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Lessons Learned from Being a CEO and a Father: The Power of Intellectual Honesty and Authenticity in Business   “If you want to be successful and be a differentiator, do more than what was asked of you 100% of the time” - Rich Antoneillo   To say Rich is a legend and built one of the most culturally impacting platforms is an understatement.   From music, fashion, food, and conferences, Rich led Complex to a global powerhouse.   In this episode, Rich Antoniello, CEO of Complex, and Clinton Sparks discuss the challenges of being a leader and the sacrifices that come with building a successful business. Rich also delves into the impact of Complex on his career and culture.   Antoniello shares his pride in helping others succeed and the importance of creating a platform that elevates and gives opportunities to underrepresented talent. Get familiar and listen now. Don’t forget to follow Clinton for daily game. All socials - @clintonsparks For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
Ray J's Journey From Failure to Nine Figures   “You can’t be everywhere at once, and I didn’t listen.” - Ray-J   Right as he was about to lose it all, a bigger opportunity came. Not many have persevered and kept coming up with wins like Ray-J. From hit records, hit TV shows, controversy, to building successful businesses. Ray is always figuring it out.   Listen to how he discusses the importance of belief and hope in keeping him motivated despite setbacks and failures.   He shares his experience of going against Pharrell's advice and the depression he faced as a result. Ray J emphasizes the need to make compromises and sacrifices and to listen to the right voice when making decisions.   Ray-J also talks about the success of his electronics company, Raycon, and the power of saying no to opportunities that don't align with one's goals. He also shares his experiences of running a company independently and taking the same template to technology.   Ray J emphasizes the need to be oneself and not try to be someone else in business meetings. One thing is for sure, Ray is always Ray, take it or leave it, and he doesn’t put on any kind of act to fit the situation he’s in.   Get familiar with the master of making it happen, and listen to this incredible and insightful conversation with Ray-J and Clinton Sparks.   Listen now.   For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
“My artists want my personal brand to stand out, they know it makes them look good too” - Dre London   On this episode of Win Big, Dre London, the manager of Post Malone and Tyga, talks about the challenges of managing artists' personal lives and the potential backlash from being in the spotlight as a manager.   He shares his worst decision as a manager and emphasizes the importance of paying attention to detail and being hands-on.   Dre talks about the insecurity of an artist choosing someone else over him after all of his work. Just like in any business, your work can be overlooked or dismissed. How do you manage this and make sure it’s recognized.   Dre’s vision to not only see in Post Malone what no one else saw, but to continue to build his brand, as well as his own, is a testament to how incredibly talented Dre is.   Don't miss this valuable conversation from one of the music industry’s most successful managers about business, personal relationships, and perseverance.   Listen now and don’t forget to leave a 5 star review and comment if you enjoyed the show. 🙏🏼 For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
From Wiping Out to Winning: The Journey of a BMX Pro and the Importance of Good Teamwork   On this episode of WIN BIG with Clinton Sparks, BMX rider, Nigel Sylvester shares his journey to becoming a professional athlete and the importance of dedication and hard work. He also discusses the evolution of BMX culture and how it's now more accepted in pop culture, inspiring kids to pursue their dreams.   Nigel has taken BMX riding to star status with groundbreaking brand deals from Mercedes to Coach to Jordan brand, and mainstream media coverage that have been typically reserved for major league athletes. Nigel has paved the way for the next generation of BMX riders.   Listen now and Get familiar with Nigel Sylvester. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
Navigating the Music Industry: Business and life lessons from Hip Hop Legend Bun B   “You gotta manage your energy” - Bun B   Bun B shares his long journey in the music industry, including his experience negotiating with record companies and collaborating with Jay-Z on the hit song 'Big Pimpin', and how he was paid to be apart of that record.   He also discusses the importance of owning one's publishing rights and the impact it can have on an artist's income.   Additionally, the Trill Burger CEO reflects on his biggest mistake of selling his publishing rights at a young age and the lessons he learned from it.   Bun B is not only a music legend but an Entreprenuer, and incredible human being who has developed respect and relationships in many different industry’s. Listen to why he is able to move in different arenas, and not be over in as just a music artist.   His latest venture, Trill Burger has become many celebrities new favorite burger, and he is expanding the brand through brick and mortar restaurants now.   Listen to the UKG legend and Clinton’s conversation now and get familiar. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
THE 3 LAW PHILOSOPHY TO SUCCESS according to David Meltzer   “Have goals, but I always end up somewhere better than the goals I set for myself.” - David Meltzer   So many people that aim for success aren’t prepared for the let downs or the knock downs. Many don’t survive the tornado to success like David Meltzer has.   He’s made it, lost it, made it, lost it, made it, and then dedicated his life to helping and teaching others how to avoid the mistakes he has.   When your goal to make a billion people happy is your focus, there is no losing because even if you never hit that goal, you still improved on millions.   It’s just like the adage, if you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll still be amongst the stars.   David Meltzer is a shining star that you should follow, as he will lead you to your happiness and success.   Listen to this powerful conversation with me and the guy who ran the sports agency from the Jerry Maguire movie, as I like to refer to him as. It’s one of my all time favorite movies. If you watch the movie, you will see where I learned a lot of how to be a good person, treat people well and care more about doing right and good than making tons of money.   Watch or listen now. Links in bio.   GET FAMILIAR. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
“You need to overcome thinking you need somebody else to help you succeed” - Millyz   There is an old adage that says, there are a bunch of ways to lose and only one way to win.   In 2023, that theory no longer stands.   There are so many ways to win now, if you stop thinking the only way to win is by doing it the way someone else did.   There is also a saying that overnight success takes 10 years however, most overnight success doesn’t last 10 years.   Millyz has been around putting in the work for over 10 years and you can literally see his work turning into success.   I watched first hand how he kept going and going. Despite doubters, despite money, despite times when he felt like quitting.   These are the traits of everyone who has won or continues to win.   If you are an independent artists, you definitely want to listen to this conversation.   Millyz has taken a path that some won’t, many don’t, and a lot don’t have the stamina to attempt.   Now, he is doing sold out shows, touring, and getting critical acclaim.   Get familiar and listen now. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
WINS IN THE PAST DO NOT GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS WILL LAST.   “My past success yesterday doesn’t have anything to do with whatever I’m working on today.” - Jermaine Dupri   People assume that because you had success in the past, opportunities are now handed to you.   Sure, past success can create a network and help you get in doors now, but that doesn’t guarantee that people will automatically accept your new idea.   Continuing to have the desire to outdo yourself creates an internal drive that will have you continually outwork others.   Most people that fall off is because they are content, or lost the desire to put in the work, or think they no longer have to prove their value.   How many times and how long does one have to win before people just respect them as a winner?   “Human nature makes people challenge those that win” - Jermaine Dupri   Your job, keep doing the work that creates more wins, and never assume people will remember past wins, or even believe you can keep winning.   Their believing is NOT as important as you focusing on just doing it.   Listen to my conversation with the legend Jermaine Dupri as he discusses,   • Why T.I. was angry with him.   • How social media affects his business.   • How he needs to keep proving himself despite having made hits for Usher, Mariah Carey, etc.   • The importance of teaching others, and not getting angry when they don’t know.   • The negative affect of arrogance.   • Was Suge Knight talking about Jermaine at the infamous Source awards when he talked about executive producers dancing all up in the videos?     • And, WHO CREATED THE PRODUCER BEING ON THE RECORD DOING AD LIBS, him or Diddy.   Jermaine breaks down the difference between Diddy and himself, and who was breaking artists and doing it big first.   JERMAINE DUPRI vs DIDDY is coming soon to   @verzuztv   “If you are doing something good, pay attention to it, and pay attention to the people that’s helping you do it.” - Jermaine Dupri   Stop paying attention to others, and keep your attention on what you are doing.   Your friend, Clinton   For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"I forget the things that I've done so I can keep going." - Teddy Riley   How do you handle success?   It's easy to get inflated and puffed up when you finally hit a big milestone you've been working toward, like...    reaching that high follower count on socials  getting a million views or a million streams   going viral with one of your TikToks Making money for your product or services   Winners who win consistently do so by USING EVERY SUCCESS as a launchpad to the NEXT SUCCESS.     Endurance, grit, perseverance... these are traits you must develop ALL THE TIME - even when you're on a winning streak.    Yes, each win and each milestone reached IS another step up on the ladder and you should feel good about this - BUT YOU MUST KEEP CLIMBING.    Teddy Riley has been through so many ups and downs, yet he is still here almost 40 Years later just as hungry, and….. just as humble as someone who is starting out and grateful for opportunities.   Celebrate and take pride in each win - but don't get so absorbed in that feeling that it prevents you from WINNING BIG AGAIN AND AGAIN.   Imagine Tom Brady being good with just one Super Bowl ring, or Steve Harvey still relishing in his Kings Of Comedy days??   True winners don’t consider themselves winners because they won once. In fact, most true winners never feel like they’ve won enough.   You must learn to win, repeat, win repeat. And in order to do that, you must constantly learn, evolve, focus, grow, and the super secret, treat people well.   When people know that you care about delivering quality work, showing up, putting in the work, being consistent, and about them,   The people will always care about you.   And, when you truly care about what you do, you will keep doing it even when it doesn’t work, even if you’ve taken some loses, and even when you’ve already WON!   Why, because winners win. And, even when they don’t win, the passion for what they are doing is so strong, that just doing it is a win for them.   Now, go WIN!   Your friend, Clinton   For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"Don't make no excuses, surround yourself with the right people, and do the shit!" - Gillie Da Kid   It is widely believed that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  Are you surrounding yourself with winners?  People who challenge you to level up?  Or are you limiting your own acceleration by surrounding yourself with those who are on a fast track to NOWHERE?  If you are the smartest person in the room, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG ROOM.    Sure, it's comfortable to stay in places you're familiar with, around the people you grew up with; the people you're used to.  It might seem intimidating to branch out and insert yourself into the winners' circle - but in order to grow and learn and excel, you MUST get out of your comfort zone.  Social dynamics are more important than most people realize, and you must understand that your network is your net worth.  Diversify your circle.   "But HOW, Clinton?" you ask.  I've heard all the excuses.  "I don't have connections."  "I don't get invitations to the Grammy parties."  "These people don't know me."  "I live in the middle of nowhere - nothing is poppin where I am."  When I was starting out, I HAD NO CONNECTIONS EITHER.    My friends, while the internet is both a blessing and a curse to this industry - it has made it EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE to make connections, grow your network, and find out about events that YOU CAN ACCESS.  To learn about seminars, conferences, and panels where influential industry executives, artists, and investors are gathering either in person or virtually (you don't even have to leave your home?!) - and many of these events are available to you for FREE!  Instead of mindlessly scrolling social media - USE IT INTENTIONALLY!  Your mentor could be a DM away.   Winners don't have time for negativity or people who are content living a mediocre life.  The company you keep is a reflection of who you are and where you are going.  Just ask Gillie Da Kid, who has never been afraid to surround himself with industry heavyweights.  Check out our conversation and be inspired.   Your friend,  Clinton For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"You won't believe how many opportunities you have to screw up.  You're constantly given new screw ups you can make because the world changes." - Nolan Bushnell   I don't know if you have ever noticed this before, but humans are so hard on themselves.  As people who want to win, we often fixate on our mistakes, lament wrong decisions we've made, or mentally replay all the could-have's and should-have's.  Nolan Bushnell and I both want to tell you to let that sh!t go.    If you are not familiar with Nolan Bushnell, he is an insanely successful and influential businessman who founded Atari and invented Pong.  Oh, and then he went on to found Chuck E. Cheese and more than 20 other companies.  When I sat down to talk with Nolan about innovation, vision, and his path to success, I asked him about times he missed the mark or passed on ideas that he later regretted.  He told me that he passed on the classic, iconic arcade game, Space Invaders, which has grossed over $13 billion in revenue to date.  YIKES.  Thing is, Nolan didn't sit around and cry about it.  He kept it moving, and you should follow his example.     People don't remember your screw ups.  You can fail a million times and win once, and guess what people will remember?  YOUR WINS.  When you Google Nolan Bushnell, you find things like "Father of Electronic Gaming" and "Video Game Hall of Fame honoree," not "guy who passed on Space Invaders."  Can you imagine if he let that mistake change his opinion on himself, his abilities, or  his vision?   My point is, L's are lessons, not losses, and are certainly not the end of your career.  In fact, these lessons are often beneficial in the long run - they are opportunities to sharpen your vision, adjust your game plan, and move according to the changes happening in the world around you.  So, don't be so hard on yourself when you experience a misstep - it could very well be a step toward your next win. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"The success of music... and the pitfalls and downfalls... opened my mind up differently." - Ja Rule Have you ever considered the depths of your own potential, really? Maybe you're a rapper.  Or an entrepreneur.  Or a producer.  Or a gamer.  You've put in the work, persevered, and enjoyed some well-earned success.  But, now that you've reached some goals,  where will you go next?  Have you really considered ALL THE LAYERS of greatness that are stored up inside you? When people think of Ja Rule, they think of hit records.  But did you know that Ja is also passionate about and very successful in the tech space?  This isn't a space he considered before seeing success in music, but being the smart, consistent winner that he is, he used his platform and success as a springboard to explore other endeavors.  It is important to understand that success in one space can and will open up so many doors in other spaces and take you to levels you've never imagined.  Levels that you need to get to in order to achieve longevity and to continue to win big. The dope thing about having a winning mentality is that you can apply it to any and everything you decide to pursue.  If throughout my career I opted to stay in only one lane, there is no way I would be where I am now, doing the things I'm doing now.  As a winner, you must evolve - take the limits off yourself and see what happens.  Your friend, Clinton For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"Logic over emotion." - Tee Grizzley You know what can really derail your success? Letting your emotions control your actions. I get it - creatives are passionate people who really care about what they are doing, their work, their art, and their relationships. Creatives are emotional by nature BECAUSE they are so invested in their projects - however, emotional responses can be detrimental to your business, to your relationships, and to your growth, both personally and professionally. How many times have you said something in anger and regretted it after? Or, talked yourself out of trying something different out of fear or insecurity? To win big, you must look at situations from a logical perspective, not an emotional one. Of course, we will all experience uncomfortable feelings and it's healthy and beneficial to deal with and manage those emotions. But, getting in your feelings and staying there is where you will cause damage. I implore you to LISTEN before reacting, THINK before you speak, and LEARN before you act. I've watched lucrative deals and incredible partnerships fall apart before my eyes because of emotional responses. Winners who continue to win are able to do so because they have learned to regulate their emotions and choose a logical approach instead. Tee Grizzley and I both subscribe to this way of thinking, and you should consider it, too: to win big, you must learn to control your emotions or your emotions will control you. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"This game is a marathon - you wanna build this up over time." - Fat Joe The internet and social media will have you feeling like if you are not a millionaire by 19, you are a failure. This idea that you have to achieve the pinnacle of success at a very young age is simply FALSE. In fact, it is overwhelmingly the case that what looks like "overnight success" is actually the result of at least ten years of grit, hard work, and perseverance. The music business, entertainment, entrepreneurship, LEADERSHIP - these are not the right paths for you to choose if you are not a committed problem-solver and strategist with LONG TERM game plans and unstoppable determination. If you subscribe to the mindset that you need to get to where you want to be by 20 years old, chances are, you will be disappointed. To win big and achieve sustainable, measurable, and LONG TERM success - you must remember that this game is not a race, it's a marathon. You aren't competing against anyone except for yourself. You are not too old. It is not too late. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"Success is what you decide success is to you." - Akon With whatever it is you choose to pursue - be it the music industry, gaming, entrepreneurship, artist management, marketing, producing music, whatever - you need to decide what you're in it for, or you'll never recognize your own success. In my interview with Akon, he told me that he set out to utilize music to make a living and to make an impact. He never cared about accolades or attention, and award shows weren't a measure of success for him. He also understood the fleeting nature of perceived "success" in his chosen path - he acknowledged and accepted that in the music industry, there will be a new favorite artist every quarter - so he didn't let the rise and success of other artists in any way threaten or impact his own version of success for himself. So what drives you? What are you in it for? When you say you want to be successful, what do you really mean? Examine your motivation for what you're choosing to pursue. Is the end goal to get rich? To be famous? To gain approval from others? Or, is it something else? Is it simply to make a living doing what you love? To share your art or talent or ideas with the world? To see if you can actually do it? When you figure out your WHY, you can better evaluate your HOW. And understanding your own motivation for doing what you do will help keep success in perspective - because the definition of success is not the same for everyone - and this is a good thing. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"I never accepted the knock-down." - T.I. Winners who win consistently understand that every effort is not going to go flawlessly. Not everyone is going to champion you or be your cheerleader. The key is to PLAN for setbacks. Plan for failure. If you do not do this, you will not be prepared or know how to deal when it inevitably happens. The most successful names in music, the biggest names in business, the most celebrated entertainers... they continue to ELEVATE and EXTEND on their wins because they know how to look at LOSSES AS LESSONS and move forward under the weight of adversity. In my interview with T.I., he told me about moments in his career that could have knocked him off course, or caused him to stumble. T.I. continues to win because he FOCUSES ON THE FIX and does not become OVERWHELMED by setbacks or mishaps. As a winner, you must become a MASTER SOLUTION STRATEGIST and remember that failures are opportunities to learn, grow, and GO EVEN FURTHER. I use the analogy of a sling shot. Before a sling shot can propel something forward, it must first be pulled backward. It isn't until that backward pressure is released that massive forward movement can happen. You need to RELEASE this pressure YOURSELF before you can move to new levels. Don't be caught off guard by setbacks and failure. PLAN FOR IT For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"Being an entrepreneur is one of the most valuable things you can do..." - Angela Yee Pop culture right now is all about going viral. It's about that one hit; that sudden, seemingly overnight fame and success. Now, I'm not saying going viral is a bad thing - but the problem is, this type of success can be fleeting if you don't have a solid plan in place. Winners who consistently win have a vision beyond RIGHT NOW. They have a growth mindset and consistently create opportunities to build success that LASTS. A viral TikTok or one hit record is a huge win and can be an incredible platform to push you to the next level. The question is... when you get to that next level, how will you stay there? How will you continue to climb? It might be entrepreneurship, it might be aligning with brands, it might be signing other artists, getting involved with other areas of business that interest you... whatever it is - it is important to secure multiple streams of income to ensure your empire is built solidly. Many don't know this, but in addition to being one of the most successful and respected radio personalities of our time, Angela Yee is a business owner and investor with multiple projects in her portfolio. Creating various streams of income in this way has and will continue to allow Angela to grow and evolve, and most importantly KEEP WINNING BIG. So, what's your plan? For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"If you look for affirmation from someone else, it can easily be taken away. That's the danger." - Bozoma St. John Look, everyone wants approval and likes to feel appreciated and celebrated. It would be a lie to say that these things don't make us feel good. But, relying on other people to keep you happy and motivated is dangerous and I'll tell you why. Popularity is fleeting. Trends come and go, and so does people's loyalty and buy-in. You can be the shit one second and canceled the next. If all of a sudden, all that love you're getting one moment disappears, it can leave you feeling deflated and ready to give up, UNLESS... You are so secure and confident in your own dopeness that you don't need to look to others for affirmation. Sure, we will face moments of discouragement. However, the difference for a WINNER is that they use these moments as catalysts to launch them into their NEXT WIN. I have made a career out of staying ahead of trends and understanding how to project what's next when others couldn't see it yet. If I had listened to naysayers or doubters rather than staying laser-focused on my belief in myself and in my ideas, I might not be where I am right now. So, while impressing others feels nice, it is security in yourself and the belief in your own vision that will level you up every time. No one will be able to deny your light. Check out today's podcast with Bozoma St. John, Hall of Fame Marketer, and hear about how her confidence and acknowledgement of her own superpowers has been instrumental in her success with some of the biggest brands in the world. Get familiar. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"Grit and perseverance are the reasons I’m still here” - DJ Drama   DJ Drama is a quintessential example of the resilience it requires to achieve longevity and lasting success in the music industry.  Drama was at the top of the game as a DJ, putting out mixtapes that launched artists' careers and elevated the sound of hip-hop during the early 2000's.  But when the music industry collapsed, mixtapes took the blame - and Drama was the FBI’s poster child for selling illegal music via mixtapes. He lost everything.   Without grit and perseverance, that could have been the end of Drama's career.  However, winners understand this critical truth: there is no straight path to success and long-term greatness is achieved by those who are creative, strategic, resilient, and driven.  Despite Drama's setbacks, which he elaborates on in our conversation, he remains one of the most wildly influential people in music culture today, even winning a Grammy Award in 2022 for Best Rap Album.    To win big, you must be prepared to navigate setbacks and maintain the focus and motivation to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.     Most try to avoid drama in their lives, but if you listen to hip hop, this is one Drama you can't avoid. Get familiar. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
"Failure comes with the game..." - Offset What is your relationship with failure? If you plan on winning big in the music industry, or in any area of life for that matter, a healthy relationship with failure is best developed early. Truth 💣 #1 - Not everyone is going to be a fan. THIS IS OK. If you get caught up in the haters, the negative comments, the non-believers... you will hinder your progress. BE CONFIDENT in your own dopeness, and YOUR fans will find you and BE LOYAL TO YOU. Truth 💣 #2 - Success is built brick by brick, and "overnight success" is very uncommon and is not typically sustainable. One fan at a time one city at a time... that is how a solid and lasting fanbase is built. Don't focus on "going viral" or get discouraged when your social media following doesn't embrace every post with millions of views and likes. Start locally - right where you are - and build out from there. Truth 💣 #3 - All great artists hit speed bumps and experience failure. Even the biggest artists in the world put out music that isn't received the way they hoped it would be. Even Michael Jackson, arguably the most successful and beloved performer ever, had moments in his career that were lackluster. The key is to NOT ALLOW FAILURE TO STOP YOU. Learn, adapt, and keep it moving. Correctly navigating failure, overcoming misses, and persevering when things don't go your way builds greatness and grit. So look at L's as LESSONS, not losses. This game is a marathon, not a sprint. Do you have the tenacity to stay in the race? **This podcast was recorded before the unfortunate and untimely death of Migos member Takeoff. Our prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of Takeoff, and there is no discussion about the incident or anything pertaining to it in this episode. For more, visit: Follow Clinton Sparks:
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