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Why Didn't They Laugh?
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Why Didn't They Laugh?

Author: Owen Benjamin

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An examination of Comedy, how it works, and why it sometimes doesn't. Created and Hosted by Comedian/Pianist Owen Benjamin
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Mario Campos

what happened to owens podcast?

Jul 15th


Did Castbox seriously remove all the episodes? Wow

Jun 4th
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isn't that song "Bustin' " a remix by Neil Cicierga?

Apr 30th

Cormac o sullivan

Respect from Ireland big bear

Apr 4th

Thanks for telling it like it is Owen, love how the trolls come and make ridiculous comments, shame on them!

Apr 2nd

Tom TheMaleMan

I appreciate you amending the statement about you trying 3 times, then was finally born. But, your mom's body remembered each time, and it forced her to build you extra durable. You were born with extra armor.

Mar 27th

John Miltenberger

10 stars

Mar 6th

John Miltenberger

thank you

Mar 1st

Loewen Behold

Thank you so very much for the impromtu piano!! love the bear community!!

Jan 10th

Nick Hemsworth

great work Owen you might be wrong but you're not lying and that's all that matters!

Jan 8th
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Loewen Behold

May we recieve the latest impromptu piano on here from January 4th pretty please. Thank you for your consideration.

Jan 6th

Casey Tomberlin

what is the song playing at 2:11:00 , not Crazy but the song he's mashing it with ? thank you in advance God bless all

Dec 7th

Tony Two Times

thanks again BB for the free content, and you're doing great kid, doing great kid!!

Oct 9th


Owen's jokes are all stolen or ultra-low IQ. And even then, his jokes aren't technically jokes... "uhhhh so like gays are like fucking each other so that's just like so backwards man imagine if you like fucked a gay guy would that make you gay am I right bears?". The cunts a fucking moron

Sep 22nd
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Loewen Behold

24 minutes and bang on there wow. Always love your streams!!

Sep 6th

Tony Gucciano

That is DEFINITELY Dave Chappelle saying Owen's joke

Aug 30th

Steven Bryant

The only thing dumber than this guy is his subscribers.

Aug 28th
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Chris Johnson

I am Soooo.... sick of hearing this crappy song. IDC , ban me for life. YOU are a Narcissist. Me me me me me all the time. u r crazy.

Aug 14th
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Big Aluminum

this got ripped off youtube so the podcasts all I got left 🤞

Aug 12th

Kevin Carrol

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Jul 21st
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