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Hosted by Chris Burns, We Have the Receipts is a bi-weekly all-access deep dive into Netflix Unscripted Reality! Each episode will bring you closer to the people behind the reality, with the free-flowing depth of podcast conversations and viral elements of TV’s best talk shows, We Have The Receipts is an upbeat, fan-first destination to uncover more insider secrets, more expert hot takes, and more off-the-rails drama from their favorite Netflix reality stars.

71 Episodes
Love Is Blind is back with season 6! Jessica Vestal, the single mom who demanded respect and dragged the man who didn't give it to her, joins Chris Burns to talk about dating Jimmy in the Love Is Blind pods, making TikToks with her daughter’s help, and why Laura was her closest friend in the pods. Chris breaks down all of the difficult decisions, love triangles, and honeymoon drama that happen in the first six episodes of Love Is Blind Season 6. We want to hear from you! Do you have a fan theory? Hot take? Question for a Netflix reality star? Remember, the juicier, the better. Leave us a voice message at Text us at (929) 487-3621 DM Chris @FatCarrieBradshaw on Instagram Follow We Have The Receipts wherever you listen, so you never miss an episode.  Click HERE to check out the official cast guide and more on Tudum! Listen to more from Netflix Podcasts.
Your favorite reality TV podcast is BACK on February 16th with even more spice, drama, and stars from the Netflix Reality Universe. We start with weekly episodes dropping over the next three Fridays covering Love Is Blind Season 6, with a special episode for the cast reunion. Then, we’ll cover all of the new releases of Netflix Reality you know and love, as well as some new shows on the horizon. We want to hear from you! Do you have a fan theory? Hot take? Question for a Netflix reality star? Remember, the juicier, the better. Leave us a voice message at Text us at (929) 487-3621 DM Chris Burns @FatCarrieBradshaw on Instagram Follow We Have The Receipts wherever you listen, so you never miss an episode. Click HERE to check out the official cast guide and more on Tudum! Listen to more from Netflix Podcasts.
Happy New Year! Chris and Lauren look back at the best _____ of the year! 2023 was so good in so many different ways, Chris and Lauren couldn't help but gush about things they've already chatted about. From best winners to best interviews, our hosts discuss the highs of 2023. And you'll get to hear your voices as we read some of your fave moments!
This week Lauren and Chris discuss the rest of Netflix's buzziest new reality show, Squid Game: The Challenge. Aaand we get a special behind-the-scenes look from fan favorites Trey and LeAnn on how that marbles game really went down, if Trey actually fell 15 feet during Glass Bridge, and what LeAnn's beef with Lorenzo was all about! And major spoiler alert, we do talk about the iconic winner of the 4.56 million dollar cash prize! You've been warned! Click HERE to check out the official cast guide and more on Tudum! Listen to more from Netflix Podcasts
This week, Chris and Lauren fight to win 4.56 million dollars...or rather, they sit on their couches and watch people fight to win 4.56 million dollars in Squid Game: The Challenge. Our hosts watch as 456 contestants compete in a series challenges -- from infamous red light green light to the sweat-inducing dalgona cookie cutting. Also, you'll get to hear our fave redhead Dash Katz (aka Player 141) spill all the tea on what went down on (and off) camera. You don't wanna miss it! Click HERE to check out the official cast guide and more on Tudum! Listen to more from Netflix Podcasts
Lauren and Chris gab with Nicole Young all about her start at the Oppenheim Group, her first impressions of the other agents, and what was really up with the social climber debacle in season 7 of Selling Sunset.
Chris and Lauren get into Netflix's newest reality challenge show, Surviving Paradise. It’s like Too Hot To Handle meets Survivor meets Big Brother meets…a few other shows. Chaos ensues!
Chris and Lauren wrap up their thoughts on this absolutely chaotic season of Love is Blind as we finally get to see who says ‘I Do’ and who is left at the altar!
Our couples face new challenges as they head to Mexico, where one breakup leave Chris and Lauren wondering, will ANYONE get married at the end of this??
Love is Blind is back and messier than ever! Chris and Lauren talk all about it with LIB S4's cutest couple, Brett and Tiffany.
Another day, another season of Orange County mess for us to sink our teeth into. But don't take Chris and Lauren's word for it, Brandi and Kayla are ready to set the record straight and spill all the tea on what went down this season of Selling the OC!
Chris and Lauren are joined by friend of the show, Mal, from The Ultimatum: Queer Love to dish all about this season's engagements and reunion bombshells. Plus, Mal gives her perspective on what it's like to watch The Ultimatum as someone whose been on the show before!
Here we go again! Chris and Lauren dive back into possibly Netflix's most unhinged experiment, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (Season 2). This season brings more drama, more chaos, and more ambition than we've ever seen before. Ambition! Business! Hooters!
Chris and Lauren can't handle all the money lost by these hotties. Join us this week as we rehash the horniness in the second half of Too Hot to Handle: Season 5.
Chris and Lauren are back after a much needed summer vacay to discuss the fifth installment of Too Hot to Handle. Spoiler alert: there are hot people. They break rules. But now with boats!
Join Chris, Lauren, and our podcast's husband Cameron Hamilton as they dive into their favorite reality moments EVER, from Love is Blind, to Jersey Shore, and of course, Real Housewives.
Chris and Lauren are back to talk about the drama-filled final episodes of The Ultimatum: Queer Love, including THAT EXPLOSIVE REUNION!! Also, they get to sit down with besties Lexie and Mal, where they talk about life after QL, their spicy DMs, and their new relationship statuses!
Chris and Lauren are READY for this newer, gayer, and messier edition of The Ultimatum. Listen as they break down the first four eps and theorize on what's to come. !! ALSO !! If you love reality TV, love Chris and Lauren, and love the sound of your own voice, then you should email us! Send a voice memo of your hottest reality take to and your voice may be featured on the show. And depending on how spicy it is, we may just need you to come on and defend yourself!!
The Oppenheim Group is back and more dramatic than ever. Tune in as Chris and Lauren talk this seasons feuds and fights. And stick around for their interview with the one and only Chelsea Kazkani!
Lauren and Chris are BACK and better than ever. This week they dive into the world of Jewish Matchmaking and get some top-tier life advice from the matchmaker herself, Aleeza Ben Shalom.
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Hey Chris and Lauren! Love the podcast, especially the recent episode diving into Netflix Unscripted Reality. Speaking of thrilling experiences, have you guys ever considered exploring the excitement of a Desert Safari in Dubai? It's a must-try adventure, and I bet the Netflix reality stars would have some epic stories to share from their own desert escapades Keep up the great work on the show.

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