logan Wilson's play last night was clean or dirty? (1:28:43) Is there bigger issues ahead between Buffalo and Stefon Diggs? (1:41:01) Lil Wayne talks Anthony Davis and Dak Prescott (1:50:54) Who wins the Super Bowl rematch: Chiefs or Eagles? (1:55:39) Do the Raiders have any shot at an upset against the Dolphins? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Keyshawn Johnson welcomes in his former Dallas Cowboys teammate DeMarcus Ware. DeMarcus shares his experience being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Cowboys Ring of Honor this year. Key and DeMarcus discuss how Dak Prescott can lock up the MVP race and react to Deshaun Watson's season-ending surgery. Plus, the former teammates weigh in on Coach Prime saying players fighting in the locker room is a "good thing" for the team. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Draymond Green was suspended 5 games for fight. Was this the right number of games? (16:12) Lamar Jackson has struggled to throw deep the past 3 games. Can he unlock the deep ball and go on a run? (31:45) Should the Lakers move on from Anthony Davis? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
(00:00) Kings beat Lakers and end 3 game win streak. What do you make of AD struggling and only scoring 9 points? (22:48) Is a 5 game suspension fair for Draymond Green? (39:36) CeeDee Lamb has put up crazy numbers the last 4 games. Is he on the level of Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs and A.J. Brown? (55:45) Will Lamar Jackson find the deep ball against the Bengals tonight? (1:11:18) Is it time for the Lakers to move on from Anthony Davis? (1:25:18) Will this be Bill Belichick's last season with the Patriots? (1:37:14) Comedian Bubba Dub joins the show to talk Cowboys and Lakers (1:49:55) Agree that LeBron James still has not lost a step at his age? (1:55:55) Ravens beat the Bengals in Week 2. Will Joe Burrow return the favor against Lamar Jackson? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (185)

Kurt Gillon

ahhh, ok, regarding the comments on Ja and his parents or father being friends. my ex and I recently had a discussion with our 13 yo daughter where she was being disrespectful to her mom. My comments were like this to my must think you and your mom are friends, you are talking to her the same way you talk to your friends, you don't talk to your female teachers like that, you show them respect as a teacher/adult, so it is impossible for me to see how you talk to your mother like she is a friend. Our kids, for all that is good realize we are parents/co-parenting separately and when we discipline we talk before a decision is made and the kids know we are for the most part lock step in our team decisions. Of course we are friendly and like, I would hope even if there was a situation where our kids became wealthy, they would have discernment in their individual decision making as well as accepting and listening to us. You don't babysit your kids, you raise them.. Proverbs 2

Mar 16th

Devin Bell

regarding the MNF game with the Hamlin injury why won't the NFL declare the game a tie so they don't have to worry about finding a time to resume if it leads the that

Jan 4th

Scott Dee

Skip needs to be cancelled

Jan 3rd

Anthony Reikow

skip is a shameless politician. I get he's paid to be controversial but he is a disgusting human being

Aug 19th

Tuna Sub

There is still an error with this episode, haven't been able to listen to it since it was uploaded

Apr 15th

Devin Bell

episode will not play or download after 2 days

Apr 14th

Thomas Lucero

1:26:30 foots in you

Apr 13th


wtf was Chris talking about? lol it's racial now???

Mar 31st

Pc Folks

when i was still a kid, i was already very interested in business and business investments that is why i took a business course**

Mar 17th

Steven Pickleball

Wow! This can be one particular of the most beneficial blogs We’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Wonderful. I’m also an expert in this topic therefore I can understand your effort.

Mar 13th

Cesar Arballo

great show

Feb 11th

Dale Wilson

Lakers Lakers Lakers Lakers Jesus man .......

Feb 9th

Dominick Walker

Why the fuck would AB get any benefit of the doubt. After crushing Roger's character as a person. Unbelievable

Nov 19th

Dominick Walker

what the f did I just listen too. Most racist shit I have ever heard

Nov 9th

Anthony Lentz

how are they not gonna discuss Henry Ruggs?

Nov 3rd

Dominick Walker

alot of assumptions Shanno.but with Watson we are going to wait to see what happens✌

Oct 12th

Dominick Walker

Thank God they will never play each other again! Skip calling Belichick daddy is the most disturbing thing I have heard

Oct 5th

Scott Dee

Can they speak about the rest of the nfl not just skip arse licking cowbiys

Sep 21st

Dominick Walker

oh you guys don't know shit

Sep 14th

Trevor Chinembiri

0:37 – Is LeBron in a better or worse spot than last year to win a title? 24:39 – Does Team USA’s Gold Medal win make Durant the clear-cut best player in the world? 39:45 – Surprised that Tom Brady would leave training camp just for Peyton Manning’s Hall of Fame ceremony? 51:12 – Any issue with LeBron defending his teammates in a now-deleted tweet? 1:02:21 – Expect Dak Prescott to be on track in time for the Cowboys’ season opener? 1:13:11 – Chris Broussard joins to discuss the Lakers’ updated roster with Westbrook and Melo. 1:31:15 – Chris Broussard returns to discuss Team USA’s gold medal win.  1:43:40 – Surprised Aaron Rodgers is still sticking around Green Bay? 1:49:26 – Will Russ use Kawhi’s 2019 rejection as motivation to help the Lakers win another title? 1:55:00 – Which NBA rookie looked best last night?

Aug 10th
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