DiscoverThe POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner
The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

Author: NHP Talent Group

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Hosted by Adam Posner, where he interviews top experts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from the world of Entrepreneurship, Talent Acquisition, Personal Growth and other world-class amazing humans on their insights into their own career journeys and personal growth.

The goal of #thePOZcast is to showcase amazing humans who share their stories to inspire you to harness your inner tenacity to drive your life and career forward.

Adam Posner is the Founder and Managing Director @ NHP Talent Group- a boutique NYC-based staffing agency with expertise in marketing, media and advertising.
303 Episodes
2:26 - Co-host for the show "Kevin"3:02 - Entrepreneurial Parents6:02 - Early lessons learned7:52 - University/Internship days13:18 - Casting & Recruiting16:24 - Pozcast Role-Play18:30 - Importance of Recruiting tools23:48 - Road of Acquisition & Exit28:14 -Connecting talent with opportunity31:22 - Explain web3 to Mom34:35 - Using web3 technology36:20 - Skills in demand38:18 - Start as a Web3 Job Seeker44:52 - Monetization45:30 - Revenue-generating portion48:26 - Getting investors for the product51:19 - Single Greatest piece of advice51:54 - Lacey's North Star
1:55 – Kara’s First Real job10:13 – Journey towards Entrepreneurship15:42 – Interview Questions to find the right people17:47 – Impetus behind the product/drink24:47 – Launch of a new Category26:42 – Putting all the eggs in one basket28:38 – Challenge in educating consumers31:40 – Brand Demand32:38 – Process of Writing a Book35:52 – Motivation Lesson for Everyone40:24 – Amazing Guest on Kara Goldin’s Show46:08 – Professional/Personal Silver Lining49:07 – Kara Goldin’s North Star
2:00 - Hospitality/Service Industry experience4:08 - First Aha Moment in early days5:59 - Musical side of Tina Karras6:50 - GenX thing / LA experience10:48 - Expectation vs Reality14:10 - Tina's inspiration16:19 - Approach and Mindset18:11 - Take Feedback21:47 - Vodka is Tina's spirit25:05 - Two cents on Vodka28:32 - Additives & Liquor29:39 - Early hard moments30:50 - Soil is the key to everything34:07 - Biggest challenge of the brand37:48 - Latest on the music side39:39 - Single greatest piece of advice40:52 - Tina's North Star
2:30 – Background6:00 – Early Career Failures8:11 – Lessons Learned9:50 – Early Success / Ego Mindset12:11 – Key Rules to Success by Steve Nudelberg12:39 – Tell me Something Good14:33 – Transition in Sales Strategy / Challenges / Getting the Silver Bullet16:19 – Be a Solutions Provider17:51 – Conduit Aspect to Relationships19:34 – Goal with the Podcast /  Turn it into a Business Opportunity22:23 – Value Proposition / Developing and Strengthening Relationships24:04 – Sales Training on Linkedin27:21 – Parent – Child Perspective32:44 – Putting Words into Actions33:18 – Leadership, Survival and Managing Crisis36:42 – Airplane Analogy / Be invaluable39:04 – Greatest Piece of Advice40:10 – Silver Lining during Pandemic 
Guests in order:Kevin SmithJevon McCormickHoward BloomSarah DusekAlan PatricofDrixxon KyserAvery AkkineniJasiri XTodd KaplanLuke AndersonManda KailimianEmeka NnakaDave Scatchard Part 1 & Part 2
Full Episodes, In Order:Luke AndersonHoward BloomConnie Steele Chris DoShelly ZalisBrian ScudamoreJasiri XLiane HornseyKathleen GriffithDave MenzStephanie SynclairJay RosenzweigChris JerichoPerfecto SanchezKevin Smith
1. Simon Wild Wallaby (1:10)2. Liam Darmondy (2:34)3. Tom Bilyu (5:41)4. Escalator chat w Angela Antony (10:05)5. Bashful Blobfish Story (11:02)6. Lobby Fans (17:30)7. Jen Styles (21:32)8. Matt Higgins (24:31)9. Quickie w/ Gary Vee (37:01)10. Final thoughts in the endzone w/ Chris Adamo (38:31)
It was great to catch up back in October with some of my favorite LinkedIn folks and friends, Erin Riska, Joel Lalgee, and Liam Darmody! Erin is a fractional talent strategist, full-cycle recruitment partner, and freelance writer, providing foundational and supplemental talent acquisition support to small companies as they scale. Joel is a contract recruiter, podcaster, and, more recently, a consultant to hiring tool Hirewell aiding in business development guided by his personal expertise. Last but never least, Liam is a hot sauce aficionado. I could leave it off there (it’s in his LinkedIn header, folks), but in reality, he is SO much more– he’s a seasoned operations leader with over 15 years of experience building & scaling marketing, sales, customer, & people operations at technology companies.  This Episode’s Heavy-hitter’s: We talk about employee branding and the obstacles to getting employees to share their experiences working with a company. Since employees are unsure of what should and shouldn’t be posted about, they end up not posting at all and a community-building opportunity is missed. Joel actually incentivizes and pays employees to do this! Companies can’t treat all their employees the same. Seasonal employees will be different from full-time, remote employees from On-site, and so on. Companies that will be the most successful need to figure out a balance that works for their employees as individuals. Erin says that the thought that the future is remote is short-sighted. In speaking to people, she finds that most people are tired of looking at the four walls of their homes and want to head back to the office. Everyone on the panel loves quitting! Specifically, each guest breaks down their opinions on quiet quitting. Linked-Influencers; we’re coming for some of you! The panel breaks down their least favorites on the platform towards the end of our talk. #thePOZcast is brought to you by our friends at Interseller – the prospecting + outreach platform of recruiters and sellers. Whether you’re doubling down on business development or recruiting talent, Interseller does all the heavy lifting of finding contact data, automating the email and follow-up process, and syncs all that rich data into 20+ CRMs and ATSs. Reach out and get going in a 2-week *free* trial today and let them know you heard about them from Adam on #thePOZcast. Check out a free demo today! Please follow us on Instagram @NHPTalent and www.YouTube/thePOZcast. Thanks!
0:10 – Celebrate Yourself1:21 – Zack and Miri Make a Porno2:18 – Bonding on George Carlin4:30 – ‘The Man’ Moment5:29 – Lesson learned from George Carlin9:08 – Repurposing / Interpreting George Carlin10:34 – Jack of all trades12:04 – Keep the pieces together14:22 – Killroy as NFT20:52 – Indie Film Moment22:48 – NFT dropping on July 1st23:39 – What excites you in web3?25:31 – Relationship Advice28:48 – Kevin’s North Star
2:33 - The 'Why' behind the project (Juliette)3:06 - Meaning of 'Vee Friends' characters/Mission (Andy)4:05 - Personal Favorite Vee Friend character (Andy)4:37 - Onboarding girls in Web3/ Hurdles and Obstacles (Juliette)5:32 - Making Vee Friends Ecosystem Inclusive (Andy)7:13 - All girls invent project (Juliettte)8:02 - Biggest smile Moment (Juliette)10:12 - Interactions with Parents and Kids (Andy)11:16 - How to make the kids/adults feel safe (Juliette)12:33 - Actionable feedback from Parents (Juliette)13:06 - How to educate and Onboard Newbies (Andy)14:36 - IP extension of each character (Andy)15:55 - Thought Process (Juliette)17:15 - Dark side of Web3/ Biggest threat (Andy)18:23 - Big obstacle on the way (Juliette)18:59 - Making it more Accessible and User Friendly (Juliette)19:57 - Needed check for Vee Friends (Andy)21:14 - What excites Juliette about this project?21:35 - What excites Andy?22:09 - Single Greatest piece of advice (Juliette)22:28 - Single Greatest piece of advice (Andy)
0:55 - Dad's career influence2:40 - Learn to move forward4:04 - Moment to go into Wrestling7:31 - Defining character / The storyline9:30 - Hot take on Ricks12:06 - Moment of Success13:44 - Energy on the stage17:26 - Comparison with dad19:15 - Toughest Opponent21:03 - Getting into Podcast (2013)22:55 - Engaging in a podcast24:15 - Pulling out the human piece26:43 - Origin of Painmaker30:49 - The world of digital Art/Web336:26 - Audience and the feedback37:24 - Dave's point of view on Digital Media/Graphic Novel38:55 - How to spread the word43:10 - Being an Awesome dad45:35 - Single greatest piece of advice46:48 - Chris's North Star  
1:31 - The Better Future2:18 - How to manage expectations6:39 - Relationship with Money chains9:52 - Borrowing other people's art12:03 - Peter Tunney's Asset13:08 - Fatherhood16:08 - Inspiration for Art18:18 - How Peter wants to be remembered19:39 - A Meaningful project21:16 - Greatest fear24:03 - Christopher Reeve Foundation29:00 - Single Greatest piece of advice29:31 - Peter Tunney's North Star
1:12 - How Adam met Drixxon2:51 - Background story4:46 - Entrepreneurial spirit6:36 - As a Black Entrepreneur8:34 - The Flipside- Working with the sister- The 'Why'- Early lessons learned- Finding black businesses- The news!- The response video- Big takeaway- What scares Drixxon- Who inspires/motivates Drixxon - Single greatest piece of advice- Drixxon's North Star
1:19 - Current state of Venture Capital2:13 - Disruption4:55 - Target Demographics6:37 - Military Life / Biggest Effect8:58 - Leadership Mindset and Approach9:55 - Longevity of the Firm11:26 - Define Culture13:37 - Pandemic Effect16:44 - Any skill to be good at17:58 - Bridge building1828 - Social Entrepreneurship23:09 - Key of Balancing25:15 - Legacy29:09 - No Red Lights / the process30:35 - Takeaway from the book31:40 - Greatest piece of advice32:21 - Alan's North Star
2:23 – First impression of President Clinton8:47 – Coolest thing about being in the White House9:45 – One key takeaway from Politics World11:20 – from White House to Recruiting13:14 – Dedicate work to your Mentors14:11 – Connecting People16:34 – The Long Game17:47 – Candidates come back to good recruiters18:16 – Similar about Politics and Recruiting19:11 – Bringing back the values27:20 – Biggest mistake in the Campaign29:31 – Hillary’s Interview30:39 – Female Vice President31:15 – Favorite part of Speaking to People32:42 – How to react to Negative Comments36:28 – Toughest Part of Writing42:27 – What is Authenticity43:38 -Personal/Professional Silver Lining45:46 – Greatest Piece of Advice47:07 – Laura’s North Star
2:20 Growing up4:56 - Sensing negativity as a kid8:36 - Activism or Passivism9:50 - Black/White Teacher11:53 - Reaction on leaving college13:39 - Entry into the Music/Rap industry15:33 - Hip Hop influences20:25 - Behind the scenes / The creative process23:16 - Skill Set perspective26:10 - The biggest misconception28:25 - Early takeaways on running an organization31:47 - Showing up to the Jewish community37:59 - Hot take on Kanye39:42 - Handling things44:59 - Positivity in Black life48:53 - Big initiatives for 202353:14 - Jasari's Legacy53:32 - Interview with Luke56:03 - Single greatest piece of advice57:17 - Jasasri's North Star
1:30 – 2022 Half Time Show2:44 – Things that could go wrong4:57 – Eminem’s viral video5:54 – Todd’s Career Journey7:04 – Todd’s establishment9:19 – Consumer Psychology / The Aha Moment10:20 – In-house role11:31 – Power of Internships14:10 – Flexibility and non-working environment15:09 – Meeting with Indra16:30 – Credit to confidence18:54 – Trajectory at Pepsi21:12 – Mistakes along the way / Key Learnings22:52 – Thought of Leaving24:35 – Bubbly – Ups and Downs28:59 – Kendall Jenner Episode31:01 – Side Hustles / Hobbies32:30 – VeeFriends32:52 – Current Projects34:22 – Royalties and NFTs37:08 – Go-to interview Questions39:01 – Red Flags40:55 – The word ‘Authentic’41:55 – Single Greatest Piece of Advice44:20 – Todd’s North Star
1:26 - The word 'Glamping'2:28 - The inspiration / Early work in Africa4:30 - Bringing this concept into the US5:55 - Building a business / Early lessons7:55 - Point of losing confidence10:14 - Selling a business11:43 - Reason for the disparity14:33 - Voice for Female Founders16:44 - Work for Entrepreneurs in Africa21:47 - Obstacles on the way24:26 - The word ' Authentic'25:09 - Single greatest piece of advice26:49 - Sarah's North Star
1:47 – Coaching and Dating advice4:47 – Getting into Podcast5:29 – Shows on dating7:30 – Moving to Corporate World9:36 – Early Influence as a Podcast Host13:12 – Preparation for a show15:00 – Pandemic Episode18:33 – Conspiracy Theory19:29 – Prediction and Future Trends23:11 – Russell Brand Show24:10 – #1 Guest26:53 – Star Struck27:50 – Pope Killing Episode29:56 – North Korea Episode33:14 – Favorite Episode34:12 – Great Piece of advice to new podcasters37:32 – Quick tp for Adam38:51 – Greatest Piece of Advice40:47 – Jordan’s North Star 
2:22 - Young Hung Lee story3:44 - Social Anthropology4:46 - Curiosity about people5:30 - Early Life accident & recovery12:21 - First Sector - New Media13:00 - Hard Lessons Learned14:06 - Capitalizing on my strengths                                                                            15:33 -  Agency recruiter = Rollercoaster ride17:00 - Moving to inhouse19:50 - A responsibility20:56 - Leaving Head of Talent world26:48 - Business didn't work out28:22 - Hot take on office work30:22 - Digital Natives33:15 - Evolution of Business35:22 - What is on the Horizon37:09 - Single Greatest piece of advice38:26 - Hung Lee' North Star
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