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When our path is no longer spiritually fulfilling, we must pivot to something that is.  Today’s guest is former bodybuilding champion Dani Reardon, whose intense spiritual journey is the result of pivoting from professional bodybuilding to yoga, energy work and starting her own company, Conscious Champion.  “My nickname was Little Monster Star. People didn't even know me by Dani. They just knew me by like my tagline and through Instagram and stuff. They're like, I didn't even know your name. And so I didn't even know how much my identity was fully in the bodybuilding world until I left. And I was just like this scared, naked out in the world, ‘who am I’ kind of person?” – Dani (09:20) In this episode, Dani shares how competitive bodybuilding eventually led her to a new path towards spirituality, the dark night of the soul she endured to find her true identity, and how our perspective shapes the way we perceive dark and light in the universe. “One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein is , ‘Do you believe you live in a friendly or a hostile universe?’ And I believe I live in a friendly universe, even if hostile things happen to me. It's a lesson, it's here to teach me and help me grow and evolve. It's my school at that moment. And so I think it's about our perspective.” – Dani (16:18) Dani also shares the message of hope she learned during her journey to find herself, and discusses why we are more than our physical forms:  “For people out there who are maybe struggling with body image issues, or even the voices in their head, you're not either of those things. You're not the body. You're not the mind. And I know because I've achieved greatness with both of those and it still wasn't me, still wasn't who I was. Who you are is so much more vast and so much more infinite and energetic and connected to everything.” – Dani (25:49)   In This Episode (01:13) Dani’s career as a bodybuilding champion (03:49) Dani’s dark night of the soul (06:17) Dani’s graduate degree, arrest and spiritual awakening (07:47) “The Force is real.” (08:43) Pivoting from bodybuilding to yoga (10:55) Teaching yoga, and passing on knowledge to kids (11:51) The genesis of Conscious Champion (15:45) “How are you so happy all the time?”  (17:22) Dani’s advice for those who are struggling (21:07) The hardest challenge Dani has overcome (25:49) Dani’s message of hope   About Dani Reardon Former bodybuilding champion Dani Reardon is an energy coach, podcast host and CEO of Conscious Champion, which helps people connect their bodies to their minds for greater success in sports, competition and life.    Resources & Links   Dani Reardon
We all know that person – someone who’s so self-possessed, so self-assured, that they never seem to need to think about what to do, or how to dress, or what to say. Everything just seems to happen for these people!  And it leaves the rest of us wondering, “How do they seem to have it all together?”  Well, there’s no secret sauce or special pill – it’s really just self-confidence!  For some, it’s a natural gift. For others, it takes some work. But the good news is, everybody can learn to be confident.  Join me today as I share my seven secrets of self-confidence.  In This Episode  (01:36) Fake it til you make it  (03:16) Feeling your feelings as a means of self-soothing (04:56) Compare and despair (07:25) Give yourself grace (10:51) Replacing negative self-talk with positive (13:52) Have clear goals (17:18) Remember that the future is friendly! Resources & Links
Today’s guest Karen Gamba has endured challenges most of us can’t even imagine. Growing up in South Africa during apartheid, Karen eventually came to the U.S. and built a successful career in corporate America.    But when she realized a corporate career didn’t feed her soul, she took on another challenge: leaving the security of her longtime 9 to 5 to start not one but two companies – PR agency ExV Agency and nonprofit Women Building Women.    In this episode, Karen shares how she found the strength to follow her true calling, the ways in which apartheid shaped her desire to help marginalized women through Women Building Women, and how she found her joy.   “So often we just stay in a life and a lane that just doesn't fuel us. I often speak about the fact that I know so many people whose bank accounts might be running over, but their souls are empty and they just feel so depleted and sad and finding that happy medium of, you know, of course you want success. You want to put bread on the table. You want to support your family and live a comfortable life. But if you are not there in body, mind and soul to be a part of that journey because you're so depleted from a job or a career that doesn't fuel you, then what is the point?” – Karen (01:41)   Karen also talks about the role of vulnerability in pursuing your dreams, how to start listening to that little voice of change, and shares her unique message of hope.   “You just keep going. And the universe starts meeting you and everything starts showing up to match what it is you wanna do. And it all just starts showing up. It just does. Everything is happening for your highest good. The future is friendly.” – Karen (29:19) In This Episode   (01:41) How Karen found the strength to leave corporate America and follow her true calling (03:28) Coming to the U.S. from South Africa (07:31) Karen’s advice for those struggling to find their joy (10:23) Becoming aware of our inner dialogue (13:50) Growing up in South Africa during apartheid  (17:58) Starting non-profit Women Building Women (22:14) The hardest challenge Karen has overcome (25:53) Karen’s strategies for dealing with stress, and getting in touch with your higher self (34:48) Karen’s message of hope   Guest   Personal branding specialist Karen Gamba left corporate America to follow her true calling as co-founder and CEO of PR agency ExV Agency, as well as co-founder of Women Building Women, a nonprofit that supports marginalized women through educational, mentorship and career strategies.   Resources & Links 52 Weeks of Hope Karen Gamba
Today’s guest Dominic Zenden has a unique ability – to see a person’s aura. He’s been doing it since childhood and has used his gift in every aspect of his life, from working in the prison system to helping people find their best match based on looking at color photographs.  “I think that we can all do it. It can be a new thing for the world to be able to understand that we all have this AIC field, this energy, this frequency, this vibration that is working with us and we can all do it. So why aren't we aware of it? It's something that as soon as we become aware of it, it becomes real. And there's nothing better than personal experience to make something come real. And that's really what I'm about.” In today’s episode, Dominic talks about how he discovered his gifts as a child, how he works from photographs, how you can use energy and consciousness to manifest your best life, what time is and isn’t, and more.  “I think that everyone should live with the gratitude for everything that they have in their life, whatever it is because everything that we go through is there designed to help us understand something, whether it's a good situation or whether it's a difficult situation, it's there for us to actually grow and develop and realize the gratitude of life should be your hope. Watching the birds sing in the morning should be your hope. Looking at your children, grow and become amazing. Adults should be your hope. There's so much there that shows you that life is about hope. And so if you want to feel hope, just look around you.” In This Episode (01:16) Discovering Dominic’s childhood gifts (05:36) Working from photos (08:35) The difference between feeling a room vs feeling a person (10:31) How language gets in the way (14:49) Manifesting your best life (20:56) The hardest challenge Dominic’s overcome (24:08) Time (42:03) Grounding tools (44:23) Dominic’s message of hope About the Guest Dominic Zenden is an author, magazine columnist, and speaker who uses his natural abilities to sense auras in order to create detailed profiles from photos. He is the host of the podcast Twisted & Misunderstood.   52 Weeks of Hope   Dominic Zenden
Do you really, truly, deeply feel your emotions? Or do you try to stuff them down and ignore them? Today’s guest, certified IM Trainer and lifelong educator Michelle Windmueller, tried therapy and medication, but didn’t fully experience her emotions until after retirement, when she began meditating for the first time.  “I was so grateful to my first meditation teacher just for saying to me that every emotion is okay, even rage is okay. It's just okay. Feel it as an emotion. What did I learn is it would last, what 90 seconds, if I didn't feed it with a story. And so I stopped feeding my emotions with stories and I just felt them. And they dissipated what emerged was a sense of peace that I had never, ever experienced in my entire life. And that's what I teach people today. I want people to feel that sense of peace without running a marathon, ‘cuz I know the endorphins will happen, but meditation can give you that same kind of high, that same sense of serenity.” In this episode, Michelle shares how discovering meditation helped her cope with trauma, infertility, strengthened her marriage, and helped her feel a new sense of peace.  She also discusses her journey to becoming a certified IM Trainer, her work as a mindfulness teacher, the power of intuition and the importance of allowing yourself to feel your emotions.  In This Episode (01:04) Why Michelle’s retirement was just the beginning (04:03) Michelle’s meditation journey (09:19) How meditation also helped improve Michelle’s marriage (11:21) Tapping into your intuition (14:16) Navigating relationship and family drama (17:21) The hardest challenge Michelle has overcome (22:42) Michelle’s message of hope Guest Michelle Windmueller is a certified IM Trainer at Inner Matrix Systems, which teaches meditation, mindfulness and personal mastery.  With a PhD from the University of Southern California, Michelle served as an educator for 45 years.  She teaches meditation and mindfulness to private students and continues to work with schools and universities to transform classrooms into places of greater learning, kindness and understanding. 52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter!  Michelle Windmueller LinkedIn Facebook
Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. In Qigong, a holistic classical Chinese approach to health and wellness, this idea is known as “the superior doctor” – and today’s guest, healer and teacher Chris Shelton, tells us how we can each become our own superior doctor.  “We have a saying that the superior doctor is one that could prevent disease before disease sets in. The great thing about Qigong is that it creates an awareness within yourself to where you become your own superior doctor. So our big mission is self-empowerment.” Chris found Qigong after a difficult childhood, multiple heart attacks and a painful back injury that left him feeling hopeless. In this episode, he shares how classical Chinese medicine changed his mind, his outlook, and his life – and how it could change yours, too. “The style of Qigong that I teach is for your mental, emotional wellness, because according to classical Chinese medicine, the leading cause of death and disease besides poor diet is emotional trauma. And what's amazing is that when I see a patient in clinic, I have so many tools to diagnose or assess the situation. I could take their pulse. I could look at their tongue just like the acupuncturists, but one of the favorite things I like to do is look at a person's face. And every feature on a person's face tells me a story of how the person thinks – what kind of trauma that they've been through, their personality.” Chris also shares his journey as a healer, how he’s seen people change their lives with Qigong and tai chi, where the body stores trauma and his message of hope.  “Even in the darkest hour, always hold onto that little glimmer of light because the light will always outshine the darkness. Don't get caught up into the negativity, look at the light and you be that beacon of light because in order to create change, you have to change yourself. And how do you change yourself? You change your paradigm for which you think. So in order for you to be that beacon and light, yes, educate yourself. Be aware of what's going on in the world, but be that beacon of light and be mindful over what you think.”   In This Episode (01:05) What Qigong and tai chi are  (03:31) Chris’ story, his journey as a healer and how he became a tai chi master (08:20) Reducing stress and pain by tapping into your chi (12:31) Breathing through stored trauma (25:43) The root of pain (31:32) The hardest challenge Chris has overcome (36:54) Chris’ message of hope   Guest Chris Shelton is a healer, teacher and Qigong master who has dedicated his life to helping people reduce stress and pain. He has worked with professional athletes, Special Olympics teams, and celebrities and thousands of others around the world.  Chris is the founder of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center in California, co-created The Qi Club and Qigong Teacher Training and is the author of “Qigong for Self-Refinement.”   Resources & Links 52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter!   Chris Shelton Training Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram TikTok
Nobody gets through life unscathed, especially these days. What we need to get through the darkness is the promise of light.  So I interviewed a huge variety of very different people, all from unique backgrounds and beliefs – from rabbis to doctors to storytellers and everyone in between – and asked them what they’d gleaned from just living life.  I noticed their messages had certain things in common – overarching messages of hope that I’ve compiled into what I call The Meaning of Life.  In these messages you’ll hear people talk about their deepest struggles, self-doubt, despair – but you’ll also hear them share about what got them through those times. Self-compassion. Gratitude. Resilience.  And above all, hope.  So join me in this episode as we discover The Meaning of Life together.    52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter! 
How can we find the strength to persevere through darkness? Is holding on through adversity worth the struggle? How can we find our purpose when times are hard and faith is low?  Today’s guest, entrepreneur, influencer and business coach Melissa Hughes, inspires us with her story of finding purpose and establishing a wildly successful career after losing her job, postpartum depression, struggling through the pandemic with two small children and living overseas.  “I felt like my faith was really like being restored in the sense of knowing like, we go through hard things,” Melissa says. “It really kind of showed me that just because you go through a valley season doesn't mean that, you know, you're a bad person or you failed or anything like that. It just means that you're living a very profound life, you know? And being able to go through something hard and come out through it is a profound life.” In this episode, Melissa shares how her faith fueled her journey to success, the importance of hope, and how you can find your purpose even – and especially – in darkness.  “The thing that carried me is the hope, you know, even when I was in the middle of questioning my faith and everything like that,” Melissa tells us. “There was still that hope that I know that somehow all of this is not gonna be wasted, but it's gonna be used for something always, always. [My story] encourages people that if you're really, truly in a dark, truly dark place, that hope is not lost.”   In This Episode (01:52) Melissa’s story (05:49) Establishing community and inspiring faith while living overseas with two small children (09:19) Finding TikTok and how Melissa started out of her darkness (15:22) “The best wakeup call of my life”  (18:39) Melissa’s advice for those struggling with faith (24:08) The most difficult challenge Melissa’s overcome (28:51) Melissa’s message of hope   About Melissa Melissa Hughes is a Speaker, TikTok Influencer and Amazon best selling author. She has been booked twice on The Kelly Clarkson Show and has hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok for her motherhood content. She just released her first kids book called, "Mommy Loves You When" and also has written "She Can Laugh: A Guide to Living Spiritually Emotionally and Physically Healthy". She has done missionary work in Wales UK and now resides in Grand Rapids Mi with her husband and two kids.   52 Weeks of Hope Visit my website  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel  Visit my Facebook page Follow me on Instagram Let's talk on Twitter!    Melissa Hughes Learn more about Melissa Hughes Follow Melissa on Instagram Connect with Melissa on Facebook 
Did you ever get some unwritten message that you aren't "supposed" to laugh after you experience loss? Or other unspoken rules? Emily Threatt informs you in this episode about what to say and not say after a loss, how you get back to a space of love and joy and so much more. Learn concrete tools after grief from Emily, a grief transformation expert. Her supportive manner allows you to get back to a place of happiness and joyful existence. You may wonder what this has to do with you if you aren't experiencing loss? Her tools in her award-winning book, Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief, are some of the same tools Lauren uses every day! You're going to love this captivating episode with Emily and Lauren.
Are you ready to discover life’s infinite possibilities? To live in love and joy and leave all that blame, shame, and guilt behind? Listen as author, retreat leader, and motivator, Kristin Sparks empowers you to be your best self. She answers your questions and has taken the hits so u don't have to, and gives you the lessons to help you live your best most aligned life right now! Kristin also understands body language which gives you confidence and owning who you are. Author of the Book on Joy, listen to this inspiring episode with Kristin Sparks and Lauren Abrams.
Are you ready to reduce your stress, increase your intuition and get immediate emotional relief? You're going to love this episode with international speaker and founder of the Inner Matrix Systems, Joey Klein. Listen as Joey helps you make a simple conscious transformation resulting in more joy, peace and fulfillment in your life.    Joey explains how to reduce stress, increase your focus and well-being, and enhance your daily life with the simplest tools. Learn the path to greater inner peace, to lower anxiety, and even learn how to fulfill your deepest desires (yea, get rich and find your love!) among other improvements. It's all a matter of changing your thought patterns.   Joey Klein is the founder and CEO of Inner Matrix Systems, a personal mastery training system for high achievers. He is the author of "The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real-Life Results." He has been interviewed by Self Magazine,, Yahoo Finance, and NBC, and many more, worked with over 80,000 individuals and CEO's and now you can hear him talk to Lauren in this engaging, fun episode.
Do you wonder how some people have confidence, know what they're doing and what they want? Listen as author, speaker and meditation teacher David Romanelli explains the wisdom gleaned from thriving elders. Learn how to move beyond the stories in your head and find joy in the moment. David takes life lessons from the oldest and wisest amongst us and gives you the best advice on relationships, resilience as well as what qualities keep you happiest living your life. As a bestselling author of three books with 20 years of experience and research on what it means to be truly happy, David shares readily accessible tools for you to be happy and more present in your life right now.
Are you ready to truly break out and be your best, most authentic self now? Cat used to be shy, insecure and wasn’t aligned with who and what she knew she could be. Knowing she had to level up, she did! Cat’s now CEO of the Femme guide with over 100,000+ members and teaches you how to own a room and so much more. She’s giving you tips right now on how to transform your life, too.   Listen as influencer, social media guru and femininity expert, Cat Shanu explains why you should get uncomfortable and take purposeful action to get where you want in your life (and beyond!). Hear vulnerable sharing between Cat and Lauren as well as nuggets of heartfelt wisdom to make you your best self today.
Are you ready to get rid of negative self-talk? To look for the good no matter what's going on around you? Learn how to live in joy breaking free from critical thinking, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome in this empowering episode with Lauren as she shares simple tools you can use right now. You can live aligned with your most confident self and leave your limiting beliefs for good! You’ll get a total attitude adjustment with the quick suggestions given. Try them and boost your self-esteem and let your inner light shine! You can walk through your fears after listening to this episode.
Do you ever feel like you're "getting behind?" Do you put unnecessary burdens on your shoulders? Listen as Professor Dr. Valencia Sylvain Stinson "Dr. V '' helps you navigate guilt, shame, and the "shoulds" that you put on yourself and replace these with empowering tools to open your mind and guide yourself on the best road. Learn how to break free of limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome and build a new relationship with yourself that aligns with your path and purpose. Dr. V's a professor, author, and poet. She serves in women's ministry and uses poem therapy. Her non-profit DreamKEYper’s Int’l, Inc. promotes healthy intergenerational relationships through the arts. Her message is one of love and hope in all circumstances.
Do you crave stepping into your extraordinary life and stop doing for everyone else? Are you ready to find and align with your purpose? Writer, teacher and entrepreneur, Tom Kuegler forged his own path. He embodies his motto: YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK and now teaches others how to do just that, do what you're meant to do, what lights you up inside.   Tom's full of tips for how to create your own path as well as not succumb to negative self-talk. Listen as Tom's soothing manner empowers you as he sets out easy, actionable steps for you to reach your dreams.   Tom Kuegler's online writing has been viewed a total of 5 million+ times and he's contributed to websites like the Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and Elite Daily. He writes mostly about traveling, personal development, writing, social media, and online business.
Learn how to follow your intuition and discover your magic with empowering mindset coach Ashley Gonor. Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? Are you afraid to take the leap? Listen as Ashley shows you how to instantly have confidence, how to walk through your fears and follow the breadcrumbs and why challenges are like gold nuggets.   You'll be excited to take action and get to the other side of your fears after listening to Lauren and Ashley in this episode.
Do you wonder how to activate your intuition? Are you ready to do what’s right for you and your soul, and get clear on your inner calling? Listen as Lauren guides you with easy tools to clarity and vision of everything that's meant for you right now. Move away from the people-pleasing doing for others, and toward the real you, your inner truth.  You’ll also learn manifestation tips and how to be the most confident version of yourself in every setting (no matter how you are feeling inside) in this fun quick easy to listen-to episode. Get reminded that it's never too late to live your purpose, do what lights you up and create extraordinary things!
Are you sick of settling? Are you ready to get your message out? Are you tired of doing for others and sacrificing yourself? So was coach, writer and speaker Matt Mills. He left his Hollywood executive career for what he knew he’s called here to do, and for the past decade-plus helps you get to your truth and align with your inner calling.  You get easy practical tools to manifest your dreams and live your life as you know it should be lived. Get clarity and step into your fulfilled and aligned version of yourself. Learn how to break free of what binds you from creating your magical life. As Matt says, "There is a reason you can see your dream." Get empowered in this episode now.
Join the very funny and enlightened Ginni Saraswati as she gives you practical tips on how to go for your real-life dreams. She empowers you to take that leap and walk through your fears with specific tools and practical advice to tackle what's holding you back. Who you should talk to (and not!). Ginni reminds you that everything begins with inner knowledge and how to tap into yours. Listen to Ginni Saraswati, CEO and founder of Ginni Media and host of an award-winning podcast about life as a gay Sri Lankan-born woman growing up in Australia get real with Lauren in this engaging episode. Remember, it's never too late to live your purpose and do what lights you up, and create extraordinary things.
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In times like this, sources of true hope and inspiration can be hard to come by. This was a very dark year for me with the unimaginable loss of my precious grandson. Inspired by listening to Lauren and her amazing guests, I am beginning to feel like there is true hope again. Specifically, for me, JJ Duncan's episode was heart-wrenching and yet gives hope of a better tomorrow. And the most recent episode, "The Meaning of Life", gives us an assurance that there really is that hope. Thank you Lauren.

Oct 26th
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