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Before heading off for her month-long European adventure, there’s a bit of a plot twist. Morgan gets vulnerable this week and opens up about her recent run-in with rejection. And what is she best at? Finding the silver lining in every situation. Breaking news, girls: you deserve someone who tells you “Your eyes are like two crystal clear pools of water” AND signs your cards. Jokes aside, you’ll get some great advice on handling heartbreak and moving on. What is Morgan’s go-to mantra when dealing with rejection in relationships? What is she looking most forward to at her wedding? Where is she spending the next month? A cruise, a retreat, and so much adventure is in store. Listen and come back on October 9th to hear how her excursion went. LOVE YA BESTIES 💕💕💕💕 Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok:  
Girl Talk with Demps

Girl Talk with Demps


Get ready for the Monday pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed! This week, Morgan sits down with fellow Nashville influencer, Katie Dempsey (aka Demps) for a dose of inspiration🌟. From working a job at Dell to being a TikTok sensation with over 2 million followers, Katie spills the tea on her wild journey and how she balances the internet with her day-to-day life. Demps gives her best tips for slaying the TikTok game, being authentic, and expressing yourself without fear. The gals dive into some Sunday secrets and even share some of their own confessions. So, buckle up because this episode is about to take you on a rollercoaster ride of inspiration, authenticity, and lots of laughter. Enjoy some Girl Talk. Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Follow Demps on Instagram: Follow Demps on Tiktok: Subscribe on YouTube:  
6 Months in Nashville

6 Months in Nashville


Get ready for some real talk this week. Morgan opens up about her move from Los Angeles to Nashville, and how she’s feeling after spending 6 months in the city! (But not before updating you on her colon hydrotherapy session. Hot girls clean their colons!) Anywho. Morgan bares it all—deep diving on her feelings after the end of her last relationship, and how she conquered the fear of being solo. From uncomfortable moments to pushing through change, she shares game-changing tips on what to do when something makes you feel uncomfortable. Morgan talks about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone, disconnecting from social media, and prioritizing quality friendships rather than quantity. By the end of this episode, you’ll be feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. Does Morgan plan on moving away anytime soon? Find out in episode 13! Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok:  
Glow Ups with Joey Sasso

Glow Ups with Joey Sasso


Morgan gets slightly more serious this week with her good friend and fellow reality TV star, Joey Sasso. While Morgan and Joey are known for their silly antics, they sit down and talk transparently about some of their challenges. Joey opens up about his journey with sobriety, his struggles with addiction and the turning point that led him to seek help. They both talk about the recent changes in their lives that have transformed them in the best ways possible. They chat about the importance of checking in on loved ones but still have time for jokes about mattress sizes, weird DMs, and red flags. Morgan and Joey get vulnerable and talk about the real parts of reality tv you don’t see through the screen. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss, hear all about Morgan and Joey’s Glow Ups.  Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Follow Joey on Instagram: Follow Joey on Tiktok: Watch the episode on YouTube:  
Besties, this week Morgan is sitting down with special friend, and incredible entertainment reporter, Emily Longeretta! Em knows what she’s doing and brought some hot questions! After an eventful morning being hacked on Tiktok, the girls are diving straight in. First up? The trials and tribulations of dating in the entertainment industry. They’re letting you in on the challenges, the highs, the lows, and the differences of dating in different cities. Emily's in full reporter mode, and she's on a mission to get Morgan to spill all the deets about her first relationship (cue the cringe) and her journey with faith. Morgan tells Emily about her journey making friends in Nashville, how she maintains her confidence, and so much more. We even get insight into Morgan’s multiple businesses and inspiration for what she does. So many things you won’t want to miss!  Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Follow Emily on Instagram:  
You’ve been asking for her since the beginning, and now she’s finally here - Morgan’s sometimes best friend, but always older sister, Alex Willett! She shares her journey from almost blowing their cover on Big Brother to becoming a world-traveling flight attendant, and it has been a trip. One thing that’s been a consistent theme for Alex lately? Awful dates. Morgan asks her about her top 3 worst experiences, and Alex delivers. While they have some things in common, the girls discuss their preferences in partners, communication styles, and their sisterly dynamics. Alex spills the tea and tells which state has the craziest flights and how she meets people while traveling. Did Morgan share split her prize money with Alex? Hear all of the juicy details in Turbulent Dates. Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Follow Alex on Instagram: Watch the episode on YouTube:  
In this episode, Morgan sits down with incredible podcaster, author, and mindfulness master, Case Kenny! Case shares his passion for sharing mindfulness, discussing his journey from podcaster to viral social media quote sensation. Morgan gets some details on dating from the male perspective and asks about sliding in the DMs, making the first move, and so much more that you don’t want to miss. The pair dive straight into topics like masculinity vs maturity, and the infamous cab theory from Sex and the City. You deserve someone on the same page as you. Throughout this incredible episode, they stress the power of clear communication, avoiding those pesky situationships, and staying true to themselves. How do they feel about settling in a relationship? Is he truly the Most Mindful Man on the Internet? We’re convinced yes. By the end, Case and Morgan will leave you with some valuable insights and advice on mindfulness, self-awareness, and the art of navigating relationships in a social media driven world. Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Case on Instagram: Check out Case's Podcast: Get Case's latest book: Watch the episode on Youtube:
Three Exes on the Beach

Three Exes on the Beach


After two weeks in Bali and a bit of jet lag, Morgan is finally home in Nashville getting back into the swing of her routine. She shares a recent experience with her faith, and how she wants to use her platform for good, but that’s enough wholesomeness for this episode. Today’s topic is one you’ve all been waiting for: Morgan’s time on MTV’s Ex on the Beach. Morgan shares the tea on her fellow contestants and “exes,” the kiss drama, and what was up with that lie detector test? Does Morgan regret her time on reality tv? Would she ever do it again? Hear all about it in this episode! Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Watch this episode on YouTube:  
This week is a true full-circle moment! Morgan sits down with best-selling author, TikTok sensation, and wonderful podcast host of FML Talk, Gabrielle Stone. If you’ve followed Morgan for a while, you’ll remember her as a guest (twice) on Gabriella’s show following her very public breakup last year. The girls are here to help you feel less alone as they talk about their recent journeys of self-discovery and finding themselves after a heartbreak. Gabrielle and Morgan share their best tips for meeting new people, putting yourself out there, not settling, and finding quality partners.  Follow Morgan on Instagram:  Follow Gabrielle on Instagram:  Watch the podcast on YouTube:  
14 Days in Bali

14 Days in Bali


Thinking about traveling solo? Start here, besties! As Morgan’s time in Bali comes to an end, she reflects on the time she’s spent there and everything she has learned in the process. She deep dives into her itinerary from beginning to end! She discusses all things solo trip planning: the flights, hotels vs. hostels, safety, sharing itineraries, and so much more. Morgan tells details on her favorite cities and accommodations across the country and her unfortunate experience with Bali belly. A quick run-through: a surprise swinger’s hotel, getting stuck on an ATV, monkeys, and jamu. You’ll feel like you were there with her. It’s a vacation an episode you won’t want to miss!  Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Watch the podcast on YouTube:   
Surprise! An extra dose of Morgan this week! In this episode, Morgan sits down with talented actress, singer, and influencer, Jenna Davis. From crafting their digital presence to staying true to themselves, the girls dive into the details of being influencers in this crazy online world. They talk about recent romantic relationships and how the spotlight has taken its toll on them. Don't miss all the tea! Follow Morgan on Instagram:  Follow Jenna on Instagram:  Watch the podcast on YouTube: 
Before Morgan jetted off to Bali, she sat down with friend and Challenge champion, Jonna (that's right, it's pronounced John-A) Mannion. They share their first impressions of one another, and deep dive into the world of reality tv: the ups, downs, and everything in between. The girls talk about the potential negative effects of being on reality TV and the toll it can take on someone’s mental health. Jonna takes us on a journey through her life as a badass mom, juggling it all and still slaying the game. The two talk about personal growth, dive into some tea, and spill their experiences with *specific people* (IYKYK) on their shows. They wrap things up by rating your icks: bad spelling, unsolicited d*ck pics, Bluetooth headsets, and many more. Follow Morgan on Instagram:  Follow Jonna: Follow Morgan on Tiktok:  Watch the podcast on YouTube:  
Your girl is here, reporting (okay, not exactly live, but close enough) straight from paradise! 🌴 After an intense 24-hour journey, Morgan finally arrived at her fabulous villa and is taking some time to reflect: what brought her to Bali, why she is there by herself, and how she almost missed her flight. She reads from her journal and opens up about the things she wants to let go of in life, and how she is embracing the “island time” mentality. Morgan updates us on a recent date that has her giddy, and explains the first date uniform. Morgan tells us all about her Bali travel itinerary and where she’s thinking about heading for her next group trip. She follows up on if she’s actually the asshole, and reads a submission from a listener. WWTSD?  Follow Morgan on Instagram:  Follow Morgan on Tiktok:  Watch the podcast on YouTube: 
Morgan is back with her first guest, and who better than her Big Brother ally and LA roommate, Shelby Stockton! Shelby fills us in on what she’s been up to since leaving reality tv, since she isn’t on any social media platforms. The girls giggle about how Shelby lied about her job, and how their strategy led to Morgan’s ultimate success on the show. Morgan tells how she is in her “if it isn’t a hell yes, it’s a hell no” era, and Shelby gives a little advice on finding happiness in being single after a relationship ends. The pair compare “interesting” dates, spill some tea about their castmates, and maybe you’ll see Shelby in Canada or Spain soon, who knows?  Follow Morgan on Instagram:  Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Watch the podcast on YouTube:    
Trust the Process

Trust the Process


Welcome, besties, to Your Internet Bestfriend, with none other than Morgan Willett. You may know her from her time on Big Brother: Over the Top (Winner!), Ex on the Beach and The Challenge. As a single, almost 29-year-old reality TV star turned influencer, Morgan shares her journey from growing up in Texas, her time in LA, and how that led her to a new venture in Nashville. She shares her word of the year and how she is taking risks without regret and pursuing her dreams and passions, wherever in the world they take her. OH, and don’t worry, Morgan brought the TEA with some hilarious recent male encounters in Nashville. Hear all about her spicy Cinco de Mayo experience with her neighbor, and how she ended up on a date with a man in a cat shirt. Get ready to feel inspired, entertained and maybe a little bit of second-hand embarrassment, this is just the beginning of Your Internet Bestfriend. Follow Morgan on Instagram: Follow Morgan on Tiktok: Watch the podcast on YouTube: 
If you’re searching for a podcast that’s like having your bold, hilarious BFF chatting in your ear, look no further. Welcome to “Your Internet Bestfriend” with former Reality TV star turned influencer, Morgan Willett. You’ll laugh, cry, and cringe together as Morgan navigates the single life in Nashville for the last year of her 20s! This podcast is her virtual diary, where you’ll hear about dating disasters, juicy life details, and all things girl talk. You’ll feel like a part of her inner circle (tbh you are). Morgan is here to share her stories, and leave you feeling empowered, entertained, and inspired to embrace your own fabulous journey. Buckle up, besties. We’re doing the damn thing.
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