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Wake up to what's going on in Canada and the world. Each morning, we'll give you a 10-minute dose of the biggest news stories happening now. Our CBC News reporters will tell you about the political actors trying to make change, the movements catching fire, and the cultural moments going viral. Hosted by Marcia Young Monday through Thursday and John Northcott Friday through Sunday. We have new episodes seven days a week, dropping by 6 am ET on weekdays, 7 am ET on weekends. Start your day with the very latest.

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U.S. House passes $95B US aid package for Ukraine, Israel and other allies.  US universities and colleges crack down on pro-Palestinian protests.PWHL-leading Toronto clinches playoff berth, wins in OT before record crowd in Montreal. 
Israel is expected to return its focus towards the war in Gaza, as fears of an escalation in the confrontation with Iran recede. Man who set himself on fire outside Trump trial dies of injuries. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to pass aid bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.
Israel appears to have launched a retaliatory attack on Iran.  Millions of Indians are heading to the polls today for phase one of a six-week-long election process. Canada's health minister is accusing the opposition leader of misleading Canadians over plan for national pharmacare program. 
How G7 leaders are trying to de-escalate the conflict in the Middle East.  12% of the global population begins voting in India tomorrow.  WWIII will break out if Ukraine losses war with Russia, warns PM Denys Shmyhal. 
Gold heist at Toronto's Pearson Airport facilitated by Air Canada employee, police say.  Disability advocates disappointed in Trudeau government's budget.  Boeing whistleblower testifies before US lawmakers.
Everything you need to know about Canada's economy and the upcoming budget.  Thunder Bay Police Service struggles to restore its reputation after arrest of former chief.  And, what you need to know about jury selection in Donald Trump's hush money trial.
Israel urged to show restraint as it mulls response to Iran attack.  Australian police say women were apparently targeted in mass stabbing.  CIBC refunding customers after complaints about $5 charge for online gift cards.
We have extensive coverage of Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel.Australian authorities identify the assailant in yesterday's stabbing incident at a Sydney shopping centre.Economists expect taxes increases in Tuesday's federal budget.
Iranian forces seize a cargo ship they claim belong to an Israeli businessman near the Strait of Hormuz.A knife attack at a shopping centre in Sydney, Australia has left five people dead.Alberta is threatening to take Ottawa to court over its new housing policy.
US intelligence officials reportedly warn Iran could attack Israel in next 2 days.CSIS direct David Vigneault reutrns to the Public Inquiry on Foreign Interference to clear up confusion.An economist warns the Northwest Territories could lose hundreds of jobs when mines close down.
RBC is facing criticism for its support of fossil fuel projects.Closing arguments begin today in the sexual assault trial of retired vice admiral Haydn Edmundson. Advocates are calling for Alberta to increase its minimum wage. 
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will testify at the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference today.Some Pro-Palestinian activists in Berlin say they are being treated unfairly by the German government.Vancouver authorities are taking steps to remove more homeless shelters from city parks.
Police suspensions cost $134 million to Ontario taxpayers over past decade. A Toronto lab selling common paternity tests had a patter of identifying the wrong dads.Germany defends its actions in Middle East before World Court.
Nicaragua accuses Germany of facilitating genocide at the World Court. The CBC's Janyce McGregor takes us through the latest revelations at the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference. The solar eclipse is helping scientists study the sun.
Six months into Israel's war with Hamas, tensions remain high, with no end to hostilities in sight.Canada is expected to wrap up its evacuation efforts in Haiti today.Monday's eclipse will have a special significance for some Indigenous people in Canada and the U-S.
The United States and Israel are on high alert as they brace for Iran to retaliate in response to an Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus which killed 7 IRGC members.At least six people killed, 11 injured after Russian strikes hit the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.The deputy prime minister says Canada has no plans to increase its military spending but points the finger at the U.S. Congress for not approving billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine.
RCMP in the Vancouver-area city of Langley have initiated an Amber Alert for three-month-old Tyler Durocher.IDF investigation finds World Central Kitchen employees were mistakenly targeted in April 1 airstrike in Gaza, 2 officers have been dismissed.The United Nations Human Rights Council demands Israeli accountability over "possible war crimes" in Gaza.
Pentagon: U.S. Secretary of Defense "outraged" over deaths of 7 aid workers in Gaza. CSIS, RCMP responding to allegations they were too secretive about China's election meddling. Canadian forests burned so severely last year, global tree cover declined.
Earthquake traps dozens of people in Taiwan.Canadian MPs testify on China-backed election meddling.British politicians consider restricting weapons exports to Israel, following deaths of 7 aid workers.
Canada-US dual citizen among 7 aid workers killed in central Gaza.Finnish police say 12-year-old suspect in custody after school shooting.Shell appeals International Court order to massively reduce carbon emissions.
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if politics don't work out for netanyahu he could do radio... hes got a great voice...

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Adam Balogh

guiteres is a fucking ass hole

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Anyone else interested listening to get cup of canadian Joe?

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If the Indian students' college admissions were fake, how they could get Student Visa using those? It’s the same for lots of immigrants from countries like Iran too. People know their college admission letters and work offer letters are fake, but they choose that path and use the immigration lawyers who provide those fake letters, because it’s easy for them to use those to get into Canada. And Canada’s government is granting visas to them all and now government want to help those frauds? Isn’t this paving the path for frauds? Doesn’t it discourage the immigrants who came to Canada using lawful and official streams?

Jun 15th

Adam Balogh

im praying for you Canada for rain Canada is tough the toughest people on earth just look at their hockey players but these fires are terrible. Hang in there Canada rain is coming.

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#mahsaamini please be our voice

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Justice for mahsa amini #مهسا_امینی

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THIS is world report!

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Great... Could you please add transcipts of news?

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good on these postal workers. The epoch Times is trash, and is a waste of paper

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generally like CBC News but wondering when today you will recognize that it is 2021

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Listening Kitten

Thank you for that last story it really made .e smile 😃 okay and cry 😅

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world report? more like CV19 report :/

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your answer does not even contain the city name (SALABERRY DE VALLEYFIELD, QC) If you delete ad from the opened page, it should also be removed here, in the main page. Duhhh

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