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► More Episodes ► Connect with Scott: ► Connect with Yosef: ► Connect with us: Instagram: Tiktok: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► Connect with Scott: ► Connect with Yosef: ► Connect with us: Instagram: Tiktok: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► Connect with Scott: ► Connect with Yosef: ► Connect with us: Instagram: Tiktok: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► Connect with Scott: ► Connect with Yosef: ► Connect with us: Instagram: Tiktok: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► Connect with Scott: ► Connect with Yosef: ► Connect with us: Instagram: Tiktok: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guest Captain Harold Lee Rosbach is the star of Bravo's popular reality series Below Deck. While he has been in the luxury yachting industry for over twenty-five years, the “Stud of the Sea” didn't switch careers until the age of 35. Since then, he has commanded more than a dozen superyachts of up to 185'. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 1:48 - Not everything you read on the internet is true. 10:31 - What do you like more about being a captain or being a reality show? 12:47 - How many people have you fired? 24:37 - How much does it cost to buy a boat? 31:34 - Maintenance and crew. 40:57 - What kind of boat do you want to buy? 44:16 - How to avoid bad weather systems on your trip? 50:00 - Questions for the captain. #interview #podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 17:24 - Why do you need to have hobbies if you enjoy what you do? 23:53 - How much money does it take to buy a property? 32:33 - Why is Twitter so polarizing? 35:49 - People don’t like being told they are replaceable. 39:42 - What’s everyone’s fascination with Elon Musk? 45:17 - What’s happening with FTX? 54:09 - Watch margin call. 57:31 - Dogecoin is going to have value in the future. 1:04:46 - Do you think it’s a problem to stay married in Miami? 1:18:00 - The feeling of conquering something and figuring it out. 1:22:07 - How to leverage your time for more than your salary. 1:25:25 - What is the worst thing that you want to do when you start a business? ► Show Links Connect with us: Instagram: Tiktok: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Connect with Scott: Connect with Yosef: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guests Tom McCarthy is a world-renowned high stakes performance coach and thought leader, selected by Forbes for their Knowledge Innovation Center. He began his career as a top-producing Financial Advisor at a Wall Street firm before being recruited by Tony Robbins to serve as the Head of Sales and Marketing for Robbins Research International. In that role, Tom developed and led teams that broke sales records year after year. He then launched his own training organization, specializing in Leadership, Persuasive Communication, and Peak Performance. In addition to his training firm, Tom has also developed and led successful exits for companies in the software, financial services, nutraceutical, and restaurant industries. When the stakes are high, top companies turn to Tom for his expertise and guidance. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 1:00 - How Tom’s life changed after his dad’s death. 7:46 - Shifting reality is a journey. 15:38 - Lifting the energy of the room with your words. 22:01 - Why you need to stop making things harder than they have to be. 26:23 - The opportunities are all around us. 29:45 - The Wim Hof method. 34:40 - You need to be happy about the journey, not the destination. 39:17 - The mind is more powerful than the brain. 49:07 - Life is a mind game. 52:56 - Culture is the most critical element of success. 57:52 - How do you find people that fit into your culture? 1:02:06 - Motivation is a combination of willpower and discipline. 1:05:53 - Making money for your purpose. 1:10:20 - When you shift your mind, your effective actions become more present. 1:14:32 - Why you need to jump on a trampoline before you walk onto a stage. 1:23:51 - How to change your space. 1:26:07 - The tangible things that are a derivative of energy. 1:29:20 - Once the money hit the bank, what did you feel? 1:31:44 - How do you know you’re communicating with the superconscious? #motivation #mindset #podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guests Ben Armstrong is a YouTuber, podcaster, crypto enthusiast, and creator of Better known as BitBoy Crypto, he works hard to educate and inform the crypto community. Ben has been involved with the world of cryptocurrency since 2012 when he first invested in Bitcoin. He used Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant and lost Bitcoin in the Mt. Gox hack. In 2018, Ben decided to go “full-time crypto” and focus all of his time and energy into expanding the reach of crypto. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 1:56 - Finding a new reason to live -. 6:28 - How he got into Silk Road. 10:40 - What are some of the hurdles that hold people back in crypto? 19:41 - What’s your take on the adoption curve? 23:09 - How far away is the metaverse from being a thing? 31:24 - What happens if you sponsor someone who turns out to be a scam? 33:02 - Promoting FTX. 36:59 - We all have to learn a lesson from this. 39:30 - Why he’s not afraid of being a “ martyr”. 42:39 - Mainstream media has a bot army and a propaganda army. 46:25 - Crowd-sourcing journalism. 50:49 - Tether is not in danger of going under. 54:02 - What happened at Deltec Bank. 1:01:49 - They don’t want to talk to you. 1:08:40 - Ftx and Alameda Property holdings. 1:15:26 - Centralized exchanges should be governed by regulation. 1:18:27 - How do we stop this from happening again? 1:29:11 - CNBC hit piece. 1:37:42 - When is it the point for you to say, “This is sponsored?”? 1:43:08 - Kevin O’Leary and why he’s such a target. 1:47:05 - Kevin O’Leary’s “caviar” video. 1:56:35 - Why marketing is such a powerful tool. 1:59:31 - The story of the rogue trader. #bitcoin #bitboy #podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guests Jennifer Cohen is the confluence of a brand builder, a habit hacker, and a fitness fanatic. Jennifer has featured on Good Morning America, The Dr. OZ Show, Yahoo, People, and several other renowned media outlets. A best-selling author, brand-strategist, international speaker, and educator, Jennifer was also named among the “100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness” by Greatist and “Most Impactful Fitness Entrepreneurs” by Web MD. Currently, Jennifer is the CEO of Suprema Fitness that launched its first platform in partnership with Ryan Loche called Loch’d in training. Jennifer also serves as the brand strategist to globally-renowned brands, such as Weight Watchers, Muscle Milk, KIND Bar, Tonal Gym, LOEWS Hotel, Tru Niagen, etc. Jennifer is also the writer of three best-selling books: No Gym Required - Release Your Inner Rock Star, Strong is the New Skinny, and Badass Body Goals. A guest lecturer at prestigious institutions such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Columbia, and Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Jennifer is also the host of one of the fastest-rising podcasts: Habits and Hustle. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 2:18 - Habits and hustle. 7:26 - You get (and keep) motivation. 13:23 - Making fitness a part of your life. 16:15 - Do something that you’re passionate about. 25:08 - Don’t put the onus on someone else to say “no”. 31:27 - How to disrupt an industry if you don’t know. 37:09 - Be bold and chase what you want, not what you get. 41:25 - The Chinese Farmer’s Wild Horse Story. 50:59 - You never know how one thing is going to affect your life. 57:50 - The difference between a winner and a loser is how long you stay committed to what you’re trying to do. 1:04:09 - If you want to build a passionate community, it’s not about the size of your community, but the passion of the community. 1:15:12 - What’s the difference between long-form content and short form content? 1:22:20 - Why starting a podcast is so important. 1:32:35 - What are the top 5% of problems that you’re trying to solve for in your life? 1:38:15 - Once you have the opportunity, chase it. #fitness #jencohen #podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guests Ray Urdaneta is Chief Executive Officer at Monat Global. A second-generation direct-sales entrepreneur, Ray followed his parents’ example of combining strong family values with the fervent belief that anyone can achieve their dreams through hard work and determination. With a degree in International Business, Ray co-founded ALCORA GROUP and now guides MONAT’s success as CEO. MONAT is currently a privately held company, however public estimates of revenue indicate they are well over the $800m dollar mark in revenue as of 2021. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 4:52 - Why you have to break out of your comfort zone. 13:07 - MLM… you’re selling a business, not a product. 22:41 - Dealing with negativity and bad press. 33:17 - If you could do anything differently, would you? 37:10 - How to fire properly. 43:52 - How do you know if you’re hiring the right person? 47:51 - Having a finger on the pulse of your industry. 54:15 - Overcoming massive failures. 56:41 Bringing the family into the company. 1:02:20 - Why does MLM get a bad name? 1:07:51 - How to stand out in a crowded market. 1:10:45 - The biggest mistakes Ray made early on when he first started his company. 1:16:22 - What would you tell somebody who feels like giving up? 1:22:14 - Don’t lie to yourself. 1:24:50 - Don’t disrupt your life with negative thoughts. #monat #rayurdaneta #podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guests Claudia Poccia is an American CEO/President with expertise in the prestige and mass beauty industries. Previous experiences include President and CEO of Gurwitch products (Laura Mercier, ReVive, Nyakio brands), President of Avon Beauty, Chief Marketing Officer and head of International Business Development of bareMinerals for Shiseido Americas Corporation, SVP, General Manager Stila Cosmetics , VP Business development Estee Lauder North America and various other executive positions at the Estee Lauder Companies. She has won numerous awards in the beauty industry, including being named one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Beauty by Beauty Inc., receiving the Cosmetic Women Achiever Award, Women’s Wear Daily Beauty Biz Award for Innovative Marketer, and Girls Scouts of Greater New York Woman of Distinction. In 2012, together with Laura Mercier, Poccia founded the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer fund “with the mission of educating women about the disease, supporting those who were undergoing treatment, and funding research for a cure.” Currently Poccia serves as the co-founder and CEO of Dragonfly Sage Corp, a strategic consultancy for luxury lifestyle and beauty brands. She serves on the boards of Innospec Inc, Blue Mistral a Cornell Capital holding company, Chairman of the Board, LUXIE Holdings, Fashion Group International (FGI) and the Stamford Yacht Club. She previously served on the Board of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) from 2008-2018. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 7:07 - Estee Lauder was a family-owned company at first, now a public company. 13:43 - Estee Lauder’s best moment in business. 16:37 - The evolution of beauty brands in the 90s. 31:58 - How do you guarantee that an acquisition is going to be a success? 36:37 - How to reinvent the direct selling model for a new generation of entrepreneurs. 56:30 - Working in a corporate environment vs. working in a boardroom. 1:02:01 - The lessons learned from Claudia’s time at Avon. 1:05:50 - Don’t tell me what I want to hear. Tell me what I need to know. 1:16:41 - What makes Estee Lauder so successful? 1:26:16 - The importance of having a firm direction and a strong mindset. 1:30:22 - What do you do if you want to leverage your knowledge and get some equity? 1:35:09 - Make yourself known and wait for the right opportunity. 1:48:01 - The importance of taking time for the important and urgent. #beauty #claudiapoccia #podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guests Jan Bednar started Shipmonk with $30k from a college business plan competition, and in just a little over 5 years, build ShipMonk from $0 to over $300M in annual recurring revenue, 10 locations around the world, and over 2500 exceptional employees. He's a huge proponent of bootstrapping and never used external funding to grow the business. ShipMonk is currently helping over 1,500 eCommerce companies to deliver over 5 million products every month to their customers around the world and has a $900m dollar valuation. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 0:00 - Intro 2:34 - How he got started with his first business. 7:07 - How did you find your first customers? 12:15 - Why it’s a great time to launch a business on Shopify. 14:17 - What’s the biggest challenge in e-commerce today? 19:27 - Are you trying to double down on the big-size companies/customers more than the little ones? 24:04 - Why VC’s don’t value a business on the profitability of the business. 28:14 - What are some of the biggest screw ups that you’ve made? 34:21 - Customer service mistakes. 37:50 - How to measure the right metrics to improve your business. 41:40 - The importance of hiring the right people sooner. 46:32 - The importance of having a day-to-day mindset. 53:19 - How do you grow a company? 56:46 - How do you know if you have too many layers or not too many? 59:51 - The difference between repetitive meetings and brainstorming. 1:05:54 - How to manage people based on their personality. 1:09:56 - When did you cash out? How long did it take? 1:13:01 - What it was like to get the deal done. 1:19:27 - Scammers are everywhere. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► More Episodes ► About The Guests Nuseir “Nas Daily” Yassin is the Founder and CEO of and Nas Studios, with over 45 million followers across the world. is the easiest community-building platform for creators and brands. It is an all-in-one solution to bring courses, events, content, and members together in one place. Nas Daily started off as a vlogger who is most notable for creating over 1,000 daily one-minute-long videos on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram under the page Nas Daily. Today he reaches 3.2% of the world's population, 20 billion video impressions, 60 million followers, 100% organic views. Dear Alyne is a personality with over 3.6+ million followers across all social media platforms. She has traveled to over 90+ countries, making content ranging from world travel, social issues, lesser-known countries to human rights, vegetarism, and much more. She enjoys running "Dear Alyne Retreats", week-long camps dedicated to nurturing the talents of aspiring female creators and entrepreneurs. Dear Alyne has also worked and collaborated with amazing brands like The United Nations, Microsoft, Facebook, Eithad, and Coca-Cola. ► Show Links ► Videos Mentioned You Will Eat This Guilt Free Meat in 5 Years: The Worlds Cleanest Honey: World's First Fish-Less Fish (Salmon): ► Talking Points 0:00 - Why you need to tell your audience who you are. 2:36 - What’s your audience like? 5:40 The world is bigger than Wisconsin, it's bigger than baseball. 7:56 - The first video Nas Daily made was horrible. 9:16 - Is the Pink Tax still a thing? 11:48 - Bad publicity is amazing. You need to have some. 13:14 - You can judge a content if it’s good or bad based on comments. 14:43 - What’s the thesis for content that works well? 20:44 - Alyne’s background in creating content. 37:00 - The importance of leaving a 1% door open for anything. 43:46 - What’s the new way to look at relationships? 56:44 - Are you a vegan or a vegetarian? 59:51 - Why aren’t we hearing more about lab-grown meat? 1:01:59 - Is there no negative impact to the world of creating vegetarian food at scale? 1:12:05 - The biggest problem with startup companies today. 1:17:27 - The only thing that matters in a video is the product. 1:22:33 - What is a community? What is the strategy to build a strong community? 1:30:01 - The importance of hiring the right people to run your business. 1:36:27 - How much do you feel like your growth comes down to your partnership? 1:45:49 - Ask yourself, “If I enter this relationship, there’s two things that are going to happen.”. 1:50:04 - The power dynamic between couples. 1:52:58 - Why it’s important to have women in business. 1:59:47 - Why men are treated differently from women. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► About The Guest   Eric Siu is the founder of digital marketing agency Single Grain. He is also the author of 'Leveling Up: How to Master the Game of Life' and the creator of ‘Leveling Up Heroes’, a personal growth membership NFT. He also hosts two podcasts: Marketing School & Leveling Up, which get over 2.1M monthly downloads combined. Over the years, Eric has helped companies such as Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and Salesforce acquire more customers.   He also speaks around the world on marketing, SaaS, and NFTs. Eric is also an investor in companies such as Eight Sleep, Levels, Lime, Toucan, and more. Finally, Eric is a member of communities such as YPO and TED.   ► Show Links   ► Talking Points   00:00 – Intro 01:54 – How did Eric start? Working on tech and acquiring a marketing agency 08:43 – How to find the right marketing agency? 15:39 – Taking over Single Grain 20:10 – How did Eric turn Single Grain around? 25:43 – How to market a small business in the early stages? 28:29 – Is consumer’s sale easier than B2B? 32:35 – Celebrities vs influencers. Who’s going to win? 37:55 – Should you sell your business? Finding the right timing 43:22 – Would Eric ever sell Single Grain? 45:10 – Yosef on non-compete agreement and seeing opportunities after an exit 48:41 – What is the best way to acquire a company and succeed? 54:49 – What is the highest point of leverage for a marketer today? 1:02:25 – Content creators should only focus on what they enjoy 1:04:10 – Growing a podcast 1:10:40 – Which platform holds the most value for the consumer? 1:16:06 – How to get the right podcast guest? 1:18:50 – Why your learning rate is what matters 1:21:51 – Eric on seeing life as a video game 1:35:47 – Closing thoughts  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► About The Guest Sterling went from homeless to millionaire in 18 months. His investment company today, Sterling Capital acquires between $13 mil and $20 mil in off market commercial property for either Sterling or his private investors every. single. month. ► Show Links ► Talking Points 00:00 – Intro 01:44 – How did Sterling and Chris Lee met? His thoughts on coaching 05:53 – From homeless to multi-millionaire 15:27 – Mentoring and the importance of putting yourself in the right place 22:08 – “College didn’t do anything for me” 24:06 – How did Sterling get into real estate? 35:30 – Sterling’s real estate strategy 42:40 – What seminar school teachings can be used in business 45:25 – How does sterling find his real estate deals? 54:42 – Sterling’s lifestyle after becoming a multi-millionaire 57:24 – Sterling’s annual return on investment 1:04:20 – Sterling’s future plans and keeping the creative outlet open 1:07:52 – Closing thoughts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► About The Guest   Austin Zelan is an American businessman, investor, TEDx speaker, and philanthropist. Throughout his career, he has always focused on productivity and efficiency, finding ways to have more positive impact with his work. This has allowed him to simultaneously run multiple successful businesses, pursue his PhD, and serve on several executive boards. He has a passion to help others grow and achieve more. Austin currently coaches students from around the world to increase their impact, while decreasing inefficiencies. He helps each student create Six Figures in Passive Income through his mentorship program. This proven framework creates generational wealth for his students and allows them to take back control of their time. This has allowed him to shape the investment space to become more efficient and more lucrative for investors.   ► Show Links   ► Talking Points   00:00 – Intro 01:30 – Austin on his passive income businesses 04:07 – Austin’s background working as a consultant for Microsoft 08:43 – Trading Forex and creating an Algo Bot at 19 18:03 – Buying oil wells in Texas 22:22 – Importance of networking and relationships 26:57 – Making 40k a month renting luxury cars 34:51 – Airbnb arbitrage 42:00 – What are some of Austin’s failures and his guidelines to avoid future failures 50:23 – Where does Austin see the biggest revenue in the future? 55:06 – Austin on living is Seattle and his coaching 58:18 – Thoughts on traditional education in today’s world 1:07:09 – Austin’s advice on finding freedom through passive income 1:11:00 – Can debt have a positive meaning? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► About The Guest   Chris Lee is transformational trainer, business/life coach, bestselling author, podcaster star maker, and TV/radio personality from San Juan, Puerto Rico. For 30 years Chris has been traveling the world and has led seminars and workshops that has directly impacted over 1 million people teaching them the art of living abundant, extraordinary, and successful lives. Chris has worked with top companies worldwide such as Dream Works, Google, Paramount Pictures, Universal, Sony Music, WWE, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Dragados, Amgen, Organifi, among many others.   He also coaches many celebrities and business leaders like Grammy winning recording artist Ednita Nazario, actor Julian Gil, TV anchor Barbara Bermudo, Michelle Wilson (former WWE President), Vanessa Cereseda (President of Ceda), Gabriel Macht (Actor/Director of Suits), Lewis House (School of Greatness) Drew Canoli (Organifi), Bill Glaser (CEO Outstanding Foods), Dave Anderson (Beyond Meat, Outstanding Foods), and many others to create unprecedented results. Lee has been collaborator for top Latin and US television and radio networks like CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX LATINO, Telemundo, Wapa America, Venevision, and Univision. Opened and runs successful seminar businesses in US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Puerto Rico. Lee had created a workshop for teens called Torch/Antorcha that teaches adolescents the key to happiness and success lead all over US, Asia, and Latin America.   Lee wrote the best sellers "Dile Yes a la Vida!" and “Transform your life 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity" and has been featured in top news and business publications, newspapers such as Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Miami Herald, El Nuevo Dia, and Primera Hora.   ► Show Links   ► Talking Points   00:00 – Intro 00:45 – Meet Chris Lee 10:15 – What determines if someone will make it or not? 15:53 – Chris’ book “Transform your life: 10 principles of abundance and prosperity” 33:35 – Importance of coaching 39:30 – Your self-worth is not attached to your image 44:40 – Most people are not present 49:39 – Sourcing and culture 50:28 – How does the law of attraction work? 58:40 – What are the traits that lead to success? 1:09:00 – The importance of your words 1:10:00 – Surround yourself with people that inspires you 1:17:28 – People need to honor themselves 1:19:28 – The values and detriment of the personality types Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► About The Guests   Amit Fridman is a public figure, serial entrepreneur, and Founder of ProfitFi, Home 4 Real, and Live Axe. At the age of 21, Amit began his self-made success story with his first venture in the retail and wholesale toy industry. A few years later, he expanded into real estate as a builder in Philadelphia and into New York City’s nightclub scene with Live Axe. Back in 2016, he started investing in cryptocurrency, a decision that would change his life financially and lead to him helping tens of thousands of people. Living in Miami, Florida, Amit focused all his energy on ProfitFi, an investment company that teaches its clients how to create passive income streams. In 2021, Amit’s companies were generating 8-figure revenues. Today, he continues to help thousands of people to understand how to invest passively and transform their lives financially and personally.   Hendrick Bages is a Television actor widely known for playing “Hendrick” in Somos Tú y Yo and as a member of the cast of Por Todo lo Alto, among many other Latin TV shows and movies. He has grown incredibly popular on social media with more than 1 million followers on his Instagram account alone, becoming one of the most influential Venezuelan figures in Miami. He started his entrepreneurial journey after leaving Venezuela in 2015 opening a jet ski rental & Flyboard school; two years later, he started and co-owned “Passion Fruit Florida” the biggest Passion fruit farm in the USA based in La Belle, Florida, of more than 24 acres. He later expanded the farm purchasing 15 acres with his younger brother; this gave him the farming experience to then venture to California and start growing cannabis in late 2019. In 2020 he started to work with his new partners in Crypto, Trading, Forex, and online education.   ► Show Links   ► Talking Points   00:00 – Intro 02:44 – How did Amit and Hendrick met? 03:54 – What is options trading? 05:58 – Hendrick’s acting background & moving to Miami 10:40 – Getting fuc$%d with a jet ski and passionfruit business 12:40 – Is Groupon still a thing? 19:20 – Lessons to entrepreneurs and the true cost of their product 22:01 – Amit on investing in a manufacturing company in China & moving to America 26:37 – How Joe built his wholesale business 31:15 – How to negotiate in China? 38:27 – Amit on investing in real estate and creating multiple businesses 40:50 – If you had to start all over again today, what would you do? 48:37 – Lessons learnt after Covid as a business owner 51:14 – Investing in Cryptocurrency and its future 01:09:56 – Amit & Hendrick’s investing strategy 01:19:16 – Business fundamentals vs market sentiment when investing 01:25:30 – The importance of educating yourself to avoid getting scammed 01:37:57 – Amit and Hendrick’s advice on how to invest in crypto 01:49:51 – Should you invest in a house? Investing in real state 01:59:41 – How would Amit start a business or invest with 0 dollars? 2:05:30 – Amit’s advice to ambitious people Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
► About The Guest   Zeke Pike is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Ez Ecomm LLC and Credit Wipe. Zeke’s journey to greatness started in high school, as an All-American Quarterback. He fell into hard times throughout college, bouncing between Auburn, Louisville, and Murray State but it is through those hard times he turned his life around by founding Number8 Ministries and immersing himself in scripture. Living in Boca Raton, FL, Zeke dabbled in selling on Amazon. Within a matter of a year, Zeke’s stores were producing 7-Figure numbers left and right. It was at that point Zeke realized he was onto something. Zeke’s decision to help investors create passive income streams was where his business, EZ Ecomm excelled to the next level. In a matter of months, Zeke quickly scaled EZ Ecomm to 7 figures just from investor enrollment fees with his total store sales totaling over 8 Figures.   ► Show Links   ► Talking Points   00:00 – Intro 01:12 – Zeke’s strategy on building a successful Amazon store 02:55 – Insights on scaling an Amazon store 04:41 – How was the process behind Zeke’s business? 14:15 – A business is a product & exiting at the right time 16:28 – Is ecommerce being affected by the recession? 17:32 – How does Zeke promote his Amazon stores? 19:50 – The hardest part about selling online 23:47 – Selling cosmetics online, trade shows & finding the right product 26:58 – Zeke’s strategy on scaling an Amazon store 29:55 – Finding the right people for your business & hiring your family 32:37 – Zeke’s past with alcohol and choosing sobriety 34:20 – Life in Miami and its impact on lifestyle choices 38:36 – Zeke’s story on being molested as a kid and hitting rock bottom 40:00 – The end of Zeke’s NFL career and getting arrested 45:42 – Zeke on speaking publicly about his story 47:06 – Zeke on moving to Florida to get help 48:23 – Zeke’s NFL come back and playing for the Indianapolis Colts 48:15 – What is an NFL player's life expectancy? 50:51 – Can you make it in business while maintaining a social life? 54:38 – When is the right time to exit a business? 55:39 – Zeke on the future of his business 57:16 – Zeke’s Amazon store competitors 59:16 – Correlation between a successful product and a tipsy product & ecommerce platforms 01:00:10 – Yosef on Boxycharm’s ecommerce platform 01:03:04 – Zeke on creating private label brands 01:04:12 – Yosef on creating Boxycharm’s ecommerce platform, and building community 01:09:32 – Yosef on how he got into cosmetics & his first company Merchandize Liquidators 01:11:37 – Who f%$ked you over, how, and what did you learn from that? 01:16:42 – What’s next for Zeke and providing value from sharing his story 01:18:43 – Processing past traumas and getting help 01:22:38 – Men burying their emotions & the role society plays on it 01:25:13 – Mental health stigma in today’s society 01:27:57 – Men need good men & Zeke’s experience going to therapy 01:33:04 – Where does Zeke see himself in 10 years? 01:34:04 – Going to dinner, Papi Steak’s suitcase & more food talk 01:37:21 – Hiring A players is uncomfortable as f$%ck Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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