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On today's episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius chats with Derek Coburn, the author of 'Networking Is NOT Working' and the co-founder and CEO of CADRE, an un-networking community in Washington, DC, which currently supports over 100 CEOs and business leaders.  Derek began his career in the financial services industry. When the economy took a turn for the worse, he had to devote more attention to his existing clients and had less time for "traditional networking". He began to experiment with his own ideas, which included creating an informal 'un-networking' group consisting of his best clients and other top professionals. Derek's passion for connecting remarkable professionals led him to start CADRE and write his first book.  You'll discover how Derek overcame childhood trauma and made his personality stronger. You'll learn how both Derek and Darius started their books and how it changed their lives. You'll also discover the importance of creating value in our lives and living for the present. Join Darius and Derek as they discuss the drawbacks of traditional networking, living for the present and building rejection muscles. Topics include: How Derek overcame childhood trauma, made his personality stronger, and built his 'rejection muscles’ How Derek and Darius started their books and how it changed their lives Creating value in our lives and living for the present And other topics… Connect with Derek: Website: Website: LinkedIn:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Do you ever look back and think about the things that you could have done differently? Maybe you have done and said something that you wish you could take back. Maybe you wish you hadn’t worked so hard or wish you could have done better.  Most of us, if not all, have regrets. It could be things you did that you hoped you hadn’t or things you wish you had done but didn’t. Today, I am flying solo to share a list of things I would tell my younger self. Looking back, I remember being scared of a lot of things, worrying about what could happen, and spending my time thinking about the future. What I failed to realize was we can never take back whatever time and effort we have expended in the past.  In this episode, I will discuss the things I wish I had known when starting out in life and business, the biggest mistake I made as an entrepreneur dad, my realizations looking back in the past, and the things I wish to do now that I am in my 40’s. Topics include: List of things I would tell my younger self The pros of mental time travel  Why you should never stress about your businesses, clients, and team members The importance of spending time with your family and friends Why you shouldn’t wait to live your life Living in the now but also preparing for the future Why you should never sweat the small stuff The one big mistake I should never have made in the past Why it matters to live a life of intent And other topics… Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What wisdom lies in an entrepreneur’s journey from startups to strategic business acquisitions? Robert Brooker has traversed a multifaceted career path marked by entrepreneurship, strategic business acquisitions, and a profound commitment to a fulfilling life. Starting with odd jobs worldwide, he ventured into real estate and later transitioned to acquiring businesses.  Robert’s impact extends beyond business by serving on BetterInvesting’s board and held roles at esteemed institutions. Now, he focuses on diverse investments, emphasizing family and personal fulfillment.  In this episode, Robert joins Darius for yet another episode of The Greatness Machine to talk about his latest book, Albert Kner: Icon, Legend. He also discusses crucial insights for entrepreneurs and investors, emphasizing the significance of aligning business ideas with current market conditions and delves into the value of peer groups within these communities. A pivotal aspect of the discussion revolves around Robert’s personal journey, specifically the transition from being a business owner to dedicating his focus to full-time investing. Topics include: The importance of aligning business ideas with the current market conditions The value of peer groups in the entrepreneurial and investing communities The need to explore opportunities and hustle in a competitive market Robert shares an important criteria for business acquisition Robert discusses two models for managing acquired businesses The responsibility of entrepreneurs to ensure the business’s viability Robert talks about the transition from being a business owner to full-time investing And other topics… Connect with Robert: LinkedIn: Book:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius chats with Jessica Lawson, a self-taught chef and baker. Food is her creative release and being in the kitchen keeps her centered.  Jessica started a blog to share recipes, favorite gadgets, and products with her friends and family. She's fiercely passionate about good quality ingredients, healthy-ish living, and sharing her original well-tested recipes. You'll discover why you must 'start by starting' and readjust your thinking You'll learn the power of pursuing what you love and are passionate about. You'll also discover tips for organically growing your following. Join Darius and Jessica for this exciting (and delicious!) discussion. Topics include: Start by starting: readjusting your thinking The power of pursuing what you love. Tips for growing your following, organically. And other topics… Connect with Jessica: Website:  LinkedIn: Instagram: Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is writing a book hard? Today I’m flying solo to talk about the process of writing my first book, “The Core Value Equation,” where I tackled how core values create the ultimate decision-making engine for an organization that consistently produces spectacular results. Writing and publishing my own book has been on my bucket list for a long time until I made it happen in 2020. Now, looking back at the experience made me realize that anyone can write and publish their own book. It may sound like a daunting task, but it was personally one of the coolest projects I have ever done.  In this episode, I will be taking you behind the scene on how The Core Value Equation was born. You will also learn several tips on how to write your own book and the challenges and benefits of publishing one. Here are some of the things I get into: What pushed me to write The Core Value Equation. How I started the writing process by dictation. Why consistency matters in writing a book. The power of editing in creating and fine-tuning a book. Why most people write a book.  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever wondered how to unleash your inner genius and transform your life? This innate desire to tap into our fullest potential often leads us on a journey of self-discovery, where we explore the depths of our abilities and aspirations. Renowned psychologist and personal development guru Gay Hendricks has dedicated much of his work to addressing precisely this question. Through his insightful teachings and the concept of the “Zone of Genius,” he guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. He believes that within each person lies a unique set of talents, passions, and abilities.  In this episode of The Greatness Machine, Gay joins Darius to talk about his enlightening journey, reminiscing an “out of Hendricks” moment triggered by an unexpected fall on ice. Gay candidly discusses his personal struggles with obesity, emphasizing the profound impact of conscious food choices on one’s transformation.  The conversation unravels the intricacies of identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, highlighting the pivotal role of openness to learning. Gay also offers insights into cultivating genius and finding your unique “genius zone,” a place where passion and contribution intersect.  Topics include: Gay looks back experiencing “out of Hendricks” moment after a fall on ice Gay opens up about his personal struggles with obesity The importance of choosing actions that align with a deeper sense of consciousness Gay underlines the transformative power of conscious food choices Family influence on body image and shame Gay shares a method of replacing shame with positive affirmations Family influence and overcoming past conditions Identifying and transforming limiting beliefs The significance of being open to learning Cultivating genius and finding your “genius zone” Gay details his upcoming book Your Big Leap Year And other topics… Connect with Gay: Website:  LinkedIn:  Instagram: Facebook:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation This episode is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. Go to to get 15% off your next gift. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today’s show, Darius interviews Gina Mollicone-Long, co-founder of Greatness U, a multinational training, team-building, and personal development company. Gina teaches the mechanics of the mind to help coaches and business leaders get better results faster. In today’s show, Gina gives us some interesting insights into different mechanistic mind models.  First, she walks us through her “Process of Change”.  A willingness to change is the first step in this evolution. Can you be successful in changing a person with zero willingness? On the flip side, can you stop a person who is hell-bent on change? Listening to this segment of the show will make you realize that change can be turned into an engineered process. This serves as a good segue to our next topic where we discuss the nuances of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You will get some interesting insights into this result-oriented technology which involves the assimilation of your conscious and unconscious thinking.  Another simple but extremely powerful topic that we discuss is the importance of persistence and never-ending practice.  Constant change is exhausting. Failures are exhausting. And those who manage to keep at it despite all the setbacks will surely find success at the end of it all. We all know that there is light at the end of the towel. But, yet, most of us throw in the towel midway and slide into a life of mediocrity. This segment of the show will surely rejuvenate and inspire you all over again. Other topics discussed in this show include the need to balance art and science, how a crisis brings out the best in us, and dealing with co-workers who see things differently. Topics include: Techniques that you can practice to communicate better with people How to deal with co-workers who see things differently How to balance art and science Importance of persistence and continuous learning And other topics… Connect with Gina: Website:  LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Do you find yourself grappling with the idea of exploring various opportunities versus staying committed to a single path for long-term success? In the third installment of this compelling series, join me as I focus on a crucial lesson: “The game is long, but you need to stay to win it.” Reflecting on my experiences as a CEO and entrepreneur, I discuss the pitfalls of job hopping and share insights on the power of consistency in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, known for their long-term thinking, I emphasize the importance of finding the right game to play in your career.  Tune in to uncover the secrets of creating exponential values, seizing opportunities, ang thriving in the long game of business.  Topics include: The importance of staying committed to a path for long-term success The value of consistency in personal and professional endeavors The benefits of staying in a chosen game or industry for an extended period The importance of aligning one’s personality with the characteristics of a chosen industry The necessity of continuously learning and adapting to changes in the chosen field And other topics… Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How can we foster a culture of "unreasonable hospitality" and go above and beyond conventional standards to deliver exceptional experiences? Will Guidara, a distinguished figure in the world of hospitality and fine dining, has not only earned numerous accolades but has also revolutionized the way people perceive dining experiences.  His journey teaches us that creating a culture of "unreasonable hospitality" is all about pushing the boundaries, rewriting the script, and delivering extraordinary experiences. It is a testament to the idea that success transcends ordinary standards and is marked by a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations. Will is recognized for his role as a co-owner of Eleven Madison Park, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City, which under his leadership, earned the title of the "World's Best Restaurant" in 2017. Beyond his restaurant endeavors, he is a passionate advocate for the 'extra mile' mentality, inspiring individuals and businesses to prioritize people and deliver exceptional experiences. In this episode of The Greatness Machine, Will joins Darius to share insights on his inspiration for prioritizing others, drawing from his experiences with Danny Meyer. He underscores the importance of financial management in the restaurant industry and creating a culture of unreasonable hospitality. Will also touches on personal growth, leadership, and lessons learned from pursuing excellence in the culinary world and writing a book. Topics include: What inspired Will to embrace the idea of serving and prioritizing others Will looks back at his experience working with Danny Meyer Will discusses the importance of managing your finances carefully Creating a culture of unreasonable hospitality The importance of owning up to your mistakes and vulnerabilities as a leader Will talks about their pursuit of becoming the number one restaurant in the world The importance of separating one's identity from their work Will shares the lessons he learned while writing a book And other topics…  Connect with Will: Website:  LinkedIn: Instagram:  Twitter: Facebook:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Every entrepreneur will experience adversity at one time or another - that's a fact of life. Whether it be business related or personal, how we respond to the presence of these challenges is vital to determining whether we will triumph over them. In today's episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius chats with Ben Woodward, speaker, strategist, coach and best-selling author. Ben is no stranger to adversity, having had to send his father to prison, struggle with undiagnosed bipolar disorder and endure a corporate crisis throughout his life. The wisdom he gained from these experiences has been outlined in his book, The Empowerment Paradox. You'll discover a little of Ben's journey - Moving from New Zealand to the UK with only 50 pounds in his pocket to live with his father - who turned out to be a sex offender who had never been brought to justice. You'll learn how Ben was forced to confront his father, a process that resulted in a prison sentence and a new perspective on their relationship. You'll discover how Ben's life has been shaped by undiagnosed bipolar disorder, offering him unique insights into the concept of surrender and becoming a victor over one's circumstances. Join Darius and Ben for a deeply personal and powerful discussion that will change the way you look at adversity in life and in business. Topics include:  Ben's journey from living in New Zealand to, at just 22, taking a one-way trip to the UK to live with his father - who he hadn't seen since he was 14 How his father turned out to be a sex offender who had never been brought to justice, and how Ben was forced to testify against his father and send him to prison How undiagnosed of bipolar disorder has shaped Ben's life and offered him unique insights into the concept of surrender The importance of becoming the victor over your circumstances, no matter what they may be And other topics… Connect with Ben: Website:  Twitter:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Have you ever stopped to ponder how the roles you play in life shape your identity and, ultimately, the mark you leave on the world? How we define our identity is a complex and ever-evolving process. It is not merely a single label or job title, but a multifaceted tapestry of experiences, roles, and characteristics that make us who we are. How we define our identity ultimately shapes our perspective on life, influences our choices, and guides our interactions with the world.  In this second installment of our series, I will draw upon my personal experiences to delve into the concept of identity and its pivotal role in our lives. I will share how I have navigated the intricate landscape of self-discovery, highlighting moments that have shaped my understanding of identity.  Together, we will explore the diverse facets that make up our identities and learn from my experiences how to embrace the complexity of who we are.  Topics include: What makes up your identity and true essence as a person Why it matters to explore and invest in other interests and passions beyond your business And other topics… Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever wondered how million-dollar deals happen behind closed doors? CL Turner, III, Founder and Managing Partner of Crescendo Capital Partners, underlines the critical role of building personal connections with founder-owner operators in private equity transactions, making it clear that it is more than just business; it is personal. He explains how the private equity industry goes beyond simply closing deals and focuses on building personal relationships.  Drawing from his own life experiences and the firm’s winning formula, CL reveals their unique strategy at Crescendo Capital Partners of convincing business owners to sell below market rates, offering them a second bite at the apple.  In this episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius and CL talk about the dynamic world of private equity and the art of thriving in it, highlighting the significance of hard work and determination in becoming a successful figure in the industry. The interview takes an unexpected turn as CL shares his passion for creating music and the joy he finds in serendipitous moments.  Topics include: What inspired CL to start Crescendo Capital Partners CL talks about his passion for music and his plans to release songs every year Transitioning from an intermediary to a principal in the investment world Why it is important to assess the malleability of founder-operators  CL shares three key elements to succeed in private equity And other topics… Connect with CL: Website:  LinkedIn: Facebook:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Leaving an established corporate gig to branch out on your own can seem daunting, and for many, the risk remains too high.  In today's episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius chats with Jeffrey Schox, general partner at Trucks Venture Capital, and the founder of Schox Patent Group, a boutique patent firm focused on startups. Jeffrey started his career as an engineer on the original electric vehicle at General Motors before becoming a patent attorney for two of the largest patent law firms and eventually founding his own firm. You'll learn about Jeffrey's unusual background, from following his parents in the automotive industry to eventually striking out on his own as a patent attorney. You'll discover the power of giving and accepting help, and why passing a potential client to a more-qualified friend resulted in a flood of much-needed business for his struggling new firm. You'll learn why timing is an essential tool in determining the viability of an investment, whether it be in an invention or a company.  You'll also discover Jeffrey's knack for taking a complicated idea, product, etc. and teasing out the differences to determine its future value. Join Darius and Jeffrey as they discuss the entrepreneurial path, timing and the power of giving and receiving. Topics include: A little of Jeffrey's background, including his work on the original electric car at General Motors and his eventual shift to patent law How handing over a potential client to a more qualified friend ended up being paid back in spades for his struggling firm Why an understanding of timing is vital when assessing a company / product to invest your resources in And other topics… Connect with Jeff: Website:  LinkedIn: Twitter: Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Sponsors: .Go to and Use code greatness to get an exclusive 60% off on the annual Incogni plan. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Have you ever wondered if your quest for short-term gain might be hindering your long-term dreams? In the pursuit of long-term rewards, taking risks is the compass guiding us through uncharted territory. While risks can be intimidating, they also carry the potential for great rewards. It is the decision to invest in tomorrow, even if it means sacrificing short-term comfort.  In this inaugural episode of a 12-part series, I draw inspiration from a recent presentation I gave at the University of Texas in Austin, where I shared the valuable lessons I wished I had known as a 20-year old entrepreneur. Today, we are delving into the concept of taking risks, especially in your 20s. I firmly believe that when you are young, it is the perfect time to embrace what I call “asymmetric risk.” Why? Because the lessons you gain from such experience will benefit you for a lifetime. In this episode of The Greatness Machine, I encourage listeners to find a balance between short-term goals and long-term vision. This episode sets the stage for an engaging 12-part series exploring valuable life lessons for entrepreneurs of all ages. Topics include: The importance of taking risks early in life Why it matters to explore the world and take on adventures The significance of aligning your business pursuits with your passions And other topics… Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever wondered how to reboot your life’s operating system for boundless success and purpose? In a world filled with challenges, demands, and distractions, many of us have experienced moments when we yearn for a fresh start, a way to unleash our full potential and discover true success and purpose. But how can one truly reboot their life's operating system to reach new heights and fulfill their dreams? The answer might lie in a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. Mike Koenigs, a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, speaker, and interactive online personality and influencer, takes a look back at that time when he had a transformative experience that turned his life around. He emphasizes the importance of shedding limiting beliefs, and seeking coaching and also underlines the significance of fostering connections with remarkable people. In this episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius and Mike Koenigs cover essential topics, including maximizing value creation, understanding personal strengths, transformative experiences, and the power of storytelling. They emphasize the importance of self-awareness and building a strong personal brand. Topics include: Maximizing value creation and avoiding unnecessary work The importance of understanding one’s strengths and tendencies Mike shares his transformative experience that changed his life The importance of seeking coaching, being part of groups, and attending events to expand horizons Mike talks about Dan Sullivan’s DOS Framework The value of having a strong personal brand before exiting a business Mike reveals one key to personal growth and happiness The power of crafting a compelling story and how it can transform your life Upgrading your identity and operating system to eliminate self-imposed limitations And other topics… Connect with Mike: Website: Website: Website:  LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode of "To you know your "why?" Are you clear about what drives you and gets you up in the morning?  he Greatness Machine," Darius talks with acclaimed speaker, best-selling author and CEO whisperer Cameron Herold about his amazing body of work, life and what his plans are now that he's retired. You'll learn a little about Cameron's journey, from his beginnings as an entrepreneur in school to becoming a CEO whisperer and a business growth guru. You'll discover why it's so vital to understand and fully embrace your "why," your Vivid Vision. You'll learn the dangers of getting your identity caught up in a brand and why you should focus on simply being yourself. You'll also discover why the best companies in the world are run by leaders who are focused on a vision, driving towards goals, praising people, and creating momentum. Join Darius and Cameron in this wide-ranging discussion on life, business, and the power of an effective second in command. Topics include: A little about Cameron's background, from being groomed as an entrepreneur in his youth, to coaching some of the best entrepreneurs in the world The importance of understanding and fully embodying your "why”  Why you should focus on being yourself and never let your identity get wrapped up in a brand Why the best companies are run by leaders who are actually leading And other topics… Sponsers: • Go to and Use code goodhumans to get an exclusive 60% off on annual Incogni plan • Go to to take your business to the next level • Head to and use the code GREATNESS at checkout for 15% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever wondered what the path to success looks like after launching a string of business ventures? Today I am flying solo to look back and take you through how I started my entrepreneurial journey with a candy business that my brother and I launched in fourth grade, converting a one-pound block of chocolate into a lucrative enterprise.  Over the years, I have initiated or invested in 21 businesses, resulting in $46.272 million in investments and generating over $1.4 billion in revenue, adjusted for today's values. After years of venturing into business, I have learned invaluable lessons that extend beyond dollars and cents. In this episode of The Greatness Machine, I challenge conventional notions of success and encourage you to reflect on what success truly means to you as you navigate the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, this episode discusses the concealed value in the wisdom gained through struggles, emphasizing that lessons from failures serve as stepping stones to future success. Topics include: Darius reflects on his entrepreneurial journey and the concept of success and failure The importance of considering the value of your time when evaluating the success of a business venture Darius shares an exercise tracking each business venture, including investments, inflation-adjusted revenue, staffing, and success status Darius discusses how the lessons learned from failures contribute to long-term success Darius explains how struggles can be seen as paying the tuition for success And other topics… Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ever wondered how the most successful leaders ignite greatness in their teams? Trey Taylor, a multi-faceted leader holding titles such as Managing Director of Threadneedle, CEO of Taylor Insurance Services, Managing Director of Trinity Blue, and Founding Partner of Ascend Partners, is a living testament to the power of great leadership and the success it breeds. Over his illustrious career, Trey has had to navigate a plethora of challenges on his path to becoming a top-tier CEO. His book, A CEO Only Does Three Things, is a revelatory guide that demystifies the complex role of a Chief Executive Officer. Trey’s work provides a blueprint for achieving leadership excellence and organizational success. He delves into the critical areas that CEOs should focus on to drive their organizations to greater heights. He also offers a fresh perspective on the priorities that truly matter, helping leaders to cut through the noise and clutter that often surround their roles. In this episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius and Trey delve into the often challenging journey of achieving greatness as a CEO. They also highlight the importance of managing concentration risk, and the importance of values and culture in attaining success.  Topics include: Trey emphasizes the effort and work that goes into making things look easy The importance of letting go of grudges and negative emotions Trey discusses the dangers of concentration risk in business Trey looks back into taking over the family business and becoming the CEO The challenges of becoming a CEO and the lack of resources and guidance available  What motivated Trey to write A CEO Only Does Three Things The importance of defining and tracking results or numbers in an organization The crucial roles of values and culture in achieving success  And other topics… Connect with Taylor: LinkedIn: Twitter:  Book:  Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It's a simple truth: 'business as usual' simply doesn't apply anymore... and not just because of the pandemic. In today's episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius chats with Jay Wilkinson, entrepreneur, author, speaker, angel investor, CEO of Firespring, and self-proclaimed "geek with social skills" about the rapidly shifting world of business. Hailing from Nebraska, the "middle of everywhere," Jay realized at a young age that he simply wasn't suited to taking instructions from others and became an entrepreneur, starting eight businesses by the time he left college - most of which failed. Undaunted, he took the lessons from those failures and, in 1986, helped launch Campus Connection magazine in NYC which caught on, eventually expanding to 350 college campuses.  You'll discover how Jay realized he was 100% unemployable, and how that set him on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. You'll learn about B Corps - what they are and how they're changing the way business is done by focusing on making a positive impact in the community and even the world. You'll discover why businesses need to expand their worldview and focus on a "stakeholder capitalism" mentality if they're going to survive the next decade.  You'll also learn about the Do More Good Movement (of which Jay is the founder) and its mission to educate, empower and amplify companies and business leaders doing more good. Join Darius and Jay for a fascinating conversation about making a positive impact through business and why Jay believes that, in its highest form, capitalism can be a force for good. Topics include: Jay's path to becoming an entrepreneur growing up in Nebraska and why he felt he was "100% unemployable” The definition of a B Corp, as well as the strict standards that must be met to become certified Why Jay believes that businesses must develop a 'stakeholder capitalism' mentality in order to survive the next decade and beyond The origins of the Do More Good Movement and its goal to inspire purpose-based businesses and reclaim capitalism And other topics… Connect with Jay: Website:  LinkedIn: Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What is a recession, and are we in one now? Today I’m flying solo to talk about the US economy, its current state, and what to expect during the second half of the year.  A recession is generally characterized by negative gross domestic product (GDP), rising unemployment, falling retail prices, and contracting measures of income and manufacturing lasting months or years. Recessions are often classified as two consecutive quarters of plummeting GDP growth, which the US economy is currently experiencing.  GDP fell at an annual rate of 0.9% in the second quarter this year, following the last quarter’s decline of 1.6%.  But before we talk about these figures, let’s take a step back and look at the four to five consecutive quarters with the most significant revenue growth in the last 15 years.  US real GDP rose at an annual rate of 6.9% in the fourth quarter of 2021, following a 2.3% growth in the third quarter, a 6.7% pace in the second quarter, and a 6.3% increase during the first quarter of the same year.  Despite the two recent negative quarters, we need to look at the numbers and what they represent. Moreover, a negative GDP growth rate does not necessarily connote that the economy is entering a recession. In this episode, you will learn about the US economy, GDP, recession, and why running a country is similar to running a business.  Topics include: The real GDP growth in the US for the first two quarters of 2022. The definition of recession How economists determine whether the economy is in a recession Why we need to look at the data and consider the previous quarters Why a negative GDP does not indicate a recession And other topics... Connect with Darius: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: YouTube: Book: The Core Value Equation Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Throughout the episode, I couldn't help but notice that your English-speaking didn't exhibit any trace of a Farsi accent, which was quite unexpected to me.

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During the episode, I noticed no Farsi accent in your English-speaking, which surprised me.

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In this episode, Darius and Giovanni talk about overcoming challenges to follow your dreams, combating imposter syndrome, and the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone. Giovanni also revealed the inspiration behind the documentary “Dreamer,” where they tell the stories of entrepreneurs who never give up on their dreams despite obstacles. One of such interesting stories I just found on the side also has such interesting movies you can refer to.

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I was listening to this episode and also doing my works you said Farsi and I was like what? No Farsi accent in your English speaking.

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Yes Well said :

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