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“Block him” - My therapist

“Block him” - My therapist


This week, we begin the episode STILL in the fucking Hamptons. You thought things couldn’t get any wilder from last week? Oh, you thought wrong…get ready to meet the neighbors. Once Father Cooper finally makes it to Chicago she changes the pace up a bit and sits down with Lauren to discuss some therapist approved dating advice. Big Al and Lar chat about blocking, second dates, deciding what your type is and so much more. But of course, Chicago couldn’t come to a close without one wild night out. Father Cooper finally has her debut on stage and delivers an impromptu performance. Last, but surely not least, Big Al meets up with the daddy gang in Chicago for a LIVE questions of the week. Buckle up, because this episode is filled with surprises. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome back daddies. This week, as we kick off a new season of Call Her Daddy, Father Cooper wastes no time spilling every ounce of tea - starting with a “business meeting” in Harvey Weintstein’s office, to signing with Barstool Sports and the details of the show’s new home at Spotify. Daddy Gang, get ready for an episode full of big announcements, big stories, and big green dick energy. ENJOY. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Nov 10th

Holt Robyn

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Aug 3rd

Maureen Manning

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Apr 8th

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Mar 12th

Dur Asiyah

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Jan 31st

Douglas Voutour

I miss the original. the new stuff is boring.

Nov 13th

Lilly Costa

I can't stand podcasts that have people laughing out loud every 5mins. It might be fun for those making the podcast but is terrible for the listeners.

Oct 26th

Maxim Rybinin

it was my words

Aug 28th

Maxim Rybinin

it was me

Aug 28th

Scott Sanders

This one and Mysterious Radio are the only two podcasts I ever needed. Bummer about this one.

Aug 17th

Greg Knoch

just need alex to convince all women to swallow

Jul 17th

Chip Plylar

Braceface Alex was a cutie..I love that video u made as a kid.

Jul 3rd


wow I thought that this is comedy wowww

Jun 2nd

Savannah Stewart

Definitely one of my least favorite guests so far. Others seem genuine but this girl is in some kind of lala land

Jun 1st


Alex I need your sound to be louder. all my other podcasts are fine but when I try to listen to CHD I have to hold my phone to my ear while driving to be able to hear it over my V8. lol. first world problems but I thought it was worth a shot to give you the feedback. on a side note, this episode hit me hard today. I went through exactly what Lauren went through when I was 23. it will be 8 years this July. and I never grieved my dad's death either. I had to be strong for my mom and little sister and was also strung out on oxycontin while in nursing school. and you were right. it was a lot of baggage to carry. still is tbh. love you girls.

May 30th

Erin Waxenbaum

AMAZING episode

May 14th

Jasmine Engen


May 11th

Amber Weekley

my #1 favorite girls only podcast!!🤟🏻😝

May 7th

صور اطفالنا

LOVE you

Apr 20th

Dylan Aldridge

did she say Temecula???

Apr 20th
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