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At the end of a long day, nothing is better than winding down and decompressing with a good friend, especially one that’s seen it all. Jana Kramer is here to hang out and share her advice and experience from a pretty crazy life. She’s been there and done that, from acting to singing, divorce, motherhood and beyond. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, come over to Jana’s place, pour a glass or two and Whine down!
382 Episodes
Have you ever wanted to start business or a new hobby but you have a hard time sticking with it?? Jana can relate, and she’s talking to author and entrepreneur Lori Harder to find out how to go from a high school dropout to successful business owner! Find out how to work through anxiety and depression to live your best life, and Lori reveals why her life motto is “you can’t skip your rock bottom”!See for privacy information.
Have you heard all the drama on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?? Jana is sitting down with the woman in the center of it all… Monica Garcia! Hear the real story behind the Instagram page she ran before joining the cast, and we go behind the scenes of what happened during her season… and why she may NOT return! Plus, Monica reveals what went down between her and Jen Shah, and why the Secret Service got involved!See for privacy information.
It’s time for an etiquette update for Jana, and she’s getting tips from a pro: manners expert Sara Jane Ho! Find out what is most important when it comes to manners and why it’s *sometimes* okay to break up over a text!See for privacy information.
Jana is ready to make a connection with the other side, when Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo joins Whine Down.  Theresa shares the real story of what it was like growing up with her unique gift, and she reveals how the spirits manifest themselves when she picks up on their vibrations. And you won’t believe what happens when Theresa gives Jana’s friend Kristen an emotional reading about her late father.  See for privacy information.
We need to change the narrative about dating, especially when you feel it’s better to be with the wrong person than be alone. Jana is talking to author and comedian Lane Moore about finding joy in hanging out alone.  Find out how to become your own best friend, because you’d never treat a friend the way you treat yourself!See for privacy information.
What happens when ranching gets real?? Jana is hanging out with some real life cowboys, Cole and Steven McBee from The McBee Dynasty for a look at the drama that didn’t make it to TV! Find out what caused some of the biggest family rifts, and Steve reveals if he’d ever get married again. Plus, the McBees share their unique preparation for filming a reality show for the first time!See for privacy information.
Jana is sitting down with her fiancé Allan and NOTHING is off limits!  Find out the biggest challenge they faced in their relationship so far and how they overcame it.  Things get spicy when the sex questions come out! But Allan won’t call it “sex”… and Jana reveals why!See for privacy information.
Have you watched Love is Blind on Netflix?? Jana is hanging out with Jess Vestal from season 6 and getting all the behind the scenes secrets from her time in the pods! Jess lets us in on how things are going with Jimmy, and she reveals why he was the LAST guy in the pods to find out about her daughter. Discover which cast member Jess claims “fooled everyone”. And we find out if Jess is the “DM sliding” type!See for privacy information.
Jana needs to address something that affects more women than you might think... but no one wants to talk about. Hemorrhoids. We're connecting with G.I. doctor Dr. Raj to get the truth on an issue that most people will have to deal with at one point or another.  Hear all the facts on treatment, what causes hemorrhoids, and how to stop them from being a pain in the butt. See for privacy information.
Jenny McCarthy is hanging out with Jana and her Queendom and sharing all the secrets behind her marriage to Donnie Wahlberg! Jenny bares all about the hurdles they’ve gone through in their relationship, their experience with a blended family, and why Jenny felt like she had to hide her phone from Donnie when they first started dating! Plus, Jenny opens up about what it was like going through a year of no dating… and no sex.  See for privacy information.
Wine and cheese get better with age, why shouldn’t you?? Jana talks to author and speaker Chip Conley about how to totally change your outlook on reaching middle age. Chip shares the truth about “anti-aging” products and reveals a piece of information that will COMPLETELY transform the way you look at your own age.See for privacy information.
Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress


Jana and her Queendom are in New York City to go wedding dress shopping! Do you think the fiancé should have ANY input on the dress?? The girls are split…  Plus, we get into celebrity Hall Passes, “Mom Shaming”, and what Jana REALLY thinks about Allan’s latest hobby. See for privacy information.
Teen years can be tough for everyone, so Jana is preparing by talking to Chelsey Goodan, an author and specialist who spent 16 years working with teenage girls.  Chelsey shares some tips on how to communicate and understand the teen girl in your life.  Plus, discover the wisdom that teenage girls can teach adults about finding power and confidence!See for privacy information.
Jana talks to two men looking for love down on the farm when Mitchell Kolinsky and Brandon Rogers from Farmer Wants a Wife joins the show! Jana actually has some history with Mitchell and you won’t believe his reaction when Jana reads an old DM live on air! Plus, Jana shares her honest thoughts on Kristen Cavallari’s new relationship (with a major age gap!). See for privacy information.
Jana explores the challenge of facing rejection in the entertainment industry with help from Pamela Warner, a talent manager (and mother of a famous actor!). Pamela takes us through her experience of balancing responsibilities as a manager and a mother, and how to form successful relationships in the industry. Plus, she has some incredible advice for any parent whose child wants a career in show business. See for privacy information.
Jana hangs out with her friend Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House! Lindsay’s ready to share all the details on her break-up with Carl Radke and how she’s doing since the split.  Lindsay takes us through the moment she was blindsided by Carl and why she’s thankful she froze her eggs. Plus, Jana shares some exciting news about her film career!See for privacy information.
There's much more to being a millennial than being nostalgic for AOL away messages and knowing which Hogwarts house you belong to! Jana talks to Kate Kennedy about the life lessons learned from the generation of burned CDs and MapQuest.  Kate shares her observations on how millennials make their own way in the workforce, and we find out what being a millennial means as the generation grows older and starts their own families.  See for privacy information.
Crystal Hefner joins Jana and Kristen to share the truth of what it was REALLY like to be married to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.  She reveals the challenges she faced during her time at the Playboy mansion and how she found herself again after Hugh’s death.  Plus, Allan reveals his reaction to Travis Kelce losing his cool at the Super Bowl. See for privacy information.
Jana explores the power of friendship when she talks to Rachel Winter and Rachel Steinman, authors of “Stay Golden, Girls: Friendship is the New Marriage”.  The Rachels help Jana understand how to make your friendships deeper through vulnerability and maturity.  And, hear the one piece of crucial advice to form deeper bonds with with your closest friends!See for privacy information.
Country star Adam Doleac joins Jana and her Queendom to get real about balancing a music career with a relationship and how to stay motivated and passionate about life. Adam is a dad-to-be, so he NEEDS some parenting advice!  And… a round of “lice lice baby”. See for privacy information.
Comments (50)

Melissa Shymko

Marc needs to be on the episode that you reveal your new boo!

Jan 25th

JoAnna Reneker

missing the last few mins and says cannot play due to a broken source

Sep 19th

Michelle Weinhold

omg...thank you for this one....I needed to hear everything they said. I too have dealt with infidelity and my soon to be ex couldn't NOT understand that HE was the reason my trust was broken and that HE had to be the one to do whatever it took to repair that trust and essentially our marriage....the reason was because he was still cheating the whole time he claimed to love me and want our marriage. I am sitting here just bawling thinking about everything...and I honestly don't know if I will EVER be able to trust any man ever again.

Apr 26th

Kayla Marie Aguilar

I love your podcast. I have been listening since the beginning :) Kathryn is my favorite cohost, so better than the last one lol Looking forward to alot more episodes!!!

Feb 28th

Michelle Weinhold

I agree to a point about physical....however....a REAL man will NEVER lay hands on a woman...a REAL man will wrap his arms around his woman to protect her, him and anyone else within arms reach until she calms down.

Feb 22nd

Michelle Weinhold have to watch #Sex/ is absolutely a great will love it.

Jul 19th

Samantha Allen

Girl - why were you trying to have a 3rd I'd you were so unhappy....? so glad that didn't happen!

Jun 1st

Timmy Tuffnuts

No wonder her husband cheated on her, she's insufferable.

May 3rd

Samantha Allen

Ok - Mike sounds ignorant as fuck....I'm almost not able to finish this episode. Mike, there is not ONE BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA WHO HASN'T EXPERIENCED RACISM IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER. YOU SOUND LIKE AN ASSHOLE!!!

Oct 15th

Jori Jansma

In our marriage our roles are reversed and I 1000% agree with Mike. My husband does this and I literally say "do you think I'm an idiot?" every single time. I would be so annoyed if I was in Mike's situation and you asked all of those questions. Even when he's telling the story it does sound like you think he isn't capable of doing it. I'm a woman and I agree with Mike!

Apr 7th

Hailee Johnson

great episode!!

Mar 8th

Heather Hale

Thank you for the breast is best talk. My son would not latch and I had to pump and I felt so horrible that he wasn't on the boob. it took me a few months to get over the guilt and when I gave him formula I finally felt better.

Jan 14th

Samantha Allen

I think it was publicity for this movie.

Jan 4th

Samantha Allen

@kramergirl I think the reason you can't let go is your fear to be 100% vulnerable and open to criticism from someone you're asking to hire you essentially. You're great at being open and honest about your life but I think you're ability to let go and be vulnerable is your hiccup. love you and the podcast!

Dec 31st

Kristin Montero

It's Emily Giffin.

Dec 3rd

Valerie Elizabeth

My heart is breaking for her listening to this. How terrified she is. I just keep thinking where is MICHEAL SHE NEEDS MICHAEL!

Oct 28th
Reply (1)

Melissa Shymko

You can listen to Armchair's live podcast just like their other episodes!

Sep 30th

Tina Larocque

love this, God is so great. we may not like His timing, but He knows what's best for His kids

Aug 16th

Josselyn Belanger

I'm a first time listener! I love that it's just not my marriage is work I'm glad we all have to work on being married! Also our little girl is 13 months old and I'm a stay at home mom which I've never done and it's the biggest struggle! I had post pardon so bad and I think my biggest thing is finding myself!

Apr 23rd

Vicky Beauregard

If it was an April fools as the previous comment then THANK GOD!! Because I stopped listening after just 5 minutes as the "hosts" (!?) were too annoying... sorry! Looking forward to hearing Jana and Mike next time....

Apr 3rd
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