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Author: Hilda Labrada Gore

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The Wise Traditions podcast is for those who seek optimal health based on ancient wisdom. We believe that vibrant health cannot be cultivated in a lab, engineered through modern technology or found through "improving" nature. On the contrary, "life in all its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed," as Dr. Price put it. We thrive when we live as our ancestors did, and we can look to the past for clues on how to go about it.
This show, sponsored by the Weston A. Price Foundation, is an invitation to follow ancient health ways and to embrace alternative healing modalities to live our best lives. Our host, Hilda Labrada Gore, known as Holistic Hilda, interviews experts on a wide variety of topics--ranging from nutrient-dense foods to improving mental health to homesteading to detoxing to healing emotional trauma to the power of sunshine and mitigating EMFs. Every episode offers the listener a new (ancient) way to heal, grow, and live a happy life, brimming with vitality.
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For too long we've been obsessed with calorie-counting. It's high time we started counting nutrients instead. Dianne Koehler is the owner and Director of the Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) in Colorado. Today, Dianne helps us get a handle on what to look for when it comes to feeding ourselves and our families nutrient-dense food.   She goes over the building blocks of nutrition. She explains why we must carefully evaluate claims on packages and advice from governmental agencies about what to eat. She goes over how to determine which foods actually serve us best and how to identify foods that deserve the label “superfood”. (Hint: these are foods that offer the most nutrient-density and come from animal products that are well-sourced). In sum, she gives tips for making better choices in the day-to-day. And along the way she tells about the a-ha that led her to abandon her vegan diet for a more nutrient-rich one, for her and her family.   Go to Dianne's website: SIgn up for your first nutrition course: Make the 50% pledge on our website: - Check out our sponsors: Offally Good Cooking's Liver Lover Challenge - and Optimal Carnivore -
Itchiness. Indigestion. Digestive issues. Allergies. Asthma. Brain fog. Even food sensitivities. All of these could indicate that there is a parasite imbalance in the body. Laura Villanti, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the founder of At Home with Wellness, helps guide you to determine how to test for parasites, the most effective protocols for eliminating them, and how to become a “bad host” for them. Laura goes over, in detail, why not all parasite testing is accurate and which she recommends the most. She explains the role of parasites (yes, nature has a task for them) and how an imbalance can lead to trouble and what to do about it. She gets specific about how to avoid getting parasites in the first place, with simple tips, like thoroughly washing produce, maintaining a clean home, ingesting specific herbs, and also making sure that our beloved pets don’t accidentally transmit their parasites to us.   Visit Laura’s website: At Home with Wellness – For parasite testing go here: Parasitology Center Inc. (PCI) – Parawellness Research – Klinghardt Autonom Response Testing – Join the Weston A. Price Foundation email list – Check out our sponsors: Pluck – Optimal Carnivore –
Do you ever wonder where your steak came from? Did you know that there are only four major companies that control the majority of the beef supply in the U.S.? This is one reason that our food supply chain is so fragile. And this is what AJ Richards is setting out to change. AJ is a combat veteran, an entrepreneur and the head of Sustenance Earth, Inc. He wants to help everyone understand the importance of knowing the provenance of their food and establishing food security.   As AJ puts it, it's time to "shake the hand that feeds us" by getting to know our local rancher. Going local upsets the conventional beef industry but it shores up your food security. You see, it's the beef industry centralization that is compounding issues in our national US food system...and that same system is negatively impacting our health and food sovereignty.   AJ highlights today some of the issues with the current system and how to opt out of it, for the sake of your health and food freedom). He also tells of a standoff that his family had with the Bureau of Land Management that was attempting to confiscate their land.   Visit AJ's website: - Find more resources on our website: - Check out our sponsors: Real Milk - Paleo Valley - Optimal Carnivore -
445: Raw Milk Near Me

445: Raw Milk Near Me


When was pasteurization introduced and why? Should adults drink raw milk? What nutrients does it contain? And where can I get it?   If you're intrigued by raw milk, you've come to the right place! Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, today answers all of these questions and more. She also gives an update on which states in the U.S. (nearly all, except for four) have legalized its sale. And she explains how raw milk is nature's most complete food (and a fragile one that should be treated with care).   Check out Sally's blog for more information: - Find raw milk near you in the U.S. at - See our website for more resources: - Visit our sponsors: Dr. Tom Cowan's New Biology Curriculum - Nutrition Therapy Institute - and Optimal Carnivore -
Non-native electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs). PFAs (forever chemicals in the air and food). Heavy metals. Mold. These are just some of the toxins in our environment that assail us. And that we need to get out of the body so that it can function optimally. Today's guest is Adam Parker, a detox expert and the host of the Your Ideal Day podcast.   He reviews simple steps to detox (including dry brushing and rebounding) and more intense protocols (like flushes, cleanses, and enemas). He goes over the use of castor oil, olive oil and lemon juice, dandelion root and chamomile as part of the detox process. In sum, he explains the how and the why behind detoxification and makes a strong case for its use, especially if you're feeling "stuck" with no explanation for your health concerns.   Visit Adam's website for more resources: - See our website for more podcast episodes and resources: - Check out our sponsors: Baja Gold Salt - Offally Good Cooking -  Optimal Carnivore - 
How can you develop mindfulness beyond meditating on a mat? Are there ways to start to tap into your intuition? And how can these tools (along with critical thinking) help us navigate turbulent times?   Ora Nadrich is the author of “Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity” and “Time to Awaken.” She is also the founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking. Today, she offers insights on what we've been through in recent years and how to keep going and growing in the midst of the panic, fear, and uncertainty. She talks about how to develop discernment to distinguish the difference between illusions and reality and she offers ideas for cultivating calm when anxiety seems to be lurking around every corner.   Visit Ora's website: Register for the Wise Traditions conference (or simply for the livestream: Check out our sponsors: Paleo Valley and Optimal Carnivore    
There are so many ingredients on food labels that are unrecognizable to us. This likely means that they are unrecognizable to our bodies, as well--which means that they're harming rather than helping us. Vani Hari, known as the Food Babe, is a best-selling author and activist that is dedicated to uncovering what's in our food and how it's affecting us, so that we can be empowered in the supermarket, restaurant, and in our own kitchens, to nourish ourselves well. She covers the importance of avoiding food dyes, "natural flavorings," and refined sugars, as a starting place. She talks about the personal ramifications of going after the food industry and revealing its secrets...and why she remains undaunted. Lastly, she offers timely advice for feeding the family well and why, as far as she's concerned, the 80/20 "rule" (eating well for 80% of the time) doesn't cut it anymore.   Visit Vani's website and look for her latest book "Food Babe Family": Register for our Wise Traditions conference: Check out our sponsors: Pluck Organ Seasoning and Optimal Carnivore
 Most American lawns are lovely...but not exactly an efficient use of space. What if we made the most of the land, helping to turn it into a source of sustenance for our families and communities? We could use permacultural principles to understand the land and collaborate with current ecosystems to help bring about its full potential. So says guest Jim Gale of Food Forest Abundance. On today's episode, Jim talks about how to get started with small shifts: how to decide what to plant and where to get started exactly. He also covers the importance of protecting ourselves against food shortages through better land management. And how we might cross our own mental barriers to start to explore this somewhat alternative lifestyle.   Visit Jim's website: Register for our Wise Traditions conference at Check out our sponsors: Paleo Valley and Optimal Carnivore  
Cows have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Their flatulence and burps have been cited as contributing to climate change. But what if that's not the case? What if, in fact, cows are actually helping save the planet? Judith D. Schwartz is a journalist and the author of “Cows Save the Planet.” Today, she sheds light on how much we need for cows for healthy soil. She describes the diversity of such soil (that the cows enrich) in detail, highlighting the soil's micro and macro diversity (including "mega fauna" such as earthworms)! She reminds us that the very minerals we seek for our children (often in the form of multivitamins) are found in the soil. Judith points out the critical role cattle play in cultivating such richness and how it benefits the world both today and tomorrow. Visit Judith's website: Register for the Wise Traditions conference. Check out our sponsors: Offally Good Cooking and the FREE Liver Lover Challenge and Optimal Carnivore
Germ theory doesn't hold water upon close examination. Shots against disease are worthless. Dr. William Trebing equips us today to stand strong against the mantra that "vaccines are safe and effective." And to defend our rights and the rights of our children against inoculations. Dr. William Trebing is a board-certified chiropractic physician with a specialty in neurology and radiology who has been in private practice for thirty-eight years. He is the author of "Goodbye Germ Theory." Today, he dispels germ theory, while uncovering other malevolent efforts to propagate untruths to the detriment of our health. Check out Dr. Trebing's videos on BitChute Register for the Wise Traditions conference Check out our sponsors: Paleo Valley and Optimal Carnivore
We've been told to recycle, repurpose, and reuse to reduce waste. But do our efforts make any difference? Is there a way to reduce the amount we generate, in the first place? And why does it matter?   Jill Winger is the author of “Old Fashioned on Purpose” and the host of the podcast by the same name. Today, she offers insights about how to reduce our waste. She gives both the why and the how. She discusses the problem waste creates in our own homes and for the planet. She notes, for example, that 40% of the oceans are now covered in plastic! She also offers ideas for reducing the waste we produce in our homes—by avoiding buying cheap products that end up more quickly in landfills, for example.   For more resources, visit Jill's website: Register for the Wise Traditions conference Check out our sponsors: Pluck and Optimal Carnivore
How do you address stomach aches, sleep issues, bee stings, and more? Erin O'Donnell, author of "Fully Alive," shares what has worked for her family for all of the above. Her natural tool kit remedies include chamomile tea for calming the nervous system (and avoiding pinkeye), tart cherry juice for lowering inflammation, and even getting naked in the garden (or at least as naked as possible).  Erin offers practical tips throughout the episode and also discusses her son's tongue tie and the changes that resulted once it was corrected. She also discusses the surprising deleterious health effects of a seemingly innocuous change in her family's home environment. Check out Erin's website: Register for the Wise Traditions conference in Kansas City, MO. See our sponsors: Paleo Valley and Optimal Carnivore
What do guests say when the mic is turned off? What additional insights do they offer? This behind-the-scenes bonus episode features guests from full-length episodes published earlier this year. We hear from: Carrie Bennett, Kristen Files, Kate Kavanaugh, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Daniel Griffith. We cover the topics of electron depletion, muscle testing, cooking at home, dealing with hard truths, and an extreme approach to healing. For more resources, visit our website: And check out our guest's websites: Carrie Bennett – Kristen Files – Kate Kavanaugh – Dr. Tom Cowan – Daniel Griffith – Want to hear more? Check out the full-length episodes with each guest on our podcast page:
How can we rise above limiting beliefs or our present circumstances? How is our mindset tied to our health? And how can we renew both our minds and core being to realize our full potential? Peter Crone, also known as the Mind Architect, is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in human awakening and potential. Today, he shines a light on the lies or stories we tell ourselves or submit to that don’t serve us. Peter explains how inadequacy and insecurity can lead to sickness or dis-ease. And he offers insights for learning to live in a way that enables us to face life differently and experience true freedom and peace. Visit Peter's website: Register for the Wise Traditions conference in Kansas City. Check out our sponsors: Offally Good Cooking's Liver Lover Challenge and Optimal Carnivore.
What could possibly persuade someone to go from vegetarian to butcher? Kate Kavanaugh tells what shifted in her that led to this profound lifestyle and dietary change. Kate is indeed a butcher, and also a farmer, and the host of the Mind, Body, and Soil podcast, among other initiatives. Today, she shares insights on our place in the complex web of nourishment. Among other things, she conveys her realization that what we eat becomes us, in a very real sense; how the seasons affect the fat and protein on an animal’s body; and how uncomfortable we feel with the death of animals…and just plain death, period. Kate also gets practical as she explains the process of processing (what happens to our meat before it hits our table) and how to find farms near us, wherever we live. Visit Kate's websites: and and her podcast  Mind, Body, and Soil Make the 50% pledge - resources on our website: Check out our sponsors: Paleo Valley and Optimal Carnivore  
433: Gender Dysphoria

433: Gender Dysphoria


What is causing gender confusion? Can anything be done to prevent it? Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, covers today how to promote healthy hormonal function, covering material found in the Wise Traditions journal from the winter of 2022. Sally reviews the fact that nutrition is foundational for optimal hormonal function. She advises that we eat a diet replete with the right fats, whole raw milk, and include plenty of red meat and eggs from pastured animals. She discusses the hormone disruptors found in our food and environment: including seed oils and plastic. She also talks about the problems with sex change operations and puberty-blocking drugs. (Please note that this conversation may not be suitable for the littlest ears.) Purchase your copy of Wise Traditions Journal Winter 2022 Edition Become a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation Check out Sally's blog at Listen to Wise Traditions podcast 260 with Dr. Anthony Jay: Life in Plastic...Not Fantastic See our sponsors: Pluck and Optimal Carnivore
Do you ever question the mainstream narrative about health, food, and the government? When you do, what do you do? Do you go with your gut or with the public agenda? What if you disagree with where it's taking you? How do you resist? The late Ronnie Cummins explains how to buck the system on multiple levels. Ronnie is the founder and former director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a long-time activist, protestor, and author. Ronnie passed away in April of 2023, but in May 2022, he shared his take on the state of world affairs, the importance of local, organic food, and how to live healthily in this contaminated world. Ronnie wasn’t just referring to toxins in our physical environment, but also in overreaching government, pharmaceutical companies, and leaders who collaborate to further their own interests in place of the interests of humanity. Ronnie offers insights today on how to buck the system and escape the mainstream ideological paradigm. Visit the Organic Consumers Association Spread the word! Share our Wise Traditions podcast link. Check out our sponsors: Paleo Valley and Optimal Carnivore
Brain fog. Low energy. Digestive issues. Anxiety. All of the above could simply be symptoms of a lack of natural sunlight. Carrie Bennett of the Quantum Body Collective today covers the many benefits of sunlight: how it can help heal the gut, sync our circadian rhythm, and set off a cascade of proper hormonal function for improved health and mood.   Carrie gets specific about the hormones that get “turned on” by the sunlight and their effect on the mood and body. She also explains how those who are fair-skinned or sun-shy can approach getting more sunshine, and she even has advice for those whose eyes are sensitive to its light and feel like they need to wear sunglasses all the time.   Visit Carrie's website: Register for our Wise Traditions conference in October 2023 Check out our sponsors: Pluck and Optimal Carnivore
Regenerative agriculture has been hailed as the solution for restoring the health of the soil...and the entire planet. But this label--"regenerative agriculture"--is limited in its scope. A new paradigm may be needed for true healing to occur. Daniel Griffith, author, co-manager of Timshel Wildland and President of the Robinia Institute, today calls us to consider a shift in how we perceive our relationship to the land and to ourselves. He reminds us that we ARE the earth and the soil, in many respects, and that we need to heal in ways we may not have previously understood. Returning to our roots may lead us down a new path, that has no label. He reframes the conversation about farming and healing in today's discussion. Daniel also shares insights about his own health story and how he went from physically broken to restoring his natural balance and renewing his health. Visit Daniel's website: Find your local WAPF chapter leader (and real food near you) Check out our sponsors: Offally Good Cooking's Liver Lover Challenge  and Optimal Carnivore
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Marylou Fulton

please know, God IS the "big bang"... no big bang created a car, or a blade of grass, it a sewing machine. all have a designer/creator. God is the Creator of the universe. Not a big bang theory. but there was a big bang, and God caused it🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✝️✝️✝️

Oct 17th

Joe Capani

wow! she has zero standing to address this issue. please get a psychologist on to address this important issue.

Sep 2nd

Eleanor Harvey

Hi. Very interesting podcast. Just a quick question. Where I live there is a mountain range to my East, so I don't actually see the sun rising on the horizon so to speak. How do I factor this in to getting the first rays of sunlight and also the 10° time. Or is it not necessary to actually see the sun, but just be in the light of it?

Aug 9th

Marylou Fulton

love this buttery episode!

May 29th

Shanna Toews

That was really interesting to hear about the eagle hunting and some of the traditions there! Good reminder at the end to get out and watch the sunrise and get outside for the first hour in the morning!

Jan 21st

allison fatherree

He lost me when he said that we evolved from monkeys.

Jan 13th

Joe Capani

you are so disingenuous

Sep 28th

Shanna Toews

Thanks! Enjoy this traditional wisdom!

Sep 15th

Shanna Toews

"A lot of people don't realize that 'billions of years ago there was no oxygen'"... That's where I couldn't keep on. I enjoy learning and hearing new ideas but not when concepts are based on a lie. Still amazing to me how so many people deny God's creation and the Bible!

May 1st

Shanna Toews

This is so good! Thanks for sharing this practical wisdom

Apr 25th

Devon Olsen

did wapf really just run an ad for AHA and New York life?

Apr 11th

Jassmin Young

this is a GREAT episode!!! superb!

Dec 30th


thank you for speaking up!

Jul 27th

Bibiana Montoya

Claro queremos más audios y no ticias en español sobre temas interesantes como la salud.

Sep 21st

Kristin Davis

How far does the radiation, from these towers, reach?

Jun 3rd


Estupendo que hayáis empezado en español. Ánimo de un español en el estado de Maryland.

Jan 1st

Bly Stitt

"The goodness is in the fat" I've been looking to re-listen to this podcast talking about grass fed beef, and the fats still being considered good when cows finished on grains.

May 2nd

Rafael Bejarano


Jan 27th
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