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You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. From learning how to love your rivals to harnessing the power of frustration, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again. Produced in partnership with Transmitter Media.
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WorkLife will be back for Season 6 in September. Until then, check out this preview of Fixable, a new work call-in podcast from the TED Audio Collective. Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei and her wife, CEO and bestselling author Anne Morriss, host unfiltered conversations to help solve everyday organizational challenges—big and small. If you want to be on Fixable, email or call our hotline at 234-Fixable (that’s 234-349-2253) to leave Anne and Frances a voicemail with your workplace problem. You can listen to Fixable wherever you're listening to this.
Brené Brown and Simon Sinek are two of the world's most influential thought leaders. They’ve shared their insights on the power of vulnerability and purpose in viral TED talks, hit podcasts, and bestselling books. Adam invites Brené and Simon to a lively discussion about the most important skills for leaders to build -- and the most vital steps for organizations to put people first. Together, they also field audience questions on earning trust, giving upward feedback, and creating better leadership opportunities for the next generation. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Six-time NBA All-Star and Hall of Famer Joe Dumars spent 14 years with the Detroit Pistons. As the quiet leader of multiple championship teams, he guarded Michael Jordan –who said he did it better than anyone else– and helped keep teammates like Dennis Rodman focused. Although it was the “Bad Boys” era, Joe was the first-ever recipient of the NBA Sportsmanship Award, which is now named after him. After playing hard – and fair – Joe went on to spend another 14 years as the Pistons’ president of basketball operations, and is now a top executive in the NBA. Joe speaks with Adam about his leadership style both on and off the court, and shares the wisdom he’s learned about managing all kinds of people – and making teams better. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Ginni Rometty rose through the ranks at IBM to become their first female CEO. After leading the iconic tech company from 2012 to 2020, Ginni chronicled the experiences and lessons learned in her memoir, “Good Power.” In a candid conversation at the Authors@Wharton series, Ginni talks with Adam about cultivating and harnessing influence, leading change through highlighting what will stay the same, and her cautious optimism about the future of AI. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Steve Martin has made an award-winning career out of taking on new identities–from actor and comedian to musician and novelist. Over the years, he’s learned that the best way to find yourself is by imitating your role models. He explores how to do that in a new audiobook, So Many Steves, with his longtime friend Adam Gopnik, the New Yorker writer and author. Steve and Adam join Adam Grant for a riveting discussion about impersonation and authenticity, humor and writing, success and happiness, and valuing the friends you make along the way. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at For 15% off So Many Steves, use the code ADAMGRANT at
How do you build a team capable of winning the Super Bowl? Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll believes it comes down to strong relationships–ones that extend beyond the field and last for a lifetime. He talks with Adam about taking accountability for failures, the differences between regard and respect, and the rituals he’s developed over years on the job that have helped him create trust and communication in his team. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
The first time Tara Westover ever stepped into a classroom, she was seventeen. Today, Tara has a PhD in history and a #1 New York Times bestselling book, “Educated”, a memoir about her experience growing up undereducated in rural Idaho in a Mormon survivalist family. Tara and Adam talk about the triumphs and struggles of educating yourself and others, what it takes to open other people’s minds, and the difficult and surprising emotions that arise when we challenge –and even change– our beliefs. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
What motivates us to do… well, anything? Uri Gneezy is a behavioral economist who has changed our understanding of how incentives influence our decisions and actions. Adam and Uri take a deep dive into the psychology of rewards and punishments -- and when and why they backfire. Uri’s latest book “Mixed Signals: How Incentives Really Work” is out now. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Andy Weir is the bestselling author of The Martian and Project Hail Mary. He’s known for weaving deep, carefully researched science into his novels, building intricate sci-fi worlds that have captivated millions of readers. But here’s a plot twist: Andy doesn’t actually love the act of writing itself – so how does he motivate himself to do it anyway? Adam talks with Andy about the creative process, the skills involved in discarding bad ideas, finding joy in worldbuilding and research, and why you should never be writing with a sequel in mind. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Sian Beilock is a cognitive scientist who specializes in why we choke under pressure. She’s also the first woman to be elected President of Dartmouth College. Sian shares with Adam her unique perspective on delivering results in high-stress environments, the value of sitting with discomfort, and strategies for guarding against performance anxiety. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot capable of generating human-like text, seems to be everywhere. But how trustworthy are these tools -- and what do they mean for the future of writing and work? Adam brings AI entrepreneur Allie Miller and innovation and entrepreneurship professor Ethan Mollick to discuss the capabilities of ChatGPT, debate its merits and downfalls, and ponder what we should -- and shouldn’t -- leave to AI. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
As a novelist, Jennifer Lynn Barnes has earned acclaim from critics and fans alike – her series The Inheritance Games has sold over a million copies. Before she became a bestselling author, she was a leading researcher in psychology on what draws us to fiction – and how it affects us. Jennifer and Adam discuss the psychology of reading and writing, fiction and fandom, and the role of imagination in the stories we love most. Then a special guest co-host (Adam’s daughter!) asks Jennifer about creativity, her favorite characters, and what makes a piece of writing original. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Justin Gregg is an animal cognition expert -- he studies what goes on inside the heads of other creatures, and what that means for us. He’s a captivating science writer: one of his specialties is explaining whether dolphins are actually smart, and his most recent book is “If Nietzsche Were a Narwhal.” In an expansive conversation, Justin and Adam discuss what makes the human mind unique, muse over the life lessons we might learn from the animal world, and debate whether or not, when it comes to consciousness, ignorance is really bliss. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Yo-Yo Ma began playing the cello at age four, played for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower at age seven, and has been touring the world since. He’s released over 100 albums and won 19 Grammy awards, and he’s won both the National Medal of the Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Yo-Yo talks with Adam about his experience with burnout, how he sustains his energy and creativity, and what it means for music to connect –and celebrate– humanity. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Jody Avirgan has played and reported on sports at the highest levels. After being one of the few professional Ultimate Frisbee players to be featured in a Sportscenter highlight, he pivoted to a career in radio, where he’s produced thoughtful stories on acclaimed shows like ESPN’s 30 for 30, Freakonomics, and 99% Invisible. Now he’s the host of Good Sport, a new podcast from the TED Audio Collective. Jody and Adam dive into what forges great leadership on and off the field, explore why certain cities and communities become hotbeds of talent, and discuss why sports are more than just fun and games. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
As a clinical psychologist, Becky Kennedy works with parents to raise good kids. She’s best known as Dr. Becky on Instagram, and has been called the "Millennial parenting whisperer" for good reason. Becky and Adam challenge the widespread belief that it’s a parent’s job to make their children happy, talk candidly about the surprisingly difficult task of setting and maintaining boundaries, and dig into the science and practice of helping kids (and adults) deal with the ups and downs of life. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Abby Wambach is one of soccer’s all-time greats. But in 2015, after she retired with two Olympic medals, a FIFA World Cup Championship, and six U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year awards under her belt, she wasn’t sure what would be next. In this jam-packed conversation, Abby shares how she rethought her life and work. She and Adam discuss the challenges with maintaining motivation, what makes teams great, and how to know when you’ve accomplished enough. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Kaja Kallas is the current Prime Minister of Estonia – and the first woman to hold the position. Her perceptive communication and bold action against the threat of Russian authoritarianism has bolstered her reputation as a leader we should all be paying attention to. The Prime Minister talks to Adam about what we can learn from the past when thinking about future consequences, the risks of being inauthentic, and what qualities distinguish the best leaders from the rest. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
Claude Steele is one of the most influential social psychologists of all time. As a Stanford professor, he’s best known for his groundbreaking research on how the threat of being stereotyped undermines our performance. Adam talks with Claude about why the mere possibility of being stereotyped affects us, how we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects, and what healthy self-affirmation looks like. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
As an educator, Ash Brandin’s mission is to make learning in school as fun as playing a game. In exploring the science and practice on the effects of video games, Ash (@TheGamerEducator on Instagram) has an unusually insightful–and unusually balanced–perspective. Adam and Ash discuss the evidence on how video games influence kids and adults, how to set healthy boundaries, and what it means to make leisure and play a priority. Transcripts for ReThinking are available at
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Amirali Sedaghatyar

Thanks a bunch. hilarious and life_changing at the same time.

May 5th

Osprey 225

from a woman who created a toxic work environment at Barnard College......

May 2nd

Manan Jariwala

Wonderful episode. Thanks.

Apr 13th

Pooja Vaid

This episode was fantastic! Thank you!

Mar 28th

Ali Hajizade

worst episode ever. i fall sleep during the episode. and i was changing the volume constantly, adam speaks loud and yo-yo speaks as low as possible. i couldn't focus on the content because of yo-yo's voice

Mar 2nd

Tnz. Rj

great 👍🏻

Jan 23rd


I loved this episode, you taught us vital points about criticism. Thanks a bunch for your time and effort in making this.

Jan 21st

Heather Mougeot

So So Sooo REFRESHING to hear respectful disagreement among smart people disagreeing without defensive anger or personal attacks. Very rare in the world today but extremely needed; humble confidence and personal reflection with a huge dose empathy and respectful discourse. Beautiful

Dec 29th

good morning

help please

Nov 16th

hani eh

what a great episode

Oct 27th

Meerim Asanalieva


Aug 4th

Meysam Gagoonani

I have been accused of being an "early-quitter," which I do not regret at all. I strongly believe that we should firstly evaluate our job with our personal mission in life. Sometimes it is worth it to go through some difficult jobs, in order to take huge steps towards our personal life goals. With the perspective of 5, 10, and 20 years, even the largest companies play a pretty small role in our life.

Apr 16th

Alireza Milani


Mar 17th

Paresh Khushal

Awesome (2-part) interview with Indra Nooyi. she comes across as a very inspiring and tremendous leader.

Dec 10th


always great topics and guidance.

Nov 1st
Reply (1)

Anne Hildersley

excellent insights

Oct 1st

zahra ghorbani

I can't describe how much i love your podcasts , the subject , the kund of question you ask from your guests ..... its all are incredible

Sep 19th
Reply (1)


I have fallen in love with your podcast. What I like about it is the interesting structure based on which you make an episode. Plus, it is so informative. I am from Iran :).

Sep 6th


Did I just hear a fortune 500 person telling me, a gardener, of very basic values which i already know, on how to navigate adult life and society.

Jun 15th

niloofar sah

this is amazing! esther perel is awsome♥️

Jun 4th
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