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What A Day cuts through all the chaos and crimes to help you understand what matters and how you can fix it—all in just 20 minutes. Hosts Tre’vell Anderson, Priyanka Aribindi, Josie Duffy Rice, and Juanita Tolliver break down the biggest news of the day, share important stories you may have missed, and show you what “Fox & Friends” would sound like if it were hosted by people whose parents read to them as children. New episodes Monday through Friday at 5 a.m. EST.
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Once upon a time, borrowing money for college was an affordable path towards upward mobility. Today, it’s a crisis. With Americans owing a whopping $1.7 trillion in student loans. So how did the student debt crisis get so out of control? From bungled government programs to Sputnik to the Great Recession, “How We Got Here” unpacks the history behind spiraling student debt…with interest! SOURCESOnly 25% of those with student loans went to graduate school—but they owe around 50% of all student debt | CNBCStudent loans are now easier to discharge in bankruptcy, attorneys say: It's 'life changing' | CNBCAverage Cost of College [2023]: Yearly Tuition + Expenses | Education Data InitiativeEverything you need to know about college costs - VoxStudent loan forgiveness: What to know about Biden’s $39 billion plan - VoxWhy Does College Cost So Much? - The New York TimesIntroducing Bennett Hypothesis 2.0 | Center for College Affordability and ProductivityStatement Before the House Committee on Education and Workforce On Lowering Costs and Increasing Value for Students, Institution | Texas Public Policy FoundationIs Rising Student Debt Harming the U.S. Economy? | CFRStudent loan forgiveness: How much debt has Biden canceled? | CNN PoliticsFederal Student Loan Borrowers Reveal Grim Expectations for Payment Resumption | Morning ConsultDrivers of the Rising Price of a College Education | MHECMSD Annual Report 2022 - Student Debt and Young AmericaState Funding for Higher Education Still Lagging | NEAEducation; College Officials Defend Sharply Rising Tuition - The New York TimesStudent loan forgiveness: How much debt has Biden canceled? | CNN PoliticsThe Political Case For Student Debt Cancellation | Data for ProgressPublic Law 94-482 94th Congress An Act
The Justice Department announced Thursday, it finalized rules to close a major loophole in gun purchases. Known as 'the gun show loophole' it allowed people to sell firearms online, at gun shows, or in other more informal settings without conducting background checks. The finalized rules are expected to take effect in 30 days. Nick Suplina, senior vice president for law and policy at Everytown for Gun Safety, explains how the new rules are a big win for gun control.And in headlines: The director of the U.S. Agency for International Development said parts of Northern Gaza are officially experiencing famine; Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson says he’s heading to Mar-A-Lago; and federal prosecutors charged Shohei Ohtani’s ex-interpreter with stealing more than $16 million from the LA Dodgers star player.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit 
A group of House Republicans dealt Speaker Mike Johnson another embarrassing blow on Wednesday when they blocked legislation to extend part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. They did so after former President Donald Trump posted to “kill” the bill on social media.Meanwhile, Republicans struggled to deliver a coherent response to Tuesday’s Arizona Supreme Court decision that said an 1864 law banning almost all abortion was enforceable. Trump said Wednesday, that the ruling went too far, just days after he said the issue should be left to the states. Other Arizona Republicans tried to distance themselves from the ruling after previously supporting harsh abortion restrictions. We pulled the receipts.And in headlines: The latest Consumer Price Index report shows inflation is still stubbornly persistent; the Biden Administration announced a first-of-its-kind federal limit on so-called “forever chemicals” in drinking water; and New York City officials want to give rats birth control.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
The Arizona Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, that an 1864 law banning almost all abortions is enforceable. The only exception is if a pregnant person’s life is at risk. The court stayed its decision for at least 14 days pending other legal challenges. Chris Love, one of the lead organizers behind an effort to get an abortion rights amendment on Arizona’s November ballot, explains what the decision means for the fight for reproductive rights in the state.The Environmental Protection Agency issued a new rule that will force more than 200 chemical plants to reduce their toxic emissions. The rule targets two chemicals the EPA says are likely carcinogens. Most of the affected plants are in just two states: Texas and Louisiana.And in headlines: A Michigan court sentenced both of Ethan Crumbley’s parents to 10 to 15 years in prison for failing to stop him from carrying out a mass shooting. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he hasn’t found any evidence of Israel committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. And Mattel said it will debut an easier version of the game Scrabble.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
President Joe Biden on Monday announced another round of student debt relief that could help tens of millions of borrowers. He made the announcement in Madison, Wisconsin, a major college town in a swing state that’s key to the president’s re-election effort. We talk to Braxton Brewington, press secretary for The Debt Collective, an organization dedicated to student debt cancellation. He gives his opinion on whether Biden’s plan will be enough to energize young voters heading into November.And in headlines: Former President Donald Trump said states should have the final say on abortion access, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a date has been set for the invasion of Rafah, and Missy Elliot announced her first-ever solo headlining tour.Show Notes:White House: “President Biden Announces New Plans that would Provide Relief to Borrowers Disproportionately Burdened by Student Loan Debt” – Debt Collective – A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
Israel said on Sunday that it was reducing its military presence in Gaza but rejected any suggestion that it was a sign the war was winding down. Sunday also marked six months since Hamas attacked Israel, killed 1,200 people and took another 250 hostage. Ceasefire negotiations resumed over the weekend in Cairo amid the ongoing international fallout over an Israeli strike that killed seven aid workers with World Central Kitchen.A rare total solar eclipse will cross a large swath of North America on Monday, and more than a dozen states from Texas to Maine are within the “path of totality.” It’s only the second total solar eclipse to be visible in the U.S. in the 21st century. Scientists have a simple message for viewers: Don’t look directly at it!And in headlines: Former President Donald Trump’s campaign claimed it raised $50 million at a weekend fundraiser, a man was arrested and charged on Sunday for starting a fire outside Sen. Bernie Sanders’ congressional office in Vermont, and the undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks bested Iowa and star guard Caitlin Clark in Sunday’s NCAA women’s championship game.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
Why on earth is Wall Street valuing Donald Trump’s little social network at $7 billion despite having few users, scant revenue and tremendous losses? This week on “How We Got Here,” Max and Erin take stock of how wonky and meme-ified investment markets have become, what this means Trump’s legal bills, and why “DJT” shares would never be this high if not for Netscape and GameStop. SOURCESTrump Media’s Business Doesn’t Matter - BloombergPump and Dumps Are Legal Now - BloombergJonathan Lebed's Extracurricular Activities - The New York TimesTrump Media stock plunges as 2023 Truth Social loss put at $58 millionOpinion | ‘Dumb Money’ and the Meme Stock Phenomenon - The New York TimesMeme Stocks Are Back. Here’s Why Wild Trading May Be Here to Stay. - The New York TimesTrump Stock Takes Washington by Storm - WSJWho Is Fueling the Surge in Shares of the Trump SPAC? - WSJTrump’s Dazzling Truth Social SPAC - WSJ
President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Thursday, the first time since Israeli strikes killed seven aid workers with World Central Kitchen in Gaza. Biden reportedly told Netanyahu that an immediate ceasefire was necessary and seemed to condition future U.S. support on improved treatment of Gaza’s civilians. Hours later, the White House said Israel agreed to open another border crossing into Gaza so more aid could get into the area. Crooked contributor Max Fisher explains the tonal shift happening in the White House right now and what we could expect to see going forward.Biden heads to Baltimore Friday to assess the damage to the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge. The wreckage has almost completely shut down the Port of Baltimore, which supports tens of thousands of jobs in the region. Baltimore’s Democratic Mayor Brandon Scott talks about how the cleanup effort is going and what he hopes to show Biden during his visit.And in headlines: The centrist group No Labels ended its bid to field a 2024 presidential candidate, judges in Florida and Georgia slapped down separate efforts from former President Donald Trump to toss some of his criminal charges, and the first living person to ever receive a kidney transplant from a pig was able to head home after surgery.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
José Andrés, the celebrity chef and founder of World Central Kitchen, said that Israel “targeted” his aid workers when the country killed seven of them this week. He gave an interview to Reuters on Wednesday, and he also rebuked the claims by the Israeli and U.S. governments, which both say the strikes were a tragic accident. In a statement issued late Tuesday, President Biden said he was “outraged” by the deaths, and he criticized Israel for failing to protect aid workers and civilians during the war in Gaza. But the White House still hasn’t announced any plans to change its policies in support of Israel.Nearly 50,000 Wisconsinites voted “uninstructed” in Tuesday night’s Democratic Primary instead of voting for Biden. That’s more than double the goal set by organizers, who hoped to send a message to the president over his handling of the war in Gaza. It’s also more than double the margin by which Biden won the state in 2020. Reema Ahmad, the campaign manager for Listen to Wisconsin, explained what’s next for the movement.And in headlines: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed legislation to lower the draft age for men, the prosecutor in the classified documents case against Trump criticized the judge for entertaining a “flawed legal premise,” and LSU’s Angel Reese declared for the WNBA draft.Show Notes:NYT: “José Andrés: Let People Eat” – Tzu Chi, the largest Taiwan-based disaster relief organization – Red Cross – A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
World Central Kitchen, an international aid group, said on Tuesday it paused its relief operation in Gaza after an Israeli airstrike killed seven of its workers on the ground there. The strikes happened late Monday night as the aid workers were leaving a warehouse in the central Gaza Strip in vehicles clearly marked with World Central Kitchen’s logo. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that the government launched a thorough inquiry into what happened, but he also added, “This happens in war.”Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin held primary elections Tuesday night. Democratic organizers in Wisconsin surpassed their goal of getting 20,000 voters to cast “uninstructed” ballots in order to send President Biden the message that they disapprove of his handling of the war in Gaza. Meanwhile, thousands of Republicans cast ballots for former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, even though she dropped out of the GOP race last month.And in headlines: A 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Taiwan, backers of an abortions rights amendment to Arizona’s constitution say they’ve collected more than enough signatures to get it onto the state’s November ballot, and the moon is set to get its own time zone.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit  
The Florida Supreme Court delivered bittersweet news to abortion rights advocates on Monday. In one ruling, the court gave voters the chance to enshrine abortion rights in Florida’s constitution by okaying a referendum to appear on the state ballot this November. But in a separate decision, the court also cleared the way for Florida’s six-week abortion ban to take effect in 30 days. Lauren Brenzel, campaign director for Floridians Protecting Freedom, explained the ballot initiative that now heads to voters and how the state’s impending six-week abortion ban raises the stakes.The Israeli military on Monday ended its 14-day siege of Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital. The Gazan Health Ministry estimated that about 3,000 people were inside the hospital when the IDF began its raid. Meanwhile, in Israel over the weekend, thousands in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.And in headlines: A temporary shipping channel opened in the port of Baltimore, former President Donald Trump posted a $175 million dollar bond tied to his civil fraud case in New York, and Iowa defeated LSU and will head to the Final Four of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
Cesar Chavez Day was Sunday, and it’s the day when Americans honor the late Latino civil rights icon and labor activist. Chavez is most known for co-founding the United Farm Workers (UFW) — the nation’s first-ever farmworker union. He dedicated his life to the fight for better working conditions and wages for people who were part of the agricultural workforce — many of whom were migrants. And while Chavez’s track record on immigration is complicated, UFW is one of many organizations that currently advocates for the rights of undocumented workers, more pathways to citizenship, and overall immigration reform.In this special episode, we host a roundtable with Dani Marrero Hi of La Uniòn del Pueblo Entro, Liza Schwartzwald of the New York Immigration Coalition, and Pulitzer Prize-winning immigration journalist Molly O’Toole. We talk about why our immigration system doesn’t work — and what’s at stake this November as both Biden and Trump make their case for how to fix it.Show Notes:La Uniòn del Pueblo Entro – York Immigration Coalition – Molly O’Toole – A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
Mifepristone revolutionized abortion access in America, so much that, two years after the fall of Roe v. Wade, abortions in the United States are up.But now “Mife” is taking its turn in the crosshairs of the anti-abortion movement, facing a challenge before the Supreme Court that could cut off access to the drug. Can it survive this challenge? And, if so, would that mean the pro-choice movement is quietly winning the fight for abortion access in America?This week on “How We Got Here,” Hysteria’s Erin Ryan and Offline’s Max Fisher tell the story of how Mifepristone became the anti-abortion movement’s #1 enemy and the new lows that movement has had to go to get this challenge before the court. SOURCES: Cover Up: The Pill PlotTimeline of the Supreme Court’s mifepristone abortion pill ruling | CNN PoliticsOne in Six Abortions Is Done With Pills Prescribed Online, Data Shows - The New York TimesAbortion Shield Laws: A New War Between the States - The New York TimesChallenging Abortion, Again - The New York TimesDespite State Bans, Legal Abortions Didn’t Fall Nationwide in Year After DobbsAbortion Bans Across the Country: Tracking Restrictions by State - The New York TimesAbortion Ruling Could Undermine the F.D.A.’s Drug-Approval Authority - The New York TimesThe many lives of mifepristone: Multi-glandular exaptation of an endocrine molecule - PMC.A Political History of RU-486NYT Archive: DRUG MAKER STOPS ALL DISTRIBUTION OF ABORTION PILLThe long and winding history of the war on abortion drugsThe Complicated Life of the Abortion Pill | The New Yorker
The federal government announced on Thursday some upcoming changes to the next Census. The form will consolidate two existing questions about race and ethnicity into one question. There will also be a longer list of race categories for people to select from, along with the ability to choose more than one. The list will include, for the first time, the option to select “Middle Eastern or North African.”This Sunday is International Transgender Day of Visibility. It comes amid a legislative, political and sociocultural assault on the lives of trans people. Sports journalist and athlete Karleigh Chardonnay Webb talks about one of those assaults: a recent lawsuit against the NCAA that seeks to roll back eligibility rules for trans college athletes.And in headlines: A federal court says South Carolina can use a Congressional map ruled unconstitutional for the the 2024 election, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and House Speaker Mike Johnson said he’ll send impeachment articles against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate on April 10.Show Notes:Outsports: “College female athletes file lawsuit to ban trans athletes from competing in the NCAA” – Matters: “The New York Times failed to quote trans people in two-thirds of stories on anti-trans legislation in a one-year period” – A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
Democrats scored a surprise landslide win on Tuesday when Marilyn Lands prevailed in a special election for an Alabama State House seat previously held by a Republican. Lands made abortion rights and access to IVF central to her campaign. Democrats hope Lands’ win is more evidence that abortion access and reproductive rights remain potent issues for voters heading into the November election.Divers on Wednesday recovered the remains of two victims from the wreckage of the Baltimore bridge that collapsed earlier this week. The Francis Scott Key Bridge crumbled after it was struck by a shipping container that had lost power. At least six people — all immigrants — are presumed dead. They were filling potholes on the bridge at the time of the collapse.And in headlines: Former senator and vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman died on Tuesday at the age of 82, a federal appeals court continued its hold on a draconian Texas immigration law, and the three white Georgia men who killed Ahmaud Arbery asked a federal appeals court to overturn their hate crime convictions.Show Notes:Politico: “McDaniel eyes big payout after NBC drama” – A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
The Supreme Court justices on Tuesday seemed skeptical of a case that challenged expanded access to the abortion medication mifepristone. It was brought by anti-abortion doctors looking to roll back access, but during oral arguments both liberal and conservative justices questioned whether the group had the right to bring the case, a concept known as standing. Leah Litman, co-host of Crooked’s legal podcast Strict Scrutiny, explained why the justices kept coming back to the issue, and what it could mean for the court’s final decision.And in headlines: Six construction workers are presumed dead after a bridge collapsed in Baltimore, former Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel got the ax from NBC News, and a New York judge issued a gag order against former President Donald Trump in his criminal hush-money trial.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on Monday calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during the month of Ramadan. The United States abstained from the vote, allowing the resolution to pass. While it’s unclear how the ceasefire resolution will affect the trajectory of the war, it’s yet more evidence of the deteriorating relationship between the Biden Administration and the Israeli government.The company that owns former President Donald Trump’s social media app Truth Social will begin trading on the Nasdaq exchange Tuesday under the symbol DJT. It’s thanks to a merger that could net Trump more than $3 billion. Crooked’s news editor Greg Walters explains the mechanics of the deal and what it means for the former president.And in headlines: A New York Judge set an April 15th start date for Trump’s criminal trial over alleged hush money payments, the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in a case about access to the abortion drug mifepristone, and federal agents raided two mansions owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs.Show Notes:What A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
More than 130 people are dead after a terrorist attack Friday night at a concert in Moscow. An offshoot of the Islamic State known as ISIS-K claimed responsibility, and U.S. officials said there’s evidence to support that claim. Four suspects from Tajikistan were arrested. But Russian President Vladimir Putin instead pushed the idea that Ukraine was involved in the attack, despite the fact that there’s no evidence to support it.The Texas Medical Board on Friday released its proposed definition for what would constitute an “emergency medical exception” to the state’s strict anti-abortion law. The board left the rule purposefully vague, however. Molly Duane, a senior staff attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights, explains how the proposed definition could make things even worse for Texas patients and doctors.And in headlines: Monday is the deadline for former President Donald Trump to cough up the $454 million fine he owes in his New York civil fraud case, the Princess of Wales said she’s undergoing chemotherapy to treat an undisclosed form of cancer, and indicted former Rep. George Santos said he's dropping the Republican Party to run as an independent for another seat in Congress. Show Notes:Vox: “The battle for blame over a deadly terror attack in Moscow” – Medical Board’s Proposed Rule for Medical Exceptions To The State’s Anti-Abortion Law: Comment On The Board’s Proposed Rule – A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
Background:Los Angeles Times: Behind the calamitous fall of hip-hop mogul Sean 'Diddy' CombsLA Times: Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct Reuters: R. Kelly challenge to sex abuse conviction draws skepticism from US appeals court The New York Times: Music Mogul Russell Simmons Is Accused of Rape by 3 WomenVariety: Russell Simmons Sued for Alleged Rape of Def Jam Producer in '90s Hollywood Reporter: Writer Jenny Lumet: Russell Simmons Sexually Violated Me (Guest Column) TMZ: Usher Vacations in Bali with Russell Simmons, Partakes in Yoga Session  AP News: Rapper Kodak Black gets probation in teen's assault caseHollywood Reporter: Russell Simmons Sued For Defamation By Former Def Jam Recordings ExecutiveThe New York Times: Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for DecadesBody And Soul featuring Sista Dee Barnes & Rose Almighty - directed by Tamra Davis 
The Justice Department and more than a dozen states filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple on Thursday for “smothering” the smartphone industry. Among the claims, the suit accused Apple of limiting virtual wallets other than Apple Pay, making chats with Android products less secure, and blocking new apps, all to maintain a monopoly. Apple rejected the claims of the suit and said it would fight it.The New York Times reported this week that the Democratic Party is preparing to mount an aggressive campaign to challenge the presidential ballot-access efforts of third party candidates. And on Thursday, former New Jersey Governor and twice-failed Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie didn’t rule out the possibility of running with the centrist party No Labels. David Faris, an associate professor of political science at Roosevelt University, explains how third parties could tip the outcome of this election cycle.And in headlines: Lawmakers on Friday will try to pass a $1.2 trillion package to prevent a partial government shutdown, President Biden canceled nearly $6 billion more in student debt for public service workers, and Reddit made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange.Show Notes:NYT: “Democrats Prepare Aggressive Counter to Third-Party Threats” – A Day – YouTube – us on Instagram – a transcript of this episode, please visit
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excuse me but Jewish voice for peace isn't a Jewish organization which represents Jews or Jewish values it's as Jewish as having a ham sandwich on yom Kippur

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SO glad you've gone back to the old format & music! I had missed the little cute signoff. we need some levity amongst the shitstorm. ❤️

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how is it that the woke people like you who scream "HATER" at everyone else, are the ones who sound so hateful?

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Chris Batton

Texaco ads? Yikes.

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Andi-Roo Libecap

I appreciate *WHY* we should give side-eye to anyone playing the new Harry Potter game — JKR's statements about the Trans community are deplorable! Having said that, my queer child just sheepishly admitted they will def be downloading and playing. In their words, "Disallowing myself from enjoying Harry Potter isn't gonna make JKR any less rich. Why should I have to suffer because of her assholery?" That's a fair perspective, too.

Feb 20th

Michael Urcelay

I can't stand Wanita. Her need to turn everything racial is exhausting. We already have enough racial intolerance in the news, we don't need her to inject it into every other story.

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Why does the new girl make everything out to be racially motivated. Not everything is, this coming from a Latino who lives in a border town.

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The jail story doesn't quite work. You can't talk about how the inmates are stabbing each other and that's why they should be let go.. There's certainly are arguments for incarcerating fewer people but that's not one of them

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"it's giving Lysistrata" 😂💯

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I enjoy this show as a morning news update. It's quick and fun. But I beg you, stop using the phrase "Yeah, so" as a transition. Once you've noticed it, you can't unnotice it.

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Patty Murray is Washington Senator

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Really disappointed by this episode. Women are capable of being abusers too. I think it should have been acknowledged here that neither party is innocent and both experienced abuse from the other, not just the woman in the relationship. Amber Heard lied about a lot of things, and while I understand the concern about people using her as a universal symbol of "See! Women lie about these things", it is still important to acknowledge that she is not innocent. That can be done while still affirming that she doesn't represent all women who claim abuse and other women should still be believed about what they go through.

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This works really well for me, thank you! Facing same issue here. Help is appreciated.

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Please pronounce Kiev correctly :) it's kee-yev, not keev

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look at history. Putin has done this exact thing before

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You guys know the racist tweets by Chris Pratt were confirmed as fake, right?

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Dana Pellegrino

I guess let's not talk about how disgusting it is to coin "missing white women syndrome"? Dissing on white women for going missing and getting murdered doesn't help any other woman who got murdered. WOC deserve to have just as much attention on their cases. Using other murdered women to get that point across is not the right way to do it.

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