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Winning Monday is for the separators. Those of us who are determined to become the best and fastest version of ourselves. Each episode is a masterclass in becoming 1% better each day, no matter your path to work-life mastery. Your guide for this journey is Paul Epstein, 15-year NFL and NBA executive, bestselling author, global keynote speaker, and Success Magazine’s top thought leader that gets results, and Founder of our Win Monday Community. Drawing from Paul’s high-profile separators of Fortune 500 CEOs, Olympians, and Shark Tank entrepreneurs to Guinness World Record holders, NYT bestselling authors, Navy SEALs, and more, this show will inspire you with the confidence required to win one day, one decision, and one action at a time.
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Are you tired of feeling drained, both physically and mentally? In our chaotic world, maintaining physical and mental strength is not just beneficial but essential for a better quality of life. The key lies in effectively managing our energy levels and cultivating a resilient mindset.In this episode, Paul is joined by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a New York Times bestselling author and physician renowned for her expertise in muscle health and wellness. Their conversation centers around Dr. Gabrielle's acclaimed book, "Forever Strong," delving into its foundational themes and principles.Dr. Gabrielle discusses the concept of "forever strong," emphasizing physical and mental strength for a better life. She highlights the importance of managing energy and mindset to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Paul shares his experiences with expectations and dopamine levels related to his book's success. They explore the significance of deep human connections, both within and outside the family, and discuss relationship dynamics, particularly in balancing busy, ambitious lifestyles.Dr. Gabrielle also  delves into the "why" and "how" conversation, stressing the need to understand the underlying reasons behind our actions and the methods to achieve our goals. She provides practical advice on how to approach these conversations to foster better self-awareness and personal growth. Additionally, Dr. Lyon offers her expert guidance on winning Mondays, advocating a mindful approach by affirming, "It's just another Monday," to maintain a balanced perspective and kickstart the week positively. Key TakeawaysDr. Gabrielle Lyon's expertise in muscle health and wellnessThe concept of "forever strong" and its principlesManaging energy and mindset to impact stress levels and overall well-beingThe role of human connection in experiencing heightened emotionsImportance of family and meaningful connectionsFinding deep, rich connections outside of immediate familyInsights into Dr. Lyon's personal life and managing a busy lifestyle with her husbandThe intersection of physical and mental well-beingThe impact of human connection on emotional experiencesDynamics of relationships in the context of busy and ambitious lifestyles In This Episode:(00:27) Introduction to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon(01:45) Overview of Forever Strong  (04:13)The meaning of neutrality and its application  (08:20) Cultivating neutrality and mitigating excitement  (10:48) Creating momentum and finding meaningful connections  (12:44) The drive for success and deep meaningful connection  (13:52) Family and human connection  (17:07) Elite operating system in relationships  (20:12) Supportive partners and working teams  (22:23) Neutrality and mental discipline  (23:07) Common threads observed among high performers(26:40) Setting personal standards  (31:12) Approaching the "why" and "how" conversation  (34:26) Human connection and understanding  (36:14) Dr. Lyon's tactics to win Mondays Notable Quotes[02:03] “Ultimately, you build your physical architecture through resistance, and at the end of the day, you leave stronger than you were before.”- Dr. Gabrielle Lyon  [03:11] “Somebody doesn't have to be a Navy Seal or a CEO to be able to gain value from thinking about how you win Monday.” - Dr. Gabrielle Lyon [26:19] “It doesn't matter how much money you make, if you do not have your family life together, your mind together, and your health together, nothing matters..”- Dr. Gabrielle Lyon [31:12] “The most important thing is why are you doing it? How you figure it out. You don't have to know, but you have to have enough fire to get the job done.”- Dr. Gabrielle Lyon [36:14] “Think about what's coming up for the week and instead of your normal hyped up, "I'm so nervous for this thing," just be neutral. Just keep saying to yourself, "It's just another Monday.”- Dr. Gabrielle Lyon  Our GuestDr. Gabrielle Lyon is a distinguished board-certified family physician and acclaimed New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author, renowned for her groundbreaking book, FOREVER STRONG: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well. A leader in modern medicine, Dr. Lyon focuses on skeletal muscle—the body's largest organ—to promote longevity and combat obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. With a rich background in geriatrics and nutritional sciences from Washington University and the University of Illinois, she educates globally on optimizing health through protein strategies. Dr. Lyon's influence extends through her private practice, YouTube channel, podcast, and advocacy for sustainable self-care and strength enhancement.. Resource & LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowDr. Gabrielle Lyon Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well by Dr. Gabrielle LyonDr.Gabrielle Lyon Show
In this episode of the Win Monday podcast, host Paul reflects on his conversation with Markus Kaulius, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's purpose for achieving success and fulfillment. Paul discusses his involvement with the WHY Institute and introduces two key questions to uncover one's deeper "why": "What lights you up?" and "What pisses you off?" He shares insights on identifying activities that energize or drain you and the impact of inauthenticity on his life. Paul encourages listeners to visit the Win Monday website for further inspiration, aiming to help them win the day and lead a purposeful life. Key Takeaways:Importance of understanding one's purposeImpact of purpose on success and fulfillmentInvolvement with the WHY Institute and admiration for the concept of purposeUncovering one's deeper "WHY" by asking fundamental questionsIdentifying what energizes and excites, and what drains energy and motivationImportance of momentum in winning the day and the weekIdentifying personal triggers and driving positive changeFocusing on winning Monday and choosing a purposeful lifeMaking a positive impact in the world In This Episode:[00:07] Finding purpose[01:11] Uncovering your Why[02:21] What lights you up[03:39] What pisses you off[05:32] Living a purposeful life Notable Quotes[03:50] “What really  irks me and gets under my skin is as somebody that has a core value of authenticity.”-Paul[02:15]  “I would say the opposite of what lights you up is what drains your energy.”-Paul[04:47]  “They say your core values are what light you up and  when they're violated, it triggers you.”- Paul[04:56] “When people don't show authenticity, which authenticity is a core value, oh my goodness, I struggle not only in the moment, I struggle to recover.”-Paul Resource & LinksPaul EpsteinMonday MomentumJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
Do you know your "why"? What propels you out of bed each morning, even when the motivation to face the day is lacking? Understanding your "why"—the deeper reason behind your actions—can transform your life and push you to play a bigger game.In this episode, Paul sits down with Markus Kaulius, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and global speaker. Markus, known for his extraordinary journey in growing a company from $0 to $170 million, discusses his new book, Play a Bigger Game.During their conversation, they delve into personal growth, self-discovery, and the concept of playing a bigger game in life. This involves stepping out of your comfort zone and striving for more than what you currently have.Markus opens up about his journey from a challenging childhood to significant business achievements. They emphasize the importance of celebrating small victories, finding your "why," and taking intentional breaks to disconnect from technology for self-reflection and creativity. Paul also highlights swimming as his personal space for generating ideas and reconnecting with relationships. Key TakeawaysImportance of celebrating small wins  and self-discoveryThe concept of playing a bigger game in lifeThe power of knowing your WhyStrategies for playing a bigger game in lifeOvercoming low points in lifeEmbracing uncertainty and adapting to new chapters in lifeTaking intentional pauses and disconnecting from technology for creativity and self-reflectionUsing activities like swimming as a space for generating ideas and reconnecting with relationships In This Episode:(00:48) Introduction to Markus Kaulius  (02:07) The launching of Play a Bigger Game book  (04:57) Markus  on his lowest chapter  (11:59) Creating an intentional turning point  (13:37) Tactics for mastering self-discovery  (19:04) Universal habits for self-discovery  (19:40) The importance of knowing your “WHY”  (22:22) Appreciating the present moment  (24:29) Approaching the future without a roadmap  (28:02) Tactics for surrounding ourselves with the people we need  (36:23) Markus 's tactics for winning Mondays  (39:49) Paul on swimming for reflection Notable Quotes[03:24] “So many people are stuck. I was stuck for so many years. Just felt like there was nothing I could do.”-Markus  [03:36] “Play bigger game is all the mindset techniques that I used over the years, that I developed, over the years that I challenged myself and my friends with over the years to play that bigger game.” -Markus [06:54] “I didn't believe I deserve love because I wasn't getting it from the place where I thought everybody gets.”-Markus [08:52] “The book is all about, just to help people play that bigger game in their own lives and to make a bigger impact on their world.”-Markus [11:01] “You don't need to wait for God to call your name. He is already doing that, by the way.”-Markus [16:55] “If you if you can tap into your deepest why I mean that why is the juice of life.”-Markus [29:15] “When you pick up someone's book, there's the start of a mentorship. A mentorship doesn't have to mean you see this person face to face.”-Markus [37:43] “The world has more to it than just what I was seeing. So take a minute to yourself.”-Markus  Our GuestMarkus Kaulius is a dynamic investor, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and global speaker. He inspires millions worldwide with unparalleled energy and integrity, empowering individuals to unlock their potential and achieve extraordinary success. Building businesses from $0 to $170 million in global sales, Markus has had multiple successful exits and has helped others do the same. His book, "Play a Bigger Game," shares seven universal principles to achieve unimaginable fulfillment and thrive in life. Resource & LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowMarkus Kaulius a Bigger Game by Marcus KauliusBetter Decisions Faster by Paul Epstein
In this episode, Paul delves into a topic likely familiar to many - imposter syndrome. He shares personal experiences and practical tips to overcome it, reflecting on his previous conversation with Jade Gordon, the daughter of Hall of Fame speaker Jon Gordon, and highlighting her transformative journey. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on one's strengths and adopting an abundance mindset, Paul shares a personal anecdote about reframing his perspective in a room of high-powered executives. Authenticity is key, he advises, as being genuine helps combat imposter syndrome. Don’t miss this empowering conversation. Listen to the latest "Win Monday" episode now and start your week with a winning mindset. Key Takeaways:Imposter syndrome and how to overcome itJade and Paul's personal experiences with imposter syndromeShifting mindset from feeling inadequate to recognizing strengths and being authenticImportance of focusing on strengths, gifts, talents, and abilitiesAdopting a mindset of abundanceEmphasizing authenticity in combating imposter syndromeAdvising against creating a facade or exaggerating qualifications In This Episode:[01:102] Jade and Paul’s experiences with imposter syndrome[03:12] Shifting mindset[05:03] The importance of authenticity and avoiding creating a gap by being genuine Notable Quotes[01:06] “I think if we're being honest, every single one of us has felt a level and a sense of imposter syndrome.”-Paul[03:12] “Instead of thinking about what you don't have or who you are not or what you have not done yet, think about who you are, your strengths, your gifts, your talents, your abilities, your skills, what you have done, and start there” -Paul[03:16] "Start from a place of my glass is half full versus the internal mindset battles of my glass is half empty.." -Paul[05:54] "Don't dig yourself a hole because often we fake it til we make it.."– Paul Resource & LinksPaul EpsteinMonday MomentumJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
Do you ever feel like fear is holding you back from truly living according to your purpose in life? Perhaps you've experienced that nagging sense of inadequacy known as impostor syndrome, where despite your achievements, you feel like you don't deserve your success. These are common barriers that many of us face on our journey to fulfilling our true potential.In this episode, Paul sits down with Jade Gordon to delve into the profound impact of positivity and resilience on personal and professional growth.During the conversation, Jade discusses her upbringing and the influence of her father's emphasis on positivity and resilience. She shares her experiences working at Nobu Malibu during the pandemic, where she encountered a toxic environment but managed to bring positivity to her colleagues. Inspired by a stranger's encouragement, Jade decided to pursue a career in speaking and leadership. She also shares her insights on coaching teenagers, helping them overcome negative thoughts and imposter syndrome. Jade emphasizes the importance of speaking positively to oneself and building strong relationships. Additionally, she discusses the significance of bridging the generational gap in the workplace and balancing tough love with accountability. Jade highlights the need for understanding and collaboration between different age groups, encouraging individuals to create a vision for what they want to achieve and to focus on specific actions to reach their goals. This focused approach can help build momentum and drive success. Key TakeawaysJade Gordon's upbringing and the influence of her father, Jon GordonChallenges and benefits of growing up with a father emphasizing positivity and resilienceExperience working at Nobu Malibu during the pandemicThe decision to quit her job and pursue a career in speaking and impacting othersJourney of becoming a certified speaker and workshop facilitatorInitial fears and doubts about speaking to the Clemson baseball teamPersonal growth, resilience, and finding her calling in positively impacting othersTransitioning away from live events before the pandemicCoaching teenagers and helping them overcome negative thoughts and imposter syndromeBridging the generational gap in the workplace and the balance between tough love and accountability In This Episode:[00:20] Introduction to Jade Gordon[01:23]Jade reflects on her unique childhood[04:27] Don't be a victim[06:18] Authenticity of positivity[10:12] Emotional maturity[12:56] Transition from Nobu to speaking[18:35] Stepping into speaking[20:27] Impact of life experiences[20:29] The crystal ball[21:22] Developing teen leaders[27:37] Imposter syndrome and self-belief[33:01] Tough love and accountability[37:53] Creating a vision and setting goals Notable Quotes[03:45] 'I’m so grateful for a dad who really looked at the positivity in things to find better outcomes, to have faith, to believe in the future.”-Jade[33:37] “One of the kids came up to me and she was crying. She said, "Can I hug you?" and I said, "Yes, of course." She said, "You don't understand how much I needed this. I have been struggling so much and I'm going to start speaking positively to myself.”-Jade[28:25]"I had a lot of imposter syndrome of my dad is Jon Gordon. Am I going to be good enough? Are people going to bring me in to speak and say, "Oh, well, she's not as good as her dad?."-Jade[33:26] “But my dad says I believe in tough love. But in order for tough love to work, we must love tough to bring out the best in those we lead.”-Jade[33:36] “I need to show you that I care about you, but I also can hold you accountable because if you know I care about you, then I won't accept anything less than your best.”-Jade[36:54] "' In a world that is filled with so much division, I know it's people like you and what attracted me to you as we're unifying us, we're trying to bring people together."-Jade[37:58] “My telescope is that big-picture vision of what I want to achieve. The direction in which I want to go and why I'm going there, and my microscope is my zoom focus actions of what I can do each day to achieve that goal.”- Jade Our GuestJade Gordon, inspired by her upbringing with Jon Gordon, champions positive leadership at The Jon Gordon Companies. After college, she pursued acting in Los Angeles while refining customer service skills at Nobu Malibu. Now a keynote speaker and certified trainer, she's co-authoring a book with her father, driven by her passion to empower leaders and teams. Resource and LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowJade Gordon
On this special episode of "Win Monday," we dive deep into the enriching career of sports leadership extraordinaire and host, Paul Epstein, as guest of the Innovation and Leadership Podcast with Jess Larsen. From his humble beginnings at the LA Clippers to breaking Super Bowl revenue records, Epstein's journey is a masterclass in resilience, innovation, and purpose-driven leadership.Epstein kicks off by sharing his early experiences at the LA Clippers, a daunting position that required him to sell tickets for a team that had track record losses. He then delves into his career highs at San Francisco 49ers, illustrating how pivotal this phase was in aligning his purpose with work. Further, Epstein unveils his revolutionary sales strategies leading to a record-breaking Super Bowl revenue. He wraps up by emphasizing on the transformative power of facing adversity head-on, as demonstrated by his switch to authorship and speaking engagements. Key Takeaways:Trust Building Through Instant Gratification: Instant gratification helps accelerate trust by showing quick responsiveness and bringing immediate results.Employee Frustration Due to Changes: Short breaks in between meetings used to be utilized for grabbing food, leading to running on empty after the change.Growing Through Challenging Environments: Working in highly challenging environments can lead to accelerated personal growth if approached with the right mindset.Philosophy of Winning Each Day for Long-Term Success: Breaking down success into daily wins can create momentum for sustained progress. In this episode:00:00:45: Paul Epstein's career path in NBA and NFL00:02:07: Challenges faced in the beginning as a part of LA Clippers00:03:22: The benefits of working for the underdog00:04:25: Experience in New Orleans and Sacramento00:05:38: Dealing with the controversy around Colin Kaepernick's kneeling in the NFL00:06:11: Lessons learned00:16:22: The importance of work ethic, positivity, and coachability00:18:27: Insights on recruitment and maintaining standards00:20:42: The impact of care and intensity on work00:24:48: Trust transformation in an organization00:30:16: Finding and fixing the "lunch boxes"00:32:22: The power of decisiveness00:34:54: The Head-Heart-Hands Equation00:35:55: Decisions and consciousness00:36:55: Win Monday00:40:33: Starting on your own00:41:08: Professional credibility and transformation00:43:52: Advancement and building relationships00:44:20: Disrupting yourself Notable Quotes:“You know, like to be in those types of environments where it's 99.9% rejection and you're the crazy one that signs up for that. And I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir.” - Paul“So I survived the conversation, but now it's just a great story to share that, you know, in those high stakes environments. I think it was a lot of those fires that I had already been through at that point in my career that prepare you for moments like that, even if they turn out to be a fun story later.” - Paul“If you wanna win Monday, then momentum is required. We're all searching for that bit of motivation, inspiration, or sometimes it's a tool, it's a tip, it's a tactic, it's a strategy. How do I win the day to create more momentum to win the week?” - Paul About Innovation and Leadership with Jess LarsenThe Innovation and Leadership Podcast, hosted by Jess Larsen, is a platform where insightful conversations take center stage. Through real, candid discussions with billionaires and uncommonly high achievers; the podcast amplifies voices and fosters a community of high performers and achievers. By focusing on finding hidden opportunities and empowering individuals, Jess Larsen, creates a space where listeners can connect, grow, and choose to thrive each week.  Resource & LinksMonday MomentumWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowJess LarsenLinkedInInnovation  & Leadership PodcastGraystoke Networks
What drives your ambition—mere success or something deeper? In this bonus episode of "Win Monday,", we dive deep into the powerful philosophy of "unreasonable ambition" embraced by the Win Monday community. This episode explores how ambition, when directed with intention and self-awareness, can become a remarkable trait that fosters both personal and collective growth.Our host, Paul Epstein, leads a thought-provoking discussion on the beauty of ambition and its potential to drive extraordinary achievements when properly harnessed. We examine the critical role of self-reflection and awareness in channeling ambition positively. The episode also highlights the importance of understanding the motivations behind our drive for success and ensuring they align with our authentic personal values.Join us as we delve into how a community of like-minded individuals can inspire ceaseless learning and boundary-pushing, leading to profound personal growth.  Key Takeaways:Learn about the philosophy of "unreasonable ambition" and how it can propel you towards extraordinary achievements.Discover how being part of a community with shared values and goals can accelerate your personal development and thirst for knowledge.Understand the importance of examining your motives for success, the sacrifices you're willing to make, and ensuring your ambition is rooted in authentic personal values.Gain insights on how to align your drive for success with your true self, making your achievements more meaningful and sustainable. Notable Quotes:“But here's the reality of speaking.It's a time for money exchange, meaning every time I say yes to an opportunity, and in order to go, take the opportunity and ignite the impact, which, of course, takes care of my family, and that's the exchange.” - Paul“You're going to burn out. It's going to flame out. And that would be a negative addiction. But is it possible if we flipped it? Is it possible that it could be a positive addiction?” - Paul Resource & Links:Paul EpsteinJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
What sets a champion apart from the rest? Is it raw talent, unyielding determination, or perhaps a bit of luck? While these factors undoubtedly play a role, there’s a less obvious, yet crucial, component to their success: habits. Champions, whether in sports, business, or life, cultivate specific habits that propel them to the top and keep them there.In this episode, Paul is joined by Dana Cavalea, the renowned high-performance coach (most notably of the New York Yankees) and author of "Habits of a Champion." Their conversation delves deep into the mindset of a champion, the nuanced understanding of success, and the journey towards self-discovery and internal validation.Dana shares insights on achieving success and cultivating a champion's mindset. He discusses the addictive nature of success and the importance of setting boundaries. Emphasizing the alignment of daily habits with goals, Dana speaks on self-discovery and the quest for internal validation over external applause. He advises on adapting to situations, redefining expectations, and the risks of success addiction. Drawing from his coaching experience, Dana encourages embracing uncertainty and facing challenges with courage, offering guidance to those seeking excellence. Key TakeawaysDana Cavalea's insights on success and high performanceThe concept of success as an addiction and the importance of setting limits and boundariesAligning daily habits with desired outcomesThe process of self-discovery and finding internal validationAdapting to different situations and redefining timelines and expectationsChallenges of determining how much success is enoughPotential pitfalls of becoming addicted to validation and achievementDana's experiences as a coach and personal journeyEmbracing uncertainty and approaching challenges with courageGuidance for listeners striving for excellence In This Episode[00:26] -Introduction to Dana Cavalea[02:12] -Defining a champion[03:53] -Reverse engineering and adjusting strategies[06:54] -Self-discovery and adjusting mindset[11:21] -Clarity and confidence[14:44] -Pressure, timelines, and decision-making[18:05] -Internal validation and courage[19:47] -Defining success and setting limits[22:05] -Success as an addiction[25:51] -Consequences of obsession[28:40] -Love to win vs. hate to lose[34:57] -Winning the first 120 minutes of Monday Notable Quotes[02:12] "Anybody could be a champion if they're willing to do what it takes to be a champion." -Dana Cavalea[03:19] "Your daily habits lead to the outcomes which make you a champion or a chump, as I like to say."-Dana Cavalea[09:14] "When you stop looking for external validation and start to validate yourself, that's the greatest strength someone can have."-Dana Cavalea[23:47] "He got so addicted to the success that he was dismantling right in front of himself, and he didn't see it."-Dana Cavalea[24:47']"My gym business is basically collapsing because I built it so fast, because I so badly wanted to succeed, and I was overcompensating for a previous relationship."-Dana Cavalea Our GuestDana Cavalea, a distinguished High-Performance Executive Coach, led the New York Yankees to a 2009 World Series win as Director of Performance. He now coaches CEOs, executives, private equity partners, venture capitalists, and corporate teams, bringing sports culture to business to enhance performance and achieve sustainable success. Resource & LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowDana Cavalea Dana Cavalier's Book 'Habits of a ChampionBetter Decisions Faster Book by Paul Epstein
Are you ready to discover the secret to peak performance and ultimate fulfillment? In this bonus episode of Win Monday, host Paul Epstein unveils the transformative power of the 'flow state' and how merging your passion with your profession can lead to extraordinary success. Join us as special guest Jennifer Lier shares her captivating journey with yoga, revealing how it became her pathway to experiencing this optimal state of consciousness where she feels and performs at her best.Paul also explores the crucial role of community and connection in achieving our goals. Tune in to gain actionable insights on balancing your passions with your responsibilities, creating a harmonious blend that fosters a life of fulfillment and achievement. Don’t miss this chance to transform your approach to work and life! Key Takeaways:The magic of the flow state and how it can transform your daily experiences.Combining your passion with your career can lead to a more fulfilling and successful professional life.The delicate balance between pursuing your passions and meeting your responsibilities, and how to achieve this harmony in your life. In this episode:[03:53]: Struggling with passions versus responsibilities[04:46]: How to integrate passion into work life[05:37]: Strategies for achieving dreams and goals[06:03]: Finding your personal "yoga" Notable Quotes:“All these things that can cripple and paralyze so many from their dreams or goals, their ambitions, everything that's future focused in a positive light. But she didn't let those get in the way because she was determined based on listening to the cues and signals that changed and transformed her life.” - Paul“You don't need to burn the boats. You don't need to go all in maybe yet, but even if you always keep it on the side, the only mistake is ignoring it. The only mistake is not doing it.” - PaulResource & LinksPaul EpsteinJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
Are you caught between who you are and what the world expects you to be? It's a struggle many of us face. In this episode, we dive into reconnecting with the passions that once made your heart sing but seemed lost along the way. Learn how to stay true to yourself amidst life's chaos.Join Paul as he sits down with Jennifer Lier, a Keynote Speaker, Conference Strategist, and Entertainment Consultant.Jennifer shares her 25-year journey in the entertainment industry, from her early passion for music to her struggles with confidence, body image, and career challenges. She reveals how yoga and Ayurveda transformed her life, helping her find inner peace and self-understanding.Together, Jennifer and Paul discuss the significance of self-awareness, authenticity, and shedding societal pressures to embrace your true self. They delve into optimal performance, highlighting the importance of adaptability and presence over peak outcomes. Jennifer emphasizes vulnerability and transparency in building relationships and offers valuable advice on approaching life with a winning mindset. Key TakeawaysThe importance of staying true to oneself despite industry pressures and personal challenges.Reconnecting with authenticity and care in earlier career stagesYoga and spirituality can offer profound self-understandingSelf-awareness leads to better life choicesSocietal expectations are not mandatoryOptimal performance is about adaptability In This Episode:[00:03] The journey into entertainment  [02:32] Jennifer's passion for music and early experiences  [10:33] Overcoming confidence gaps [13:38] The importance of taking risks, embracing youth[17:06] Trusting the younger self  [18:49] Jennifer’s struggle with anxiety and the journey of self-discovery  [19:41] The transformative power of yoga  [22:54] The importance of self-awareness  [24:08] Finding clarity and purpose  [26:47] Discovering passion and purpose  [30:10] Overcoming societal expectations  [34:12] Embracing self-acceptance  [36:02] Empowering confidence  [37:15] Optimal performance vs peak performance  [38:27] Jennifer's curiosity and mindset study  [39:25] Recognizing authenticity and passion  [40:36] Connecting through vulnerability  [42:08] Jennifer;s strategies for winning Mondays Notable Quotes[02:32] "It's interesting because I think, well first of all, I fell into entertainment. It wasn't anything that I ever thought that I was going to have a path on."-Jennifer[07:33] "It's a whole different feeling to know who you are and to know what you're wanting to get out of that."-Jennifer[10:38] “No matter what, I wanted to be on those stages and I didn't care how I looked or how I felt.”- Jennifer[20:57]  “My yoga journey, which changed my world that year, and I wanted to share it with others. And that's why I still teach every single thing.” -Jennifer[00:21:36] “We don't move forward with something when we're thinking outside of ourselves.”-Jennifer[39:39]  “I knew you can tell when people are doing things just for the money or just to survive the night, and I get that. We all need to make money to thrive and to be able to provide for our families."-Jennifer[42:08] "The wisdom comes from within, and you can only hear the whisper within when you're breathing and when you're quiet and when you're grounded."-Jennifer Our GuestJennifer Lier, a versatile professional, joined the Executive Speakers Bureau in 2019, bringing nearly five years of leadership at National Keynote Speakers. Formerly, she spearheaded Polaroid's event space and enjoyed a 25-year career as a singer, actor, and model. Jennifer's adeptness in corporate event sales and her talent for matching speakers with clients' needs earned her industry recognition, including the 2019 Dotty Walters Award. Actively engaged in her Las Vegas community, Jennifer also teaches yoga and occasionally graces the city's stages with her music. Resource & LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowJennifer Lier
What if I told you that confidence holds the power to transform your entire life? Picture this: the exhilaration of a 15-year journey in the NFL and NBA, where confidence becomes the currency and the competitive advantage that separates the greatest leaders from the rest. Now, imagine yourself in the shoes of these exceptional individuals. What did they do differently? How did they make decisions that set them apart?In this special episode of Win Monday, Paul Epstein sits down, as guest, with Flow Over Fear Podcast’s  Adam Hill, as they delve into his professional journey through the NFL and NBA. Paul discusses the pivotal role of confidence and value-driven decision-making in cultivating successful teams and cultures. Drawing from his book "Better Decisions Faster," Paul provides a framework for confident decision-making, advocating for action over outcome and embracing imperfection. He introduces the "head, heart, hands" equation as a guide for navigating choices and building unshakable confidence through alignment with core values. The discussion also touches on the "Win Monday" movement, aiming to inspire passion and momentum in both work and life. Key TakeawaysPaul Epstein's experience in the NFL and NBA.Confidence is crucial for effective leadership.Decision-making is impacted by fear and anxiety.Creating championship teams requires a specific culture."Better Decisions Faster" provides a framework for confident decision-making.Decision-making involves the "head, heart, hands" equation.Values play a significant role in decision-making and confidence-building.The "Win Monday" movement focuses on integrating work and life.It's important to take imperfect action and learn from mistakes.There are actionable strategies for decision-making and confidence enhancement. In This Episode:[00:11] Paul's 15-year journey in the NFL and NBA[02:26] The idea of putting off decisions  [03:19] The concept of fear and regret  [07:33] The concept of imperfect action over outcome  [10:21] The forces of better decisions  [14:33] The head heart hands equation  [18:57] The formula "confidence equals values times action"  [21:25] Paul's pre-confidence life and post-confidence life  [22:56] Paul’s early career challenges  [25:45] Paul's career progression from the LA Clippers to the NFL league office[27:51] Finding core values  [30:33] The significance of values as a north star [33:21] Confidence as a dimmer switch  [35:41] Impact of core values on decision-making  [39:02] Realization of career direction  [41:10] Values and Decision-making  [42:17] Confidence and Decision-making  [43:27] A survey result about career aspirations in the sports industry  [44:25] Challenges of Leadership  [47:22]The bigger fear [52:59] Work-Life Harmony  [53:45] The concept of "Win Monday"  [56:49] Call to Action  Notable Quotes[03:19] "We all feel this doubt, 'What if I make the wrong decision? What are the consequences? What's the negative ripple effect?' - Paul[04:11]” People are hard-wired to fear the unknown. We're also hard-wired to fear the shots that we never took.” - Paul[07:43]"Social media is the top 0.00001% of people's lives, and then comparison is the thief of joy." - Paul[11:39] “This maturation, from clarity to confidence to conviction to courage, those are the forces of better decisions faster.” - Paul[14:38] “Your head is your mindset, your heart is your authenticity and hands are action.” - Paul[24:48]"Everybody knows that nothing was given to you. You had to be scrappy, tenacious, and have the mental fortitude. - Paul[47:22] "Every day you're with the wrong person is a day you're not with the right person." - Paul[52:17] “Focus on the micro-actions. Stop thinking about the big leap.” - Paul About Flow Over Fear Podcast with Adam HillAdam Hill and his distinguished guests dissect the fundamental elements of flow, including the strategies, techniques, and frameworks that propel them to the top 1% of their respective fields. Among the guests are prominent athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders, and inspirational figures, all sharing their stories of courage, conviction, and compassion. Resource & LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowAdam Hill Flow Over Fear
Get ready to embrace your "green lights" – those moments of clarity that signal it's time to take action – in this uplifting episode with Paul. Inspired by his thought-provoking chat with sports business expert Brian Lafemina, Paul dives into the concept of self-disruption and its role in personal and professional growth. Discover how finding your own "green light" can spark motivation and propel you toward success, and why stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for progress. Drawing from personal experiences and reflections on his late father's influence, Paul encourages listeners to uncover their own sources of inspiration. Explore practical strategies for achieving success with "Monday Momentum" and join the podcast community on a journey of collective growth and development. Key Takeaways:Self-disruption is the key to unlocking personal growth.Growth requires stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing discomfort.Aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions helps you recognize your "green lights.""Monday Momentum" provides actionable tips for success on a daily and weekly basis.Making decisions based on passion, intellect, and action leads to meaningful growth.Personal growth is fueled by individual motivations and sources of inspiration. In This Episode:[01:14] Self-disruption and growth[03:49] The power of green lights Notable Quotes[01:14] "Self-disruption is not about fixing something broken; it's about climbing, accelerating, and growing, even when your LinkedIn profile is looking sexier by the day." -Paul[02:31] “On the other side of that disruption is growth. We cannot be comfortable and grow simultaneously.” -Paul[03:49] "A green light is when your head and heart are on board, so your hands follow with action." -Paul[04:53] "My late father is my biggest green light; he's the reason I strive to make an impact and leave people and places better than I found them."– PaulResource and LinksPaul EpsteinJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
Ever wondered what makes a championship team tick? It's not just about having talent; it's about rolling up your sleeves, rallying together, and daring to challenge the norms. And at the heart of it all? Trust and open communication.In this episode, Paul sits down for a chat with the incredible Brian Lafemina, a visionary who's left his mark on both the NFL and the LA 2028 Olympics.Their conversation dives deep into the idea of self-disruption and why it's so important to keep growing, even when you're already succeeding. Brian shares some fascinating stories from his work in Olympic hospitality, emphasizing the power of thinking outside the box. They also talk about what it takes to build a winning team – hard work, teamwork, and never being afraid to shake things up. Plus, they touch on the importance of trust and diversity when making decisions as a team. But it's not all serious stuff. Brian and Paul also swap stories about facing fears and finding the courage to do what's right, even when it's tough. And of course, they wrap things up with some practical advice for starting your week off on the right foot. Key TakeawaysEmbrace self-disruption as a catalyst for personal growth, particularly amid periods of success.Brian Lafemina's trajectory underscores the importance of perpetual learning and evolution.Building a stellar team necessitates diligence, collaboration, and a willingness to challenge the status quo.Trust, transparent communication, and diverse perspectives are indispensable for fostering innovation and team empowerment.Leadership demands audacity and courage, including the willingness to do what's right regardless of potential repercussions.Success preparation entails meticulous goal-setting and readiness to adapt to change.The path to success is non-linear, demanding the right mindset and adaptability. In This Episode:[00:17] Introduction to Brian Lafemina.[01:58] Career disruptions and opportunities.[06:11] Insight from working with Commissioner Goodell.[07:33] Challenges and learnings from the role at Washington Redskins.[13:34] Value of relational capital and authenticity.[14:26] Transition to the LA 2028 Olympics.[16:13] Humorous story about a snowstorm and salt.[18:33] Disruption of self.[23:05] Leading a championship culture.[29:21] Life lessons and insights.[30:24] Being brave.[35:27] Starting the week right. Notable Quotes[01:58]"Madison Square Garden, the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers, concerts—you name it, and I got an internship there, which was fantastic."-Brian[07:33] "I love challenges and I love big opportunities, and I like taking big swings."-Brian[09:36]  "There are times in your career where you have choices to make, and you can take an expedient route or you can take the route that you know might be a little more challenging, but you believe that's the route to go down."-Brian[30:51] "I encourage everybody to be bold, but more important than that, I want people to be brave."-Brian[31:19] You can't go wrong by doing right."-Brian[35:53] "Do the work before you get to Monday, and then you're going to win Monday."-Brian Our GuestBrian Lafemina is a seasoned Sports and Entertainment Executive, renowned Board Member, and Senior Advisor. With a distinguished career, he served as Chief Business Officer for LA28 and President of the Washington Commanders. His expertise extends from the NFL to Madison Square Garden, demonstrating his profound impact in shaping and elevating the landscape of sports and entertainment. Resource & LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowBrian Lafemina
Join Paul in this engaging episode as he reflects on his recent chat with Scott McGregor, the driving force behind the Outlier Project. Together, they delve into the art of living an extraordinary life, finding silver linings in adversity, and the transformative magic of intentional living. Paul encourages listeners to carve out their own path to greatness, inspired by Scott's profound insights and infectious passion. Key Takeaways:Get inspired by Scott's journey and his mission to transcend the ordinary.Learn how facing challenges head-on can be a catalyst for personal growth and resilience.Discover the importance of living each day with purpose and intention.Understand that what makes life extraordinary is different for everyone and requires courage to pursue.Take small steps every day towards your dreams, embracing each opportunity for greatness along the way. In This Episode:[01:21] The storm of adversity[02:33] Defining and pursuing an extraordinary life.[04:01] No need for adversity to awaken urgency for extraordinary life Notable Quotes[01:21] “Adversity can be a gift; it's what builds our resilience muscle.” -Paul[02:34] "That is a choice on how we want to step forward into every day to live and earn an extraordinary life." -Paul[04:01] "Anybody can be ordinary, but it's the rare few like us that can choose to be extraordinary."– Paul Resource and LinksPaul EpsteinJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
Join us as we chat with Scott MacGregor, the mastermind behind the Outlier Project, a global community empowering individuals to lead impactful lives.During our conversation, Scott opens up about what it takes to live life to the fullest. From making an impact to prioritizing health, finances, and relationships, he shares invaluable insights garnered from personal experiences and encounters with adversity. Discover how challenges have shaped Scott's outlook on life, including his battle with regatta syndrome, and learn how to cultivate a mindset of resilience and gratitude.But that's not all – Scott also delves into the importance of community support and the transformative power of genuine connections. Gain inspiration from the stories of extraordinary individuals and learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships that enrich your journey toward greatness. Key TakeawaysScott's philosophy, "People Over Everything," prioritizes relationships.Living an extraordinary life is a choiceAn extraordinary life balances health, finances, career, learning, and relationships.Health is foundational in life's priorities.The Outlier Project supports entrepreneurs in extraordinary living.Adversity is a giftResilience and unconventional paths are valued by extraordinary individuals.Intentional, genuine relationships are crucial.Gratitude and friendship shape life's journey.. In This Episode:[00:30] Introduction to Scott MacGregor.[02:22] Overview of the Outlier Project.[05:07] Common themes of living an extraordinary life.[08:10] Balancing the five life buckets.[11:01] Membership demographics of the Outlier Project.[12:38] Information about the Outlier Project.[14:03] Obstacles to living an extraordinary life.[16:59] Scott's personal storms and adversity.[23:34] Adversity as a gift.[25:12] Scott’s perspective on adversity[28:43] Lessons learnt from extraordinary people.[32:38] Importance of intentional relationships. Notable Quotes[02:41] “Technology is great. There's lots of great stuff out there, but nothing really supercharges an organization like people.”- Scott[03:07] “Anybody can be ordinary. But we all have the power to choose to be extraordinary.”-Scott[09:17] “If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.” Scott[15:12] “The people you surround yourself with ultimately dictate a lot of how your life works out.”- Scott[15:18] "Surround yourself with people that are really motivated to live an extraordinary life. It doesn't mean that they're hitting on all cylinders at all times, but that's their intention - Scott[23:41] "Adversity is a gift because it makes you stronger and builds that resiliency.” - Scott  Our GuestScott MacGregor is the Founder & CEO of SomethingNew LLC and The Outlier Project, along with serving as Publisher & Editor-In-Chief of Outlier Magazine. A prolific author with four books in the "Standing O!" series, he's a record 8-time winner of the American Business Award for Innovation. Resource and LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowScott MacGregor
In this episode, Paul discusses the importance of quieting the mind in today's hustle culture, inspired by his chat with Billy Samoa Saleebey, producer of "Win Monday" podcast. Paul highlights Billy's success as a Tesla exec and podcast leader, attributing it in part to his practice of finding peace. He suggests that intentional breaks foster transformative ideas, urging listeners to adopt this approach for peak performance and join the "Win Monday" community. Key Takeaways:Quieting the mind amid hustle is crucial, often undervalued.Billy Samoa Saleebey, former Tesla exec, credits stillness for his achievements.Silence fosters best ideas by tapping into inner wisdom.Surroundings and community greatly impact tranquility.Purposeful breaks spark transformative ideas and recharge.Embracing stillness amidst chaos is key to success.The "Win Monday"  community is encouraged to embrace this practice and share their experiences In This Episode:[00:11] The importance of quieting the mind[01:18] Inspired ideas[02:21] Creating momentum[03:42] More wins with quiet mind Notable Quotes[01:31] “If I reflect back on some of the biggest wins that I've had personally and professionally, it's often driven by some of the best ideas and some of the best decisions and some of the best actions.” -Paul[01:18] "One of his secrets is quieting the mind, and that's what today's take is all about." -Paul[03:42] "You never know when you could have been one opportunity to quiet the mind away from that life-changing idea."– PaulResource and LinksPaul EpsteinJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
In this episode of the Win Monday podcast, we have the honor of conversing with Billy Samoa Saleebey, a former Tesla employee and current head of a podcast production company at Podify.Throughout our discussion, we delve into the core principles of leadership, underscoring the importance of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Billy shares his transformative journey from the entertainment industry to the renewable energy sector, shedding light on Tesla's mission-centric culture.We also explore the significance of crafting a personal mission statement and embracing individuality to leave a lasting legacy. Additionally, we touch upon the value of mentorship, the perils of aiming for mediocrity, and the pivotal role of understanding one's energy patterns in achieving success both personally and professionally. This episode serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to hone their leadership abilities and articulate their unique message effectively.Key Insights:Effective leaders inspire trust through sound decision-making and positive interactions.Leadership skills are transferable across diverse domains and positions.Foundational qualities such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathy are vital for exceptional leadership.Developing and refining a personal mission statement is essential for clarity and purpose.Embracing individuality and refraining from trying to please everyone are keys to avoiding mediocrity.Understanding and harnessing one's energy patterns are crucial for sustained success.Sharing a unique message isn't just advantageous but essential for making a meaningful impact. In This Episode:[01:07] Introduction to Billy Saleebey [02:40] Billy's career journey, leadership at Tesla.[05:54] The real deal about Tesla's company culture[08:25] Billy’s standards of leadership.[12:29] Identifying cues and signals in the business world.[14:12] Quieting the mind.[16:57] Discovering one's unique message and mission.[21:46] Understanding oneself and leveraging strengths.[22:19] Self-awareness and leadership.[23:23] Starting a podcast or blog.[24:06] Lessons in advising and coaching.[29:04] Avoiding pitfalls in podcasting.[33:33] Unique messaging and thought leadership.[36:13] Finding your unique voice.[42:41] Winning Monday with energy management.[45:26] Recap and call to action. Notable Quotes[08:56] “You don't have high EQ if you're not self-aware. So you got to have that self-awareness.”- Billy[09:37] “Leadership is about being followed. It's not about a title.”- Billy[13:22] “I'm a big believer in quieting the mind… we have insights when our mind. Has the ability to process specifically the prefrontal cortex.” - Billy [17:13] "The first question you got to ask yourself is what do you want to be remembered for?" - Billy[35:24] “We live in the information age. There's not a shortage of information. There's a shortage of people who could deliver information in a way that connects.” - Billy Our GuestBilly Samoa Saleebey is a dynamic professional who transitioned from a successful career at Tesla to becoming a podcasting entrepreneur. With a background in film and renewable energy, Billy founded "Insight Out" and later launched Podify, assisting over 40 podcasters in producing, promoting, and monetizing their shows. His journey reflects a passion for storytelling and empowering fellow creators in the digital sphere.Resources and LinksWin Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowBilly Samoa Saleebey
In this episode, Paul shares insights from a conversation with Jeremy Park. He reflects on a dinner event organized by Park, stressing the value of meaningful conversation. Paul offers three questions to spark deep discussions: favorite smells, a deserted island scenario, and casting a movie about one's life. These questions delve into personal memories and values, aiming to inspire listeners to foster purposeful connections.Key Takeaways:Elevating Social Interactions: Intentional conversations enhance social depth.Thought-Provoking Questions: They cut through small talk and foster connections.Unveiling Personal Narratives: Explore scents, hypothetical scenarios, and self-perception.Fostering Purposeful Dialogue: It creates community and meaningful gatherings.In This Episode:[00:01:05] Creating a special experience[00:02:00] Question 1: Favorite smell[00:04:00] Question 2: Three wishes[00:05:52] Question 3: Movie about your lifeNotable Quotes[02:42] “Asking 'What's your favorite smell?' isn't just about scents; it's about uncovering the hidden stories of our past." -Paul[03:56] "When stranded on a deserted island, the wishes we choose reveal the essence of our desires and values."– Paul[05:13] “If our lives were movies, the choice of actor to portray us reveals the qualities we hold dear within ourselves." – Paul[06:28] "Let's defy the ordinary and make every gathering a purposeful community-building experience." -PaulResources & Links:Paul EpsteinJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz:
Life is often likened to a journey requiring direction and purpose to feel fulfilled. Discovering your life's purpose can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, dedicating just one hour of your time to a cause that resonates with you can be a simple yet impactful way to find purpose.In this episode of the Win Monday podcast, we're joined by Jeremy Park, CEO of cityCURRENT, to explore the power of purpose and the profound impact of volunteerism. cityCURRENT facilitates connections between businesses and communities to drive positive change through events, media, and philanthropy.During our conversation, we delve into how volunteering can foster personal growth and community development. Jeremy shares his personal journey and emphasizes the importance of aligning volunteer work with one's passions. We also discuss the pandemic's emotional toll on youth and the significance of guiding them toward purposeful engagement.Key TakeawaysPurpose acts as a catalyst for personal and community change.To find your purpose, align volunteer efforts with your passions and interests.Inviting others to volunteer can create a community of caring individuals and amplify impact.Simple volunteer activities can make a significant difference and develop leadership skills.It's normal to feel uncertain about your purpose; use it as a chance to explore and engage in meaningful conversations.In This Episode:[01:14] Introduction to cityCURRENT[02:29] Jeremy's origin story.[06:38] cityCURRENT's mission and impact.[07:56] Where to find more information about cityCURRENT[08:14] Win Monday’s Monday Momentum[12:45] Power of purpose and volunteerism.[17:31] Addressing feelings of purposelessness.[19:30] Inviting others to serve.[20:22] Importance of volunteering.[23:08] Overcoming hurdles to volunteerism.[25:41] Tactical ways to start volunteering.[31:53] How to invite others to volunteer.[37:13] Discovering your purpose.[38:06] Introduction to Win Monday’s Confidence Quiz[38:51] Closing thoughts on finding purpose.Notable Quotes[02:42] "When you become a spark to power the good, it will transform your life and your community." - Jeremy[13:43] “People physically solve problems if people aren't in the leadership roles to guide those dollars in the right way, they don't make an impact.” - Jeremy[15:53] “ If the end game is purpose, pain can be tied to purpose. Once healed from pain to healing to purpose.” -Paul[21:11] "Volunteers all the time will say, 'I got more out of it than they did,' and that's because they're finding themselves, their value, and a higher purpose." -[22:03] "They want purpose, they want opportunities to serve, and they want it during a workday, not after hours, not on the weekends."-[36:53] “If someone has not written down their purpose, write it down.”- JeremyOur GuestJeremy C. Park is a driving force behind powering the GOOD for individuals and organizations. As the CEO of cityCURRENT and Vice President at Higginbotham, he spearheads initiatives that bridge businesses with communities. An esteemed author, speaker, and media personality, Jeremy’s work has garnered accolades such as Top 40 Under 40, and features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune Magazine. His commitment to Giving for Growth is evident in his books, radio shows, podcasts, and television productions, all aimed at inspiring positive change and community engagement. With a diverse background spanning sports, media, and mentorship from entertainment luminaries, Jeremy continues to lead by example and make a lasting impact on society.Resource & Links:Win Monday Community (join here)Win Monday CommunityPaul EpsteinPaul's Confidence QuizPaul's WebsitePaul's LinkedIn to ConnectPaul's Instagram to FollowJeremy Park
In this episode, Paul engages in a thought-provoking dialogue with the esteemed Victoria Labalme. Victoria, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Hall of Fame Speaker, and the visionary behind Risk Forward & Rock The Room, shares her transformative framework comprising four profound questions. These questions serve as a compass, guiding individuals towards discerning their next steps and maintaining momentum in their personal and professional journeys. The conversation delves into the realms of self-discovery, cultivating joy, embracing novel experiences, and gleaning invaluable lessons from adversity. Paul emphasizes the indispensable role of confidence in navigating this odyssey and extends an earnest invitation to explore Victoria's extensive body of work, including a confidence assessment, designed to foster self-discovery and strategic risk-taking for holistic growth.Key TakeawaysStart your journey of self-discovery by contemplating, "What interests you now?" This foundational question prompts introspection and aids in identifying current passions and aspirations.Reflect on what truly brings fulfillment with the question, "What lights you up?" This introspective query encourages individuals to recognize and prioritize activities that evoke genuine joy.Explore moments of peak performance and engagement by asking, "What stops time for you?" Understanding these flow states provides invaluable insight into one's innate talents and passions.Gain clarity on your aspirations and preferences by considering, "What don't you want?" This question serves as a guidepost for establishing boundaries and making informed decisions.Victoria's book, "Risk Forward," offers profound insights and strategies for navigating life's uncertainties with courage and resilience.In This Episode:[01:18] The four questions[02:35]Question 1: What interests you now?[03:40] Question 2: What lights you up?[04:25] Question 3: What stops time for you?[05:17] Question 4: What don't you want?Notable Quotes[01:30] “Your responses to these four questions will help you clarify your next move, and keep you risking forward in the right direction.” -Paul[01:50] "If you want to unlock your hidden genius, these are four questions that can empower you to have the confidence to risk forward." -Paul[05:17] "Instead of asking yourself what you love doing, ask yourself what you hate not doing. It's a cool 180, a cool spin."– PaulResource & LinksPaul EpsteinJoin the Win Monday Community: the Confidence Quiz: