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What An Experience

Author: Fourth Frame Studios

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What an Experience is a podcast featuring basketball star Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, Dmo and Ant. They cover the worlds of sports, family, current events, music, and culture. With candid discussions and personal opinions. The Ball brothers and friends provide listeners with a unique glimpse into their lives, sharing insights on their upbringing in a basketball-centric family, their athletic journeys, and the values that have shaped them.

From analyzing sports matchups to exploring the latest trends in music and pop culture, each episode offers a mix of entertainment and critical game analysis.

This podcast promises engaging content and lively discussions that resonate with a diverse audience. Tune in for an exciting blend of humor and wisdom.

6 Episodes
This week on the What An Experience Podcast, the guys talk about NIL money, NBA Playoffs, childhood stories, and how to get through an undiagnosable injury.
This week on What An Experience Podcast the guys talk about Lonzo’s injury status and what happened to him exactly. Can NFL players play in the NBA and vice versa? Gelo and Lonzo reminisce about playing basketball growing up.
This week on What An Experience Podcast the guys talk about the NBA Playoffs, Fashion, current Hip Hop beefs and more. Make sure to like, and subscribe to the podcast. We have many more great episodes like this one dropping every other week.
First episode available May 15th