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Author: Lolita E. Walker

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You're invited to Lolita's "kitchen table" for 3-layers of power, passion, & purpose. First up is COACHING, where you get a bit of “soul work”- to challenge your thinking. Next, there’s COCKTAILS to celebrate the greatness of who you are. Finally, there’s good-ole-fashioned CONVERSATIONS with cool folk that go #allin!

Pull up a seat with TEDx & motivational speaker, author, and certified life, leadership & executive coach, Lolita E. Walker of Walker & Walker Enterprises AND don't forget to subscribe and write a fab, 5-star review IF her message resonated with you. Others are waiting to hear your voice!

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Grab your detective gear, and let's get to work.  It's episode #95 and we are investigators of our own lives—at work, home, and life.  Join me as I take you through a pictoral journey of soul work with a live audience on how we can truly begin to plot our comeback for our next come up.  Are you ready? I know that I am!   In this episode: Minute 0.27:  Hello and introduction to your host Minute 0.53:  How to plot your comeback for your comeup Minute 2.17:  Soul work Minute 5.07:  See the bigger picture Minute 5.23:  Self-reflection and introspection Minute 8.10:  Don't forget your dreams Minute 10.24:  Question your assumptions Minute 12.40:  I can't do that Minute 15.57:  Seek different perspectives Minute 19.39:  It matters.  You matter. Minute 20.44:  Embracing change Minute 25.38:  Live audience engagement Minute 28.46:  Outro and invitation Stay connected
It's Episode 94 and welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations with Lolita E. Walker.  Question: Have you ever shaped and reshaped a ball of clay or a piece of playdoh?  Why not take the same approach with ourselves and our lives?  Why not shape and then reshape where we've been to where we're going?  This episode helps you do just that and I'm excited that you are invited on the journey! In this episode: Minute 0.08:  Welcome to CC&C Minute 0.36:  I'm standing right here. Minute 3.00:  Acting with a permission Slip Minute 3.40:  Dr. Genie's thanks and testimony.  What if you said no? Minute 3.46:  You already have the no Minute 6.24:  Writing your own permission slip Minute 8.21:  Everything is not all about you Minute 13.31:  "Why" behind my business Minute 16.50:  Outro and invitation Stay Connected:
It's episode 93 and this title sounds like an oxymoron, right?  This episode is all about how to plant seeds while still growing in the weeds.  I have been in the weeds a time or two myself and it is not always the easiest place to get out of.  This episode will leave you with a few strategies to not only plant seeds but also get out of those weeds!   Details of the Episode: Minute 0.05:  Welcome to CC&C Minute 0.33:  Who am I? Minute 1.55:  What does it mean when you are in the weeds? Minute 2.34:  But what if... Minute 3.24:  Acknoledge you are in the weeds Minute 5.04:  Listen intently and without judgement Minute 7.21:  Inspired to create Minute 8.45:  When I am in my own weeds Minute 11.00:  Reframing perspective Minute 11.37:  Nobody puts baby in a box Minute 13.57:  Cleaning out your weeds to nourish others Minute 17.46:  Recapping the episode Minute 18.00:  Outro, invitation, and connections Staying Connected
IN THE MIDST OF...HERE IS WHAT IS! This is episode 92 and it is full of hearing and healing from live audience engagement, alongside the power of Lolita's "Soul Work."  Grab your CC&C journal and let's get into the power of three strategies in the acronym of "Y.O.U." Details of this episode: Minute 0.12:  Welcome to CC&C Minute 0.40:  Who Am I? Minute 1.17:  Shout out to the Live Audience Minute 2.23:  Soul work:  In the Midst of...Here is What Is Minute 5.05:  Yielding to your Pause Minute 6.46:  Owning your Yes, Respecting Your No Minute 9.52:  Utilizing your resources Minute 11.05:  Sitting in the idst of the storm Minute 13.15:  Hearing and Healing from Live Audience Engagement Minute 23.39:  Recapping the Shares and Takeaways Minute 25.53:  Outro, Invitation, and Resources Stay Connected
It's the new year and it's time to fall into new beginnings!  Are you ready?  I am too! Do you believe that there is a difference between falling and failing?  In this episode, I take you through a few strategies to challenge your thinking, then lift you even higher than where you are.  Question:  What if this is your season to soar? Would you be ready?  Grab your CC&C journal and let's get into it.  This is your BEST YEAR YET!  Come on in 2024!  We are ready. The breakdown of the episode: Minute 0.22:  Welcome to CC&C Minute 0.54:  Getting into the Topic Minute 2.53:  We will fall Minute 3.30:  This is your season Minute 4.00:  Faith and strengths have wings to protect your fall Minute 6.25:  Abstinence from negative nouns will strengthen your soar Minute 10.10:  Linking to a powerful community will elongate your reach Minute 12.49:  Lifting others on your journey Minute 14.31:  Get out of your head Minute 18.00:  Soul Work Minute 20.40:  Outro, invitation, connections Stay connected: 
This episode is full of life audience engagement and a bit of Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations that you can take hold of today!  In this episode, I talk about 5 strategies that will help you embody a different type of pride, according to Lolita E. Walker.  Grab your CC&C journal and let's get into it! Breaking down the episode: Minute 0.32:  Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Minute 2.04:  Shout out and Thanks to Naomi in Australia Minute 2.43:  Explaining the Topic Minute 3.18:  Strategies to Challenge You Minute 4.00:  Purpose Minute 6.41:  Recognizing Others on Your Journey Minute 8.24:  Individuality Minute 11.14:  Do it, Delegate it, or Dissapear Minute 12.51:  Experience Life Minute 13.54:  Engaging with Live Audience Minute 21.32:  Summing Up with Gratitude Minute 22.04:  Outro, Thanks, and Invitation Stay Connected:  
Let's get to ELEVATING! I am a thought leader, aren't you?  Grab your CC&C journal and join me as I share strategies and soul work that will have you acting on your gifts and moving mountains out of the way to reach your goals! In this episode: Minute 0.00:  Live shoutouts to all of the platforms Minute 0.16:  Welcome to CC&C Minute 0.43:  Introducing myself and the topic Minute 2.20:  I am a thought leader Minute 2.32:  Definitions to get us grounded:  thought leader vs thought leadership Minute 4.29:  Soul work Minute 5.35:  Engaging with a Live Listener Minute 7.40:  Replaying back to the Listener Minute 8.43:  Target your expertise Minute 9.37:  Hone in on your unique voice Minute 10.30:  Why are you unique? Minute 11.15:  Optimize your personal branding Minute 13.49:  Understand your audience Minute 15.35:  Go beyond platforms to expand your reach Minute 16.48:  Harness networking opportunities Minute 19.11:  Track your impact, then monitor and measure Minute 21.30:  What will you choose, and where will you go? Minute 22.29:  Checking in with a live listener Minute 23.05:  Review time Minute 24.51:  Wrapping up, thanks, invitations, and opportunities Stay connected:  
Travel with me down this pictoral journey of navigating your thoughts to help shift you to renewed action.  In this episode, I introduce you to my "Thought Model" with 8 strategies to consider.  Grab your CC&C journal from and #letsgo.  This will not only leave you empowered, but you will hear my excitement when it sounds as if I am moving closer to one of my goals: to meet and be interviewed by Robin Roberts!!!!!   In this episode: Minute 2.00:  Shout out to Dr. Shawn Shapiro who pushed me on my doctoral journey Minute 2.28:  A pictoral journey of navigating your thoughts Minute 2.52:  Defining core concepts in our framework:  Navigation, Thoughts, and Leadership Minute 5.18:  Making choices Minute 6.56:  Transparency on your leadership journey Minute 8.48:  Harness openness Minute 13.40:  Open-mindedness Minute 14.30:  My story of open-mindedness Minute 18.43:  Understand others by using empathy Minute 21.30:  Goal setting Minute 22.44:  Healthy boundary setting Minute 25.40:  Cheers from a live listener and pure excitement for remaining time together Minute 28.35:  Outro, thanks and invitation Stay connected: 
YOU ARE ORDAINED TO SERVE!  That is our affirmation as we get pumped up with this episode!  If you need a reminder on how to leap from complacency, how to drive a little harder in the clutch, how to remember your 'forgotten you,' you are in the right place.  Grab your CC&C notebook and press play because I am ready to take you aboard Lolita's Change Train!   In this episode: Minute 0.00:  1st things 1st:  I am ordained to serve Minute 0.14:  Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Minute 0.43:  I am Lolita E. Walker Minute 1.54:  5 key strategies on why you are ordained to serve Minute 2.03:  Affirmation for the day Minute 3.24:  What does it mean, to serve?" Minute 4.02:  Shout out to the live audience Minute 4.23:  Say it loud and grab your access Minute 8.30:  Execute the work with accountability Minute 10.07:  CC&C and Soul work Minute 11.14:  Remember your 5 W's Minute 14.02:  Venturing beyond where others said you could  Minute 16.25:  Experience your service Minute 25.24:  Closing Out Minute 27.42:  Outro and Invitation Stay connected   Join ac oaching package today and let's put this soul work to work!
This episode is all about how to help others to help you.  Far too often we struggle with asking and receiving.  In this episode, we chat with a live audience on a few strategies to ensure that you are helping yourself as you continue to soar. In this episode, you can expect: Minute 0.14 - Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Minute 1.34 - Whhat you will walk away with today Minute 2.30 - Diving in and vulnerable moments Minute 3.00 - Blueprinting success Minute 4.20 - Clarity + Confidence = Commitment Minute 7.15 - 11 aspects of life, according to Lolita E. Walker Minute 7.42 - Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Minute 9.33 - My sotry of Communication and accountability Minute 11.00 - What is in your strengths and skillsets to execute Minute 12.15 - Being specific, open, concise with communication Minute 16.03 - Adjust accordingly Minute 19.00 - A live guest consideration Minute 20.40 - Sitting in the power of complacency Minute 21.20 - Productivity vs busy Minute 22.03 - Testimonial from retreat attendee Minute 23.14 - Write your milestones Minute 25.58 - Celebrate your wins Minute 26.38 - Live chat with listener Minute 29.59 - Follow through! Be sure to stay connected!  Did you know, I have released a few new books?  Dear Black Girl, Can We Talk & Dear Anxiousness, Can We Talk? Be sure to check it out at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!!! I can't wait to see your 5-star review!!  
Ohhh, what a juicy topic that we are getting into today.  Join Lolita E. Walker with a live audience on the topic of making time when there is no time.  How do we do it?  Well grab your CC&C journal and listen into the vulnerabilities, live audience, and key strategies that are ready and at your fingertips.  Head over to to grab your Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Journal and grab the soul work from today's episode.  Be sure to share it with a friend and if you grabbed anything at all, head over to gift a 5-star review at . In this episode: Minute 0.03 - Introduction of Episode Minute 0.34 - Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Minute 1.38 - What were you doing in this moment? Minute 2.07 - Introducing the acronym of TIME Minute 2.40 - The windows of the past, present, and future Minute 3.25 - Take the time you need - focusing on relationships Minute 6.48 - a 1988 journal article of how entrepemrneurial time looks and feels Minute 9.07 - Tapping in beyond where you stand today Minute 9.35 - Intentionally posturing yourself for success Minute 10.58 - What does success look like? What if you don't know? Minute 12.43 - Maneuver within your resource pool Minute 13.39 - Leveraging your weak ties? Minute 15.52 - When others dont receive your message Minute 19.34 - Not attaching yourself to the "how" Minute 20.05 - Extendeding grace Minute 22.03 - Breaking it down Minute 22.52 - Lolita's ask for help and live audience participation Minute 28.09 - Recap of the Show Minute 33.46 - Retreat invitation Minute 35.03 - Spending time in your future state Minute 36.35 - 6P's Minute 41.04 - Live conversations Minute 43.49 - Outro & staying connected Stay connected with Lolita E. Walker:
Sometimes its in your lean when you can help someone in their lean.  In this episode, Lolita offers you soul-work and reflection using the Leaning Tower of Pisa as a metaphor.  With a live audience, she chats about how to navigate life, work and home when your tower feels like it is leaning.  Grab your CC&C journal, put on your CC&C tee shirt and let's have a few laughs and shift a bit higher together! In this episode:  Minute 0.34 - Welcome to CC&C Minute 1.02 - Topic intro and how it came about Minute 2.53 - How does this relate to your life? Minute 5.40 - Navigating when your tower feels like it is leaning Minute 6.44 - Pause and lean in Minute 7.15 - Soul work - boxes of overwhelm exercise Minute 9.25 - What does it mean when you see the leaning tower of you? Minute 9.50 - Gleaning resources Minute 19.41 - Gaining clarity and drilling down Minute 12.12 - You are invited to retreat Minute 13.28 - The intersectionof you and change Minute 14.58 - The aha Minute 16.49 - My favorite affirmation  Minute 18.11 - You will lean - then what? Minute 18.40 - From live listeners Minute 19.32 - Someone's tower is leaning Minute 26.50 - You possess the power in your lean Minute 27.51 - Outro and ways to stay connected  Stay connected to Lolita: and click to subscribe to the newsletter https://www.lolitawalker/com/retreats  
It's something about the "old" taking hold in our lives.  Have you ever been there? In this episode, Lolita brings it home using the acronym OLD to depict the old narratives, lies, and distractions that come in and out of our lives and the impact that it can have.  What if we could change that all today?  What if we could script the narrative by tapping into this 1/2 of power?  You can!  Simply grab your CC&C Journal from and leap into the soul work from today's podcast episode.  It's Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations with a live audience.  Listen in as Lolita chats examples from her own life to help each listener to leap intentionally to their next level! Breakdown of the show: Minute 0.03 - Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations Minute 1.27 - Replaying old narratives and intro to the topic Minute 2.26 - Leveraging my 11 year old son as an example of how the old takes hold Minute 4.06 - Outdated narratives.  Are you telling these to yourself? Minute 6.20 - Lies we sometimes tell ourselves Minute 8.09 - Is that really true? Minute 12.05 - Are you hearing outdated narratives? Minute 12.24 - Retreat question from a live member Minute 13.13 - Where my old lies take hold Minute 15.48 - Input from a listener about wearing the old like a coat Minute 17.35 - All you have to do is shift.  Whats the problem? Minute 18.10 - Beoming aware Minute 18.56 - Soul work Minute 21.40 - Community lift Minute 24.00 - When people simply step in Minute25.33 -  Follow Lolita on all of the socials Minute 26.21 - A special invitation just for you Minute 27.36 - Outro and Stay connected Stay connected: Can't wait to see you at my next Weekend Renewal and Training Retreat
How often do we rely solely on our "push?"  I know I do on occasion.  Join me for a live conversation to chat about how to stand on our "pull" even during our "push."  Wondering how this can benefit you?  Well, grab your Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations journal from and grab these strategies that I'm so excited to share!  And of course, spread the love by sharing and leaving your 5-star review on apple podcasts and amazon. In this episode: Minute 0.04 - Hello to all of the streaming and replay places and spaces Minute 0.27 - Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Minute 0.54 - Jumping into the topic Minute 1.44 - How much do we push? Minute 3.25 - What if.... Minute 4.23 - Standing on our Pull.  Pay attention to the signs and signals. Minute 4.47 - An example of pulling is "asking" Minute 9.10 - A drip of soul work - an exercise just for you Minute 11.44 - Unlock the shackles we put on ourselves Minute 13.29 - Laugh while you live Minute 17.13 - Check out, where I am also a podcast co-host and contributor Minute 19.05 - The push and pull of my women's weekend renewal retreat ( Minute 23.35 - The dance of push and pull with a live audience Minute 26.30 - Confirmation by another listener - let's celebrate Minute 28.35 - You are invited to my women's weekend renewal retreat Minute 29.50 - Outro and how to stay connected I am so excited at the endless possiblilities within each of us.  Please stay connected:
We have each navigated unchartered territories in our work, life, or home.  Some of us may be navigating these territories right now!  This episode will leave you with 7 strategies for you to consider so that you, in fact reach your destination.  Tap in and hold on.  This may be a bumpy ride. Grab your CC&C Notebook from and let's get going.  Don't forget to leave your 5-star review if you were able to take anything from the episode - .  I'd love to say thank you and read your input on my next episode. In this episode: Minute 0.38 - Welcome to CC&C Minute 1.05 - Intros of Lolita E. Walker Minute 2.15 - Overview of episode Minute 3.44 - Cheers to each of you:  a recipiet of success Minute 5.47 - Turn intimidation into growth and self discovery Minute 6.30 - Pastor wisdom Minute 7.06 - You've navigated unchartered territories (your affirmation) Minute 9.09 - Turn paralyzing fear into opportunity Minute 10.50 - Dear Anxiousness Minute 11.30 - Seek to understand; breathe through it Minute 13.50 - Relating to my TEDx talk Minute 15.00 - Turn your challenges into footstools Minute 17.29:  A live caller talks of challenges and opportunities Minute 20.55 - Soul work with live guest, Trish Minute 21.40 - Turn negative nouns into truth demonstrators Minute 23.10 - Turn your self-doubt into fuel Minute 23.42 - Remember Lolita's 3 C Equation for Success Minute 24.59 - Your invitation to join me September 14th Minute 26.14 - Live caller input Stay connected with Lolita Coaching & Speaking - 
Sometimes it feels like there is a disconnect with our community and our success.  Using the imagery of a train, Lolita shares a few strategies to consider on creating links between community and success.  Grab your CC&C journal from and let's get into these strategies.  Which will you use today? In this episode: Minute 0.10 - Setting the stage for this episode Minute 0.33 - Key Strategies Minute 0.46 - Welcome Minute 1.14 - Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Minute 1.26 - Defining success Minute 2.58 - Measuring success Minute 4.28 - Community, Links and Success Minute 4.50 - Level you up, level you down, level you all around Minute 9.30 - Who is your Hype Man? Minute 10.15 - Negative noun erasers Minute 12.57 - A story about the community with Mindy Staley Minute 17.15 - Knowing and articulating your strengths at other tables Minute 17.56 - Brithany recounts her experience as an Illustrator in Lolita's new book, Dear Anxiousness, Can We Talk?  Minute 18.48 - What does Life Success mean for you? Minute 20.40 - Severing links Minute 25.59 - Dear Success, The Audio from Lolita's Book, Can We Talk? Letters & Poems to Reclaim a Bolder You Minute 28.15 - Invitation to a transformation just for you Stay connected with Lolita at:  
Sometimes we mistakenly think that WE are the gap that is preventing us from moving ahead.  What if WE were the gap closers?  In this episode, Lolita E. Walker engages with a live audience to work through soul-work on the spot.  Grab you CC&C journal from and join in on the soul-work that will help you transform TODAY!  Be sure to leave your thoughts as a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts ( Episode Breakdown: Minute 0.10 - Who is Lolita Minute 0.20 - Welcome Minute 0.47 - Live Community Welcome Minute 1.03 - Intention for episode Minute 2.40 - Coaching via imagery Minute 3.58 - Where did the soul work originate? Minute 5.17 - Lolita thinking through her own gaps Minute 6.15 - See the gap, say the gap Minute 8.35 - Tally your gap, tally your resources Minute 13.45 - Act with accountability Minute 17.07 - Lolita's favorite affirmation Minute 18.00 - Live audience works through soul work through the strategies in episode Minute 26.20 - Cocktails to celebrate those participating live for being vulnerable Minute 26.47 - Never dull your light Minute 28.17 - Transformation happening right before our eyes and ears Minute 29.18 - Your invitation to Lolita's Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat Minute 33.07 - Your army is in the room Minute 35.54 - Delegate and disappear Minute 40.00 - Activating you Minute 44.53 - Closing out Tap into Lolita:  
This episode is one you don't want to miss.  Have you ever felt that your train of work, life, or home has ever stalled right there on the railroad track to progression?  I know I have!  Join Lolita and a live audience for a juicy episode of Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations, where she leaves you with four strategies to get up and moving again...with a renewed vigor! In this episode: Minute 0.12 - Welcome to CC&C Minute 0.40 - Imagine with Lolita Minute 1.05 - Navigating further when your train stalls on the tracks Minute 1.25 - Who is Lolita E. Walker and Cheers to those watching and listening live Minute 2.28 - How this topic came about Minute 4.16 - Remain CALM Minute 5.34 - Dr. Janie's Journey Minute 6.05 - Collect info on what you know - what is true Minute 7.58 - Assess what and who is at your disposal Minute 9.35 - Obstructions that may be in your way Minute 10.15 - What are the obstructions in the way? Minute 12.05 - Discussion with your future self Minute 13.10 - Let go of what may be keepying you stalled Minute 17.52 - Linked in reference to help you keep moving Minute 18.40 - It may be only a seson Minute 20.52 - Recap of soul work Minute 22.31 - Recap of strategies Minute 23.00 - Move Minute 23.48 - Live conversations with Audience discussion Minute 25.19 - You are invited Minute 26.13 - Seeing growth right before your eyes Minute 29.07 - Head to to leave your comments under the thumbnail design of "CALM" Stay connected with Lolita   
This episode is all about doing a bit of "soul work" to apply what we chat about in this live recording.  Grab you CC&C Journal from and get ready to ensure that you are ready for your bounce back!  Today is about how to build resiliency through 5 key strategies.  Be sure to leave a 5-star review at if you were able to grab anything at all from the episode.   In this episode: Minute 0.15:  Welcome to CC&C Minute 0.42:  Who am I and what do I do? Minute 1.37:  Today's soul work on resiliency through imagery of a rubber band Minute 2.37:  Introducing the 5 strategies Minute 3.11:  Focus on the small wins Minute 6.53:  Address fear and uncertainty Minute 10.49:  Clarity + Confidence = Commitment Minute 14.28:  Trust building through building relationships Minute 16.18:  A live discussion with Ewy from Spain Minute 19.58:  Support and feedback Minute 22.19:  A special invite for you Minute 23.36:  Conclusion  Don't forget to leave a 5 star review at Connect with Lolita at  Grab your CC&C paraphanalia, including journal, sweats and tees at     
Is this an oxymoron or is it straightforward?  How can being colored jade your perspective?  In this episode, Lolita offers you a perspective of being jaded through judgement, anger, dissapointment, and ego.  The core question of this episode is, "What are you being colored by?" Hmmmmm Don't forget to leave your 5-star review at  In this episode: Minute 0.18 - Welcome Minute 1.05 - What is CC&C Minute 2.00 - How can being colored jade your perspective Minute 3.09 - A mess of chaos using coloring as a metaphor Minute 4.30 - Will you be colored by: Judgement Anger Dissapointment Ego Minute 6.07 - Awareness of what color you pull out of the box Minute 7.02 - Defining "jade" Minute 7.38 - Defining "obsolute" Minute 8.33 - What is "judgement?" Minute 11.14 - My "rules" to the 10 year old Minute 14.40 - The complexity of the topic Minute 16.35 - My corporate journey lessons Minute 19.32 - A Man's inquiry Minute 23.00 - A story of transformation Minute 28.40 - Conclusion Connect with Lolita at Learn more about Lolita's next retreat at  Don't forget to leave your 5-star review at 
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