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Rubik's Cubes. Ronald Reagan. Jerry Falwell. Just Say No. One of these things was awesome. Take a guess and hop on board this classic episode, aka the 80s train.See for privacy information.
How Down Syndrome Works

How Down Syndrome Works


People with Down syndrome lead rich, complex lives like any other human, but it’s only been in the last few decades that everyone else stopped persecuting them long enough to notice this. As a result, both their IQ and their life expectancy skyrocketed.See for privacy information.
Short Stuff: Goosebumps

Short Stuff: Goosebumps


Goosebumps are a pretty cool evolutionary holdover from our earlier days as furry beasts. Don't believe us? Listen in. See for privacy information.
The space around you that you can reach with your arms is a very special place. It’s where we interact with reality. And although we are so good at using it we don’t give it a second thought, our ability to use it is one our most amazing abilities.See for privacy information.
For millennia humans have recognized four tastes, but in the 1980s a fifth taste first isolated in Japan gained worldwide acceptance - and took off like a rocket! Learn about meaty, musty, savory umami in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
The Victorians were the first to go bonkers for roller skating and since then the pastime has had bursts of popularity every few decades. Over the years skaters have come up with some amazing things to do on skates that go way beyond just going in circles.See for privacy information.
Correction fluid goes by many names, but the OG was Liquid Paper. And it has a pretty cool origin story. See for privacy information.
Chuck loves typewriters because he loves mechanical brilliance. Dive into the cool history of these amazing machines today. See for privacy information.
Since the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 in the Citizens United case that political contributions are speech and should be protected, the floodgates of anonymous political contributions have opened. But does absolute funding corrupt absolutely? Find out in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
The question of Shakespeare's authorship has been around since at least the mid-1800s. Is there anything to it? We'll dig in to this dense topic to find out.See for privacy information.
Is there anything – anything – worse than a yawn you can’t finish? It’s hard to think of anything else and as your obsession with yawning like a normal human being grows it only becomes more difficult. Why? Why?!See for privacy information.
When it comes to pre-wedding festivities, bachelor and bachelorette parties take the penis-shaped cake. Learn all about these sordid affairs today.  See for privacy information.
You know that heartbreak of the schoolyard – finders keepers, losers weepers? That’s actual law in a great many grown up places. Enter the murky legal world of finding something that belongs to someone else, from buried treasure to a misplaced ring. Learn all about it in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
How Owls Work

How Owls Work


It’s time for another great animal episode and in this one we swoop into the world of owls – nature’s greatest silent predator who (hooo) also look very cute and intelligent. Not to mention they can turn their heads 270 degrees.See for privacy information.
It’s not everyday that a message from the 16th century appears on a computer from the 1980s, so when that happened it caught an English couple’s attention and launched a still-unresolved mystery  - across tiiiiiiime!See for privacy information.
Legal precedent is an odd thing. It matters, but it isn't codified. There are advantages and disadvantages. Let's all dive in and take at STARE DECISIS today. See for privacy information.
Invasive species can mean a lot of things, from fungus to feral pigs and European starlings to kudzu vines. Basically, it's anything brought to a place, either by humans or nature, that didn't originate there. They aren't always a problem, but many times they can wreak havoc on the local ecosystem. Learn all about these invaders in this classic episode.See for privacy information.
In today's episode, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about vaudeville, whether you like it or not. See for privacy information.
It’s unjust but true – if you are an adoptee in the US you may not have the same right to access your birth certificate that someone who wasn’t adopted does. The quest to access a birth certificate can be a legal rigamarole that may or may not work.See for privacy information.
In August of 1980 a bomb containing 1,000 pounds of dynamite was quietly delivered to Harvey’s, a casino and resort at Lake Tahoe. This kicked off a whirlwind caper that lasted 30 hours and ended up nearly demolishing the 11-story resort.See for privacy information.
Comments (2832)

Anastasia Beaverhousen

Ron DeSantis can save our country from the looney liberal left socialists. DeSantis 2024!

Dec 5th

Kaylen Cole

Could you do how Christianity works? Very curious what y’all would say

Dec 2nd

Jeff Morgan

quoting from Mad Magazine Spock, Spock, the baby doc, Leads a peace March around the block. And around him everywhere you look, are kids messed up by his book.

Dec 2nd

Kade Holt

the advertisements for other podcasts are literally about astrology and witches.. get woke go broke Iheart radio. jesus christ... neither of those podcasts will be back for a season 2.

Dec 1st

Oliver Wells

My girlfriend can make her skin go into goosebumps on command, it's very weird

Nov 30th

Rishabh Karnawat

they/them lol

Nov 30th

Nico Soebagio

can you do an episode on capital punishment?

Nov 28th

Josh Forbes

8th century b fb g

Nov 25th


In this episode, Josh and Chuck finally expose their political lefty biasis. You should know, they don't report accurately.

Nov 20th
Reply (1)

Rodney Higginson

Man, this was such an eye-opening podcast. Everything seems to be about money these days, not what's best for the community. Not sure where all of this is going to lead America, but it doesn't seem good. Or, then again, has it always been like this. As far as living abroad, I've been dreaming of this for years. Hoping I'll make it happen soon. Cheers.

Nov 19th


Funny you guys mentioned Outkast, Big Boi from outkast owns many beautiful owls.

Nov 15th
Reply (1)

Pirayeh Gholami

Hi there!I'm an English teacher from Iran , I really enjoy your podcasts 😍I've learned a lot and it's also improved my English .I really appreciate that 🙏 🙌 ❤

Nov 14th

Lori C.

cringe episode • alcoholism discussion was misplaced. talk of if someone is always an alcoholic should be in an alcoholism episode... • so much was left out of this episode. the talk about diets was hooey. the impression I came away with, is that someone that's had any of these procedures can keep on without making any significant lifestyle changes to maintain. bring on the ice cream, candy and chips and couch-potatoism... um, no. • blowing over the fact that people can/do gain it back was another missed opportunity to give a better discussion. ~~~~~~ listen with caution as this episode misses so much. it's great the surgery is safer and has positive impacts, but overall is a miss on conveyance and big picture details.

Nov 13th

Sir Silly

I love when they make each other crack up the lean comment killed me too

Oct 31st

Cory Roberson

i really like the show but all I can hear is yalls tongues clicking. can't do it man

Oct 29th


I'm stunned guys, I never thought you would have the stones to call out islams intolerance and the plight of gay people in some African countries, bravo I commend your bravery. also acknowledging the menace of the far left on university campuses, I'm pleasantly surprised!

Oct 26th

Erica Copeland

I don't know if this IS stuff I should know...

Oct 26th

Katie Osborne

here's an article elaborating on this podcast to give you visuals to go along with the conversation

Oct 24th

Regular To

The trick is to stay open. Merci, bon soir.

Oct 22nd

Christopher King

You guys are awesome!! I've listened for years and I enjoy each episode. I just wanted to comment on this episode... You're correct in that DNA profiles can yield false positives, it's a probability after all. I agree that jurors and the public should be educated about DNA. (Another interesting topic: genetic chimerism) Regarding fingerprints, there has not never been a documented case of two individuals having the same print. In the segment regarding the marrow transplant, red blood cells do not have a nucleus, there for do not carry DNA but rather hemoglobin. Frogs on the other hand do have nucleated RBCs. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day! Christopher (CSI, Latent Analysis)

Oct 18th
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