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The Last Podcast on the Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer, both imagined and real. From demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your bloodlust.
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Henry & Marcus bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news starting off with Henry's unexpected Bigfoot adventure, the Suspect arrested in the shooting of Tupac Shakur, a major snafu at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, a youth pastor turned 'failed' family annihilator, Japanese Robot Wolves, Texas man accidentally shoots grandson at wedding, an unlikely pair of heroes, Listener Stories, and more! 
Henry & Marcus are joined by Ed Larson of The Brighter Side podcast to conclude the story of family annihilator Jeffrey MacDonald, this week focusing on the complications of the trial, the mountain of evidence against MacDonald, and of course the mysterious Woman in the Floppy Hat.
Ed & Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news - starting off with The Delphi Indiana Murders as murder suspect Richard Allen places blame on Odinist Cult,  Venezuelan Authorities re-take Gang-run prison in Caracas, British man breaks into ex's home, covers himself in feces, and jumps through window, North Carolina man facing rape charges fakes death in Kayak accident while wearing ankle monitor, Hero of the Week, Listener Emails, and MORE!
Henry & Marcus are joined by Ed Larson of The Brighter Side podcast for part I of a case that remains one of the most litigated murder cases in American criminal history, the grizzly tale of US Army Captain turned Family Annihilator - Jeffrey MacDonald, who was convicted of slaying of his pregnant wife and two daughters, while stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina in the winter of 1970.
Henry & Marcus bring you this week's weirdest stories and true-crime news starting off with last week's headline story from Mexico as a repeat hoax-er presents "mummified alien corpses" to Mexican congress, new report claims King Charles 'flew UFO to save lives' in top-secret Tesla mission, viral cosplay figure ‘Fluke Skywalker’ (who was arrested for child pornography) dies in prison, Chris Chan has charges dismissed, Georgia Doctor sued after allegedly posting decapitated baby’s autopsy on instagram, a couple of hungry heroes of the week, and much, much, more!
Henry & Marcus are joined by Ed Larson of The Brighter Side podcast for the latter half of the John Holmes story, picking back up with John's unhinged, freebasing drug dealer Eddie Nash, John's fall from glory, and how the once heralded adult film star's poor choices and selfish actions lead to the gruesome (and technically unsolved) murders of 4 people in 1981.
Marcus & Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true-crime news - diving into a brand new JFK Assassination revelation as a former secret service eyewitness's new book casts doubt on "the magic bullet theory", ALSO a 14-year-old Massachusetts boy dies from the "One Chip Challenge", a follow-up on last week's biohazard "airplane pooper", Marcus's Hero of the Week, and a special message from the LPN family.
This week the boys are back and it's gonna get - sticky... it's time for Part I of the Wonderland Murders and the cocaine-laced legend of adult film star turned killer, John Holmes.
No Dogs is back to continue your musical journey through the vast, winding history of Experimental Rock. This time embarking on a brand new series with the intention to shed some light on an often misunderstood side of the experimental rock world - Krautrock! Beginning first with a band formed out of a collective of musicians who met as members of a West German commune during the late 1960s, and who would go on to, maybe more so than anyone, define the words "experimental rock"... It's time for the one and only, Amon Düül II.Taking us out is Rocket - Normal to MeAs always, Follow Marcus on Spotify to listen to all of the songs heard in this episode.Also be sure to check out Marcus & Carolina 's DJ set! Saturday - Sept. 9th 2023 at Footsies Bar (2640 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California), along with James Spooner, where they'll be spinning all kinds of punk music on vinyl from 5-10pm!
Side Stories: Biohazard

Side Stories: Biohazard


The boys are back! Ben and Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true-crime news including an update on Lucy Letby - the nurse found guilty of murdering seven babies, Air Canada passengers kicked off flight for refusing to sit in vomit-covered seats, the Delta flight forced to make a U-Turn due to a Diarreah-related "Biohazard", a Nebraska man caught with a live bull riding shotgun, a gender reveal goes horribly wrong, more BTK trophies are uncovered as the killer is possibly linked to additional murders, the Canadian man who broke into bakery - just to steal Cupcakes, Hero of the Week, Listener E-Mails, and so much more!
This week worlds collide as the boys join forces for the first time ever with podcast luminary and mastermind behind "Hardcore History" - the legendary Dan Carlin.
Ben 'n' Henry bring back a slew of Side Stories that they just can't seem to get out of their heads in this first-ever edition of Stories That Haunted Us!
Episode 543: Q&A II

Episode 543: Q&A II


You have questions... We have answers!Last week we asked YOU, the listeners, to send in some of your most pondered queries for the show, and y'all did not disappoint! So this week it's time for a special one! Sit back and enjoy as the boys pull back the curtain and answer some of their favorite submissions in this extra special Q&A episode.
Ben 'n' Henry sit down with author, legendary contestant, and current host of Jeopardy, Ken Jennings to discuss his new book 100 Places to See After You Die, the many faces of the afterlife, his dark history podcast Omnibus, and of course, all things Jeopardy.
Loosen up those belts, it's time for another Relaxed Fit True Crime Round-Up! This week the boys bring you a slew of strange stories and true crime news including Toronto Police being forced to close bar located INSIDE Police Headquarters, the woman in Melbourne accused of murder with Mushroom-laced beef Wellington, a terminally ill girlfriend's final wish (sex with her ex), the elderly woman who fought off intruder and then gave him snacks, 45-Year-old billionaire gets penis rejuvenation therapy, Daytona Beach couple arrested for sex on busy public beach, and much, much MORE.
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news including the 'that man is not real' lady "apologizing" in a new social media post, the Peru "Predator Aliens" story continues to unfold, 'Family Feud' contestant who mocked wife on national TV - sentenced to life for her murder, woman mauled by gang of otters while tubing down Montana River, a three-way battle between hawk, woman, and snake, Spider whose bite causes dangerous erections shuts down supermarket in Austria - gets lost, woman kills elderly roommate and covers them with Mountain Dew, Olivia Newton John's ghost, a hero of the week, Listener E-Mails, and MORE...
It's UFO time... This week the boys are diggin' into the strange and bizarre story of repeat orb experiencer, alien contactee, & star of the potentially reputation-crippling, short-lived Discovery Channel series "UFO's Over Earth!", Chris Bledsoe and The Fayetteville Incident. 
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news as the internet discovers the true identity of the "that man is not real" lady, Hank the Tank (aka Henrietta) captured (discovered to be a lady bear), Lake Tahoe Foot Fondler gets taken down, Lostprophets frontman / convicted Child Molester Ian Watkins stabbed multiple times in prison, Man stabs victim ‘through the head with a flagpole’ at Sonic Drive-in, Fluke Skywalker arrested for child pornography, Peruvian Villagers claim they are under attack by "Face Peeler" Predator-style extra-terrestrials, NY Rockaway Beach Shark attack takes 20 pounds of flesh from victim, a hardware loving seal, Listener Emails, and more!
Mmm, It's that time again... hope you're hungry because we just boiled up a fresh, tasty pot of delicious Creepypasta just for you... and it's... al dente - featuring tales of public bathroom horror, a headfirst journey into "The Horse-Scape", a Bag lady that no one seems to like, and a breakdown of the do's and don'ts to creating proper Mothman-based erotica.
Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news including the famous "dare devil" Tik-Tok star found dead after fall from skyscraper in China, Lori Vallow Daybell sentenced to life without parole for killing her children, Henry FINALLY breaks down last week's UFO Congressional Hearing and Non-Human Biologics, the dangers of AI Sex Dolls, a furry Hero of the Week, Listener Mothman tales, and MORE!
Comments (3586)

Matt Huisenga

The killer murdered Sara and is now luring her mother to Chicago for a follow up murder

Oct 4th

Matt Huisenga

After hearing the Cheney story, I am yearning for the simple days of Bigfoot erotica

Oct 3rd

Len Conyers

Well, it's official...I've outgrown this podcast, and these guys. I would love to sit with them, and see how how they really feel, and how they truly view the world, but their constant pandering to who they think their base audience is, has become unbearable to listen to. I know that they have to keep the microwave Pizza Roll crowd happy, but that just doesn't do it for me anymore. I listened for a long long time, but knew I should have not let them back in the rotationafter the Spotify sellout.

Sep 21st
Reply (1)

Melanie St.George

sending all the love to Ben. it's great he has so much support!

Sep 14th

christian gavey

Thinking about you, Ben. Much love to you.

Sep 14th

Sarah Black White

It was the MTV Music Video Awards thst Pee Wee delivered the "heard any good jokes lately" line. It was amazing. Too good for dumb Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Pee Wee/Paul Ruebens 4 ever ❣️

Sep 9th


"I just read a Bible verse that says it's okay to kill prostitutes" no you didn't. You read from the book of Ezekiel. Prostitution and adultery are used throughout the book as metaphors for Israel making a vow to worship God alone only to break that vow and worship other gods. So it's a call to return to keeping those vows. but they repeatedly rejected that offer, so God caused the nation to lose in warfare to another nation as punishment. But cults and crazy people often do and teach insane things because it is "taught in the Bible". or Quran. or by some spirit.

Aug 31st
Reply (3)


Lol something is wrong with these guys . Love it 🤣

Aug 31st
Reply (1)

Aakash Amanat

I've been a dedicated listener of "Last Podcast On The Left" for quite a while now, and I can't get enough of it! The hosts' chemistry and unique blend of humor with true crime, paranormal stories, and all things weird make this podcast an absolute gem. The way they delve into the darkest corners of humanity's fascination with the macabre while still managing to inject humor is a true talent. Marcus, Ben, and Henry have an amazing way of presenting even the most disturbing topics in an engaging and informative manner.

Aug 19th
Reply (1)

Drew Anderson

Marcus is totally right, they DO deserve a vacation, and a long one at that. They provide so many people with free entertainment. Hope their vaycays go well.

Aug 18th
Reply (1)

Brian Frye

I usually don't really get in to the UFO stuff, but this episode was great!

Aug 12th

Hurricane McLean

Henry has 2 separate grinders, but he mixes them in the end anyway...🫠

Aug 8th


I think I've heard Henry's first story before from Henry

Aug 5th

Gary McCammon

The Flatwoods Monster: three Mothmen in a trench coat

Aug 4th


I miss these old off-the-rails, Henry does the Aliens episodes.

Jul 31st

Alireza Bigdeli

Is it really worth spending more than 1000 hours?

Jul 28th

Matt Huisenga

I found Hiroshima Henry just after finishing the Manhattan Project series. What a "confidence"!

Jul 22nd


fuck yeah, finally!

Jul 21st

Kyle Stark

Man true crime must be getting hard to come by. A 6 parts series on the atomic bomb followed up by a rehash of a subject that was covered years ago.

Jul 21st

Drew Anderson

"I can fix him" is one of the funniest things I've ever heard on this show lmao. I return to it whenever I want a good laugh.

Jul 19th
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