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If you’re searching for a podcast that’s like having your bold, hilarious BFF chatting in your ear, look no further. Welcome to “Your Internet Bestfriend” with former Reality TV star turned influencer, Morgan Willett. You’ll laugh, cry, and cringe together as Morgan navigates the single life in Nashville for the last year of her 20s! This podcast is her virtual diary, where you’ll hear about dating disasters, juicy life details, and all things girl talk. You’ll feel like a part of her inner circle (tbh you are). Morgan is here to share her stories, and leave you feeling empowered, entertained, and inspired to embrace your own fabulous journey. Buckle up, besties. We’re doing the damn thing.
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If you’re a country music fan, you’re in for a treat. Morgan is back in the studio with the incredibly talented Mitchell Tenpenny. If you’ve been following on IG, you know Morgan was recently featured in the music video for Mitchell’s new single, “Not Today.” He shares what goes on behind the scenes in the music videos, his songwriting journey, and some wholesome tour experiences. Mitchell opens up about unexpectedly meeting his now wife, how and where it happened, and the song he wrote about it. Morgan and Mitchell compare opinions on some hot topics and answer your burning questions. Who has been Mitchell’s favorite person to tour with? What bar would you find him at on Broadway? Who are his dream artist collaborations? And what’s actually in those red solo cups? Hear all about it in today’s episode, Losers and Tequila.  Timestamps: [00:00:00] Intro. [00:01:38] “Not Today” Music Video [00:04:26] Emotional songwriting. [00:06:56] Mitchell's Pokemon collection. [00:09:39] Craziest tour experiences. [00:14:55] Sleeping on the bus. [00:17:04] Drinking on stage. [00:21:40] Touring with Luke Bryan. [00:23:53] Wild crowd incidents. [00:25:55] Concert interruptions and engagements. [00:33:25] Love and Losers. [00:39:40] Favorite celebrity you've ever met? [00:43:14] Favorite song to perform. [00:44:41] Dream collaborations in music. [00:48:11] All things Taylor Swift. Links: Watch “Not Today” Watch “Iris” Follow Morgan: Follow Mitchell: Follow Off The Rails: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by  
Besties, Morgan is back to deep-dive on something a little more serious this week. Sitting down with Morgan is licensed therapist, Kelly McKenna, to discuss all things anxiety, attachment styles, and mental health in relationships. They discuss the differences between anxiety and stress, and when to seek help. Morgan opens up about her struggles with anxiety, while Kelly shares her tips for managing anxious thoughts and overthinking, and building confidence. Kelly and Morgan talk about finding the right fit in a therapist, and the difference it can truly make in your life. *Disclaimer: Advice provided is the opinion of a licensed therapist and is not an alternative for therapy* Timestamps: [00:00:00] Intro. [00:02:38] Anxiety vs. Stress. [00:05:23] Signs to seek therapy. [00:09:11] Coping with anxiety methods. [00:15:23] Confidence and anxiety levels connection. [00:18:21] Self-sabotage in relationships. [00:28:51] Attachment styles. [00:35:17] Relationships in 2024. [00:39:27] Coping with perfectionism and anxiety. [00:44:44] Redefining success and priorities. [00:45:59] Overcoming social anxiety. [00:49:16] Making friends as an adult. [00:53:05] Finding the right therapist. Links: Follow Morgan: Kelly: Follow Off The Rails: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
Bellyflopping into 30

Bellyflopping into 30


Morgan is older, wiser, hotter, and back from her unhinged 30th birthday bash in Vegas! She dives into the details of their weekend shenanigans and tips for a successful Vegas extravaganza. And as you might’ve heard, “What happens in Vegas goes on Morgan’s Instagram story.” Who forgot their ID? Who bellyflopped into the pool? How much are men REALLY spending in the clubs? Your jaw will drop. But Morgan’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without a list: the 30 unhinged things she’s learned in her 30 years. A few favorites? #5: Don’t hold hands while cliff jumping. #11: If someone pees on your shoes, you have to throw them away. #26: Make trip bucket lists. And so many more. Get all of the life advice you need for the week in this episode: Bellyflopping into 30.  Links: Follow Morgan: Follow Off The Rails: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
This week Morgan sits down with a special guest, you may know her as the Big Sister of the Internet. From a small town in Missouri to living in California with her friends and having 14 *million* TikTok followers, Tabitha Swatosh is here to share all the details of her life. Morgan and Tabs talk all things past relationships, cheaters and red flags. The pair give advice for navigating friendship breakups, long distance relationships, and living in LA. Don’t miss this juicy episode, it’s Off The Rails with Morgan. Timestamps:
 [00:00:00] Intro [00:02:16] Why is Tabitha in Nashville? [00:06:05] Fate vs. challenges in traveling. [00:07:37] Making money on Snapchat. [00:11:18] Dating a Mormon in Utah. [00:13:29] Dirty sodas [00:18:12] Boyfriend phenomenon. [00:21:14] Recognizing red flags in relationships. [00:24:17] Betrayal through Apple Watch messages. [00:27:12] Chasing dreams amidst hardships. [00:31:33] Night shift nurses betrayal. [00:32:15] Identifying a narcissist. [00:39:05] Significant others and strip clubs. [00:43:08] Setting boundaries with female friends. [00:46:31] Life in LA. [00:53:19] Setting boundaries with fans. [00:56:41] Jojo Siwa's mysterious tattoos. [00:58:53] Snapchat and making money. [01:03:39] Celebrity crushes and preferences. [01:05:04] Manifesting working with Adam Sandler. Links:
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Morgan is BACK from break and ready to get you up to speed on what’s been going on in her life. And with a podcast rebrand, a couple festivals, a music video, and few trips around the world… she’s been busy. Starting on a more serious note, Morgan opens up about the excitement and uncertainties about the future. She gives her best tips for self-love and acceptance, and embracing the journey of life. But don’t worry, it’s not all serious. Morgan dives into Coachella and Stagecoach, and her take on The Tortured Poets Department. Who got stuck in a port-a-potty for 30 minutes? Who is Morgan’s current celebrity crush? And what the hell happened to her sunglasses? Hear all the updates and set your reminder to listen to a new episode every Monday morning. It’s Off The Rails with Morgan Willett.  Timestamps: [00:00:00] Intro [00:01:42] Embracing life's messy moments. [00:06:17] New Celebrity Crush. [00:08:25] Overcoming heartbreak in Maui. [00:12:18] Travel adventures and realizations. [00:16:20] The Tortured Poets Department. [00:24:37] Port-a-potty festival mishap. [00:26:54] Nickelback concert experience. [00:35:30] Sometimes you need your parents. [00:40:05] Not caring what others think. [00:42:24] Self-love tips. [00:44:30] Embracing self-love in your 30s. Links: Follow Morgan: Follow Off The Rails: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
Welcome to Off The Rails with Morgan Willett. You may know her from reality TV, from social media, or as your Internet best friend. She is back with a new and improved podcast as she just turned 30, she’s flirty and sometimes thriving. Join her in diving into all things life: the good, the bad, and the unhinged. This is a place for everyone to realize we are all a little off the rails.  Buckle up. 
Ok, that was a little dramatic, but it’s the season finale! Morgan is back in Nashville to catch you up on all things life, and recap her recent trip to the land down under. It was eventful to say the least, starting with a travel day from hell, and ending with the trip of a lifetime. What went wrong on her way to Sydney? (Spoiler alert: basically everything lol). How long did it take her to get there, and how much did it cost? She finally made it to her destination, where a man with an itinerary awaited her arrival. Morgan shares a little about her experience seeing someone half of a world away, but discusses the struggle of balancing what to post or keep private. Where did he take Morgan for a surprise dinner date? Who has chlamydia? When will the podcast be back? All of your questions were answered in the season 2 finale: Hello Australia, Goodbye Podcast. Follow Morgan: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
This week, Morgan (virtually) sits down with the final guest of season 2, influencer, content creator, makeup extraordinaire and mother, Heather Kuntz!  From partying hard in Tulum to having 3 boys under 3, Heather talks about what it’s like setting boundaries with social media and balancing influencing with being a present mom. Morgan and Heather compare wild Nashville stories from their time in the party and dating scenes. The pair chat about trolls and handling internet hate. What does Heather do to keep the trolls in line? What did Morgan and Heather aspire to be as kids? How many people are in diapers in Heather’s house right now? How many times did she have to push when her son was born? Don't miss Heather's mom journey on this week's episode: Diapers and Drama. Follow Morgan: Follow Heather: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
The season is starting to come to an end, but not before your favorite sister duo has a reunion! Morgan and Alex are here to catch you up on all things life, relationships, travel, and their biggest icks. Traumatic toe experiences, Jeep ducks, men in flip flops, the girls hold NOTHING back. How do they feel about white sunglasses? Messy bathrooms? How many pillows should be on the bed? Morgan quizzes Alex on some pop culture current events, where she reminds us about Usher, LMFAO and North West’s incredible Super Bowl performance this year. This episode is full of sister giggles to brighten your Monday. Don’t miss The Men are Menning. Head to and use code “internetbf50” for 50% off your first order from Factor. Follow Morgan: Follow Alex: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
This week’s episode has been a long time coming. What started as Morgan leaving a note on her window ended here: with her window washer on the podcast. Fletch (aka @squaggawagga2 on TikTok) is a professional high-rise window cleaner in Nashville who has built an audience of over 250k followers sharing his daily jobs. Fletch shares some thrilling stories about dangling from buildings, things that have gone wrong, and some close calls. Morgan asks Fletch to spill the tea: What is the craziest thing he has ever seen through a window at work? What is the real reason he chooses to do this job? How many times has Fletch been banned from TikTok? Their conversation will leave you giggling and feeling all happy and inspired, everything you need to start your week. It’s Windows and Roofies.  Go to and use code "INTERNETBF50" for 50% off your first order. Follow Morgan: Follow Fletch: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
Calling all fans of The Traitors! This week Morgan sits down with former Bachelor, newfound gamer and leader of the Peter Pals himself... Peter Weber! After a cliffhanger episode last week (that had Morgan literally on the edge of her seat.. which is saying a lot because we know it takes ALOT for her to be hooked on a show), Peter discusses his time on season 2 of the hit Peacock show ‘The Traitors’ and his thoughts on how everything went down. Spoiler alert… we have to wait to see if he was banished but Morgan’s prediction? Peter is gaming hard & here to STAY, friends. Or so we are manifesting. Morgan is asking all your burning listeners questions like the true internet bestie she is. How long did they film? What was Peter’s biggest downfall as a faithful? Does he regret his decision to stay true to his word? How are he and Bergie? What’s the beef with Phaedra that no one knows about? Who gets his final rose? How was the food? Is he single?! And what future shows does he have his eye on? Buckle up besties, you’re going to like this one. The Traitors is streaming now with new episodes Thursdays at 9pm EST, only on Peacock - 🤍 Go to and use code "INTERNETBF50" for 50% off your first order. Follow Morgan: Follow Peter: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
You heard it here first! We 👏🏼 Aren't 👏🏼 Skipping 👏🏼 Breakfast! 👏🏼 A fitness episode has been long overdue! This week, Morgan sits down with fitness trainer and new mom Macey Boyd to talk about all things health, motherhood, and sobriety! From overcoming a toxic relationship with alcohol to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, Macey shares her experience with fitness and its impact throughout her life. Macey and Morgan answer submitted questions, and aren’t afraid to give their honest opinions and shed light on some fitness myths. Motivation, discipline, and routines, how do Morgan and Macey stick to their fitness goals? How do they feel about spot training? Are they worried about getting too bulky? How does alcohol really affect your physique goals? What tips do they have for finding a workout for you? Listen for an inspiring conversation that will leave you ready to prioritize yourself and your well-being 💕 ——— Follow Morgan: Follow Macey: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
How to be Single

How to be Single


It’s Valentine’s week, and if you’ve been following along, you’d know that Morgan is the queen of the single life. But it hasn’t always been that way! Morgan’s curly-haired alter ego, Margo, is here to give you ALL the advice you need to thrive as a single twenty-something! Tips and tricks for self-love, finding happiness in being alone and a potential family curse, Morgan deep dives into all things love. What are the pros and cons of being single? What do people wish they would’ve done before locking down a long-term relationship and having kids? Romanticize your life, love yourself, and enjoy your freedom, besties. It’s Valentine’s week ❤️ Follow Morgan: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
Besties, this week is as unhinged as it gets. Morgan sits down with Jemmye Carroll and they’re here for one reason only: to spill tea. Known for her time on The Challenge, The Real World and Ex on the Beach, the girls talk about their experiences with reality tv, the latest celebrity gossip, and dive into some of their most controversial opinions. What critiques do they have for The Challenge? What does Morgan regret most from the show? What are Morgan and Jemmye’s most embarrassing moments? The pair compare and rate your embarrassing submissions, and good thing they were anonymous. Who is scared of condiments? What is going on with Morgan’s close friends? And who is out here NOT TIPPING? Giggle along with Morgan and Jemmye in this hilarious episode of Talking Sh*t. Follow Morgan: Follow Jemmye: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
Morgan survived the frozen tundra and (barely) made it home from Colorado, but she’s back! First up: a little slip and a spontaneous ski trip, but obviously, it couldn’t go as planned. After a lost luggage dilemma, Morgan finally made it to the slopes where she met a kind stranger, Greg, who saved the day. And the second part: vision boards and manifesting. “The Morgan Method” is slightly different than you’ve seen before. Morgan breaks down step by step how she has consistently made vision boards to hit her goals year after year. She talks about her goals and dreams for 2024, and gives you the framework for basically getting everything you want. This is the episode you need to hear to make 2024 your 👏🏼 year 👏🏼 besties. It’s episode 31: Mountains and Manifesting. Get a free yellow clay mask when you spend $40 or more at Typology using the link: Follow Morgan: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
Happy Monday, Besties! Morgan is back from her cute little mountain getaway and getting her life together for the new year. She sits down to share some life updates, answer advice questions, and, of course, deep dives into the famous Gypsy Rose Blanchard. What are some of Morgan’s goals and resolutions for 2024? What gave her the ick recently? Can you have extensions in a correctional facility? What’s Morgan’s word of the year? She’s covering the most important topics today. Fitting into your significant other’s friend group, creating a consistent, healthy routine, and healing your people-pleasing tendencies, Morgan is here with all the BFF advice.  Follow Morgan: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
It’s time to welcome back one of our favorite guests: podcast host, author, and friend, Gabrielle Stone! Morgan and Gabrielle sit down for some life updates and advice for starting the new year. They reflect on the importance of embracing oneself and being proud of personal growth. The duo share their gratitude for health and talk about welcoming the flow of change. Divine timing and relationship advice, Gabrielle shares her experience finding her husband and how she knew it was meant to be. They bond over their people-pleasing tendencies, and playing the comparison game on social media, this episode gives tips on all the topics you need for a little Monday morning pick me up. Follow Morgan: Follow Gabrielle: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
New Year, New Episode! And Morgan is kicking things off with a bang: it’s one-half life updates, one-half Britney Spears conspiracy theories! Starting with things Morgan has learned this year: unhinged edition, and a quick reflection of how the year went for her. A swingers hotel? How does she feel about Albuquerque? What is her word of the year for 2024? And wait, we’re just getting started. They’ve both been down the internet rabbit hole, so Morgan is joined by her friend Jamie to discuss everything Britney. From living a life of family trauma to the book, the girls discuss what they think is actually happening with Britney Spears. They break down her Instagram videos and share their best theories. Does she have a body double? Did she actually write her own book? Hear all of the details that might or might not have happened right here. New Year, Free Britney!  Follow Morgan: Follow Jamie: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
MERRY CHRISTMAS, besties! You didn’t think you’d have a Monday without an episode, did you? This week, Morgan’s gift to you could be the funniest episode yet, with a special guest, Caleb Voth. If you’ve been following for a while, you might also know him as Oklahoma. After moving to Nashville, Caleb was Morgan’s first date, and they’ve remained friends ever since. Morgan and Caleb share their Nashville dating horrors and some crazy childhood experiences. Stolen vehicles, playing with fire, and serenading girls, Caleb breaks down the 4 types of Nashville girls, gives you all the stories you didn’t know you needed, as well as some tips from his upcoming course, DBC… And we’re still waiting for an update on Jim. Happy holidays, besties. Hope this episode brings joy and light to your week!  Follow Morgan: Follow Caleb: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by
After absolutely flooding Morgan’s DMs with requests for this guest, fellow Nashville influencer, podcaster and reality tv girlie, Shannon Ford is here! The pair discuss how they first crossed paths, their opinions on Stagecoach vs Coachella, and inner dialogues. Shannon shares some updates about her life: recently turning 30, selling out live shows, getting engaged, and buying a home, she’s been busy! They chat all things Spotify/Apple Music wrapped, and compare how things in their lives happen purely for the sake of content. A $60M wedding, a reality TV falling out, which of them was almost on Survivor? And who smells like a burnt gingerbread house? Hear all about it in episode 26: Living for the Plot. Follow Morgan: Follow Shannon: Follow Your Internet Bestfriend: Watch the full episode on YouTube: Produced by