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Author: Brandon Brittingham

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Welcome to the Wake Up to Wealth Podcast with your host, Brandon Brittingham! Are you ready to transform your financial future and start living the life of your dreams? If so, you're in the right place.

Join Brandon, a seasoned real estate expert, entrepreneur, and wealth-building guru, as he takes you on a journey to financial success. Each week, Brandon will be sharing invaluable insights, strategies, and inspiring stories that will help you unlock your full potential and build a life of abundance.

Whether you're interested in real estate investment, entrepreneurship, or simply want to gain a better understanding of how to manage and grow your finances, Wake Up to Wealth has something for everyone. With a diverse range of guests, including industry leaders, experts, and successful individuals from various fields, Brandon will provide you with the knowledge and motivation you need to take action and achieve your financial goals.

In this podcast, you'll discover:

Proven wealth-building strategies and tips
Real estate investment insights
Entrepreneurship advice
Personal finance guidance
Inspirational success stories
And much more!
If you're ready to wake up to wealth and take control of your financial destiny, join us every week for engaging conversations and actionable advice that will help you make your dreams a reality.

Don't wait any longer—tune in to the Wake Up to Wealth Podcast with Brandon Brittingham and start your journey to financial independence today!
17 Episodes
In episode 16 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham interviews Scott Betley, also known as "That Mortgage Guy," to discuss how he built a successful brand with over 1.1 million followers in the mortgage industry. Scott shares valuable insights on content creation, social media marketing, and debunking myths about mortgages.Tune in to learn more about changing attitudes toward wealth and business strategies for success!SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: BetleyInstagram: WEBSITEBrandon Brittingham: Betley:
In episode 15 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham is joined by Jay Combes as they discuss their experiences and insights into investing in short-term rental properties. They emphasize the need for diligence, smart investing strategies, and exceptional customer service in the hospitality business.Tune in to learn about the unique market dynamics and investment opportunities in this thriving vacation rental market.SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: CombesInstagram: Brittingham: Combes:
In episode 14 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham sits down with Justin Colby as they share their journey from a challenging childhood to finding success in real estate. Justin talks about starting in door-to-door sales, transitioning to real estate brokerage, and the importance of mastering skills like marketing and salesmanship. Despite facing setbacks during market crashes, Justin’s passion for real estate has kept him motivated and driven toward success. Tune in to hear about overcoming obstacles and finding passion in the real estate industry.SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: ColbyInstagram: Brittingham: Science of Flipping:
In episode 13 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham welcomes Adriano Almony, best known as Bubba Almony - Celebrity bodyguard, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Advocate, awareness raiser and giver. They share their experiences in overcoming struggles. Bubba mentions his involvement in community work and volunteerism since a young age, from volunteering at events to bringing the Ali family into the community to speak about bullying prevention and more. He also discusses his work with nonprofits, mentoring at-risk teens, and providing support to the homeless.Tune in to hear about his journey and his dedication to making a positive impact in his community. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: AlmonyInstagram: Brittingham: Almony:
In episode 11 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham is joined by real estate experts, Brady Mcdonald and Casey Quinn, to discuss their backgrounds and experiences in the industry, including multi-family developments, storage and car wash ventures, and leveraging real estate for portfolio scaling. The conversation also touches on the universal struggle that tends to arise in life, regardless of one's circumstances. Tune in to gain insights on overcoming struggles and finding success in the wealth-building journey.-SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: Brady McdonaldInstagram: QuinnInstagram: Brittingham:
In this podcast episode, the host speaks with Kent Clothier, a real estate entrepreneur and investment expert. They discuss Kent's journey in the real estate industry and his achievements, including helping thousands of investors and managing thousands of properties. Kent shares his experience of working through hardships, persevering and remaining resilient in the face of difficulties. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and valuing time, taking responsibility and accountability for it. A significant portion of their conversation is centered around the actual meaning of wealth, which Kent defines as control over one’s time and the ability to live life on one's terms.Brandon BrittinghamInstagram: Brandon to speak: ClothierInstagram: 
In episode 10 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham welcomes guests Brandon Rooks, also known as "Rockstar", and his son, Dylan Rooks. They discuss the importance of mindset in achieving success and share their experiences in the real estate industry. Brandon is highly respected in the money-raising game, raising over 70 million and he's bringing invaluable gems your way.Tune in to gain insights on investing and inspiration from this real estate industry OG.SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: Rooks/RockstarInstagram: RooksInstagram: Brittingham: Capital Development Group:
In episode 9 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham welcomes real estate investor and former Special Forces Army Ranger, Jeff Smith. He shares his background, including his experience in special operations in the military and his transition to the corporate world and later the fitness industry. Jeff also discusses his current ventures in real estate investing and business consulting. Tune in to gain insights into Jeff's military experiences and how he has applied those lessons to his business endeavors!Tune in, a must - listen!-Brandon BrittinghamInstagram: Brandon to speak: SmithInstagram:'s Facebook 
In episode 8 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham welcomes guest, Derrick Harper, Sr. to discuss changing the way we think about wealth. Derrick shares his journey from serving in the Air Force, as well as his insights on leadership, personal growth, and the importance of mindset in achieving financial success. Despite his success, Derrick remains humble and focused on giving back to the community. Tune in to hear Derrick's inspiring story and his insights on wealth and making a difference in the world.He's dropping a million dollars plus worth of game that you can go implement right away. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: Harper, Sr.Instagram: Phone Number: 404-999-3828WEBSITEBrandon Brittingham:
In episode 7 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham is joined by Branden Hudson, owner of SBY MMA and Fitness, recuiter, investor, local 2 time champion fighter, family man and the list goes on . They discuss the importance of mindset in achieving wealth, health and success and how these work in unison. Brandens no excuses and he's bringing that champion mentality to life and this podcast. They also touch on the power of words, overcoming obstacles, habits and being disciplined. This episode is jam packed with takeaways you won't want to miss. Their collaboration in training fighters and the importance of mindset in both the MMA world and real estate. Moreover, Brandon and Branden delve into the transformative power of overcoming adversities and how these experiences can make individuals special, ultimately impacting the world and having others live the life they're made to.Tune in for an insightful conversation on changing the way you think about wealth and life.Brandon BrittinghamInstagram: HudsonInstagram: Brittingham: 
In episode 6 of Wake Up to Wealth, Brandon Brittingham welcomes entrepreneur Zach Sasser, a 23-year-old top sales producer and published author. Zach shares his journey into entrepreneurship, his passion for chasing greatness, and his ventures into real estate. They also highlight the crucial role of surrounding oneself with the right people to achieve success and the misconceptions and fears surrounding business and investing.Tune in to gain insights into an entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to change your perspective on wealth. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSBrandon BrittinghamInstagram: SasserInstagram: Brittingham: 
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In the previous episode of the “Wake Up to Wealth” podcast, hosted by Brandon Brittingham, his guests, Tiffany and Josh High, discussed their personal journeys in entrepreneurship and leadership. As the conversation gets more interesting, they dig deeper into their childhood experiences, the impact of their upbringing on their mindset, and the lessons they learned along the way. This highlights the importance of having a solid support system that instilled the belief that they could achieve anything they set their minds to.Tune in with Brandon Brittingham to gain insights about Tiffany and Josh High’s journey to early life experiences in shaping one's approach to wealth on this episode of the Wake Up To Wealth podcast.Connect with Brandon Brittingham·        Facebook·        Website Connect with Tiffany and Josh High·        Website
Tiffany and Josh High are seasoned real estate investors with a wealth of experience in flipping, wholesaling, and building a rental portfolio. Their perspective on successful real estate investing is shaped by their nearly a decade-long journey in the industry, emphasizing the importance of mindset, teamwork, and building a strong foundation. They believe that scaling a business requires a stable team and that connections and relationships in entrepreneurship are crucial for overcoming challenges such as anxiety and depression. Their experiences, including Tiffany's background as a quality analyst and their joint venture in establishing an education company, have further reinforced their belief in the significance of personal and professional development. Join Brandon Brittingham as he delves deeper into these insights with Tiffany and Josh High on this episode of the Wake Up To Wealth podcast. Connect with Brandon BrittinghamFacebookWebsiteConnect with Tiffany and Josh HighWebsite 
Ryan Stewman is a successful entrepreneur and leader who has undergone a significant personal transformation and developed a holistic wealth philosophy, despite a challenging past that included dropping out of high school, selling drugs, and serving time in prison. Stewman's perspective on "Brandon's journey: personal transformation and holistic wealth philosophy" is rooted in his own experiences. He believes that anyone, regardless of their past, can transform their life by taking responsibility, making the decision to change, and living by their core values. He also emphasizes the importance of having mentors and a supportive community, and believes that simplicity, consistent action, and protecting the investments of others are key to achieving wealth and success. Join Brandon Brittingham and Ryan Stewman on this episode of the Wake Up To Wealth podcast to learn more about Stewman's journey and his insights on personal transformation and wealth.
Jose Escamilla Jr. is an extraordinary individual who has transitioned from a life of crime to one of philanthropy and leadership. His transformation from prison to philanthropy and leadership is one of deep admiration and respect. His journey is an incredible accomplishment, recognizing the power of his mindset, determination, and the effective application of knowledge as key factors in his success. Brandon also appreciates the role of Jose's past experiences, including his involvement with the cartel and his time in prison, in shaping him into the leader he is today. His story is an inspiration and a testament to the power of personal growth and resilience. Join Brandon Brittingham and Jose Escamilla Jr. on this episode of the Wake Up To Wealth podcast to delve deeper into their transformative journeys.
The Wake Up to Wealth podcast, hosted by Brandon Brittingham, is a treasure trove of inspiration and insights for those seeking to achieve wealth and success. Brandon, a firm believer in the power of wealth and success, brings to the table a unique perspective shaped by his interactions with high-level entrepreneurs and industry leaders. His goal is to inspire his audience to break free from societal norms and limitations, and to instill in them the belief that they can achieve wealth and success every day. He emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with intelligent and successful individuals, promising his audience valuable insights from some of the world's smartest people. Join Brandon Brittingham on this episode of the Wake Up To Wealth podcast, and embark on a journey towards financial success and personal empowerment. 
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