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DJ Phalanx – Supported by Armin van Buuren I Host of Uplifting Trance Sessions – a leading and awarded Trance Podcast only with the best trance, vocal trance and tech trance promotions I Head of State Control Records I
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Vote for your favourite track: Follow me on Spotify: YouTube Trance Playlist All Tracklists:   Hey trance fans out there, DJ Phalanx here with a new episode of Uplifting Trance Sessions. I'm excited to get started. In Session 691, you'll hear new music from me, John O'Callaghan, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Ralphie B & Frank Waanders, Maarten de Jong, Calvin O'Commor, Ryan K, Alessandra Roncone, and many more. We're kicking things off with "Ta Tara Ta" by WOODY VAN EYDEN & DIMITRI SCHWARZ. For all the tracklists, visit And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:45]  2.  Woody van Eyden & Dimitri Schwarz – Ta Tara Ta [Future Sequence] [5:28]  3.  Calvin O'Commor - Songwriter [2Rock Uplifting] [10:29] 4.  Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave [Black Hole] [15:07] 5.  Robbie Graham vs Jerzyk - Illusion [Nocturnal Knights] [20:36] 6.  Ralphie B & Frank Waanders pres. Collide1 - Binary Horizon [In Trance We Trust] [25:52] 7.  Plummet - Damaged (Ryan K Extended Bootleg) [CD-R] [29:58] 8.  Calvin O'Commor - Inspired Vision [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [34:19] 9.  Lange feat. Skye - Drifting Away (Alessandra Roncone Remix) [A State Of Trance] [39:01] 10. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Happy [VANDIT] [43:25] 11. John O'Callaghan pres. Joint Operations Centre - Timelapse [Subculture] [48:32] 12. Spectorsonic, Alex BELIEVE, Julia Violin - Chrysanthemum [2Rock Recordings] [53:40] 13. U-Mount - Turn Back Time [State Soundscapes] *World Premiere* [58:46] 14. DJ Tranceair - Life Explorer [Ultima Audio] [1:02:39] 15. RIXSON - Resonant [Think Trance] [1:07:13] 16. DJ Phalanx - Tranquility [State Control Records] *Uplift Of The Week* [1:11:10] 17. Maarten de Jong - Zillion [Armada Captivating] [1:14:23] 18. Haikal Ahmad & Smash - Concentrate [Nocturnal Knights Fusion]
Vote for your favourite track: Follow me on Spotify: YouTube Trance Playlist All Tracklists:   Hey everyone, great to have you here! I'm DJ Phalanx, and I'm looking forward to spending the next 70 minutes with you. In Episode 690, we're taking a journey filled with beautiful melodies and pounding beats. I'm excited to play my new track, "Tranquility," in this show. You'll hear fresh music from Luke Terry, Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren, BixX & Christopher Corrigan, Th3 One, and many more. For all tracklists, visit And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:43]  2.  Fast Distance - Bosphore [A State Of Trance] [4:50]  3.  Luke Terry & Sarah Howells - I Wanted [Amsterdam Trance] [9:57]  4.  TH3 ONE - 4 PM [Ablazing Records] [13:24] 5.  Asier - Sunrise [Alter Ego] [17:58] 6.  Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren - Love Is Enough [VANDIT] [21:27] 7.  James Dust feat. Zara Taylor - Still Not Over You [State Control Records] [26:06] 8.  D72 & Clap Codex - Take Control [Armada Captivating] [29:58] 9.  DJ Phalanx - Tranquility [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [33:55] 10. Escea - Memories (Ally's Legacy) [Beyond The Stars Reborn] *Uplift of The Week* [38:34] 11. KVAII - Sunshine [Reason II Rise] [44:06] 13. CANE & DAYWALKER, Ayda van Helden, Joyline Snow - Forget About the Past [Abora] [48:58] 13. Allan Berntz & U-G - Fly Again [Digital Society Recordings] [52:42] 14. Jon Mangan - Heartache [Extrema Global Music] [56:43] 15. Solar Vision - The Sound Of Missing You [Future Sequence] [1:01:49] 16. BiXX &  Christopher Corrigan - Alignment [Reason II Rise] [1:06:23] 17. JamX & D.Mand - Unique [A State Of Trance]
Vote for your favourite track: Follow me on Spotify: YouTube Trance Playlist All Tracklists:   Hello, trance lovers around the world. It's DJ Phalanx here. Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions 689.  It's great to have you all here. This session features 20 tracks, including new music from MaRLo, Ultimate, Dustin Husain, Craig Connelly, Metta & Glyde, Alatheia, Danielle Filaretti, Re:Locate, Escea, Derek Ryan, and many more.  I'm kicking off with "Adam Taylor & Jessica Lawrence - Grace."  For all tracklists, visit And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:46]  2.  Adam Taylor & Jessica Lawrence - Grace [Ablazing] [5:21]  3.  Soarsonic - Meteorite [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [10:26] 4.  H.M.B.L. - Warriors [Critical Uprising] [15:42] 5.  Luke van Ness - Fearless [VANDIT] [20:16] 6.  MaRLo & Mila Josef - You Are Not Alone (Tech Energy Mix) [Armind] [24:40] 7.  John Meva - Underwater [Nocturnal Knights Fusion] [29:14] 8.  Ultimate - Fire Breathing [Infrasonic Pure] [33:56] 9.  Derek Ryan - Escape [Nocturnal Knights] [37:52] 10. Tim Lighterz & Alaera - Breaking Your Spell [Edge One] [41:59] 11. Fros7Nova - Revolution [Think Trance] [47:29] 12. Re:Locate, Simon Anthony & Hanna Finsen - Embers of Hope [Amsterdam Trance] [52:16] 13. Escea - Memories (Ally's Legacy) [Beyond The Stars Reborn] [57:22] 14. Daniele Filaretti - Princess Theta [State Soundscapes] *World Premiere* [1:02:10] 15. JENS JORDAN - Are you Bad Enough [A 45 Music] [1:05:03] 16. Dustin Husain - Not The Same [Be Yourself Music] [1:09:55] 17. Mark Alexander - Something [Vital Soho] [1:15:37] 18. RIXSON - Vision [Aerodynamica Music] *Uplift Of The Week* [1:20:12] 19. Craig Connelly - Perseverance [FSOE] [1:26:32] 20. Metta & Glyde - Celestia (Alatheia Remix) [Think Trance] [1:31:17] 21. Metta & Glyde - Petrichor [One Forty]
Vote for your favourite track: Follow me on Spotify: YouTube Trance Playlist All Tracklists:   Greetings, fellow trance friends! Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions Episode 688, hosted by yours truly, DJ Phalanx. I trust you're all doing fantastic. Brace yourselves for an action-packed hour filled with some incredible tracks. This week features fresh beats from the likes of Ronski Speed & Stargazers, Asteroid & Pharos T, Armin van Buuren, Steve Dekay, James Dust & Zara Taylor, Hide & Seek, Peter Miethig, DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS, among others. Our opening track is a stunner by Gabry Ponte x Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Malou titled "In My Mind." Remember to cast your vote for the track that captures your heart. For the complete playlist, head over to And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [1:00]  2.  Gabry Ponte x Giuseppe Ottavinai feat. Malou - In My Mind [Armada Music] [4:22]  3.  Fros7novA - Childhood [Ecstasy Uprise] [8:33]  4.  Peter Miethig - Space Emotions [Suanda] [13:22] 5.  HIDE & SEEK & Waves On Waves - Circles [State Soundscapes] [17:40] 6.  Ronski Speed, Stargazers & Katty Heath - Follow My Heart [Amsterdam Trance] [22:46] 7.  RIXSON - Vision [Aerodynamica Music] [27:07] 8.  James Dust feat Zara Taylor - Still Not Over You [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [31:45] 9.  Miikka L - Feel It Again [AVA White] [37:06] 10. DJ Sakin & Friends, Van Der Karsten & Torsten Stenzel - Wonderland [Future Sequence] [39:52] 11. Fabio Solazzo & Fabio Franco - Incanto [Extrema Global Music] [43:21] 12. Asteroid & Pharos T - Euphoric Dreams [Subculture] [48:26] 13. Casepeat & Plutian - Genesis [Nocturnal Knights] [52:05] 14. Armin van Buuren & Gryffin - What Took You So Long [Armada Music] [57:35] 15. Steve Dekay - Tesseract [State Control Records] *Uplift Of The Week*
Vote for your favourite track: Follow me on Spotify: YouTube Trance Playlist All Tracklists:   Greetings to all friends across the globe, welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 687, hosted by me, DJ Phalanx. I'm excited to announce that today, for the second hour, we'll feature the German trance star Chris SX as our special guest. In this session, you're in for a treat with new tracks from Steve Dekay, Cosmic Gate, Sam Laxton, David Forbes, Niels van Gogh, UDM, Nat Monday, and many others. Let's kick things off with one of my favorite trance duos, Cosmic Gate & Christian Burns, with their track "Brave." For all tracklists, be sure to visit   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:56]  2.  Cosmic Gate & Christian Burns - Brave [Wake Your Mind Records] [6:39]  3.  Rene Ablaze & Suzanna Dee - Rise [Nocturnal Knights] [11:13] 4.  Nat Monday feat. Natalie Major - Light Up The Sky [Perfecto Records] [15:19] 5.  UDM - Inertia [Activate Recordings] [19:43] 6.  Gayax - Midnight Bird [Endlessky Audio] [25:00] 7.  Marino Stephano - Eternal Rhapsody [Mackenzie] [29:24] 8.  Kaimo K - Goliath [Molekular Sounds] [33:34] 9.  Steve Dekay - Tesseract [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [37:48] 10. Sam Laxton - Trancepacific [Nocturnal Knights Fusion] [42:23] 11. N-sKing & Alatheia - Warp Drive (Transaphonic Remix) [Aerodynamica] [47:03] 12. Revati - Luminosity Of The Sun [Rated Records] [52:32] 13. David Forbes - Monorail [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] [56:30] 14. Niels Van Gogh – Feeling So Real [You Love Dance]     [59:32] Chris SX Guest Mix:   15. Timeok - Seven Floating Ways (Chris SX 15 Years Anniversary Intro ReWork) [CDR] 16. Metta And Glyde - Breathe (Original Mix) [One Forty Music] 17. Friends of Streetparade - Move your Mind (Chris SX ReWork) [CDR] 18. John O’Callaghan - Pebble Beach (Extended Mix) [Subculture] 19. Nikolauss - Hold On (Extended Mix) [Subculture] 20. Aly & Fila x Lostly  -  The Unknown (Extended Mix) [FSOE] 21. Maria Healy - Street Rave (Extended Mix) [Subculture] 22. Ferry Corsten - Sublime (Chris SX ReWork) [CDR] 23. Sneijder - In And Out Of My Life (Will Rees Extended Remix) [Afterdark] 24. Allen Watts - Violator (Extended Mix) [Subculture] 25. Madwave - Colours Of The 5th Rainbow (Chris SX New Colours Extended Remix) [FSOE] 26. Ben Nick, Hannah Laing & Paul Findlay x Signum feat. Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (Extended Trance Mix) 27. Beico - To The Stars (Extended Mix) [Armind]
Follow me on Spotify: YouTube Trance Playlist All Tracklists:   Greetings to all the trance enthusiasts out there. Your host, DJ Phalanx, here. Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions 686.  I'm excited to have you join me for the next two hours, filled with incredible trance tunes. We'll be featuring new tracks from artists like Paul Denton, RAM & Allen Watts, Kinetica, Driftmoon, Th3 One, Corey Croft, and many others. The second hour will feature a special guest mix by James Dust, packed with amazing music. Let's kick off the session with some gentle and soothing melodies. Our opening track is "The Voice In My Head" by Max Smith. For complete tracklists, be sure to visit And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:55]  2.  Max Smith - The Voice In My Head [High Contrast] [6:10]  3.  Corey Croft - Silver Bullet [Perfecto] [9:34]  4.  Hypersia & Bruno Oloviani - Stuttgart [In Trance We Trust] [14:26] 5.  Kinnarva - Voyager [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [18:33] 6.  Paul Denton - Tremor [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] [23:04] 7.  Tom Grox - Ethereal Dreams [One Forty Rise] [26:07] 8.  Kinetica - You're The Reason [Kinected Recordings] [32:10] 9.  TH3 ONE - Horizon [VANDIT] [35:54] 10. Casepeat & Plutian - Theory of Everything [Infrasonic Pure] [40:46] 11. Driftmoon - Twisted Lullaby [A State Of Trance] [44:43] 12. RAM & Allen Watts - Deceiver [Nocturnal Knights] [48:37] 13. Illumin8 & Zunsjine - Enlightenment [Future Force] [52:33] 14. Claas Inc. - Heaven´s Symphony [Future Sequence] [57:07] 15. Woody van Eyden, Rene Ablaze & Cari - Loving You (Lucas Deyong Remix) [Nocturnal Knights]   [1:00:52] James Dust Guest Mix:   16.  James Dust & Jodie Poye - Will I  17.  Tiff Lacey, Raz Nitzan - Take Me Back To Winter (Extended Mix) 18.  Richard Lowe - Without Love (Extended Mix) 19.  Asteroid, Pharos T - Across the Sky (Extended Mix) 20.  Andrea Ribeca - Destination Outer Space (Extended Mix) 21.  Sancar Yildirim, Cenk Eroge, Ren Faye - Paint the Air (Extended Mix) 22.  Paipy - Desire Extended Mix  23.  Trance x - Pandora_(Extended Mix) 24.  Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Feat. Marjan - Moonlight (Extended Mix)  25.  Nicholas Gunn & Harshil Kamdar Feat. Alina Renae - Here I Am (Richard Durand Extended Remix) 26.  Kriess Guyte & Charlie Mackie - Teach Me How To Love (Extended Mix) 27.  Inversed - Astral (Original Mix)    
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey my wonderful friends! Welcome, to the 685th edition of Uplifting Trance Sessions with yours truly DJ Phalanx. As we step into March get ready to amp up the vibe with some tunes and incredible melodies. This session features a lineup of artists who will guide us through the world of trance music. From heart touching tunes to high energy beats from sounds to rhythms we've got everything lined up for you today. Lets jump into the core of todays session, where the melodies stretch far as the night sky and the beats hit as strong as ocean waves. [0:52] Our journey begins with "Creation" by Vinny DeGeorge, released under Astraeus Records. This track, filled with build ups and heavenly drops sets the stage perfectly for what lies. It's not just music for the ears but a soul stirring experience that beckons us to join this adventure with hearts and eager souls.   [5:48] Up is Andy Kay & EMULEs "Rhapsody”, on Regenerate—a blend of emotions intertwining intense rhythms with mesmerizing melodies. It weaves a tale that uplifts spirits and touches hearts in a way. [10:36] As we journey among the stars Davidis "Starfall”, on Activate Recordings envelops us in a shower of shimmering melodies and vibrant beats. This track blends the enchantment of the night sky with the excitement of exploration drawing us deeper into our adventure.   [15:14] Nicola Maddalonis debut track "Euphoria" on State Control Records elevates our spirits to heights. With its tunes and invigorating vibe it captures the essence of trance music—rising above the touching something divine.   [21:11] The Highlight of Our Session Turker Ozsoy ignites our senses with "Alarm" on State Control Records, a song that excites with its pulsing energy and intricate soundscape. It beckons us to awaken, letting the music resonate within us.   [25:59] Stargazers enchant us with a captivating remix of Kaimo K & Sarah Russells "Be My Guide" on Amsterdam Trance. This tune acts as a guiding light in the darkness leading us through the depths of trance music, with its melodies and soul stirring vocals.   [30:33] Efemgies track "Hope " remixed by DJ Elven & D Myo on Ultima Audio infuses our session with a touch of hopefulness. In the expanse of the universe it serves as a nudge that there is always light and hope shining through.   [36:06] Reaching the peak  Jackob Roenalds "Voices Behind”, on Nocturnal Knights captivates with its voices and dynamic rhythms drawing us further into a mesmerizing trance world. This track delves into the depths of our minds and hearts.   [41:17] BiXXs "Symphonic Gods" on Chasing Dreams takes the experience to heights. A blend of grandeur and electrifying trance beats this masterpiece offers a journey.   [46:08]  Lauccos "Blue Moon Of Josephine" on Aerodynamica and RIVERs "I Can't Sleep" on Armind intensify the energy each weaving its narrative brimming with emotion, vigor and excitement.   [50:16] Approaching the pinnacle of our expedition Manuel Le Saux & Inrayzexs "Sunset At The Opera" on Extrema Global Music along, with [58:40] David Forbes "Energy" on Whos Afraid Of 138?! unleash electrifying vitality showcasing the energy and fervor that epitomize trance music. [1:01:51] Allan Berndtz concludes our journey, with "The Way" on Future Sequence, a song that captures the essence of our adventure—always moving forward fueled by the passion for music that inspires and unites us.   [1:05:54] A Special Hour with Aimoon Following that we are delighted to share a guest mix by trance artist Aimoon in the hour. Renowned for his sound and emotional tunes Aimoons mix takes us on a curated exploration of the finest in trance music. It showcases how this genre bridges gaps between people through the language of melodies.   16 Aimoon - Serenity (Extended Mix) [Suanda] 17 Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Aimoon pres. Northern Storm - Starburst (Extended Mix) [Vandit] 18 Aimoon & OzzyXPM - Stargazer (Matt Bukovski Remix) [Unique Sense] 19 Aimoon - Radiance (Extended Mix) [ASOT] 20 Aimoon - Ineffable Feeling (Extended Mix) [Alter Ego] 21 Aimoon & Dmitry Rubus - Nitrogenium (Extended Mix) [Molekular Sound] 22 Aimoon - Milky Way (Extended Mix) [AVA White] 23 Dreamy & Kinesthetics & Daniel Kandi - 1UP! (Aimoon Extended Remix) [Always Alive] 24 Vinny DeGeorge - Seascape (Aimoon Remix) [Alter Ego] 25 Aimoon - U-Phoria (Astuni Re-Lift) [State Control] 26 Aimoon pres 2trancY - Dream Theme (Extended Mix) [FSOE] 27 Aimoon & Alpha 2B - Ursa Major (Extended Mix) [Suanda] 28 Aimoon - Thunderbolt (Extended Mix) [Always Alive] 29 Alexander Popov & Novan feat. Brandon Mignacca - Brighter (Aimoon Extended Remix) [Interplay]    
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey there, trance friends from all around the world! Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions 684. I'm DJ Phalanx, and I'm thrilled to have you join me on this sonic journey through the latest and greatest in the trance music scene. Today, we've got an amazing lineup of new music for you, including a special guest mix in the second hour by the incredibly talented Nick Van Kukaj. Prepare yourselves for a session filled with fresh tracks from artists like Craig Connelly, Megara vs. DJ Lee, Connor Woodford, Ryan K, Turker Ozsoy, Ben Nicky, and many others. Before we dive into the music, remember, you can find all the tracklists on     [0:53] 2. Dustin Husain - Rave All Day [Be Yourself Music] Starting strong, Dustin Husain's "Rave All Day" brings a high-octane blend of euphoric melodies and pumping basslines, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of trance. This track is a testament to Husain's mastery of the genre, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the music.   [4:57] 3. AYUUB - Teemo [Suanda] AYUUB's "Teemo" delivers an ethereal experience with its mesmerizing synths and captivating progressions. Released on Suanda, this track showcases AYUUB's ability to create a trance anthem that resonates with the soul.   [9:07] 4. Daxson & Nation Of One - Now Or Never (Craig Connelly Remix) [Coldharbour] Craig Connelly's remix of "Now Or Never" by Daxson & Nation Of One is a powerful reimagining that elevates the original to new heights. With its heartfelt vocals and soaring melodies, this remix on Coldharbour Recordings is a standout moment in today's session.   [14:41] 5. Ben Nicky, Hannah Laing & Paul Findlay x Signum feat. Scott Mac - Coming On Strong (Trance Mix) [Armada Music] A collaboration for the ages, "Coming On Strong" features a stellar lineup of talent, resulting in an explosive track that combines the best of each artist. This trance mix is a vibrant celebration of the genre's enduring appeal, released under the prestigious Armada Music.   [18:14] 6. Raz Nitzan & Katty Heath - Called By A Whisper (Artena Remix) [Amsterdam Trance] "Called By A Whisper" is a beautiful, vocal-driven piece that showcases the impeccable synergy between Raz Nitzan and Katty Heath. Their creation is a journey of emotion and upliftment, embodying the essence of Amsterdam Trance.   [23:56] 7. Turker Ozsoy - Alarm [State Control Records] World Premiere Turker Ozsoy's "Alarm" makes its world premiere today, offering a fresh sound that's both intense and invigorating. This track is a testament to Ozsoy's innovative approach to trance, released on State Control Records. [ 29:11] 8. Megara vs DJ Lee - We Live [Future Sequence] "We Live" by Megara vs DJ Lee is a classic trance anthem reimagined for today's audience. With its uplifting melodies and dynamic energy, the track is a celebration of life and music, brought to you by Future Sequence.   [32:56] 9. Vikram Prabhu - Alive [State Sounscapes] World Premiere Another world premiere, "Alive" by Vikram Prabhu is a mesmerizing track that captures the essence of trance. Its emotive melodies and pulsating beats make it a memorable addition to today's lineup, courtesy of State Sounscapes.   [37:21] 10. Dreamy, Garry Noon - Reborn [Infrasonic Pure] "Reborn" is a collaborative masterpiece from Dreamy and Garry Noon. This track is a journey of revival and discovery, featuring lush soundscapes and ethereal vocals, released on Infrasonic Pure.   [41:07] 11. Connor Woodford - Close Your Eyes [Nocturnal Knights] Connor Woodford's "Close Your Eyes" is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of sonic bliss. With its serene melodies and gentle rhythms, this track is a standout piece from Nocturnal Knights.   [45:55] 12. Starry Major - Frosty Night [Aerodynamica Music] "Frosty Night" by Starry Major is a cool, refreshing take on trance. Its icy synths and crisp beats create a unique auditory experience, showcasing the diversity of Aerodynamica Music's roster.   [50:42] 13. NickXTG - QSound [Think Trance] NickXTG's "QSound" is a dynamic track that blends classic trance elements with modern twists. Released on Think Trance, it's a testament to the genre's evolving nature while staying true to its roots.   [56:29] 14. Kamui - Dropshot (Ryan K Remix) [Nocturnal Knights] Closing out today's session, Ryan K's remix of "Dropshot" by Kamui is a high-energy conclusion that leaves listeners craving more. This track is a perfect encapsulation of the session's spirit, combining relentless energy with intricate melodies, courtesy of Nocturnal Knights.     [59:58] Special Guest Mix by Nick Van Kukaj In the second hour, I am honored to have Nick Van Kukaj take over the decks for an exclusive guest mix. Known for his unique style and captivating sets, Nick is set to elevate the session with his selection of tracks, promising an unforgettable experience for all listeners.   15-Take Off by Nick van Kukaj 16-Jedna Na Milion (feat. Bartek Wrona) [Extended Mix] by Nick van Kukaj 17-Let It Come (Darren Porter Remix) by The Space Brothers & Mark Sherry 18-Need to Feel Loved (Extended Mix) by Roman Messer 19-The Awakening (NRG Trax Remix) by York 20-Cyberia by Roman Messer & Alex M.O.R.P.H. 21-Thunderstorm (Extended Mix) by Nick van Kukaj 22-Nick van Kukaj I.D 23-Nick van Kukaj Album Cut (One Life To Live For) 24-Nick van Kukaj I.D 25-Accelerate (Extended Mix) by Sneijder & David Forbes 26-Nick van Kukaj I.D
  Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Good evening, dear friends and followers! Tonight, we gather in the realm of sound and emotion for Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 683. I am DJ Phalanx, your navigator through this auditory voyage, and it is with immense pleasure that I introduce NickXTG as my special guest. As we traverse the landscapes of melody and rhythm, NickXTG's set in the latter half promises to be a banger. Our mission, as always, is to explore the depths of trance music, diving into fresh tracks that resonate with the soul and lift the spirit. This week, we're featuring an exceptional lineup including Darren Porter & Neev Kennedy, Aly & Fila, Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden, Mario Moon & Dave AirmaX, Fredd Moz, Rene Ablaze, Th3 One, Aion Flow, and many others. These artists, each with their own unique contribution to the genre, come together to create a tapestry of sound that is both diverse and unified in its purpose: to uplift. We're kicking things off with "Distance" by Trance Wax, remixed by Coast 2 Coast—a track that embodies the essence of our journey tonight. It's a piece that combines nostalgic elements with forward-thinking production, setting the perfect tone for what's to come. This track, along with the entire lineup, is a reminder of the power of music to connect, to heal, and to inspire. As we delve into the playlist, from Ozo Effy's "Starline" to the world premiere of Mario Moon & Dave AirmaX's "I'm Free," each track is a chapter in our story. Rene Ablaze's "Here Forever" and Alternate High's "Diving" offer moments of introspection, while Fredd Moz's "Moments" and AION FLOW's "Serenity" provide a backdrop for reflection and peace. Aly & Fila x Lostly's collaboration on "The Unknown" and Darren Porter & Neev Kennedy's "Mine To Keep" showcase the incredible synergy that can occur when artists come together, creating something truly magical. Semper T.'s "Kudos" injects a dose of energy, leading us into Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden & Marjan's "Moonlight," a track that shines bright in the night's sky of our session. As we navigate through TH3 ONE's "The Calm After The Storm" and Van Cosmic's "Awakening," we're reminded of the journey's purpose: to find calm in the chaos, light in the darkness. The session culminates with Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs Trouser Enthusiasts' "Sweet Release" (Shugz Remix), a powerful reminder of the cathartic release that music, especially trance, can provide. NickXTG's set, which will close our evening, promises to be a highlight. Known for his dynamic selections and ability to read the room, even in a virtual sense, Nick is sure to take us on a ride through the unknown corners of trance music. His set, much like the entirety of EP. 683, is a testament to the endless possibilities within the genre, each track a thread in the larger tapestry of our shared experience. For those who wish to dive deeper into the tracks of tonight's session, I encourage you to visit Here, you'll find the full tracklist, along with additional information about me and my music.  And now, as we let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:56]  2.  Trance Wax - Distance (Coast 2 Coast Remix) [Armada Music] [4:59]  3.  Ozo Effy - Starline [2Rock B Side] [9:09]  4.  Mario Moon & Dave AirmaX - I'm Free [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [14:37] 5.  Rene Ablaze - Here Forever [Nocturnal Knights Fusion] [19:53] 6.  Alternate High - Diving [Alternate High Music] [25:09] 7.  Fredd Moz - Moments [Alter Ego Records] [29:02] 8.  AION FLOW - Serenity [Nocturnal Knights] [33:03] 9.  Aly & Fila x Lostly - The Unknown [FSOE] [38:10] 10. Darren Porter & Neev Kennedy - Mine To Keep [Amsterdam Trance] [42:30] 11. Semper T. - Kudos [Radiation Spectrum] [48:05] 12. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden & Marjan - Moonlight [Subculture] [53:39] 13. TH3 ONE - The Calm After The Storm [VANDIT Records] [59:30] 14. Van Cosmic - Awakening [Future Sequence] [1:04:49] 15. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs Trouser Enthusiasts - Sweet Release (Shugz Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]     [1:08:36] NickXTG Guest Mix    16.  Salience (Radio Edit) - Costa Pantazis [Metamorph Recordings] 17.  A.D.D.A. (Extended Mix) - Artento Divini, Davey Asprey [Armind (Armada)] 18.  Lift Off (Extended Mix) - Blue Serigala [Monster Neos] 19.  Dimension (Extended Mix) - DJ Phalanx [State Control Records] 20.  Control (Kenny Palmer Remix) - Chris Jennings [Trancessential Recordings] 21.  Missing (Extended Mix) - Madwave, Marc Ward [Future Sequence] 22.  Kalayaan (Original Mix) - NickXTG [One Forty Music] 23.  Believe in You (Original Mix) - NickXTG [One Forty Music] 24.  Revival (André Wildenhues Remix) - Grande Piano [Endlessky Audio] 25.  Source Of Life (Extended Mix) - Terra V. [Abora Music Compilations] 26.  Lush (Extended Mix) - Daffie, Friggs [Chasing Dreams Music] 27.  Away From Home (Extended Mix) - Ade Dokq, Angel Falls, Kiyoi & Eky [Suanda Voice] 28.  Hope (Extended Mix) - DJ Phalanx [State Control Records] 29.  Karma (Exteded Mix) - NickXTG [Redux Recordings]
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey there, trance fam! Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions 682. I'm DJ Phalanx, stoked to bring you heaps of awesome new tunes tonight. We've got fresh tracks from Pinkque & Roxanne Emery, Peter Miethig, RAM, Kriess Guyte & Charli Mackie, Ben van Gosh, Alan Morris, Code 2 & Jodie Poye, and plenty more! Kicking things off with Steve Lake's "Let Go," dropping soon on State Control Records. For the full tracklists, swing by And now let the music speak!    [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:48]  2.  Steve Lake - Let Go [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [3:41]  3.  Ben van Gosh - Acid Rocker [InfraRed] [8:27]  4.  Pinkque & Roxanne Emery - Better Than This [Reason II Rise] [13:43] 5.  Kriess Guyte & Charli Mackie - Teach Me How To Love [Nocturnal Knights] [18:18] 6.  Allan Berndtz - Don't Look Back [InfraRed] [22:10] 7.  Van der Karsten & Airwalk3r – Striking Moments [Future Sequence] [25:57] 8.  Maria Nayler & Stargazers - My One Foundation [Amsterdam Trance] [31:17] 9.  Steve Meyer - A Valley Beyond [Aerodynamica Music] [36:32] 10. Peter Miethig - Indescribable Moment [State Soundscapes] *World Premiere* [40:25] 11. Nico Cranxx - Gawat [Nocturnal Knights Fusion] [44:25] 12. Code 2 & Jodie Poye - Hold Me Close [Reason II Rise] [49:27] 13. Marcel Woods - De Bom (RAM Remix) [The Greenroom] [52:31] 14. Alan Morris & Martin Drake - Outrage [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] [56:47] 15. Lilly Palmer - Hare Ram [Armada]
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey trance music friends! Welcome to the installment of Uplifting Trance Sessions, Episode 681. I'm your host, DJ Phalanx all set to take you on a captivating journey filled with mesmerizing vibes and irresistible beats. In the 64 minutes I've curated a lineup featuring brand tunes from talented artists such, as Maria Healy, Adam Reece, Calvin O'Commor, Tycoos, Peetu S, Kinetica, Alternate High and many others. We'll kickstart this adventure with Maarten de Jongs track titled "Evolve." To check out the tracklist visit  And now let the music speak!    [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:50]  2.  Maarten de Jong - Evolve [A State Of Trance] [4:40]  3.  JAN DE VICE & Josie Sandfeld - Losing Track Of Time (Tycoos Remix) [Bifrost] [8:43]  4.  Peetu S - Surreal Path [Chasing Dreams] [13:14] 5.  Luke Van Ness - Guardian Angel [VANDIT] [18:17] 6.  0Gravity & Norex - Never Fade Away [Extrema Global Music] [23:05] 7.  Tiff Lacey & Raz Nitzan - Take Me Back To Winter [Amsterdam Trance] [28:41] 8.  Dalmoori & RillLua with Euphoric Heart - Wheel of Fortune (Harmonic Wave Remix) [Trance Reserve] [32:21] 9.  Calvin O'Commor - Oceania 2024 [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [37:22] 10. Kinetica - Skyfall [Kinected Recordings] [43:08] 11. Maria Healy - Street Rave [Subculture] [47:33] 12. Alternate High - In Motion [Abora] [52:22] 13. Adam Reece - Wicked Future [Activate Recordings] [56:31] 14. Billy Hendrix, Three 'N One - Body Shine [Armada]
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey, dear friends! Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions 680. I'm your host, DJ Phalanx. Let's dive into the next 62 minutes together, featuring only the finest and newest in trance music. This episode is packed with fresh tunes from Kinetica, Perfect Pitch & Rocco, Taucher, Woody van Eyden, Ronski Speed & DJ T.H., Paul Courbet, Joren Heelsing, and many more! Kicking off the vibe with the first track: "Gayax - Trance For Life." For full tracklists, check out And now let the music speak.   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:48]  2.  Gayax - Trance For Life [Ultima Audio] [5:43]  3.  Kinetica - Sting [Kinected Recordings] [10:13] 4.  Perfect Pitch & Rocco – Six Days [You Love Dance] [13:41] 5.  Gayax - Flashing Lights [Ultima Audio] [18:02] 6.  Derek Ryan, DNCR - Hatsuyuk [Pure Trance NEON] [23:31] 7.  Joren Heelsing - Clock Out [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [28:05] 8.  Moniqa Adams - Lift Me Up (Nu Spirit Remix) [Reason II Rise] [33:42] 9.  Taucher x Torsten Stenzel x York – Atlantis [Future Sequence] [38:18] 10. Woody van Eyden & Kaselia - Eternal Time [Nocturnal Knights] [43:47] 11. Eximinds & Kevin Shiah - Argos (Dmitry Chelnokov Remix) [Interplay] [48:11} 12. Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade & Julie Scott - Love All The Pain Away 2.0 [Amsterdam Trance] [52:34] 13. Paul Courbet - Fira [Extrema Global Music] [56:55] 14. Tom Exo - Deep Field [Think Trance]        
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey there, awesome peeps! Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions 679. I hope you're doing fantastic. Let's dive into some fresh beats from the likes of Paul van Dyk, CJ Stone x Voodoo & Serano x Rocco, Alan Morris & Elixus, Talla 2XLC, Airwalk3r, Alexander de Roy & Hidden Tigres, H.X.E., Fra.Gile, Alex Mazel, Ben van Gosh, C-Systems, Paul Denton, Rinaly, and many more. Kicking things off with Pinkque's "Ghost of You." For the full tracklist, check out And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:49]  2.  Pinkque - Ghost of You [Reason II Rise Music] [4:34]  3.  Alexander de Roy & Hidden Tigress - Chasing The Sunrise [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [8:41]  4.  h.x.e. & Alex Mazel feat. Fra.Gile - Beyond The Sun (Ben van Gosh Remix) [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [13:39] 5.  Talla 2XLC & Airwalk3r – My Best Decision [Future Sequence] [18:17] 6.  C-Systems & Aina - Take Me Home [A State Of Trance] [22:00] 7.  4 Strings - Jewel 2.0 (Mike van Fabio Re-Lift) [Amsterdam Trance] [25:12] 8.  Artena - Invictus [Activate Recordings] [30:40] 9.  Chakra - I Am (Paul Denton Remix) [Armada Captivating] [35:48] 10. CJ Stone, Voodoo & Serano & Rocco – Overload 2024 [You Love Dance] [39:49] 11. Natalie Gioia & Dan Thompson - Be In Love (Ryan K Remix) [Nocturnal Knights] [45:04] 12. Luminn & Roxanne Emery - In The Silence (Rinaly Remix) [AVA] [48:17] 13. Alan Morris & Elixus - Impossible [Nocturnal Knights] [52:41] 14. Paul van Dyk, Saad Ayub & Elevation - Ouverture [VANDIT] [57:40] 15. Artento Divini & Hit The Bass - Rave The Future [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey, fam! Welcome to Episode 678 of Uplifting Trance Sessions! It's your guy DJ Phalanx, and I've got some massive trance vibes lined up for you.  Get ready for new tracks from Andrew Rayel, Tensteps, Heleen, Kinetica, Marco V, Steve Dekay, Allen Watts, Hypersia, TH3 ONE, Chris M, Jason Gray, and many more.  Kicking things off with a banger, it's Life Explorer with "Escape From Dreams."  Check out all the tracklists at  And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:45]  2.  Life Exporer - Escape From Dreams [State Control Records] [5:43]  3.  0Gravity - Another Dimension [Nocturnal Knights] [10:17] 4.  Andrew Rayel & Tensteps & Heleen - Let Me Love You [Find Your Harmony] [13:33] 5.  Speed DJ & Winterborn - Antares [ZYX Trance] [17:59] 6.  Hypersia & TH3 ONE - Another Way [VANDIT] [23:05] 7.  Alex Merk - Ephemeral Reality [We Love Trance] [26:45] 8.  STNX - Zone Out [Eosella Music] [31:21] 9.  N-sKing - Mirage Of Nightmare (DJ Tranceair Remix) [Aerodynamica] [36:10] 10. Chris M & Jason Gray - Euphoria [State Vision] *World Premiere* [40:43] 11. Kinetica - The Rising [Kinected] [46:11] 12. Steve Dekay - Acid Rain [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] [50:00] 13. TEKNO & DJ T.H. - Tremble [Future Sequence] [54:11] 14. JES - Let It All Come Down (Allen Watts Remix) [Magik Muzik] [59:16] 15. Vision 20/20 & Marco V - ANTDROIDS [Be Yourself]
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey fam! Wishing all you awesome folks a Happy New Year! Let's kick off 2024 with a massive bang. Presenting Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 677 featuring fresh tunes from Myk Bee and myself, BixX, Metta & Glyde, Indecent Noise, Kaimo K, Myde, Daniele Filaretti, and more. Starting off with the first track, DJ Phalanx & Myk Bee - Refraction (2024 Retouch). Keep an eye out for the free download coming soon! For all the tracklists, head over to And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:48]  2.  Myk Bee & DJ Phalanx - Refraction (2024 Refresh) [CD-R] *World Premiere* [5:05]  3.  BiXX - Weather The Storm [Nocturnal Knights] [8:45]  4.  Andy Judge - Heaven Voices [Future Sequence] [13:19] 5.  Ralphie B - Homestead (Metta & Glyde Remix) [Nocturnal Knights] [18:01] 6.  Ghanbari - Gargantua [Subculture] [23:30] 7.  Kaimo K feat. Emma Horan - Forget About Us [Amsterdam Trance] [28:30] 8.  Jackob Rocksonn - World On Fire [Rated Records] [32:11] 9.  DJ Phalanx - Hope [State Control Records] [37:03] 10. Jon Mangan - Break The Line [FSOE] [42:05] 11. Myde - Fell From Heaven [Molekular Sounds] [46:25] 12. Daniele Filaretti - Tension [Aerodynamica] [50:49] 13. ALIGASH - Quicksand [Amon Vision] [56:16] 14. Indecent Noise - JK Is Dead [Mental Asylum] [1:00:44] 15. Miroslav Vrlik & Spy - Switch [Alter Ego]
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey Trancefamily! This is DJ Phalanx welcoming you to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 676. Super stoked to have you tuning in! Can you believe it's the final episode of 2023? Time flies when you're vibing to great tunes. Tonight, we've got some killer tracks lined up for you.  I will play my latest banger, "Hope," Plus, we've got fresh beats from the likes of Dustin Husain, Peter Miethig, Roman Messer, Driftmoon, Alex Merk & Jaden Perry, Nord Horizon & Sarah Russell, Mike Zaloxx, Metta & Glyde, and a bunch more. Let's wrap up the year with some epic trance vibes! And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:51]  2.  James Dust & Noff & Jodie Poye - Didnt Know I Was Looking for Love [Future Force Recordings] [5:55]  3.  Driftmoon - Melody Express [FSOE] [11:11] 4.  Nord Horizon & Sarah Russell - Not A Sound [Amsterdam Trance] [16:31] 5.  Roman Messer & Diandra Faye - Why So Serious [Suanda Music] [21:09] 6.  Alex Merk & Jaden Perry - Elysian Echoes [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [24:11] 7.  FACTORe, LayDee Jane - Concentrate (Type 41 Remix) [Solid Black Recordings] [30:19] 8.  DJ Phalanx - Hope [State Control Records] [35:11] 9.  Dustin Husain - Midnight Club [High Contrast] [38:29] 10. Peter Miethig - Reflection [Suanda Dark] [43:18] 11. Mike Zaloxx - Caelum [Digital Society] [47:24] 12. Photographer & Susana - Find A Way (Metta & Glyde Bootleg Remix) [CD-R] [52:53] 13. Meraj Deylami - Breakthrough [Ablazing]    
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   What's up, awesome listeners? DJ Phalanx here. Welcome to Uplifting Trance Sessions 675! Wishing you and your fam an epic Christmas time. 'Cause let's be real, what's Christmas without some killer trance beats? Guess what? I'm dropping my brand-new track, "Hope," and I'm buzzing with excitement! Hope will be out on January 5th.  Kicking off this episode with a bang, we've got THE SYMPHONY's "End Of Time." For the full tracklist, hit up Stay tuned for the trance vibes, and have an amazing holiday season! 🎄✨ And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:49]  2.  The Symphony - End Of Time [Mental Madness] [3:26]  3.  Asteroid - You [Subculture] [8:50]  4.  Kiyoi & Eky - Bidakara 213 [State Control Records] [14:05] 5.  Peter Miethig - Oblivion [Future Sequence] [18:58] 6.  Armin van Buuren & Billen Ted feat. JC Stewart - Come Around Again (Starpicker Remix) [Armada] [23:08] 7.  Escea - See You Again [Chasing Dreams] [28:36] 8.  DJ Phalanx - Hope [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [33:57] 9.  Rocco & Perfect Pitch - I‘ve Got The Feeling [You Love Dance] [36:44] 10. William Silva - Favourite Lullaby (Thomas Nikki Remix) [Amsterdam Trance] [42:18] 11. CJ Stone & Quiz – 7th Day [Future Sequence] [45:54] 12. Tom Exo - Pretty Lies [One Forty] [50:28] 13. Sam Laxton - Butterfly [FSOE] [56:28] 14. Mark Sherry - Tears In the Rain [Techburst]
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Hey dear trance friends, guten Abend & good evening to Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 674. I'm stoked to have you as my listeners. This week, we've got a lineup packed with incredible sounds from Fischer & Mierhig, BK, Mario Moon & Dace AirmaX, Adam Ellis, Robert Nickson, and many more. Kicking things off with the first track, Rino da Silva - Moments. For all the tracklists, check out And now let the music speak!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:43]  2.  Rino da Silva - Moments [State Soundscapes] [5:02]  3.  Silva City - Hector [Armada Music] [10:51] 4.  Fischer & Miethig and Rezwan Khan - Dreams Of Daylight [ZYX] [16:24] 5.  DJ Spaceman & Sunryz - Under Control [Think Trance] [20:21] 6.  BK - You Are The Master [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] [24:28] 7.  Mario Moon & Dave AirmaX - Butterflies [One Forty] [29:16] 8.  Harshil Kamdar feat. Jordan Grace - Love Again [Amsterdam Trance] [33:17] 9.  Adam Ellis vs. Derek Ryan - Kagura [AVA White] [37:30] 10. Gareth Emery feat. Sarah De Warren - Vertigo (Robert Nickson Remix) [WE'LL BE OK] [41:53] 11. Christophe Quinlivan-Hunt - Code of Conduct [Future Force] [46:01] 12. PITTARIUS CODE - Reality [Entrancing] [51:20] 13. Kenny Palmer - Hammerfall [Trancessential]    
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   What's up, Trancefamily! Welcome to the latest edition of Uplifting Trance Sessions, EP. 673! I'm your sonic navigator, DJ Phalanx, ready to whisk you away from the everyday hustle. This episode is packed with brand-new beats from the likes of Temple One, Marc van Linden, Danny Eaton, Armin van Buuren, Ferrin & Morris, David Forbes, Alan Morris, and many more! For the full tracklist, head over to And now let the music speak.   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:45]  2.  York & Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Asheni - Reach Out For Me (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [Armada Music] [6:24]  3.  Temple One - As the Sun Breaks [Pure Trance] [11:35] 4.  Marc van Linden x D-Gor - Her Melodie [Cosmic Future] [15:59] 5.  Miditekk - Against The Clock [Future Force] [21:05] 6.  Ed Sanchez, MAQ & Maxine - Under The Sun [Molekular Sounds] [25:26] 7.  Danny Eaton - Test of Time [Subculture] [31:17] 8.  DJ Phalanx - Dimension [State Control Records] [35:00] 9.  Cenk Basaran - Beyond Life [Nocturnal Knights] [39:07] 10. Armin van Buuren & Just_us - Make It Count [Armind] [42:58] 11. Alan Morris - 7th Morning [FSOE] [46:55] 12. Ferrin & Morris - Human [Transistic] [51:34] 13. Roman Messer & Rocco - Celebrate The Love [You Love Dance] [55:24] 14. David Forbes - Apex [Who's Afraid Of 138?!] 
Follow me on Spotify: All Tracklists:   Enjoy Uplifting Trance Sessions EP. 672!   [0:00]  1.  Intro [0:49]  2.  Achilles, Semblance Smile & Sharon Valerona - Never Lost [A State Of Trance] [3:27]  3.  Stoneface & Terminal - North Cape (Asteroid Remix) [FSOE] [9:01]  4.  Mhammed El Alami & Malene - Boulevard [AVA] [13:52] 5.  Andreas Tillnert - End of an Era [Nocturnal Knights] [18:45] 6.  Db Mokk - Aria [Extrema Global Music] [22:41] 7.  Dicosis, Crooked Bangs - Walking on Water (XiJaro & Pitch Remix) [High Contrast] [27:02] 8.  Fros7novA - Burning Fire [Radiation] [32:04] 9.  NIELS VAN GOGH - Paralyzed [You Love Dance] [35:12] 10. MEGARA VS DJ LEE x DJ T.H. x AIRWALK3R - We Are One [Future Sequence] [37:42] 11. Nikos Geladis - Sound Of My Dream [State Control Records] *World Premiere* [42:26] 12. Artena & Elara - Walked Through The Pain [Amsterdam Trance] [47:31] 13. Darren Porter -  Reason to Rise (Vinny DeGeorge Remix) [Reason II Rise] [53:46] 14. Ciaran McAuley & Audrey Gallagher - Armour (David Forbes Remix) [Black Hole]    
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