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Bi-weekly discussions and interviews about Vaporware Network, peer-to-peer & open source ecosystems, functional programming, crypto, and fringe beliefs
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This episode, we (Chase Van Etten & Daniel Keller) catch up with our friend musician and technologist Dexter Tortoriello, AKA Houses. In addition to his decade plus music career, Dexter is cofounder and former head of technology at FWB. He’s currently co-founder and CTO of MindPalace, an ambitious project aimed at building high-res, interactive AI models of the self, derived from decades of personal data, which will be in private Beta 🔜 Transitioning from the music industry into tech Perils and lessons learned from scene building What is the future (or lack thereof) for DAOS The emerging battle lines in the AI industry What’s next for MindPalace and other personal-data enabled agents Trusting big tech vs startups with your data Music-style royalty models for software The “Age Of Canvas” and Mass Custom software/os/hardware Enduring importance of physical artifacts The incoming militarization of AGI labs Speculations on our infant daughters’ relationship with technology and the future of work Artwork: Robert Fludd, “Temple of Music”, 1624 [colorized]
Episode 2: Marisa Rowland

Episode 2: Marisa Rowland


In Episode 2, Chase and Dan chat with product and marketing strategist Marisa Rowland about a wide range of topics including: Institutional mistrust AI wearables for dogs Agricultural infomarkets Small data Cultivating cults Real network states Methylene Blue Data portability Frog poison therapy So much more Marisa is a product and marketing strategist based in New York. She was the first hire at Arable Labs, an agricultural technology startup, and went on to lead their Product team. She joined Tlon Corporation as VP of Marketing and threw the first Assembly, an Urbit unconference. She then transitioned to VP of Product and lead the launch of Groups and Talk. Lately, Marisa has launched Uncommons Crypto and her own studio called Hope Rodeo.  Artwork: Jean-François Millet, “Les Pissenlits,” 1867-8
Episode 1: Taking the λ

Episode 1: Taking the λ


In our first Episode, we've assembled the entire Vaporware team (all four of us) to chat about our Chief Architect Jack Ek's talk "PLAN: Purely Functional Programming With Batteries Included" which he recently gave at ⁠Lambda Conference⁠, the site where Urbit founder Curtis Yarvin first presented the technical specifications for Urbit/Nock back in 2016. We discuss the differences between Urbit and Plunder, what makes Vaporware a Nock heresy and what's coming next. With Chase Van Etten, Vinney Cavallo, Jack Ek and host Daniel Keller