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Olivia Amitrano — founder and creator of Organic Olivia — is leveling up in 2020 with What’s The Juice: a podcast as multifaceted as its listeners. What’s The Juice is an extension of Organic Olivia, which started as a blog but quickly morphed into a fierce community of like minds on a divine path of learning, growing, and healing. Our greatest tools are traditional wisdom, herbal medicine and a brave willingness to explore our own behavior and psychology. Olivia is an herbalist, an entrepreneur, a blogger, and most notably an educator.

Each episode is an opportunity to synthesize her education in herbalism, psychology, and a lifetime of health issues into valuable, tangible tips on how to heal and thrive. Interviews with specialists, doctors, therapists, practitioners, astrologers, estheticians, artists, and storytellers are oozing with raw, human moments and empowering information. Candid, honest, curious, engaged (and in case it isn’t obvious, a Leo), this young woman is on a mission to understand the human condition while sharing both the present chapter of her life as well as the lessons she’s learned getting here. Peeling back the layers isn’t always pretty, but life is juicy and we’re in this together.
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This week I’m sitting down with the one and only Jenna Zoe. Jenna is the world-leading expert in Human Design and the creator of the popular My Human Design App. She turned a complicated science into an accessible, easy-to-implement tool that will totally change your life. Jenna presents Human Design through a lens of radial acceptance which has resonated with millions around the globe and essentially made it into the mainstream obsession it is now. Her #1 goal is to help us understand who we are and how we function so that we can spend our energy emphasizing our unique gifts and talents, instead of trying to be someone society wants us to be. Links from the ep:  - Follow the link to try Notion Ai for note-taking and project planning Here’s the juice: How Human Design combines astrology, the chakras, and kabbala to paint a holistic picture of who you are + how you operate The full breakdown of each human design type – generator, manifesting generator, manifestor, projector, reflector  Why it’s important to open your mind so that you are ready to receive what the universe is sending you It’s not about finding the “right” career path for you, it’s about how much you genuinely love what you’re doing Why it behooves you to remove things from your plate that you don’t enjoy so that other people who love doing those things can do them How if you’re living your design the right people will find you How to read and trust that your unique urges are divine What it looks like when you’re living out of alignment with your human design type Why most of us need to be deconditioned to some degree Connect with Jenna: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
This week I have a fun, conversational episode for you that feels like a night of girl talk on the couch sprinkled with deep wisdom. Rebecca Leigh is a nutritionist passionate about all things holistic health and wellness. Her health journey began with cycles of what she thought was “healthy” – “clean eating”, counting calories, spending hours at the gym daily, and trying to look a certain way. In exploring holistic wellness, Rebecca learned the emotional and spiritual causes of her issues, examined them, and healed from them. She could quiet her inner critic and build true, lasting confidence. Living her best life meant realizing that she had everything she needed within her. Now Rebecca finds purpose in guiding women to become their most authentic and empowered selves.  Links from the ep: - Get up to 15% off on Pique’s BT Fountain plus a free cup and rechargeable frother when you shop my link If you’re listening to this during 11/24-11/27 you can also enjoy their BFCM deal which includes a complimentary 6-piece gift set worth $200. - Use code olivia for 15% off your first one-month supply of NOBS using the link Here’s the juice: Rebecca’s journey with obsessive eating and working out and how she broke free from unhealthy cycles Why you might feel the need to be productive 24/7 and feel a lack of worth when you are not What being the child of immigrant parents was like and how she rewired the belief that working extremely hard is the only way to get what you want How to unpack your belief system – first you must identify the belief before you are able to shift it  Her favorite tools to become more self-aware The science behind synchronicity and how to feel more in flow with the universe The power of getting curious and asking questions about yourself and the world  How physical ailments are messengers of deeper emotionally-driven issues Why jealousy is a powerful tool in determining your desires The role of community in healing, especially for women The power of daily affirmations – the harder they are to say to yourself, the better because that means you really need to hear them Visualizing your future self with the life you want as if you already had it Why keeping the small promises you made to yourself is key in building confidence  Self care is doing the thing that you need the most when you least feel like doing them Connect with Rebecca: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
If you feel like you’re in a rut or need a motivational pep talk, this episode is for you! Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author, and speaker. However, his young adult life couldn’t have been more different than his current reality. Around his 21st birthday, Doug was detoxing from opiates in a jail cell after years of drug addiction. He turned to physical exercise as an outlet which ultimately catalyzed him to face his demons head-on and completely reinvent himself. Doug’s mission today is to inspire others to overcome adversity, break free from destructive addictions, and become the best version of themselves.  Links from the ep:  - Follow the link to try Notion Ai for note-taking and project planning Here’s the juice: How Doug’s crippling insecurities and need for acceptance led him to drugs The moment that rock-bottomed him but ultimately turned his life around   How negative habit stacking is just as much of a thing as positive habit stacking What got him to start working out in jail (spoiler: he couldn’t do one pushup when he started) Why reaching your “most successful” point is often your most unhappy one How spirituality helped him drop his ego and allowed him to see the bigger picture No one is coming to save you; you have to take ownership of your own life The role of community when bettering yourself  The concept of addiction transference – in his case, being addicted to drugs shifted to being addicted to validation Why you have to determine an identity for yourself or you’ll become a chameleon, shaped by other people’s identities When you’re not feeling confident in yourself and your own victories you’re unable to celebrate other people’s wins What steps to take when you’ve hit rock bottom The importance of working your adversity muscle. Pain is like an adaptogen, the more you face it the stronger and more resilient you become  Connect with Doug: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
Are you curious about why you dream and what your dreams might mean? Theresa Cheung is a modern mystic who has been researching and writing about spirituality, dreams and the paranormal for the past twenty-five years. She holds a degree from Kings College, Cambridge University in Theology and English, both of which have informed her “Dream Dictionary from A to Z '' and several other best-selling books. Theresa works closely with scientists studying consciousness and also hosts her spiritual podcast, White Shores.  Links from the ep:  use code olivia for 15% off your first one-month supply of NOBS using this link  Here’s the juice: How dreams are messages from your intuition that you’ve missed during your conscious, waking life Why dream work is the starting point to all spiritual growth because it teaches you that you are more than your physical body your conscious thoughts Nightmares are showing you the worst possible scenario which is actually a self help tool How you can apply dream decoding techniques to your waking life What her dream dictionary is and how to use it A two week step-by-step plan to start understanding your dreams and dream patterns Why dreams are the ultimate creativity hack – many inventions have come from visions in dreams! How dreams have saved many people’s lives If you can’t recall your dreams, you can start deciphering how you feel when you wake up in the morning and recording that in some way What some common recurring dreams mean (like all of your teeth falling out or being unprepared for a test) Techniques or exercises you can do to start recalling your dreams more effectively   Connect with Theresa: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
Today we’re going deep with one of the leading voices in the global wellness movement, Millana Snow. To give you an idea of how committed she is to personal growth, Millana started meditating at age 4. She is a healer, teacher, and wellness entrepreneur with a passion for sharing healing with a global community of clients, followers, brands and celebrities. As an avid learner and seeker, Millana has practiced and studied Christianity, Hinduism, Wicca, Buddhism, anthropology, psychology, and more for most of her life. She blends these teachings with a healthy dose of humor and realness which results in incredibly rich and approachable offerings. Links from the ep:  Use code MANE10 for 10% Mane Magic on  Here’s the juice: Why we’re experiencing a lack of emotional intimacy in our culture If you’re performing in work, life, etc then you’re probably performing in your relationships What we do not complete we repeat. If you don’t heal yourself you will continue to repeat negative patterns out in the world Why if you find yourself fighting for something or someone, that is a trauma response that you’re playing out What coregulation in friendships and romantic relationships looks like The misconception that friendships don’t require the same amount of work as romantic relationships The three steps you can take to make conscious friends as an adult Why you can’t expect people to be your everything. For instance, if you’re having a traumatic experience you need to seek out a trauma informed professional How to maintain intentional friendships when you have a full life. Hint: boundaries! Prioritizing yourself so that you aren’t giving from an empty cup It’s really not about the quantity but rather the quality and depth of your relationships  Why the big life moments give you clarity on who your true inner circle is – weddings, successes, failures, break ups, death Connect with Millana: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
We cover so much ground in this deeply holistic episode with Dr. Sara Gotffried. Dr. Gottfried is a scientist, researcher, medical doctor and seeker. She always says that she practices medicine, but doesn’t treat problems. Rather, Dr. Gottfried specializes in root cause analysis, helping people feel fully alive and balanced from their cells to their souls. If you’re currently struggling with a hormonal condition and don’t know where to begin, this episode is for you! She offers up the loving reminder that the misery of your body being out of whack is so much worse than the work that it takes to fix it.  Links from the ep: use code olivia for 15% off your first one-month supply of NOBS using this link Here’s the juice: The science AND energetics of PCOS Looking at hormonal conditions from both a nature and a nurture standpoint – the role of soul wounds and intergenerational trauma  How epigenetics impact hormonal and metabolic health Why therapeutic tools (like tapping and breathwork) matter just as much as diet and supplements, if not more, when it comes to hormone health  What to do if your nervous system is in freeze mode  Why she opts for somatic based solutions that are trauma informed like EMDR and the Hikomi method How to define your individual carb and protein threshold  The healing power of therapeutic “pulsing” of a low carb diet for less than 4 weeks for those with PCOS and blood sugar issues The exact labs you need to order with your insurance-covered doctor if you have PCOS Why she recommends 1 POUND of vegetables a day for detoxification! Her favorite hormone supporting birth control methods Connect with Sara: Follow HERE Web Here Connect with Olvia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE  
My girl Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is back for another episode of “What’s the Juice?”! Dr. Lyon has been my personal doctor for 7 years now and has truly changed my life. She is a well-respected functional medicine practitioner and the founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine®, specializing in thyroid health, lean body mass support, and longevity. In this episode, we build off of our conversation from last year about the importance of skeletal muscle and its immediate positive impact on your health. We get into the principles and key takeaways of her new book, “Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well” which is SO motivating and easy to understand. You’ll leave this conversation feeling ready to take action and not afraid to work hard for your health goals.  Links from the ep:  Use code organicolivia for 10% off site wide on Order Dr. Lyon's book HERE  Here’s the juice: Why you’re only going to get as healthy as your self-worth allows you to be How to navigate a present bias and why you need to focus on future goals over immediate results Why she sees anxiety as a distraction The concept of having “guard rails” – how getting the consequence right really keeps you from repeating that action again How the most successful people in the world are deeply aware of their weaknesses  Asking yourself “what are the standards for my life?” vs abiding by a strict diet. What actions and personality traits are required in order to meet my goals? The importance of raising the wellness bar for those around you  Food addiction and how protein can help stop the food noise and curb emotional eating  As we evolve our coping mechanisms need to evolve as well Highlighting your patterns as characters by naming them and giving them a voice Why low skeletal muscle and excess body fat can lead to fertility issues in both men and women  Why we actually THRIVE during challenges, contrary to what we may believe   Connect with Dr. Lyon: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
This episode with Evy Poumpouras might be one of my favorite conversations of all time. Evy is a multimedia journalist who once served as an agent in the US Secret Service, protecting Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and others. She also worked criminal investigations, operated undercover, and was an interrogator for the agency’s polygraph unit specially trained in the art of lie detection, human behavior, and cognitive influence. It’s no wonder she believes that words are your most powerful weapon and she loves teaching about how to protect yourself, read people, influence situations, and live fearlessly. Links from the ep: use code olivia for 15% off your first one-month supply of NOBS using this link Here’s the juice: Why we need to stop coddling others and telling them they’re special Why placing too much focus on the self contributes to depression and anxiety How to fail well The power of problem-solving on your own – no one is going to come save you What she thinks about the concept in modern pop psychology of blaming everything on our childhood trauma and attributing all of our current challenges to our childhood wounding and our dynamic with our parents The role of the ego in judgment of and attachment to others What “chasing the good” means, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships Why being an empath may not actually be a good thing and the role of boundaries People pleasing and the correlation between wanting to be liked and worthiness You need to stop looking for confidence – screw confidence, you don’t need it. Just act. Why she says that if you are easily triggered you might be easily manipulated Your dreams don’t have to be in alignment with other people’s dreams Connect with Evy: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
This episode is for all of you fitness and science nerds out there. Alan Aragon is a nutrition researcher and educator well known for his evidence-based approach to health. He has over 30 years of experience in the field, designing fitness programs for recreational and professional athletes and people who just want to look and feel their best. Alan also writes a monthly research review (AARR) providing cutting-edge theoretical and practical information to the general public. His work has been published in popular magazines like Men’s Health as well as peer-reviewed scientific literature.  Here’s the juice: What flexible dieting is and why there’s no such thing as one ideal diet for all of humankind  How to combine flexible dieting with the parameters that we know work scientifically, like eating a certain amount of protein or fiber The science of fat loss – how to lose weight the slow, healthy way How to find what your maintenance calories are Why high protein hurting your kidneys is a myth, and we get into other nutrition myths that bug Alan If metabolic adaptation is a real thing How it makes sense for some people to add more calories when trying to lose weight Why intermittent fasting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be Why women MUST eat breakfast, especially those with PCOS How much protein you actually need per day When you should actually be eating more carbohydrates Connect with Alan: Follow HERE Web HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
Buckle up for this sassy yet super vulnerable conversation with Dr. Scott Lyons, PhD. Dr. Lyons is a holistic psychologist, educator, and author as well as a renowned body-based trauma expert and Doctor of Osteopathy. He helps people break free from cycles of pain, limited beliefs, and trauma to restore vitality and live a more stress-free life. Dr. Lyons' new book, “Addicted to Drama: Healing Dependency on Crisis and Chaos in Yourself and Others” gets into the juice of drama addiction and charts a path to healing, without any sugar coating! Links from the ep: use code mighty10 for 10% off Mighty Minerals on Here’s the juice: When Scott realized he was addicted to a drama cycle as a way to distract from processing his own trauma and how he experienced withdrawals once he started dealing with it The endemic of loneliness that we’re experiencing as a society, and why we gossip How the drama that we create is really a survival response to avoid feelings of abandonment  The difference between primary emotions (that we feel deep in our core) and secondary emotions (essentially depositories) Why we do something Scott calls “revving” to give us a hit of stress or drama when we’re uncomfortable in a feeling – like scrolling social media or listening to a sad song How overscheduling or hyper performing academically/professionally can actually be a form of drama addiction 3 steps you can take if you want to unwind unhealthy patterns and come back to safety in your body How to break free from trauma bonding in relationships – do you pick fights for no reason? An exercise we can try to slowly and intentionally get more comfortable with being in our bodies instead of numbing out Why every time we take in a stimulus (a stressor) we need to balance it out with movement because that helps us actualize and complete a stress response  Connect with Dr. Lyons: Follow HERE Listen HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
Today I’m sitting down with Brooke Baevsky, aka Chef Bae, an LA-based celebrity private chef to athletes, actors, supermodels, and even royals! She has amassed a massive following of “Food Baes'' on TikTok where she breaks the traditional allergy-friendly food stigma with delicious, health-forward & viral recipes. She also founded a non-profit cooking program for inner-city children & families in both Los Angeles and New York City, teaching people how to create a healthy, balanced diet on a limited budget. Chef Bae’s technical background in Holistic Nutrition and Food Science combined with her hilarious, quick-witted personality make this convo and her approach to food so much fun. Links from the ep: use code organicolivia for 15% off functional chocolate mid-day squares Here’s the juice: How growing up in a family with tons of food allergies pushed her to get creative in the kitchen at a young age How living in an area with high food insecurity galvanized her to start hosting and teaching community cooking classes for kids The modern-day concept of rebranding anything to make it look like a health food  Why she is the antithesis of the “perfect” Instagram chef – making parody content, telling wild stories, and being her authentic self The craziest meal prep that she ever did, like a Caesar salad served at Coachella covered in edible glitter The top bizarre foods and supplements that truly have worked for her professional athlete clients’ performance How to zhuzh up your food and drink with herbs, specifically digestive bitters What a day in the life really looks like for a celebrity private chef (and what she cooks for dogs!) How to decide what to charge people for your services, especially in the beginning when you’re honing your skill and may be struggling with your self-worth The importance of having mentors in your professional space and asking for help How to find your niche and build your brand in the content creation space How we’re transitioning out of the era of perfectly photographed and curated food   Connect with Chef Bae: Follow HERE TikTok HERE Youtube HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow HERE Shop herbal formulas HERE
Welcome back to another episode of “What’s the Juice?”!. This week I’m chatting with Stephanie Fox, a Somatic Nutritional Counselor who has spent the past decade guiding women to feel empowered in their relationships with their food and their bodies. Stephanie specializes in disordered eating patterns, binge eating, emotional eating, chronic dieting, and body image concerns. She is the creator of Somatic Eating®, a body-oriented, sensation-focused therapeutic approach to connecting to your body while you are eating.   Here’s the juice: how all of the gut protocols in the world couldn’t cure Stephanie’s chronic gut issues and what finally helped her why if you're coming from a history of past trauma it’s hard to practice intuitive eating and how somatic eating must come first how binge eating is really just your body communicating to you how unsafe it feels it’s not about the food that we’re eating; it’s about the state that we’re in while we’re eating how somatic psychotherapy is communicating with the body and learning the body’s language through sensation, emotion, urges, and impulses.  the questions we should be asking ourselves when we are feeling triggered  why we need to create “micromoments” of safety to slowly introduce that it’s okay to feel safe in our bodies how we can confuse our own inner voice with the voices of others why dieting is black and white and keeps us stuck in a box ending relationships that don’t feel safe to our nervous systems can be pivotal in healing our guts Links from the ep: Get 10% off our NEW formula, Bloat BFF with code BLOAT10 on Connect with Stephanie: Follow HERE Web: HERE Connect with Olivia: Shop herbal formulas: HERE Follow: HERE
Literally everyone can benefit from this loving, light-filled conversation with Yasmine Cheyenne. Yasmine is a self-healing educator, speaker, and mental wellness advocate who helps people create daily self-care rituals to cultivate more joy and balance in their lives. Her first book, The Sugar Jar, teaches us that setting boundaries can make life that much sweeter.  Here’s the juice: how joining the airforce opened Yasmine’s eyes to her unique gifts in helping people get through hard things why we need to get curious and clear about what we are feeling before we set boundaries –  anger, fear or something else entirely, like overwhelm what self-healing is and how it can help us better understand and overcome the stories we tell ourselves how her analogy of the sugar jar can help us understand our energy, boundaries, and resources in a whole new way the importance of self esteem and how it doesn’t happen overnight how perfectionism and people pleasing stems from focusing too much on the external why radical and compassionate self honesty is necessary for healing the power of saying no and why we need to take ownership in our relationships what to do if setting a boundary is making someone angry with you how building up self trust can help us with codependency  Links from the ep: Get 15% off on Pique’s Daily Radiance plus a complimentary beaker and rechargeable frother on subscriptions $105 or more when you shop the link  Connect with Yasmine : Follow HERE Listen HERE Connect with Olivia: Shop herbal formulas: HERE Follow: HERE
This week I have the pleasure of sitting down with science journalist and a New York Times bestselling author, Max Lugavere. This is an episode all about nutrition science and brain health and we focus on using food as a tool to protect your brain and prevent cognitive decline. Max and I share the unfortunate experience of having a mother who is suffering or has suffered from Alzheimer's disease and that is what we've dedicated this episode to today. We’re deeply passionate about the current research around Alzheimer's disease and we want to empower individuals to use diet and lifestyle modification to slow this terrible illness.     Here's the juice: consider this your crash course in nutrition science with a major focus on brain health  the root causes of Alzheimer's disease and the most common misconceptions how does Alzheimer’s develop and who is at the highest risk  why amyloid plaque may not be the root cause, even though it’s been the dominating hypothesis the role genetics play and how epigenetics can actually turn off diseases  therapeutic avenues you can take if you notice symptoms of cognitive decline how a ketogenic diet can help the brain switch its energy source why you should be eating Brazil nuts daily! a fresh take on meat and saturated fat and why butter may not be the “health food” so many folks make it out to be the link between insulin resistance and Alzheimer's disease Links from the ep: visit and use code VSM-ORGANICOLIVIA for $30 off your own CGM Connect with Max: Follow HERE Listen HERE Connect with Olivia: Shop herbal formulas: HERE Follow: HERE
We're back with another exciting episode of "What's the Juice?"! Meet the lovely Dr. Vivian Chen, the brains behind Plateful Health on Instagram and Lumebox red light therapy. Dr. Viv is spreading awareness about the epidemic of environmental toxins often ignored by traditional medicine and shedding (red) light on the chronic illness surge. Here's the juice: how to support your liver detox pathways and how to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins (from cookware to skincare products). the most common symptoms (from migraines to anxiety) that people experience when their toxic load is maxed out. tangible tips for avoiding the top offending environmental chemicals and toxins hint: they're everywhere! steps to take to reduce your toxic load, starting with the most important changes to make. how to address food allergies and chronic illness in children. how to support your liver detoxification pathways the right way (not with green juice), so that your liver can handle unavoidable exposure. key nutrients required for detox and what foods you should incorporate today. the incredible power of red light therapy for everything from pain to glowing skin. Links from the ep: Use *this custom link* for $250 off the best red light device:  Connect with Dr. Chen: Visit her site HERE Follow her on Instagram HERE Detox right with Dr. Viv HERE Connect with Olivia: Shop herbal formulas: HERE Follow: HERE
Today's guest, Dr. Anna Lembke, explains exactly how to reset your brain's reward system so that you can feel happy again — without reaching for something external. Dr. Lembke is a psychiatrist, author, and Chief of the Addiction Medicine Clinic at Stanford University. This incredible woman changed my life and I believe she is the antidote our world needs as we navigate never-ending stimuli from tech, social media, and dopamine-releasing pleasures. Here's the juice: your brain has pain and pleasure "scales"– any tip towards pleasure has an equal cost toward pain addiction exists on a spectrum and we’re all affected by it; it’s so much broader than the extremes of alcoholism or drug addiction Anyone can get addicted to ANYTHING and we don’t necessarily need to have a history of trauma or mental health obstacles to be impacted by addiction there are proven benefits to doing a “dopamine fast” to reset your brain’s reward system why delaying gratification in little ways, such as not checking your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning, leads to better outcomes of success in humans in life Links from the ep: Take 10% off Adrenal Recovery and/or Focus Juice with code DOPAMINE10 on Get Dr. Lembke's book, Dopamine Nation, on her site Connect with Dr. Lembke: Visit her site HERE Connect with Olivia: Shop herbal formulas: HERE Follow: HERE
This week Nick and I are on the mic basking in our wedding glow and answering some of the most common questions we've received.  A year ago we had no idea where we wanted to have our wedding, how to find a planner, and what we wanted to do to make our day feel like "us". We pulled it off and managed to achieve our perfect day!  Here's the juice:  what we loved and what we didn't love things worth spending on versus things we didn't need to spend on   the ceremony and ritual elements that we worked into the flow of our day  our private ceremony that we did all alone  the rituals we did before the wedding day to help us step into our new roles as husband and wife  the pros of having a welcome party the night before why we chose not to drink during our wedding and the benefits of being sober during your wedding day  how we worked with our officiant beforehand to weave our own tradition into our ceremony  the changes we felt after getting married and our post-wedding plans! Links from the ep: Take 10% off Mood Juice and Flowers For My Love with code WEDDING10 on
Today’s guest, Jaskrit Bhalla, is a permaculture designer, California Naturalist, and student of herbal medicine. At such a young age, her work is making a major impact on the environment and her local community. She has a way of inspiring those around her to take action wherever they can whether it’s composting at home, making broth with food scraps, or reducing waste in tiny ways. I think you're going to find this episode super inspiring and actionable!    Here's the juice:  how to use herbal medicine to replenish your mineral stores after being on psycho-pharmaceuticals ways you can incorporate healing foods, kitchen medicine, and herbs into your daily routine what “permaculture” is, and what “healthy soil” means how we’ve gotten so far away from what our land needs why local, decentralized food systems are crucial and how can we do our part in our own backyard, even in urban environments, to bring diversity back to the soil and ecosystem She is so wise and poetic when it comes to both how she tells her story and how she lives her life… you’re going to want to compost and go outside to touch plants immediately after listening to this episode! Links from the ep: Take 10% off our Probiotic with code GUTHEALTH10 on Blog post on medicinal bone broths HERE Regrenitiave meats HERE Connect with Jaskrit: Visit her site HERE Follow Jaskrit HERE Connect with Olivia: Follow: HERE Shop herbal formulas: HERE
This week's episode is with none other than the amazing Michelle Shapiro! In this insightful conversation, Michelle, a Holistic RD and self-proclaimed "Queen of the Middle Ground," shares her expertise after years of working with over a thousand clients. Michelle's approach to functional nutrition involves understanding the unique story of each individual, their environment, and the timeline that led them to their current situation. By identifying the root causes, she aims to heal issues rather than just managing them superficially. For instance, there's a big difference between avoiding certain foods for acid reflux versus understanding the deeper reasons behind the issue. Here's the juice: how Michelle lost 100lbs the WRONG way before becoming a dietitian (and how this led to hypothyroidism) how almost anything that happens emotionally manifests physically, giving a whole new level of validation to symptoms that are "all in your head” anxiety is a sacred messenger telling you something that needs to be addressed in your body (nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar dysregulation, etc.) the root causes of anxiety and digestive disorders what “intuitive eating” actually is + misconceptions the extremes in the nutrition world of “no foods are toxic everything is a chemical" vs “all food must be perfectly clean” why there are no “gut healing foods” that work for everyone emotional and physical factors that contribute to binge eating and how to have compassion for our bodies trying to cope with big emotions Connect with Michelle Connect with Michelle online: HERE Follow Michelle: HERE  Connect with Olivia: Follow: HERE Shop herbal formulas: HERE
In this juicy episode of What's the Juice, I'm sitting down with Dr. William Li, author of "Eat to Beat Disease," to challenge common perceptions of body fat and explore practical strategies for maintaining a healthy balance. Here are the key takeaways: Essential role of body fat: Fat cells act as a fuel tank during development, storing energy for future use. Consequences of overeating: Excessive calorie intake leads to fat accumulation, metabolic issues, and inflammation. Listening to your body: Pay attention to hunger and fullness cues to avoid overeating. Quality of food matters: Choose nutritious options to fuel your body effectively. Understanding visceral fat: Excess visceral fat surrounding organs can impact health negatively. Practical strategies: Avoid late-night snacking and incorporate fasting periods for effective fat-burning. Hormonal imbalances: Balancing hormones through food choices and lifestyle practices is essential. *** this week only: use code glucobitters10 at checkout to save 10% off our new formula, GlucoBitters*** Connect with Dr. William Li: Explore Dr. William Li's book "Eat to Beat Disease" and his research on his website: HERE Follow Dr. William Li: HERE  Connect with Olivia: Follow: HERE Shop herbal formulas: HERE
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