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grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & friends
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grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & friends

Author: Sarah Raven

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Welcome to grow, cook, eat, arrange, the weekly podcast from gardener, writer, teacher,and cook, Sarah Raven. Over the last two decades, Sarah has led the way by introducing a new kind of productive gardening which places emphasis on intense colour, sophistication, and achievability. Recorded at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in Sussex, Sarah talks with special guests from across garden design, floristry, food, ecology, conservation, and more. Brimming with top tips and helpful hints, listen and learn how to create your most productive garden ever. You can find out more about the products discussed in each episode or get in touch by visiting the website:

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This week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ centres around not only the charm of gardening for beginners, but bringing that charm indoors with our wonderful guest, Votary & Verden’s Arabella Preston.She takes us through the muses for her nature-inspired beauty and wellness brands, shares how she found the joy of gardening, and which flower varieties are ideal for newcomers.In this episode, discover:The early forming of Votary and Verden, with Arabella’s grounding in natureArabella’s discovery of the joys to be found gardeningTop plants for a new gardener, whether the aromatic Lavender and Jasmine, or the charming White Flower Carpet RoseGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Pollinators’ role in our gardens is a vital one, and the work being done by Bees for Development is making a global impact for these essential species, and the countries in which they work.Martha Kearney and Nicola Bradbear play a huge role in Bees for Development’s work, and join Sarah on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to share the extent of their involvement, and how we can all aid the plight of pollinators in our own gardens.In this episode, discover:The origins of Martha and Nicola’s care for pollinatorsTips for gardeners to care for bees and other pollinators The importance of experiencing nature from an early ageBees for Development’s remarkable work, and how to support the charityGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
The time to decorate your home for Christmas is cheerily hurtling towards us, making this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ the perfect chance to peruse new decorations.Arthur joins us once more on the podcast as he and Sarah share their joyful highlights from our range, helping you to bring that yuletide sparkle to life both in the garden and within your home.In this episode, discover:The delightful story behind Jonathan Buckley’s ‘Snow Queen’ photo of Sarah at a snow-capped Perch HillOur trusty, reliable favourites for the garden, from stunning light strings to the annual mainstay of the solar allium stakesHow to liven up the Christmas table and tree with the cutest fluffy sheep decorations and beautifully coloured candle collectionsInspired last-minute gift ideas for your green-fingered family membersGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Arthur Parkinson’s evocative, elaborate descriptions of plants might be second only to his ability to elicit a charming image of garden pollinators through his drawings.His latest book is a celebration of every single garden, and the plants perfect to create ‘a living dance of lavish colours’ - it’s a delight to have him return to the podcast to share how the new book, Planting a Paradise, was brought to life.In this episode, discover:Arthur’s comfort in delightful drawings as an artistic language to convey his visionThe importance of bees, butterflies and pollinators, and which Dahlias are most pollinator-friendlyA number of absolute do’s and don’ts for every flower yardGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Carien van Boxtel’s appearance on the podcast last week was a delightful insight into her incredible eye for naturalising, and she turns that eye this week to woodlands.Joining Sarah once again, she shares her 12 top varieties to naturalise any woodland area, whether you’re longing to walk through aromatic pastures or colourful bursts of productive flower families.In this episode, discover:Carien’s top tips for productive, prolific and pretty bulbs dotted through woodland in the most charming and natural wayThe flower families to pick for unbeatable aroma, like the gorgeously natural native BluebellVarieties to plant for more striking colour and structure, like the brilliantly vigourous Dog’s Tooth VioletGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Bringing the haphazard beauty of nature into your own space is a charming prospect, and Carien van Boxtel has an incredible eye for naturalising grassland.This week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ Carien joins Sarah to share her 12 top bulbs for year-round naturalising - with plenty of bonus varieties along the way - and her three essential tips for perfect planting.In this episode, discover:What makes Snowdrops Carien’s ‘desert island’ flower family for naturalising grassThe later flowering, self-seeding perennial joys of NarcissusCarien’s critical tips for planting into meadows and grassland, giving you a bustling, colourful spaceGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Few plants can envelop you in your garden with such naturalised beauty as climbers, and there are varieties fit to keep that adventurous atmosphere year-round.Sarah is joined this week by Gary Newell to run through 12 of the finest climbing families, with some old favourites like Cobaea Scandens to newcomers like Mrs Amy Doncaster.In this episode, discover:Features of the stunning Honeysuckles that make them an unbeatable climbing family for springThe autumn time focus on colourful climbers with the sizable Vitis CoignetiaeNew climbers to our collection with eye catching flair and formGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
We often tout the picturesque beauty of the horticultural world through our favourite flowers on this show, but few can capture a moment with the same artistic flair as accomplished painter, Francis Hamel.Perch Hill features in his latest, utterly captivating exhibition entitled Thirty Gardens, alongside some of our other favourites, and Francis joins us to share just how he captures the enveloping atmosphere of each garden with unparalleled poise.In this episode, discover:What catalysed Francis to paint the garden at Rousham, the starting point for his gorgeous new projectThe creative process behind each painting, with an approach that allows every garden a chance to exude its most delightful featuresHow the painting process has altered Francis’ perception of what every garden needsGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Amaryllis are fabulous and unusual additions to the house in winter, but while they’re an absolute must for Sarah Raven, Josie Lewis isn’t quite sold on them.If you’re with Sarah in loving their bombastic beauty then this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ gives you a sizable list to bring into your home. Else if you’re not a fan, then listen up for Josie’s alternative picks, from the watercolour Hellebore of Merlin to the unbeatable mood-lifting Snowdrops.In this episode, discover:Why Sarah fights the corner of Amaryllis, particularly when they’re forced ready for ChristmasHow to plant your Amaryllis for maximum impact and showy flowers bringing joy to your seasonJosie’s ideal Amaryllis alternatives, from the showier Hellebores to the more subtle SnowdropsGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
For the keen edible gardener, this September and October present a particularly unmissable opportunity to sow a garden chock full of tasty veg.From the stalwart Lettuce Merveille de Quatre Saisons to the unbeatable hardiness of Flat Leaf Parsley, Sarah parses through all the edibles to share her top 12, with a few bonus veg to boot…In this episode, discover:Four superb lettuces that serve as the perfect foundation for any saladWhy Flat Leaf Parsley tops out all other varieties as a perfect pick any time of yearA wealth of recipe ideas for the eye-catching Chard Bright Lights or its chunkier relative, White SilverGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
There are two things in this world which, when combined, creates one of Sarah Raven’s ideal desserts - Basil Sweet Genovese, and ice cream.In the last of our fantastic cookalong series, we’ll be learning Sarah’s rapid recipe for a lovely basil ice cream, best eaten as fresh as possible, and full of utterly wonderful flavour.In this episode, discover:Why late summer into early autumn is when Basil is at its bestHow simple it is to make plenty of great tasting basil ice creamGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Every change of season brings with it an opportunity to renew your garden’s beauty for the year ahead, particularly as we head into autumn.With our autumn catalogue to hand, Arthur Parkinson rejoins Sarah Raven in an episode bursting with imaginative ideas for the year ahead, from later flowering Lilies, to Fratileries that mark the start of spring in style.In this episode, discover:How Arthur’s adorning a new space for hens with an abundance of NarcissiThe story behind our uniquely striking Gingersnap Tulip MixArthur’s favourite big pots this year, filled with the charmingly compact Little Miss FiggyThe most exciting new variety of Tulip in our collection, the long-flowering and wonderfully scented CampbellGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
The classic Sunday roast is wonderful as is, but with a simple, effective seasoning using the best the garden has to offer, it’s elevated to an absolute family staple.In the next of our cookalong mini series, Sarah shares the key to a showstopping Sunday meal with a Rosemary and Lemon Chicken recipe, and how the dish harks back to the very best Greek cuisine. In this episode, discover:Why waxy, part boiled potatoes are ideal for flavoursome roast spudsThe secret to seasoning your chicken to perfection How Sarah discovered this recipe and made it a family favouriteGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
September has brought us a perfect storm of hot weather, warm ground, and cool enough nights for dew to moisten the soil, ideal for germinating seed quickly.That’s why this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ celebrates the supreme ornamental seeds for autumn sowing, whether you’re after the poise of Ammi Majus or the watercolour beauty of Nigella Hispanica.In this episode, discover:Why warm, moist soil in September is perfect for sowing right nowThe glamourous, tried and tested favourite of Ammi MajusWhy Euphorbia Oblongata is curiously misconceived to be completely perennialGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Kale is among the top of the superfoods, and combined with a rich dressing it makes an unbeatable, nutritious salad.In the next of our video cookalong series, Sarah takes us through a recipe that’s just as quick as it is deliciously rewarding. Follow along as we craft a dish with our favourite kales, like Redbor and Nero di Toscana.In this episode, discover:The science behind why kale is one of the healthiest foods you could ever growWhich kale varieties are unbeatable for flavour and textureHow to toss a salad delicately so as to not bruise the vegAn invigorating combination of ingredients for the perfect dressingGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
There’s almost no more intoxicating feeling in the floral world than catching eyes with a showstopping, undiscovered variety, particularly if it’s a rousing new Dahlia.Fresh back from Holland on a Dahlia-hunting expedition, Sarah Raven and Josie Lewis share the joys of visiting Dahlia breeders, what makes the perfect Dahlia, and what’s on our radar for 2024 and beyond…In this episode, discover:New and exciting varieties being trialled for the Sarah Raven rangeThe joyous moment of discovering new, remarkable Dahlias in HollandHow you can cross fertilise you own Dahlias at homeGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
In the next of our cookalong episodes of the podcast, Sarah turns her attention to a fabulous, versatile summer garden harvest meal - tempura.There’s no better way to use your most varied fresh produce, from baby vegetables to edible flowers and herbs, and it’s perfect for serving 4-6 people at a stunning summer party.In this episode, discover:How to make a perfectly balanced batter, without the eggThe extra step of stuffing courgettes that takes this tempura recipe to the next levelGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Tom Stimpson is our Head of Horticulture, and with a fairly compact urban garden of his own he’s got wonderful vision for potted plants with showstopping impact.Join us for ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ as Tom shares his pick of the perennials and annuals which bring simplicity and impact to any urban garden, and the three top varieties he’d never pass-up on.In this episode, discover:Tom’s background in horticulture and the charming urban garden he’s curatedA selection of stunning, pot-based perennials like the easy-to-flower Pelargonium SidoidesWhich of Tom’s potted flowers are must-haves to bathe any sized garden in uplifting scentGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Welcome to the first episode of our brand new cookalong podcast series! We’ll be bringing 5 fantastic recipes to life in real time across 5 episodes, starting with a quick and simple gazpacho.These episodes are accompanied by videos on YouTube to see Sarah cook this fresh recipe yourself, but either way you’ll learn how to combine a flavoursome variety of tomatoes and cucumber to indulge in this marvellous dish.Recipe can be found here: in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
Blanche Vaughan’s stellar journey through cookery at top restaurants and becoming a literary authority on creative recipes is absolutely stunning.It’s these experiences that have culminated in her new book, A Year in the Kitchen, boasting seasonal recipes for year-round joy. Blanche offers an insight into her rich background and wonderfully creative recipes in this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:Blanche’s remarkable history in cookery & cheffingThe move towards evocative recipe writing through her extensive range of booksA number of delightful recipes which make such novel, creative use of beloved ingredientsGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
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Angela Pryke

Many thanks for this podcast, learn so much from you both. Listen while at my allotment

May 31st

Iris Borgers

brilliant podcast thank you so much 💚🤎

Jan 11th

Iris Borgers

My morning travel to work podcasts and most I put on repeat. So glad Sarah mentioned the ugliness of a polly tunnel as after years looking at an ugly plastic mass full of holes by squirrels foxes and birds. I've taken the plastic of , painted the metal hoops and now use them for hops and climber fruits at the bottom nasturtiums, and I imagine I'm in Giverny 😊 Love Sarah and Arthur. more podcasts please 💜💚

Jan 23rd

Iris Borgers

Love this podcast about life and the inside of garden garden design very inspiring and great to hear the insides

Dec 8th

Rosy Murray

Lots of aphids on my lupins in Edinburgh, decimated by aphids despite the snow. Might try hanging bird feeds next year.

Jun 27th

Angela Pryke

Love the New Podcast, I've been lucky enough to sit on the rosemary bench last August, it's stunning. See you again in May.

Feb 16th
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