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He broke our current Bachelorette's hearts, and reunited with Susie whom he currently lives with. He got intimate with all 3 women (doesn't every lead do that though???) and dealt with the public's wrath. Today we hear from Clayton- what would he do differently? How did he handle the backlash? What is he focused on? Any suggestions to Bachelor franchise on how to navigate these situations better? Does he blame producers? Would he do it again? + how did it all start? Tune in to find out! Produced by Dear Media
Wow this past weekend was… busy! This week it’s back to basics, just chatting with my besties about the latest- KETE's shocking (or not really?) breakup, Khloe and Tristan’s baby has been born, both news released the same day! So what happened first? Has it been confirmed? I also chat about KFed’s exclusive interview with Daily Mail (urgh!), Britney’s response and why the kids allegedly didn’t come to her wedding. I also give some BTS on how I schedule some of my biggest interviews, my podcasting pet peeves,  my big celeb letdown, and my Love Islander follow…and unfollow :-(   Produced by Dear Media  
You know her from The Hills, the young bombshell Heidi and Lauren “spontaneously” meet by the pool- Audrina Patridge! Now a mom, the former reality tv star wrote a tell-all book, Choices, where she shares everything from what was real on The Hills to her relationship with Justin Bobby, Chris Pine, and other famous men, and finally her ex husband with whom she had a very tumultuous relationship. We discuss all this and more on today's episode! Produced by Dear Media
A childhood dream came true! I sat down with Backstreet Boy AJ McLean (who btw shared my heart and space on my wall with Brian Littrell). We talk about how the boy band came to be, his drug addiction, meeting his wife, has he had a celeb hookup, beef with other boy bands, who his celeb crush is and so much more! Produced by Dear Media
In this episode, I sit down with reality TV star, author, and founder of Uncommon James & Uncommon Beauty- Kristin Cavallari!!! She’s been on our screens since 2004 and she’s finally telling us what was real and what wasn’t. We discuss her new podcast with ex Stephen Colletti (& who wouldn’t be a guest on their show), her dating life post divorce, living in Nashville, why she doesn’t get Botox/filler, and which surprising celebrity she was friends with!    Produced by Dear Media
Not sure if I’m having an existential crisis or if pisces is just in MOTHERFUCKIN Leo. Anyway. I’m In MY fEeLiNGz. In this solo pod, I talk about imposter syndrome, the influencer industry that bugs me sometimes, and of course break down the latest and greatest celeb news: Kim’s Allure cover, Doja Cat versus Noah Schnapp, Gigi & Leo, and more! Produced by Dear Media
Catching up with my friend Hannah Berner about married life, her comeback, her relationships with Summer House cast, her glow up, and career advice.  Produced by Dear Media
Boop, Busy Philipps is on the podcast! If you don’t know her then you’re Gen Z and probably not listening to this podcast anyway lol. The longtime actress you might know from Freaks and Geeks, Dawson's Creek, White Chicks and most recently Girls 5Eva talks divorce, moving to nyc, friendships, kids and Roe v Wade overturned. Produced by Dear Media
It's just us this week (that’s you!) and we talk about my SKKN facial and my honest opinion of the products, who I ran into that day, Rhode's launch, moderating Jenny Mollen's City of Likes book launch event, debunking the JLo "versus" Shakira controversy, and I do my least favorite thing bc you asked, an AMA! Produced by Dear Media
The hilarious Heather McMahan is here and we break down Britney Spears’ wedding, from the celeb guests to the ex intruder. Heather also shares about her own upcoming Italian wedding, how she’s a Travel-zilla, and what show she thinks stole her life story. Produced by Dear Media
Arielle is here and we discuss my 34th bday, the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard verdict, my theory about Kourt, and other celeb updates!  Produced by Dear Media
I catch up with NY Real Housewife Leah McSweeney about converting to Judaism, her mental health struggles, her unique relationship with Julia Fox, dating life, which co-stars she's speaking to, if she’s going back on RHONY, her book Chaos Theory, her sobriety and more! Produced by Dear Media
Still on cloud 9 from getting to interview Khloe Fucking Kardashian! I hope you guys all listened and loved! Today you’ll be able to watch the entire interview on YouTube as well! I give you guys an insider look at that experience as well as recap the KRAVIS wedding and other celeb news.  Produced by Dear Media
I went BACK TO CALABASAS to sit down with the one and only Khloé Kardashian to discuss her life as a single mama, finding out about Tristan from Kim, why her anxiety has gotten worse, why she started Good American, if she would host SNL, whether she's open to dating, if she would date a rockstar type, and what it's like living next door to her mom. This episode is sponsored by Shopify. Go to for a free 14 day trial. This episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct, or indirect financial interest in products, or services referred to in this episode. Produced by Dear Media
Emily Baker who is a legal commentator, and a former deputy district attorney takes us through this very public & polarizing trial! She answers all my questions including: why is the trial in Virginia? Why is it being televised? What evidence is there against Johnny? What evidence is there against Amber? What does she think of the public opinion and more! Produced by Dear Media
As I lay in bed in my robe and thinking either I have COVID, am dying, or just hungover? I talk to my faves (that’s you!) about some of my fave Met Gala moments, and least fave, the Amber/Johnny trial, Kraziest Kardashian stories from the week,  and my friend's hot take on KETE that got me thinking. I also pull a total basic b influencer move and answer some of your questions- and I have to admit- it was really nice.    Produced by Dear Media
I am joined by author, actress, mom and wife of American Pie’s Jason Bigg, Jenny Mollen! She’s hilarious and I’ve followed her on Instagram for years. We discuss her new novel, City of Likes, coming out on June 14, how she met Jason, got pregnant, and became a mom with a toddler food Instagram account - Dictator Lunches. She also puts me on the spot at the end of the episode - tune in to find out what she asked me! Produced by Dear Media
Mya Allen comes on the show to talk Summer House, Oliver, Andrea's balls, whether she's really friends with Paige, The Knead, and more. Produced by Dear Media
162. Leave HB Alone!!

162. Leave HB Alone!!


Riri is the prettiest pregnant woman the planet and Amina is shutting down the cheating rumors, Hailey Bieber can't and shouldn't have to take it anymore from Jelenators, and Johnny Depp goes to court with Amber Heard. Arielle and I explain it all!! Produced by Dear Media
161. My KRAZY Week

161. My KRAZY Week


Lemme tell you allll about my Kraziest Week Ever from the start - getting the ask from Kim's team, hosting the Hulu premiere party, which fam member I was most nervous about, working with stylists, Khloe screaming "liar!" and my new show on E! News with Colt Paulsen!! Produced by Dear Media
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Traci McFerrin

wow, this Emma is something else! lol Just ask her, she'll tell you how amazing she is!

Dec 28th

Amy W

Bring Katie back again This was a good one .

Oct 26th

Carly McFly

these fuxking ads. im only listening to this dumb b for brit

Feb 4th

Marlboro Man

It is so much fun listening to you talking about the "queens". Thanks. Please keep it up..

Jun 19th
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