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At the end of a long day, nothing is better than winding down and decompressing with a good friend, especially one that’s seen it all. Jana Kramer is here to hang out and share her advice and experience from a pretty crazy life. She’s been there and done that, from acting to singing, divorce, motherhood and beyond. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, come over to Jana’s place, pour a glass or two and Whine down!
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Jana is joined by author Kris Carr, who has been battling stage 4 cancer for 20 years. She's written 7 books about how to deal with grief and has some incredible advice to share with Jana and her friends.  Learn how to deal with death and all the feelings that come along with it, even if it's a topic you do not want to face. See for privacy information.
Jana connects with Amanza Smith from "Selling Sunset" who shares her unbelievable story of how a rare blood infection nearly took her life.  Amanza opens up about life as a single mom, and we find out which "Selling Sunset" cast members came to her aid after her diagnosis.  Plus, Amanza reveals a close friendship that was actually repaired and improved because of her life-threatening condition. See for privacy information.
How do you become a true “badass”?? Jana is hanging out with motivational speaker and author Jen Sincero for some tips on completely transforming your life! Jen shares advice on beating self-doubt, how to make more money, and how to surround yourself with people that motivate you!See for privacy information.
You can’t have One Tree Hill without Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210! Jana is hanging out with Kelly Kapowski herself… Tiffani Thiessen! If you think you don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal at home, Tiffani has some crucial tips you NEED to hear! Plus, Tiffani shares parenting advice for our soon-to-be mom of 3!See for privacy information.
It’s time to talk about sex. Jana connects with intimacy expert Rebecca Alvarez for a candid discussion about what goes on in the bedroom. When should you talk to your kids about sex?? We have some tips to make that awkward conversation go as smooth as possible. And we discuss why scheduling sex might be the best move for you and your partner!See for privacy information.
Lights Out!

Lights Out!


Have your kids ever walked in on you while you were doing "it"?? Jana and her Queendom discuss the trials and tribulations that come with an unlocked bedroom door.   One of Derek Hough's groomsmen was his sisters ex-husband! What are the rules with staying friends with an ex of a family member?? And while we're on the topic of exes, would you ever go on vacation with an ex?? Jana's answer may shock you. See for privacy information.
Lisa Carmen Wang missed qualifying for the Olympics by a fraction of a point, but how she transformed that experience into finding her own voice!  Lisa is a financial expert and has some incredible advice on what to do with your money to build your wealth and change your life! Plus, find out why women are better investors than men!See for privacy information.
Do you have a "side of the bed"?? Jana and her Queendom talk to a couple that went viral on Tik Tok because they change up their "sides" all the time!!  It's babymoon time for Jana! Will she take one?? And what does she want as her "push present"??  Plus, a figure from Jana's past may emerge on the podcast soon...See for privacy information.
Want to be more productive and motivated?? Why not take the same lessons that help the world's most legendary athletes!  Jana talks to coach Greg Harden about the traits of highly successful people like Tom Brady, and the simple changes you can make in your own life to help you score more touchdowns!  You won't believe these tips that will totally change your perspective... on and off the court! See for privacy information.
You’ll learn why “cash is king” when Cash Warren hangs out with Jana and her Queendom! Cash gets open and honest about his marriage to Jessica Alba, including the real reason why they broke up… and got back together! Cash shares the lesson he learned about channeling his negative feelings into positive actions, and he has some advice that could totally change your relationship. Plus, find out why Jana is doing everything she can to avoid having a Scorpio son!See for privacy information.
Jana connects with author Thomas Curran for a tough and honest look at perfectionism and how to embrace the “imperfections” of life. If you struggle with perfectionism you NEED to hear this conversation. Thomas shares some essential tools for how to find self-acceptance and work toward attainable goals.See for privacy information.
Jana decided on a baby name! But now that the pressure of making the choice is off, she faces a whole new challenge of WHEN she'll break the news! Singer Danielle Bradbery connects with Jana for a real and honest conversation about anxiety and overcoming a difficult relationship. Plus, Jana and her friends experience a major breakthrough with how they communicate with men! See for privacy information.
What does a matchmaker really do… and do you need one?? Jana hopes to learn all those answers and more when she sits down with Devyn Simone and Laura Jacobs from “Match Me in Miami” on Roku. Jana shares her own experience with dating apps and her curiosity about matchmakers, and she learns the secret to finding a quality guy in a “party” city like Miami. Plus, Laura is pregnant with her SECOND set of twins, so she has some crucial advice to give to our pregnant Jana!See for privacy information.
What happens when you're "the boss" in your relationship?? The Lady Gang's Keltie Knight shares the secret of her relationship success with Jana.  Hear about Keltie's new show "Superfan" and which celeb she called "dead sexy" to his face! Plus, Jana gets confronted about something she said on the pod that made it back to the wrong person...See for privacy information.
Jana’s friend Brandi Wilson is an author, coach and speaker who has some incredible advice for finding hope and healing, especially after the end of a marriage. Jana and Brandi have an honest conversation that can help anyone looking to redefine their relationship with faith. And Brandi reveals the way to trust your intuition after your trust has been broken.  See for privacy information.
Jana goes into overtime when Larsa Pippen joins Whine Down! Larsa used to be married to NBA legend Scottie Pippen… and is now dating Michael Jordan’s son Marcus!  Hear the truth about her dynamic with the Jordan family, and learn the real story of how she met Marcus.  Plus, Larsa opens up about her complicated relationship with the Kardashians.See for privacy information.
Want to know how to be rich?? Jana is getting all the secrets to maximizing your wealth from personal finance expert Ramit Sethi! Find out some easy and life changing tips that will totally shift the way you look at money! We ask the challenging questions that everyone needs to know, like how much to have in a rainy day fund, how to save for retirement, and why you should always buy the latte!See for privacy information.
Fan favorite Tamra Judge joins Jana to talk about her return to the “Real Housewives of Orange County”! She says it’s like going back to a bad boyfriend… what does that mean?? Tamra lets Jana in on the real drama happening behind the scenes and how her husband is handling the constant filming. Plus, find out how Jana reacted when she caught a guy watching a sporting event on his phone…during her show!See for privacy information.
Whine About It: The 5 Ls

Whine About It: The 5 Ls


Jana talks to Dr. Gladys McGarey, who is 102 years old and ready to share all of her wisdom! She tells Jana about “The 5 Ls” and why each one is important for a happy life. And, Dr. McGarey has some incredible advice to improve your self-image TODAY!See for privacy information.
We first got to know Lo Bosworth on Laguna Beach and The Hills, but now she’s on a quest to help women understand their bodies and health! Jana hangs out with Lo and hears crucial advice about the link between gut health, vagina health AND mental health! Plus, Jana shares a frightening story about a terrible experience on a plane, but she also reveals how she overcame her anxiety and grounded herself.See for privacy information.
Comments (50)

Melissa Shymko

Marc needs to be on the episode that you reveal your new boo!

Jan 25th

JoAnna Reneker

missing the last few mins and says cannot play due to a broken source

Sep 19th

Michelle Weinhold

omg...thank you for this one....I needed to hear everything they said. I too have dealt with infidelity and my soon to be ex couldn't NOT understand that HE was the reason my trust was broken and that HE had to be the one to do whatever it took to repair that trust and essentially our marriage....the reason was because he was still cheating the whole time he claimed to love me and want our marriage. I am sitting here just bawling thinking about everything...and I honestly don't know if I will EVER be able to trust any man ever again.

Apr 26th

Kayla Marie Aguilar

I love your podcast. I have been listening since the beginning :) Kathryn is my favorite cohost, so better than the last one lol Looking forward to alot more episodes!!!

Feb 28th

Michelle Weinhold

I agree to a point about physical....however....a REAL man will NEVER lay hands on a woman...a REAL man will wrap his arms around his woman to protect her, him and anyone else within arms reach until she calms down.

Feb 22nd

Michelle Weinhold have to watch #Sex/ is absolutely a great will love it.

Jul 19th

Samantha Allen

Girl - why were you trying to have a 3rd I'd you were so unhappy....? so glad that didn't happen!

Jun 1st

Timmy Tuffnuts

No wonder her husband cheated on her, she's insufferable.

May 3rd

Samantha Allen

Ok - Mike sounds ignorant as fuck....I'm almost not able to finish this episode. Mike, there is not ONE BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA WHO HASN'T EXPERIENCED RACISM IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER. YOU SOUND LIKE AN ASSHOLE!!!

Oct 15th

Jori Jansma

In our marriage our roles are reversed and I 1000% agree with Mike. My husband does this and I literally say "do you think I'm an idiot?" every single time. I would be so annoyed if I was in Mike's situation and you asked all of those questions. Even when he's telling the story it does sound like you think he isn't capable of doing it. I'm a woman and I agree with Mike!

Apr 7th

Hailee Johnson

great episode!!

Mar 8th

Heather Hale

Thank you for the breast is best talk. My son would not latch and I had to pump and I felt so horrible that he wasn't on the boob. it took me a few months to get over the guilt and when I gave him formula I finally felt better.

Jan 14th

Samantha Allen

I think it was publicity for this movie.

Jan 4th

Samantha Allen

@kramergirl I think the reason you can't let go is your fear to be 100% vulnerable and open to criticism from someone you're asking to hire you essentially. You're great at being open and honest about your life but I think you're ability to let go and be vulnerable is your hiccup. love you and the podcast!

Dec 31st

Kristin Montero

It's Emily Giffin.

Dec 3rd

Valerie Elizabeth

My heart is breaking for her listening to this. How terrified she is. I just keep thinking where is MICHEAL SHE NEEDS MICHAEL!

Oct 28th
Reply (1)

Melissa Shymko

You can listen to Armchair's live podcast just like their other episodes!

Sep 30th

Tina Larocque

love this, God is so great. we may not like His timing, but He knows what's best for His kids

Aug 16th

Josselyn Belanger

I'm a first time listener! I love that it's just not my marriage is work I'm glad we all have to work on being married! Also our little girl is 13 months old and I'm a stay at home mom which I've never done and it's the biggest struggle! I had post pardon so bad and I think my biggest thing is finding myself!

Apr 23rd

Vicky Beauregard

If it was an April fools as the previous comment then THANK GOD!! Because I stopped listening after just 5 minutes as the "hosts" (!?) were too annoying... sorry! Looking forward to hearing Jana and Mike next time....

Apr 3rd
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