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Camouflage - A True Crime Podcast

Camouflage - A True Crime Podcast

Author: Jenny Mac

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Some of the most terrifying criminals hide in plain sight: The Boy Next Door, the devoted Family Man, the Head Cheerleader. They don't need to hide in the shadows... they have CAMOUFLAGE.
2 Episodes
How did Ted Bundy hide his true nature for so long? How did he maintain a stable relationship with his girlfriend, raise her daughter, and even work on a suicide prevention hotline? All the while, he was abducting, raping and murdering women across several states. Was it his all-American good looks? His intelligence? Or was it just that his camouflage was so good, that no one could believe he was really a monster? 
Camouflage - Intro

Camouflage - Intro


A short introduction to Camouflage, a True Crime Podcast.  Can you ever really know someone?