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Get ready to finally truly level up your health in ways you may not have realized you could!
Hi! It's Samantha Harris...WELCOME to my podcast!

From Emmy Award-winning TV journalist (Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight) to breast cancer thriver, #1 bestselling wellness author, and Certified Health Coach -- I'm here to guide you to be your healthiest yet!

Blindsided by breast cancer at age 40 ignited something so powerful that it compelled me to search for the answers we all need to successfully mitigate risk of chronic disease, and live more vibrantly and healthier than ever!

I'm fiercely dedicated to giving you the tools needed -- with alternating episodes of solo, science-backed coaching sessions and renowned, in-demand guest wellness and medical expert interviews.

Listen in to get the game-changing, small, manageable action steps you need today to live your most optimal life yet!

MANY topics, including: nutrition, toxic beauty, thriving after a diagnosis, weight loss, intermittent fasting, sleep, gut health, longevity, stress and anxiety reduction tools, biohacking, detoxing, glucose regulation, hormonal health and menopause, inflammation, meditating with success, plant-based diets, breast cancer survivorship, brain health, and so much more!

Time to take your wellness power back to become YOUR Healthiest Healthy! Let's do this...together!

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Heal your gut in 3 Steps with guest expert Dr. Will BulsiewiczIs your gut giving you trouble? Do you have food sensitivities? Do you just want to feel even better? Ready to find out exactly how your microbiome can function FOR you and how can YOU make it optimal with three small steps ?Listen in, as you'll discover how many of your daily symptoms are likely connected to gut health and what to do about it!Be sure to check out this episode with such an incredible gut health expert, NY Times bestselling author and gastroenterologist, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz!In this episode, you will learn: The Role of the Gut Microbiome: Understanding how gut bacteria influence health and disease.Three Steps To Health Your Gut: Cut out, assess and re-introduce and what that all means.Fiber and Gut Health: The impact of dietary fiber on gut function and microbiome diversity.Food Sensitivities and Intolerances: Identifying and managing food sensitivities for improved gut health.The Importance of Plant Diversity: How consuming a variety of plant foods supports a healthy gut microbiome.Gut Health and Mental Well-being: Exploring the connection between gut health and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.Holistic Approaches to Gut Healing: Integrating diet, lifestyle, and emotional well-being for comprehensive gut health.The Effect of Processed Foods on Gut Health: Understanding how ultra-processed foods impact the gut microbiome.The Growth Mindset in Health: Applying the growth mindset concept to personal health and wellness journeys.Personalized Nutrition: Tailoring dietary recommendations to individual gut microbiome profiles and health needs.Practical Steps for Improving Gut Health: Actionable strategies for enhancing gut health through diet and lifestyle changes.... And much moreABOUT: GUEST EXPERT DR. WILL BULSIEWICZRENOWN GUT HEALTH EXPERT, GASTROENTEROLOGIST, BESTSELLING AUTHORDr. Will Bulsiewicz ("Dr. B") is an award winning gastroenterologist, internationally recognized gut health expert and the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and Indie Bound-bestselling author of Fiber Fueled and The Fiber Fueled Cookbook.With a passion for plants and helping people, he sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of ZOE, has authored more than twenty articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, has given more than forty presentations at national meetings, presented to Congress and the USDA, and has taught over 10,000 students how to heal and optimize their gut health.He completed a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University, a medical degree from Georgetown University, and a master's in clinical investigation from Northwestern University. Dr. B was the chief medical resident at Northwestern and the chief gastroenterology fellow at The University of North Carolina, and received the highest award given by both his residency and fellowship.Dr. B completed an epidemiology fellowship on a grant from the National Institutes of Health at UNC's prestigious Gillings School of Global Public Health.He lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and children.You’ll find him on:Instagram: @theguthealthmdFacebook:...
How to Stop Overeating

How to Stop Overeating


How to stop over-eating??!?Found yourself snacking when you're actually just thirsty? Eating mindlessly in front of the TV every night? Gorging when you really didn't even want a particular food?Yeah, it happens more often than you might think to the best of us! Emotional triggers and those tricky "thirst vs. hunger" signals -- dive in to find out how to truly know the how to assess and combat them with success. In this episode, you will learn: How to assess emotional eating and then deal with itUnderstanding our mixed signals between thirst and hunger or seeking comfort and pleasure in foodSteps to identify and recognize overeatingMindfulness and mindful eating + why they matter as a productive toolRecognizing true satiety and its subtletyDistinguishing between physical and emotional hungerThe importance of removing distractions while eating and paying attention to the details of the foodThe difference between slow and fast eaters -- and benefits (and cons)Tips for implementing slower eatingFood focus (and not the kind you may think!)The importance of removing distractions, paying attention to the physical and emotional cues of hunger and satiety, and taking time to appreciate the details of the food being consumedNutrient density and sleep.                  ****************************************You're in for a treat that will help you get over the fasting hump fast!I'm super picky about what I recommend. But guess what?I stumbled upon something seriously awesome.Algae tablets! Trust me, they're the real deal. Actual, pure food. NOT a supplement. Yet these little guys will not break your fast (the Spriulina ones), and they both (Spirulina and Chlorella) will help curb the hunger while giving you a good dose of nutrition!So, if you're up for feeling like a million bucks every day, give 'em a shot. It's like a little health secret that's too good not to share!And hey, I'm excited to help you save some money on them, too! Just use code SAMANTHA for 20% offGRAB THEM HERE!or visit:                  ****************************************MORE FUN FROM SAMANTHA:Get my favorite, clean supplements, protein powders, and EWG-Verified clinically proven anti-aging skincare HERE or visit: my vetted #1 best toxin-free makeup HERE or go visit: more support, check out...
This is about so much more than just weight loss. It's about overall optimal health AND longevity.How do we smoothly switch from burning sugar to burning fat in our bodies? Metabolic flexibility is essential for overall health and to tame the inflammation fire that leads to chronic disease. We've dive in today with functional medicine doctor & practitioner, and wellness author, DR. WILL COLE -- aka THE functional doc to the stars!Everyone in Hollywood, from Gwyneth Paltrow to supermodel Elle McPherson, seeks out Dr. Cole for his expertise in getting to the root cause of underlying issues and helping seek out the best solutions to achieve optimal health.Today, he shares the details of the bare-minimum amount of time (and why) we all should "fast" each day for optimal health... as well as how to assess if we are metabolically flexible (the ability to switch from fat-burning to carb-burning mode). We also explore how achieving a state of ketogenesis--for brief periods--can also benefit our health. He also addresses fasting and cancer.In this episode, you will discover: Toxic diet culture Vs toxic anti-diet culture.The two ends of toxic tribalism.Ketosis and why it may be worth exploring for you.Inflammation worries and how to course correct.How to determine what your body loves and what it hates?How to do more to give your body what it loves.Acne and trigger-foods.The gut-skin axis and the gut-brain axis.Gluten-containing grains and industrial seed oils (oh the harm!).Sugar and the microbiome. It may surprise you!The holistic approach to wellness from Dr. Cole's POV.The importance of "gut feelings" in health.The best methods for addressing gut health."Shame-flammation" and self-compassion. How to learn more about healing our relationship with our body. How to choose the right supplements.ABOUT: DR. WILL COLEDr. Will Cole is a leading functional medicine expert who consults people around the world via webcam and locally in Pittsburgh. Named one of the top 50 functional-medicine and integrative doctors in the nation, Dr.Cole specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing a functional medicine approach for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and brain problems.He is the bestselling author of Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum and his latest book, NYT-bestselling Intuitive Fasting, in which he shows how to use the powerful benefits of flexible intermittent fasting to gain metabolic flexibility and find food peace.Dr. Cole has also cohosted the popular podcasts goopfellas podcast and Keto Talk and is the host of his own podcast, The Art of Being Well.Instagram: 
EMPOWERING YOURSELF TO CREATE A TOXIN-FREE HOMECreating a toxin-free home is more than just a trend, it’s a crucial step towards ensuring a HEALTHIER LIVING ENVIRONMENT for you and your loved ones. The importance of maintaining a home that is free from harmful chemicals cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts our health and wellbeing. By taking control of your living space, you can foster a HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT and experience the personal growth that comes from making healthier, more conscious choices. 🏡✨In this episode we cover a lot, including:Empowering yourself to create a toxin-free home.What to watch out for when it comes to the ingredients.How to be a truly empowered consumer.Importance of a toxin-free home.Personal anecdote: Avoiding unpleasant odors with DIY solutions.Using essential oils in homemade cleaners and how to avoid toxic fragrance.Antimicrobial ingredients to beware of using.Some of the ingredients commonly found in households of which to be leery.Clean brands and alternative choices (*Also check the links below for awesome toxin-free options!).Health Benefits: Reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.Promoting a healthier living environment.Empowerment Through Knowledge: Making informed decisions about household products.Taking control of your living space for better health.The value of awareness in personal growth and home environment.***********************************MAKEUP THAT ROCKS YOUR LOOK WITHOUT THE TOXINS!For my vetted #1 best toxin-free makeup, click HERE or visit:***********************************For CLEAN cleaning supplies, there are a few brands I like and trust... one of my faves?THIS Get Clean® Starter Kit.Why?Sparkling and fresh laundry, kitchen, bath, and more with proven, affordable, toxin-free awesomeness.I know, we want to get every nook and cranny spick-and-span. So, let's do it right—with products that are safe around your little ones, powerful against even the most stubborn dirt, green for the planet, and smart on your wallet.This kit is wallet-conscous, too because you would spend $3,400 for ready-to-use cleaners to get the same amount of clean found in the Get Clean Starter Kit!*One Kit, One Tree. Shaklee and American Forests® will plant one tree for every Get Clean® Starter Kit sold. AND it all comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee, no questions asked...even if the product is all used up. Cool!Get it by visiting:***********************************MORE FUN FROM SAMANTHA:Get my favorite, clean supplements, protein powders, and EWG-Verified clinically proven anti-aging skincare a...
How to live to age 100 and beyond with guest expert DAN BUETTNER.LONGEVITY EXPERT, AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST and AUTHOR, THE BLUE ZONES.Ever wonder how the people in the longest lived area of the world live past 100 -- and all while still able-bodied with strong minds and truly happy?Want to know how they eat, live and focus their daily habits to achieve a long healthspan?Even Netflix wanted to know, so they aired the must-see documentary all about it, but you get the answers even quicker right here.In this episode, we cover:Understanding healthy living with insights directly from Dan BuettnerDive into the daily dietary habits of centenarians in the Blue Zones, including their details about their consumption of whole food, plant-based foodsExplore key lifestyle and habit checkmarks common among the Blue Zones, and then you can compare to see where you match up (or want to add in as new goals)Explore the science of longevity to gain better understanding for why to implement these changes in your own lifeLearn about Dan Buettner's personal dietary evolution based on years of research, and what other habits he has adopted to align with the Blue Zones principles.Discover why plant-based diets are favored among long-lived individuals in the Blue Zones, and how they contribute to better health and longevityUnravel key secrets to living your healthiest healthy lifeDelve into the specifics of the Blue Zones diet and lifestyle habits that you can adopt right nowUncover the reasons behind the effectiveness of plant-based diets in promoting longevity and wellness among the long-lived individuals in Blue Zones.Decoding the Path to Longevity: The Power Nine PrinciplesABOUT DAN BUETTNER :Dan Buettner is an explorer, National Geographic Fellow, award-winning journalist and producer, and New York Times bestselling author. He discovered the five places in the world – dubbed blue zones hotspots – where people live the longest, healthiest lives.His articles about these places in The New York Times Magazine and National Geographic are two of the most popular for both publications. Now, you can see his highly rated LIVE TO 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones documentary on Netflix.Buettner guides Blue Zones Projects in various cities, which are well-being initiatives that apply lessons from the Blue Zones to entire communities by focusing on changes to the local environment, public policy, and social networks. The program has dramatically improved the health of more than 5 million Americans to date.In his book “Blue Zones American Kitchen”, Buettner uncovers the traditional roots of plant-forward cuisine in the United States.FUN FACT: Buettner holds three Guinness World Records in distance cycling.MORE FROM DAN:Get his cookbook:              *************************************************MORE FUN FROM SAMANTHA:Get my favorite, clean supplements, protein powders, and EWG-Verified clinically proven anti-aging skincare 
PLANT-BASED EATING MADE EASY!What does it really mean to be plant-based? Why does it matter for you if you are not focused on a whole, plant-forward way of thinking?And how does being whole-food, plant-centric fit into the bigger picture of our overall health and well-being?Must you be exclusively plant-based? No. Ideally, it should be your foundation to build your Healthiest Healthy life -- and I deep dive into how, why and easy ways to make it happen with success.If you are just exploring this plant-based dietary theory for the first time -- I've got you! If you are well-versed in the value of eating WFPB, I've still got you and we will walk down this path to even further to truly optimal health and wellness.In this episode, I will break it down, share some easy-to-grasp science along with some personal anecdotes of how this essential change after cancer has been profound for me -- and give you Healthiest Healthy Hacks for making the switch smooth (along with ways to take some baby steps to explore it even more!).In this episode, you will learn:What it means to be plant-based and why should you careHow to assess what your house of health looks likeQuick sidenotes on the importance of a holistic approach to health, including nutrition, stress management, sleep quality and duration, physical activity, and social & emotional supportThe plant-based diet broken down to basicsPlant-based eating and how it can positively impact healthDifferent needs and preferences when it comes to individual dietWhy you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to be plant-basedScientific insights on the benefits of plant-based eatingHow a WFPB way of eating can easily be incorporated into daily lifeEasy ways to get started with plant-based eatingCooking with oil? Here are the best, safest oils for you to useWhat’s not so great about meatless MondaysThe benefits and drawbacks of meat substitutesThe importance of avoiding overly processed foodsHow to build a meal around a saladDon't forget the fat! Why are healthy fats so important**************************YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY: COMMUNITYJOIN NOW!Want to learn more about my private membership group?! What you get as an exclusive member:Weekly live coaching with meWeekly live esteemed live guest wellness/medical experts (with Q&A chat!)Weekly workouts with me as well as 100+ more on-demandFREE access to all of my other online wellness challenge groupsPLUS BONUS: a direct line to me with our private FB messenger chat feature!HERE is the link, and please let me know if you have any questions!Visit:*********************************FAVORITE PLANT-BASED PROTEIN POWDERI have searched for years, since my cancer diagnosis in 2014, for the best-tasting plant-based protein powder that ALSO is clinically proven, clean, 3rd party lab-tested to screen out any potential contaminants or harmful toxins, has an amazing 100% moneyback guarantee AND delivers on its promise. I finally found it!! And now I want to share it with you.Double bonus? It contains a safe yet potent dose of a branch chain amino acid called Leucine, which studies prove burns fat while...
FASTING AS FAST AS WE CAN ...for Hormone and Gut Health! What does time restricted eating have to do with menopause, weight control, gut health and optimal health?Known as the Fasting MD with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Dr. Amy Shah is also the author of I'm So Effing Hungry.  Why should almost all of us fast? Don't worry ... It's not for days at a time and it's easier than you may think. And, wow!, can we achieve huge health gains from fasting. How do we combat peri-menopause and menopause with foods and lifestyle habits?What should we be doing daily to keep our hormones happy? And how can we improve gut health with simple steps?In this episode, we cover:How NOT to be so "effing hungry".What you can do to become your healthiest healthiest possible through intermittent fasting. Why fasting truly increases health outcomes for most adults.The right approach to fast with success.Top signs of poor gut health and when to be concerned.The true deal with ultra-processed foods.Easy suggestions for stress-free food prep.Home cooking vs store-bought options that can be healthy for our gut and our longevity.How much-fermented food we need in a day and why.ABOUT Dr. Shah:AMY SHAH, MD, is a double-board-certified medical doctor and nutrition expert with training from Cornell, Columbia, and Harvard Universities. Drawing from her background in internal medicine and allergy/immunology, as well as her own wellness journey, she has dedicated her practice to helping her patients feel better and live healthier through her integrative and holistic approach to wellness. She was named one of mindbodygreen’s Top 100 Women in Wellness to Watch in 2015 and appears regularly on national television shows and podcasts and in national magazines.She is the author of the books: I'm So Effing Tired and I'm So Effing Hungry.To learn more, visit:Instagram Website: www.amymdwellness.comFacebook******************************Fasting Hack for an Easier Fast You're in for a treat that will help with getting over the fasting hump!I'm super picky about what I recommend. But guess what?I stumbled upon something seriously awesome that aids in overall wellness, beyond just fasting.Algae tablets! Trust me, they're the real deal. Actual, pure food. NOT a supplement. Yet these little guys will NOT break your fast, and they WILL help curb the hunger while giving you a good dose of nutrition!So, if you're up for feeling like a million bucks every day, give 'em a shot. It's like a little health secret that's too good not to share!And hey, I'm excited to help you save some money on it too! Just use code SAMANTHA for 20% offGRAB THEM HERE!
NIX TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS & HOW TO BUILD A POSITIVE MINDSETHow do we know when to cut the cord on certain relationships or friendships? Who's detracting from our best health ("Life Takers"/"Negative Nellys") and how do we mitigate that while also reinforcing a positive support squad?Join me for lots of tips, advice and actionable steps you can start taking TODAY to create healthier relationships, get rid of the toxic ones and improve your mental wellbeing with positivity!What else you will discover in this episode:Healthiest Healthy Hacks for building resiliencyPositive Pollys and Negative Nellys - dissecting the differenceHow to alter your approach or your interaction with people to negate negativityACTION STEPS: Pause the podcast to jot down answers to some Q'sYHH 101 for dealing with toxic peopleBuilding a positive support squad and friendships Tips for tough conversations with toxic peopleHow to foster a positive mindsetHow to reinforce positivity and a positive mindsetTips for stopping the negativity spiral *******************************YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY: COMMUNITY -- JOIN NOW!Want to learn more about my private membership group?! You get:Weekly live coaching with meWeekly live esteemed live guest wellness/medical experts (with Q&A chat!)Weekly workouts with me as well as 100+ more on-demandFREE access to all of my other online wellness challenge groupsPLUS BONUS: a direct line to me with our private FB messenger chat feature!HERE is the link, and please let me know if you have any questions!Visit:********************************MORE FUN FROM SAMANTHA:Get my favorite, clean supplements, protein powders, and EWG-Verified clinically proven anti-aging skincare HERE or visit: my vetted #1 best toxin-free makeup HERE or go visit: more support, check out YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY:COMMUNITY -- -- --  a...
Finally be able to meditate more easily -- with world-renown Gurudev!NOT TO MISS!!!!!!With more than 5.5 million worldwide followers on Facebook and another 2.6 million on Instagram ... this is a very special episode -- because Gurudev does not have time between negotiating world peace (literally!) and guiding millions at in-person events in India and across the globe to simply drop in for a podcast with anyone. Yet, he's here for us!Our guest expert is the inimitable Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -- the most in-demand Global Spiritual Leader and Peace Envoy.He is an international peace negotiator, meditation and spiritual guide, and the founder of The Art of Living program.Gurudev proclaims: "Spirituality and meditation are food for the soul. Celebration becomes genuine when soaked with wisdom."This is a very special episode, we can glean so much while gaining meditation tips directly fro the Guru himself, as we are enchanted by the true goodness that emanates from his soul.In this episode, you will learn: How to find joy by discovering love within oneself as you become a giver and contributor to harmony in the world.Introduction to Gurudev's sought-after breathwork as a tool for managing emotions and changing one's perspective.Breathwork benefits for managing emotions and examples of breathing patterns.Healthiest Hacks for breathwork, meditation, and exercise as enhancers of productivity and overall well-being.Meditation and breathwork for stress relief and inner peace.Contribution of meditation and breathwork to changing minds and reducing violence in conflict zones.Importance of healing and reaching out to vulnerable individuals.Techniques for calming the mind through guided meditations and breathing exercises.Breath and meditation for stress management and personal well-being.Encouragement to adopt a giving-focused perspective on life.Mental health, stress management, and selfless giving.Importance of finding a balance between self-care and giving.The importance of sharing and giving for finding happiness and fulfillment.Increased awareness of mental health issues and coping strategies during times like the pandemic and beyond.Activities for managing depression and anxiety.Encouragement to maintain a positive outlook and expressions of gratitude.More about Gurudev at:Website:******************************MORE FROM SAMANTHA:Get my favorite, clean supplements, protein powders, and EWG-Verified clinically proven anti-aging skincare HERE or visit: my vetted #1
Is toxic beauty burdening your makeup bag? Are your haircare products filled with carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins?How to understand the ingredients in, then remove the toxins from, your personal care products that are overtaking your best health efforts.It's time to TAKE THE TOXINS OUT of your makeup and beauty care routine.What I wish I had done differently before cancer? LOOKED AT INGREDIENTS!See, all I really cared about with my pre-cancer products was that they smelled good, felt nice when applying and seemingly worked to achieve my end-goal "look" with staying power.Little did I know the potential harm they caused.After breast cancer, I am now choosy and selective about the products I put in, on and around my body...and I love love love sharing all that I have discovered with you.In this episode we cover a lot, including:The real deal on beauty and what the big companies are hidingWhat chemicals and ingredients to avoidSpecifically what harms our hormones and can lead to cancer and moreSafer beauty alternative and where to find themBreaking down the harmful ingredients and why they hurt our healthWhat else to keep an eye out for!My trusted go-to makeup products and moreToothpaste, shampoo, and other personal care itemsLet's talk nail polishOur period routine and how to protect our private bits during menstruationWhat the EU is doing right that the U.S. still is getting majorly wrongHow to suss out safe swaps and where to learn even more********************************After searching tons of brands for clean beauty with staying powder that also achieves the look I want, I found a just handful.During a shoot for 65 episodes of a TV game show that I was hosting, my glam squad and I tried out numerous products and brands. I vetted them all to ensure they met my very high standards to be free of harmful ingredients. Then I put them all together in a special guide to share with you.If you would like my FREE guide to CLEAN BEAUTY (makeup, skincare, haircare and even cleaning supplies), click HERE or visit:****************************May I share just a few of my daily go-to makeup products? Check them out below:Liquid Concealer Flawless Foundation® Liquid Blush*********************************Get my favorite, clean supplements, protein powders, and EWG-Verified clinically proven anti-aging skincare a...
Glucose regulation is KEY to optimal health and reducing chronic disease risk. Bonus? Weight loss and improved energy! Guest expert Jessie Inchauspé joins us to dive into how to succeed and hacks to make it happen with ease. (Nope, and even not asking you to quit all sugar! We've got you covered!)Is the order by which you eat your food spiking your blood sugar? Can walk after dinner help to blunt a spike? How do certain food combos affect your glucose levels, which when not steady can harm your longterm health more than you may realize.Let's dive in with this Goddess for ways to blunt those elevations and dips, getting you set for even better health overall.In this episode, we coverWhy you should care about what your glucose is doing daily.Blood sugar management and its huge impact on health.Why getting a handle on (or not) it will impact weight gain or aid in dropping pounds.Top Healthiest Healthy strategies to stabilize blood sugar levels.Eating habit hacks for better glucose control.Easy ways to manage blood sugar spikes before, during and after meals.Post-meal muscle movement for blood sugar control.Savory breakfast options and how they can give you stable blood sugar levels.Menopause and glucose spikes, with tips for improving symptoms.Why menopause affects our fasting glucose level and why that can be harmful.Devices that can help you monitor your levels to gain personal insight.ABOUT THE GLUCOSE GODDESS:Jessie Inchauspé is on a mission to translate cutting-edge science into easy advice to help people improve their physical and mental health. She’s the founder of the wildly popular Instagram account @GlucoseGoddess, where she teaches tens of thousands of people about healthy food habits. She holds a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from King's College London, and a master of science degree in biochemistry from Georgetown University. Her work at a genetic analysis start-up in Silicon Valley made her realize that, as the key to good health, food habits beat genetics.In her first book, Glucose Revolution, Jessie shares her startling discovery about the essential role of blood sugar in every aspect of our lives, from cravings to fertility, and the surprising hacks to optimize it while still eating the foods we love.Her follow-up book, The Glucose Goddess Method, provides a 4-week, 4-step plan to incorporate the most powerful glucose hacks into habits. Instagram:*****************************************Samantha's Signature Smoothie RecipeGrab it HERE or visit:*****************************************Links from the episode and more!Get your own CONTINUAL GLUCOSE MONITOR with these two favorites:ZOE -- Visit a...
WELCOME to my new podcast!!!THIS is going to get you ready to embrace your healthiest life yet.Breast cancer at age 40 blindsided me in 2014.Today, I share how what I have learned can help you reduce your risk of chronic diseases and how even better health is within reach with these small, manageable steps!Cancer blindsided me but then took me on the transformative path most of us don't realize we may need.It ignited something so powerful that it compelled me to delve into extensive research. After over a decade as the host of some of the biggest shows ever on television, I went back to school to become a Certified Health Coach, wrote a #1 bestselling wellness book (YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY), and, ever since my 2014 diagnosis—I have guided others to take back control of their wellbeing in ways we often do not even realize we can.That's why I launched this podcast! To share with you just how accessible these habit and lifestyle adjustments can be. We simply need to be shown the way. So, come take my hand and I will walk this path alongside you.Join me each week for actionable easy steps, practical tips, and esteemed expert insights as we journey together towards the healthiest version of ourselves possible. In this episode I will share a lot, including:My personal cancer story and what I learned that can help YOU!Small manageable steps you can start taking today for even better wellness for longevity.Ways you can be more empowered than you may thinkTop nutrition tips to reduce chronic disease risk (cancer, heart disease and beyond!).How to get the toxins out of your makeup, skincare and more -- and WHY you need to start doing it today.The Healthiest Healthy premier pillars needed to achieve your lifelong health journey.YHH Hacks for carnivores, poultry eaters, and sea-loving foodies to level up to be your healthiest.What kind of oil to cook in and what to watch out for.Straight talk about our beauty products (and the harm they can cause if we are not careful and aware).Quick YHH Tips: A guide to products that are safer, cleaner, and free from harmful ingredients (and what to keep a watchful eye out for!).About Samantha:As an Emmy-winning TV Host, bestselling author, Certified Health Coach & Trainer, cancer survivor/thriver, proud mom of 2, and unstoppable optimist, Samantha is dedicated to being your cheerleader and guide as you journey on toward Your Healthiest Healthy.Watched by millions as the co-host of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight (as well as correspondent and co-anchor duties on EXTRA, E! News, and Access Hollywood), Samantha also recently hosted the wordplay show Tug of Words for Game Show Network. You've seen her as a special correspondent for Good Morning America and star on Broadway as Roxie Hart in the long-running Tony Award-winning musical CHICAGO.Her 2014 stage II invasive breast cancer diagnosis at age 40 inspired a quest for answers about how we can all improve our overall health, prevent chronic diseases, and understand their underlying causes. The resulting book (which debuted as a Bestseller across multiple categories on Amazon), Your Healthiest Healthy: 8 Easy Ways to Take Control, Help Prevent and Fight Cancer, and Live a Longer, Cleaner, Happier Life, translates comprehensive, research-backed knowledge into an easy-to-follow action plan for maximizing health, energy and happiness for life. Queen of the Kardashian empire, Kris Jenner, says, “This book will change your life!”....
WELCOME!!!!!I could not be more excited to launch this podcast and share with you so many easy, actionable and fun ways to take even better control over your wellness and future health outcomes.This is just a quick hello and brief description of what you will hear, learn and get excited about while listening in to the Your Healthiest Healthy: Podcast!If you have questions, want to suggest topics or guest experts for me to interview ... or just want to say "hi" -- be sure to hit me up over on Facebook or Instagram @SamanthaHarrisTV**********************************Grab More Fun from Samantha:Get my favorite, clean supplements, protein powders, and EWG-Verified clinically proven anti-aging skincare HERE or visit: my vetted #1 best toxin-free makeup HERE or visit: more support, check out YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY:COMMUNITY -- -- --'s make this health journey awesome together! 🌟💪💕SamanthaDISCLAIMER:This Podcast and all related content [published or distributed by or on behalf of Samantha Harris, The King's Daughter, Inc., or and its signatories - all known as "Company"] is for informational purposes only and may include information that is general in nature and that is not specific to you. Any information or opinions provided by guest experts or hosts featured within website or on this YOUR HEALTHIEST HEALTHY: Podcast with Samantha Harris are their own; not those of Samantha Harris or the Company. Accordingly, Samantha Harris and the Company cannot be responsible for any results or consequences or actions you may take based on such information or opinions. This podcast is presented for exploratory purposes only. Published content is not intended to be used for preventing, diagnosing, or treating a specific illness. If you have, or suspect you may have, a health-care emergency, please contact a qualified health care professional for treatment.