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Author: Lolita E. Walker

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You're invited to Lolita's "kitchen table" for 3-layers of power, passion, & purpose. First up is COACHING, where you get a bit of “soul work”- to challenge your thinking. Next, there’s COCKTAILS to celebrate the greatness of who you are. Finally, there’s good-ole-fashioned CONVERSATIONS with cool folk that go #allin!

Pull up a seat with TEDx & motivational speaker, author, and certified life, leadership & executive coach, Lolita E. Walker of Walker & Walker Enterprises AND don't forget to subscribe and write a fab, 5-star review IF her message resonated with you. Others are waiting to hear your voice!

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What if you chose to start your new narrative today?  What if you chose to rewrite the story - YOUR STORY?! This episode is one of power and motivation.  It is one that will shift you to a renewed action.  Recorded live on several platforms, join the conversation and be sure to leave your 5 star review at  In this episode: Minute 1.23:  Who is Lolita E. Walker? Minute 1.45:  Shout out to Verneda Adele Minute 2.10:  Introduction of Powerful Strategies Minute 3.50:  Using My Gifts Minute 5.17:  Our Stories Shape our Feelings Minute 6.14:  Shifting Toward Clarity Minute 7.19:  What did Beyonce just Say? Minute 7.45:  Journal Prompt for You Minute 9.09:  Tailoring Your Words Minute 10.30:  Strength Soul Work and the Power of Affirmation Minute 14.00:  Outside helps to explore the Inside Minute 15.00:  The Divorce, The Feeling, The Journey Minute 16.12:  Cheers from Lynn Luckett Minute 17.00:  Reflect to Project Minute 17.39:  Soul Work to Reflect Minute 18.57:  Knowing Your Why Minute 19.20:  Yes to You Minute 21.04:  Reviewing Strategies Minute 24.16:  A Cocktail and Cheers for You & I Minute 24.42:  Ramon Ray Minute 28.11:  Group Coaching Minute 29.35:  Thanks for joining Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations with Lolita E. Walker   Hire Lolita for Coaching and/or Speaking - Shop Attend Lolita's Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat - 
Staying focused in spite of it all is not always the easiest thing to do!  If you are anything like me, distractions come from the left, right, and all around.  What if you were armed with five strategies to stay focused even in the midst of?  Today is the day for you!  Grab your CC&C Journal and let's get into it. This episode: Minute 0.43:  Hello and Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations Minute 1.11:  What's goals got to do with it? Minute 2.10:  Multitasking from a 10-year old perspective Minute 2.50:  Seek clarity - let's talk Dora Maria Minute 5.30:  See it, feel it, know it Minute 6.36:  Doing the "soul work" together as we target and task break Minute 8.59:  A tangible example of staying focused with accountability Minute 9.58:  Group coaching - a personal invitation Minute 12.45:  Articulations = Accountability Minute 14.09:  Yearn for the feeling that comes in the end Minute 15.20:  Clarity + Confidence = Committment Minute 15.40:  Let's talk pressure and your boxes of overwhelm Minute 22.30:  Knowing your goals and recapping today's key takeaways Minute 25.00:  Cocktails and a cheers to those who tuned in live Minute 28.17:  Cheers to Sol Sunshine Minute 29.19:  Thanks for joining and don't be a stranger Don't forget to leave your 5-star review at  Stay connected to Lolita: Group coaching: Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat: Shop Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations:
Sometimes it feels impossible to know where you stand, what you are doing, and how to remove the fog from where you are standing in this moment.  This episode will gift you 5 strategies to begin CLAIMING everything TODAY!  Stand up and get ready! Here's what you can expect: Minute 0.05:  Welcome to 45 Minutes of Power and Meet Special Guest, Tony with the Keys Minute 0.47:  Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Podcast with a special intro of topic Minute 1.40:  Why is this topic so important + Cheers to Many of You!! Minute 2.30:  Choosing You Minute 5.00:  Level Up & Layer Up Minute 6.30:  What happens when you choose you but it starts to go left or start to go wrong Minute 12:30:  Authentically Show Up Minute 17.49:  Interacting with the Future You Minute 21.42:  Welcome to my Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat Minute 24.09:  Making Your Impact Today Minute 29.01:  What am I most Proud of? Minute 34.00:  Yes, it is Recorded Minute 34.45: Minute 37.00:  Recap Minute 41.30:  Impact is in how you show up Minute 48.32:  Conclusion and reminder for a 5-Star Review   Please stay connected and let's push this podcast out.  There are too many around who haven't yet experienced the greatness that you do when you listen in and grab the soulwork from Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations.  
What is Glassophobia?  If one out of four people suffer from it, you could be the one! This episode is all about public speaking tips that will change your life, TODAY! You do it everyday, so why not leverage it to level all the way up?? It's time to grab your CC&C Journal here and start using these 5 strategies to uplevel your life, TODAY! In this episode, you are invited to join Lolita around her kitchen table for a conversation that will shift you.  Here's what you can expect: Minute 0.33:  Hello and topic reveal Minute 1.08:  Shout Outs to those who joined me live Minute 1.34:  What is glassophobia? Minute 2.04:  Who is Lolita E. Walker Minute 3.03:  Staying in your expertise Minute 4.58:  Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance Minute 7.07:  Eneergize and engage enthusiastically Minute 8.11:  Adding a piece of you Minute 10.15:  Keep breathing Minute 11.35:  Invitation to my September, All inclusive renewal retreat - click here Minute 13.52:  The time I forgot my thoughts while speaking live on stage Minute 15.00:  What is the impact of public speaking? Minute 15.40:  You are invited to Group Coaching with Lolita E. Walker Minute 17.11:  Reengaging the live audience and reiterating the 5 strategies Minute 20.13:  One of my Public speaking weaknesses Minute 21.33:  Dear Anxiousness from "Can We Talk," by Lolita E. Walker Minute 23.46:  Breaking down the poem Stay Connected to Lolita    
Join Lolita as she brings on a special 10-year old guest, Walker G. Bishop.  She and her son talk with a live audience on that ONE thing that separates the best from the rest.  From leadership to affirmations to walking in your greatness and a powerful affirmation that you can take with you, Lolita and Walker offer you an epiosde that you don't want to miss.  Grab your CC&C Journal and let's get into it!   Show breakdown: 08:    Intro to the podcast with Walker G. Bishop 36: Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversations 01: How I got my son to do this podcast episode with me 1:40: The ending to a powerful affirmation by Walker G. Bishop 2:35: Sometimes you not only believe it, but that belief helps you achieve it 3:05:    How to leverage this within your communities 3:42: Comments & Cocktails from the live audience 5:44:    Order your steps 7:50: How do you know that your steps are already ordered? 8:40:    A reminder to never give up 10:22: A reminder that you have a whole army supporting you 11:20: When sadness arises, how do you remember that you are ONE of the best 12:44: Exercise your mind, your body, and your spirit 14:35: Recap of the O.N.E. acronym 14:54: Advice from Walker G. Bishop 15:19: Comments from a live audience 17:25: Reminder to Walker that he could be talking to the youth 19:14: How do you know that you are the best and are separated from the rest? 20:20: The power of I Am 12:10: Walker shares his powerful affirmation with you 25:30: Activating your greatness 26:00: The power of simply showing up 27:07: Be great because you are great 27:20: Thank you to each of you and stay connected on all social platforms           27:46: Thank you  Stay connected with Lolita by leaving a 5-star review at  Also tap into socials at:  
As we end this year of 2022 and each year hereafter, sometimes we need a good talking to!  Here's a bit of power to help leap you into the new year to come.  New Year, I am coming for you.  Are you ready?  Listen in as Lolita speaks with a live audience on considerations of how to leap into the new year!  #letsgo In this episode: What if you are holding on? Leveraging Shawnte, a young woman who was live in the audience.   :03:     2023, I’m ready for all of you :26:     How has God showed off in your life? :54:     Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations 1:21:   Continuing from a Coaching Session with 3 Columns to close out the year 2:05:   Introducing Lolita E. Walker and Shout out to Social Platforms 2:35:   Words and themes to set up your year 3:50:   What does surrender mean to you? 4:25:   Reflecting on your mindset at the start of this year – A 3-Column Exercise 6:08:   Lolita sharing what God has done in her life 7:47:   Remembering your community.  Remembering God has already done it for you. 11:40: My journey to an elected School Board Position 12:00: How have you demonstrated your strengths this year? 15:23: Cocktails for All A’s in my first semester of my PhD program 20:50: Knowing your power and not getting stuck in the how 23:39: Speaking it out loud!  Cocktails for Feline from Belize 26:09: Your invitation to Lolita’s 4-Day, Women’s Weekend Renewal Retreat 29:51: Thanks for connecting to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations.  Visit for all things Lolita  Stay connected with Lolita at: where you can leave your 5-star review.  I'd love to hear your voice for women's retreats and corporate retreats for paraphanaia to keep you motivated, inspired and shifting to action            
Sometimes we are holding on by a string in life.  Sometimes we are holding on to our ideas and simply not allowing them to jump into the world.  I know I have been there!  And it is likely that you or someone you know has too.  This episode will not only motivate and inspire, but it will shift you into a renewed action!  Listen in as Lolita engages a live audience in this amazing discussion of discovery for work, life, and home. Don't forget to leave a 5-star review at   What to expect in this episode: 04:    A bit of Lolita E. Walker .21:   When you feel like you are holding on, what next? 0.34:  Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails, & Conversation 1.03:  Hello to FB, YouTube, LinkedIn, Clubhouse with Breakfast with Champions Live room 1:35:  What does holding on mean to you? 2:05:   An example leveraging listener, Shawnte 3:57:   What is your intention? 4:35:   Introducing HOLD, the four strategies of what next 7:15:    Releasing Guilt 8:00:    A recent conversation and application 9:50:    Self-development requires that we look at ourselves differently 13:00:  Worthiness 13:09:  Our fears of leaping beyond where we stand 15:00:  A challenge from me to you 15:30:  Harness your armor and grab your toolkit 17:50:  Opt in to opt out 23:00:  Who told us to judge impact? 23:44:  Leverage your resources 29:40: What you can come to Lolita E. Walker for?  #transformation 30:18:  Dare to leap 34:15:  Live audience dialogue on what resonated most of the four strategies 35:00:  Example of the four strategies of HOLD with Jakki Underwood, a live audience member 39:00:  Invitation to connect with Lolita E. Walker 40:28:  Lolita’s Women’s Weekend Renewal & Transformation Retreat 41:44:  Thank you for listening to Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations.  Let’s stay connected.   Stay Connected to Lolita Don't forget to leave your 5-star review at 
Join Lolita as she exudes pure excitement at the 10 lessons she cannot wait to share with you!  Whether you apply it to work, life, or home, there is a bit of something for everyone!  Listen in and be sure to leave your 5-star review!  This is a good one! Show Breakdown: Minute 0.051:  Intro, Welcome to Coaching, Cocktails, & Confirmations Minute 1.20:  Shoutouts to my LI, FB, CH, YT, and Podcast Communities Minute 3.09:  Personal Growth = Professional Success Minute 3.40:  Lesson 10 by Lolita E. Walker - When you choose to pause, ideas will come your way Minute 6.00:  Lesson 9 by Ms. Joanne Brown - You are never too seasoned to experience and explore Minute 8.31:  Lesson 8 by Stacy Luckett - Experiencing firsts is a gamechanger Minute 10.50:  Lesson 7 by Robin Brown - Sometimes loosing what you have worked hard on can give you a new perspective to keep going Minute 14.14:  Lesson 6 by Dr. Lisa M. Jones - Big Stages!  In your comfort zone is where others can see your light. Minute 16.04:  Lesson 5 by Sol Solcedo - Reflect to hold your ground. Minute 17.15:  Lesson 4 by Tonya Davis - Managing time is as important as showing up. Minute 19.07:  Lesson 3 by Jen Aks - When you express fully, you become free. Minute 20.05:  Lesson 2 by Larisa Harrington - Immerse yourself into the moment. Minute 21.17:  Lesson 1 by Dr. Safiyyah Rahman - Keep going and keep leveling up, _______ (insert your name).  Your transformations are too enormous to start shrinking now. Minute 22.26:  A special invitation to you from Lolita Minute 23.49:  Thank you  
According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (, on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the US.  During a year, this equates to more than 10MM women & men. This is a story of healing through forgiveness. This is a story of perseverance, discovery, and forgiveness. In this month of 2022, we become aware of Domestic Violence. Join Danne Smith Mathis and I, as she shares her story and helps to heal a nation. Breakdown of the Episode: 0.35:  Welcome 1.03:  Intro to Danne Smith Mathis 2.44:  A bit about Lolita E. Walker 4.12:  Danne Smith Mathis 4.20:  Shout out to Monica Floyd 5.33:  Introducing Danne's story 8.12:  "Girl I Can't Leave Now" - Danne's Letter of why she could not leave her marriage during her domestic violence encounters 14.22:  Dialogue about Danne's story 16.01:  Why'd you stay so long Danne? 35.56:  Be patient and give time - time. 56.14:  Cocktails & a cheers to each of you 58.14:  Thanks Danne and help request from Lolita 58.44:  Women Listeners - This is an invitation to you 1.00:  OutroDanne is a co-author of 4 books, including "Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence.” She is a mother and a former homeschooling mother of adult children who Contribute significantly to this planet. She is the grandmother to Aiden and Zakariah and a domestic violence survivor who promotes healing through forgiveness.However, this is a weighty topic that we will share and help heal from. Our stories are for so many others that hear them and gain strength. Danne wants to leave you with three key takeaways: Forgive so you can begin the healing process because if you don’t, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.Don’t be afraid to love yourself.Don’t fear loving again but next time take your brain with your heart! To stay connected to Danne: - Clubhouse! Wisdom anonymous, confidential help 24/7, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)
Yan Yu has a story to tell and we can all gain a bit of insight from her share.  Imagine cleaning toilets and working in a factory day and night where the hustle was real.  Imagine now, this same you, as an analyst on the trading floor of Wall Street then to finally recognize that wow - it no longer serves me to be results-oriented!  Such a foreign concept to many of us.  In this episode, Lolita and Yan talked about everything from gratefulness and faith to worthiness and temptation and so much more. Yan can now be found in areas of ministry, health, finance, Metaverse, AI and so much more!  Tap into this episode to be reminded of what a bit of perseverance, honesty, and faith has the power to do.   During this episode: Minute 0.33 - Welcome Minute 3.24 - Our individual takes on goal setting versus being results-oriented Minute 4.30 - What Yan learned from Wall Street Minute 6.15 - Temptation, results, risk-taking, realizing self-worth and gratefulness Minute 8.00 - From Cleaner to Wall Street Then Lolita leaves you with 5 Considerations to Lean into Your Self Worth. Work on you and your development Open doors to endless possibilities Remember your strengths and leverage them daily Tackle one problem at a time Help is an asset - ASK! To grab a deeper dive download on Self-Worth to leverage as a working resource, CLICK HERE Dig in with Lolita in her group coaching program, which meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month.  The power of women within this group is nothing short of amazing.  Learn more at Learn more about Yan, her amazing story, and the work that she is doing within the world -    and ...... there are still 6 more spaces at this upcoming women's weekend renewal retreat.  Grab your space at 
In this episode, Lolita leaves everything on the table with a single question - Are you the best friend that you want, need & deserve?  What if the question was, Are you the best friend TO YOU that you want, need & deserve? Hmmm, would the answer change? Delve in as Lolita engages with a live audience on this exact question.  Show Breakdown: Minute 0.19 - Welcome Minute 0.47 - Hello, We are Live Minute 7.00 - Soul Work by Lolita E. Walker Minute 9.05 - Observations from the relationship of Lolita & Her Son Enjoy the conversation that is curated just for you. Be sure to tap in even further with Lolita via: Facebook - Group Coaching - Retreats -   
Stepping into the impending recession is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it is laced with fear, anxiety, stress and lots of doubt.  In this episode, Lolita talks directly to you.  Using the word STEP, Lolita leaves you with four considerations to begin to STEP differently and more intently, as we look to thrive in a recession.    Are you ready?  Lean into each of these considerations, as Lolita engages with a live audience via Clubhouse, YouTube, Facebook (Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations), and Linked In.   Be sure to leave Lolita a 5-star review and tell the world what you took away - PLUS, others will experience all of the juiciness that you hear from Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations!  Show Breakdown: Minute 2.24 - Shout out to Momentum Advisors - my saving grace Minute 5.00 - Celebrating our Listeners Minute 13.24 - A Soul Work Exercise for You Minute 22.00 - Live Engagement Minute 26.57 - An Invitation for You, From Lolita Minute 31.09 - Sharing on the Creative Process Minute 49.00 - Lolita Shares meaning of her First Book Minute 54.00 - Exciting news!!! Minute 55.19 - PhD Win:  A True Story of Stepping up Minute 57.00 - Thank You Stay Connected with Lolita via: Group Coaching - Private FB Group -  YouTube -   
Meet Gina, Nicole and Crystal.  They are 3 powerhouses, who met on a social, audio app and leveraged their collective strenths to start a movement.  "The Mom Link" was birthed to ultimately become the most valuable social network of mompreneurs in the world.  Makin six-figures in less than one year, their mantra is that THE PRESENT AND FUTURE IS FEMALE.  In this episode, Lolita has a juicy conversation with the women of The Mom Link on how to best link moms to business and beyond. As busy women, we give so much to everyone else, yet rarely give the same time, resources an energy back to ourselves.  Listen in to grab a few laughs, take a few nuggets, and reclaim your power.  Be sure to share it with a power woman that you know.    Show Breakdown Minute 1.12 - Welcome Minute 1.39 - Introduction of Podcast Host, Lolita E. Walker Minute 2.03 - Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations - what is it all about? Minute 19.00 - Lolita outlines 4 Key Principles for LINKing to your business and beyond Minute 33.00 - An invitation just for you Minute 44.26 - Cheers to each of you, from The Mom Link Minute 49.05 - My Challenge to each of You Minute 49.54 - Thank You  Stay Connected with The Mom Link:   Stay Connected with Lolita: 
Laura Gassner Otting is joining Lolita on this episode to talk being limitless.  Not only is she a #2 Best Selling Author by way of The Washington Post, but she is also a power speaker, author and a sought-after, power woman within organizations.   At Minute 5.37, Laura tells Lolita of her Superpower Minute 7.37 - Laura talks how to ignore everybody Minute 9.0 - What does "lean in" mean to you? To Laura? To Lolita? Minuate 12.29 - Lolita leaves 6 Considerations of how to DEMAND more Minute 14.20 - Laura dives into two aspects of DEMAND N - Next Up is Action - specifically around servant leadership M -More doesn't mean more action Minute 20.00 - What is "Wonder Hell" Minute 23.00 - Laura's TEDx Journey Minute 30.00 - Learning from Our Children Minute 32.00 - Demanding more and being the Wizard of Speakin Minute 45.14 - An Invitation to Lolita's Women's Weekend Renewal Reteat Connect with Laura at: Connect with Lolita at:
This episode is for all of my purpose-driven trailblazers.  Do we suffer, while still holding a badge of honor?  or Do youflow with the expectation to lead with integrity, power and being?  Meet Stacy Raske, speaker, author, podcaster, Iraq veteran, inFLOWential activator, and TV peresonality, Stacy has joined Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Podcast to chat with Lolita about standing on your foundation, being a leader who serves through leadership, leaping over blocks we see as leaders and the notion of being, not simply doing.  Lean in, as Stacy and Lolita leave you with tips and strategies to consider, as you become an inFLOWential leader. Show Breakdown: Minute 0.24 - Welcome Minute 0.52 - Who is Lolita E. Walker Minute 7.33 - Functioning in Control and all of the challenges Minute 13.42 - Blocks we see in leaders Minute 16.02 - When meeting to meeting becomes everyday, what do you do? Minute 20.51 - The difference between wins and successes Minute 21.29 - An invitation from Lolita Minute 34.00 - Challenging limiting beliefs Minute 34.34 - Recovering from Rock Bottom Moments Minute36.49 - When You Should Call Stacy Minute 41.35 - Thank You Stay Connected with Stacy @ Stay Connected with Lolita @ and don't forget to check out the ucpoming Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat at 
This week, we have power speaker, author, business owner, marketing and sales guru, Kim Walsh Phillips, who grew her community from 32 followers to over 11K in less than 1 year. In this episode, we talk power, influence, marketing and the pitfalls of sales. Lean in, as we leave you with nuggets to challenge your thinking, celebrate the greatness of who you are and then have juicy conversations with you and my facebook, LI and Youtube communities. Come on in the room and let's connect with Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations with Lolita E. Walker. The Breakdown: Minute 0.26 - Welcome Minute 0.54 - Introduction of Kim Walsh Phillips Minute 1.06 - Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations - The Overview Minute 7.05 - Who is Kim's Ideal client + Associated myths Minute 9.35 - Making More Time for You Minute 11.08 - Lolita gives 5 Considerations on how to Lean into Your POWER Minute 20.36 - Imposter Syndrome Minute 23.14 - Car Salesman Sales Tactics Minute 23.58 - The M.O.M. Model Minute 31.50 - Invitation to Power You Differently & Intently Minute 32.39 - Thank You Stay Connected to Kim Walsh Phillips -  Stay Connected to Lolita E. Walker - Be sure to tap into other aspects of Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations!  and be sure to leave your 5 star review!  Can't wait to connect.  
"We all have the ability to make someon's life better and to serve." This was only one of the quotes from David Spisak in this episode of how to use your uncommon to power you.   Have you ever felt uncommon but leaned more into the common to power you?  David challenges that theory, as he talks everything from his strengths vs superpowers, thinking differently, optimizing your income, and his soul goal to "empty his head before he isdead." Lolita leaves you with 6 considerations of how to lean into your uncommon: Challenge your thinking Open your mind to endless possibilities Make the most of your time Move with connection and collaboration Optimize your income Next up is action Show Breakdown: Minute 2.05 - CC&C and About the Show Minute 2.57 - Outline of the 6 considerations Minute 8.21 - David Spisak Minute 12.56 - David talks Strengths vs Superpowers Minute 18.37 - Lolita talks her superpowers Minute 19.50 - You are not different than the apps in your phone Minute 32.37 - New Book Alert Minute 43.30 - Paenting Tips according to David Spisak Stay Connected to David  Stay Connected to Lolita   
Ramon Ray, power entrepreneur, small business magician and expert, entertainer, and keynote speaker joins Lolita and her audience to talk how to be the Celebrity CEO of your personal and professional brands.  So what is a "celebrity CEO" and how do you become one?  Great question.  Not only is it the name of one of Ramon's book's, but it is a philosophy that will challenge your thinking and shift you to a renewed state of being.  Tap in as Lolita and Ramon leave you with 5 considerations to BRAND you, a few laughs and so much more.  From the man who launched four companies, sold two, authored multiple books and brings a smile to anyone's face, he is CONFIDENT that he is a Celebrity CEO and believes that you are too.  Let's enjoy a bit of coaching, cocktails & conversations with Mr. Ramon Ray. Ramon is the founder of a contributor to and a host of the podcast, Breakfast with Champions. He is a successful entrepreneur, in-demand, motivational speaker and event host.  Be sure to tap into this phenomenon and great spirit.  Web: IG: 
Tara L. Paige (aka The Patio Chic) joins Lolita for a fun and exciting conversation on community and how to navigate, what can sometimes feel like chaos amongst a crowd of many. Who is in your community? How are you building community? Tara grew her Facebook group from - to over 233,000 members and of course that came with ups and downs. In this conversation, EVERYTHING is on the table. From leadership to inclusiveness to helping/nudging/exiting people immdiately out of your space, to redefining what your most be free space is, there is nothing short of information and laughs in this episode. Grab your pen and pad for some good ole fashioned coaching, cocktails & conversations. Show Breakdown:- Minute 0.027 - Welcome- Minute 1.11 - Tara L. Paige Intro- Minute 36.10 - Special Gift for Listeners- Minute 52.17 - Thank You / Outro Stay Connected to Tara- FB Community - Black Women who Love Outdoor Spaces - Web - IG - Stay Connected to Lolita- Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat - GRAB YOUR TICKET TODAY - All things Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations, including podcast, group coaching, free zoom for women, newsletter & more -
Quinn Conyers joins me today and raises the roof when it comes to the power of amplification.  She is a power speaker and prides herself on transforming average experiences into epic events as an Emcee.  She broadasts the brilliance of Black Women in business and leaves nothing short of power around the Coaching, Cocktails & Conversations Kitchen Table today. From being vulnerable to debunking 3 speaking myths to leaning into 7 considerations to amplify your voice today, this is a power episode that you do not want to miss! IF YOU LOVED THE SHOW, DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR 5 STAR REVIEW ON APPLE PODCASTS! I'D LOVE TO READ IT ON AN UPCOMING EPISODE. Show Breakdown: Minute 0.03 - Episode overview and introduction of Quinn Minute 1.23 - Welcome to CC&C Minute 1.51 - The CC&C Three Layers Minute 3.22 - Conversations with Quinn Conyers Minute 8.30 - A special invitation to you from Lolita Minute 9:46 - 7 Considerations to Amplify your voice Authentic Connections Make imprints in the sand with choices Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance  Lead with your story I am - affirmation pave your way Feed the butterflies Your words are your worth  Connect with Quinn Website -  LI:  IG:  Connect with Lolita Website - LI: IG:  https:/ Upcoming Women's Weekend Renewal Retreat -  Group Coaching Program -      
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