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Sauna Sessions is Prince EA’s next step in bringing enlightenment and healing to his global network of fans. The sauna has long been a place of contemplation, a place to clear one’s mind and body. The conversations here, recorded in a specially-built sauna studio, clear today’s toxic noise and get down to the searing truths about mind, body, and spirit to apply practical wisdom to our daily lives.
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Compassion and love are super important in our world. They're all about understanding, connection, and genuine happiness. When we show compassion, we open our hearts to others' struggles and joys, and we really get each other. Love goes beyond boundaries, bringing us together and reminding us that we're all connected. It's like a ripple effect of kindness and understanding that can totally change our world, bringing healing and unity. Today, Jack Kornfield joins Prince EA for an insightful session. They talked about the power of compassion and love and how it can help us heal ourselves and others, how to stay awake in a world that will make you fall asleep, the practice of intention, and so much more. Jack Kornfield is a renowned American Buddhist teacher and author. He has played a key role in bringing Buddhist teachings to the West, and has focused on making Buddhism accessible to Western audiences by combining Eastern wisdom with Western psychology. Kornfield has written several books, including "A Path with Heart," "The Wise Heart," and "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry." He has also been featured on the radio series "The Other Side" by Joe Frank. Through his teachings and writings, Kornfield emphasizes the importance of compassion, loving kindness, and mindfulness in the path to spiritual growth and wisdom.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:25 The world needs more hope04:16 The power of the human heart06:16 Carencia08:00 Who is Jack Kornfield?10:47 “You’re not who you think you are…”14:29 What is Vipassana Meditation?21:07 Awareness of the state of consciousness25:34 The practice of intention27:40 Compassion33:52 The magic and mystery of things38:40 The Awe Theory39:29 Love will keep you aware44:59 After the Ecstasy, the Laundry51:03 Jack’s morning and night routine52:30 The Five BestConnect with Jack Kornfield on: with Prince on:
Why are affirmations and self-belief so important? Affirmations and self-belief play a vital role in shaping our mindset and empowering us to achieve our goals. By repeating positive statements about ourselves and our abilities, we reinforce our belief in our own potential and capacity for success. Today, Prince EA welcomes Diamond Dallas Page a.k.a. DDP - a former professional wrestler and fitness guru. DDP enthusiastically shares his story as a former pro-wrestler, how he found his way into healthy eating and fitness yoga, and his thoughts on the narrative that we tell ourselves and the effects it has on our personal growth and career success.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro02:06 Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)04:18 Life lessons from a former pro-wrestler07:34 Reminders for yourself 11:48 Diamond cutter controversy12:54 Ice therapy15:22 Wrestling is “predetermined”18:12 Food will either heal you or cripple you22:23 When people say you can’t do it25:33 Empowerment through community support29:47 How important is the story that we tell ourselves?36:33 Affirmations can change your life43:54 The Five BestConnect with DDP on: Unstoppable: The Art of Owning ItConnect with Prince on:
Brain health is of utmost importance as it directly impacts our overall well-being and quality of life. Maintaining a healthy brain is crucial for optimal cognitive function, memory retention, and decision-making abilities. Prioritizing brain health is a wise investment in our long-term physical and mental well-being. Today, Prince EA is joined by Louisa Nicola -  a neurophysiologist and human performance coach - to discuss the degenerative actions and the habits we practice daily that affect our brain, eating the right food to boost brain health, and the different tips on how to take care of your brain.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:26 What’s exciting you these days?02:09 Why should we care about brain health?04:12 This is what stress does to your brain06:38 How to manage your stress10:06 The truth about red wine11:10 What should people give to maintain a healthy brain?14:50 Sitting on the floor versus sitting on chairs15:45 The amount of damage the brain endures deals with19:08 What happens to our brain as we age22:28 Did you know that brain stimulation is generated by spine movement?24:59 Is there science behind free will?26:47 What’s the best diet for brain health?29:51 Staying hydrated is important32:52 Protein intake38:30 What are the best brain exercises?41:24 Why do we need protein and good bone health43:12 The two best supplements46:46 The Five BestConnect with Louisa on: with Prince on:
Continuous learning and conquering fear are two of the most essential habits that successful people share. Continuous learning helps individuals stay updated with the latest trends and developments in their field while overcoming fear allows individuals to take calculated risks and try new things, and push past their comfort zones. Therefore, those who prioritize continuous learning and facing their fears head-on are more likely to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. Today, we do things a little differently because instead of having a guest, Prince EA sits down with his producer, Dustin, and takes the hot seat. Prince shares his thoughts on dealing with fear, taking responsibility for our actions, pursuing your passion, and the love for learning. He’s also down to answer interesting questions from his fans and give thoughtful advice on certain topics. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:19 What happens when we take responsibility for our actions 05:06 “You can't change what you're not aware of.”10:09 Fear dissolves when we can come at it with a loving consciousness12:50 What has been your biggest mistake in life?17:02 Wanting to change thing out of fear only creates more fear21:03 Mistakes are normal when you’re doing what you love26:58 We need to be more be driven and self-taught29:00 How does one pay attention?35:01 What is school for?36:50 Repetition is the mother of mastery39:15 Who’s your inspiration when times are tough?Connect with Prince on:
Why is living a healthy lifestyle so important? The benefits are numerous and far-reaching. It can also improve your mental health, boost your energy levels, and increase your overall sense of well-being. By making healthy choices, you can improve your quality of life and increase your chances of living a long and fulfilling life. Today, Chef Babette Davis joins Prince Ea in another eye-opening session. They discuss what it is like living the vegan lifestyle, why vegan doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy eating habits, tapping into spirituality can be healing, and how one can stay healthy and mobile through living food.Chef Babette Davis is a well-known vegan chef and health coach based in Los Angeles, California. She has been a prominent figure in the health and wellness community for over 25 years and is known for her delicious and nutritious plant-based cuisine. Chef Babette is the owner of Stuff I Eat, a popular vegan restaurant in Inglewood, California, that serves a variety of healthy and tasty vegan dishes. She is also an author, and speaker who promotes healthy living and a plant-based diet as a way to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro04:07 Adopting the vegan lifestyle09:49 The importance of proper nutrition11:32 Eating the illness away16:04 The unexpected spiritual guides19:31 We all come from the love that created us24:46 Keeping the skin health27:00 Living food35:55 Vegan burger39:22 Movement is mandatory   45:11 The Five Best   Connect with with Chef Babette on: with Prince on:
Self-care is a crucial component of achieving success. In our fast-paced world, it's easy to neglect our physical, mental, and emotional well-being in the pursuit of our goals. However, taking care of ourselves is essential for maintaining our focus, energy, and motivation. When we take care of ourselves, we are better equipped to tackle challenges and achieve our goals, ultimately leading to greater success and fulfillment in our lives. Today, Coach Mike Bayer joins Prince EA in a life changing session. The duo exchange ideas on being authentic and finding your true self, making deal-breaking decisions, finding the right support to help you get through hard times, and letting go of ego. Coach Mike Bayer is a renowned personal development coach, author, and speaker based in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder and CEO of CAST Centers, a wellness center that provides personalized coaching, therapy, and treatment for mental health and addiction issues. Coach Mike has over 17 years of experience in the field of personal development and has helped thousands of people improve their lives through his coaching and counseling. He is also the author of the best-selling book "Best Self: Be You, Only Better," which provides a step-by-step guide to self-improvement and personal growth.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:49 Jiu Jitsu03:01 Why is authenticity so important?04:04 Be yourself   07:54 Why music is so therapeutic08:55 Self care10:57 What works for you today that’s healthy?13:57 You’re one decision away from success16:11 How do we help people who don’t want to change?18:28 Confusion between spirituality and religion20:03 Surround yourself with the right people25:59 How did you end up with your name?29:49 How do you stay out of ego?31:45 Tapping into good orderly direction38:06 Overcoming suffering and depression40:35 Grow or go?41:51 The Five BestConnect with with Coach Mike on:One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life with Prince on:
Effective communication is essential for building strong relationships and achieving success in all areas of life. To be an effective communicator, it's important to listen actively, speak clearly and concisely, and be aware of your body language. With practice and patience, anyone can become an effective communicator.Today, Prince sits down with AJ Harbinger where AJ shares his thoughts on the importance of charisma, how we can improve our communication skills, and how to unlearn habits that lead to awkward and uncomfortable conversations.AJ Harbinger is a popular speaker, writer, and podcast host in the self-improvement and personal development space. He is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, a company that provides coaching and training programs to help people improve their social skills, confidence, and relationships. He is also the host of The Art of Charm Podcast, where he interviews experts in various fields to provide valuable insights and advice on personal growth and development. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:24 Venturing into podcasting and coaching04:24 What is charisma?07:51 Body language12:43 Acceptance commitment therapy16:23 Being the hero to your own story18:39 Active listening and emotional bids 20:50 Staying sober24:46 Why do we have conversations?27:02 Introvert skills31:28 Social anxiety35:00 Artificial intelligence 38:43 Emotional Quotient (EQ)43:21 Define freedom44:58 Meditation and mindfulness49:14 The Best roundConnect with AJ on: with Prince on:
Eating the right food is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. Our bodies need a balanced diet that provides us with the right amount of nutrients to keep us functioning at our best. It's important to pay attention to how food makes you feel.Today, Prince sits down with Shawn Stevenson to talk about health and wellness. They cover how the food that we eat defines what becomes of our health, how our body reacts to the nature and the kind of environment we live in, and the importance of proper water intake.Shawn Stevenson is a health and wellness expert, author, and podcast host. He is the author of the bestselling book "Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success". He hosts the "The Model Health Show", a top-rated health and fitness podcast that covers topics such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Shawn's work focuses on the importance of sleep and how it affects overall health and wellness.   What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:45 Get more sunlight05:37 What excessive sugar does to our body13:07 Supplement your body with what it needs18:39 Family time and staying fit20:16 Our body’s perception of the environment28:39 How important is hydration?35:36 All water is not the same39:14 Water filtration49:15 Just listen to the health advice of our ancestors50:16 Hand sanitizer52:41 What happens when you disconnect from nature?59:46 Supplements are just add-ons01:09:44 Rapid Fire round Connect with Steven on: Connect with Prince on: 
In a world that is constantly changing, relationships can provide a sense of stability and meaning. However, building and maintaining healthy relationships requires effort and intentionality.Today, Prince welcomes Nick Viall to discuss love and relationships. They talk about the real definition of love and how to keep your current relationship afloat, what risks are you willing to take and the non-negotiables you have for you and your partner, and why working on yourself first will make you a better person and partner. Nick Viall is a best-selling author, television personality, and model. He became known for his starring role in ABC's reality dating show, The Bachelor. Nick also hosts The Viall Files - a podcast that explores all things dating and love - from post-breakup healing to salacious texts.  What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:50 What are you excited about these days?05:25 How’s your relationship with your parents?07:39 What’s the real definition of a healthy love?09:28 Always choose your partner everyday16:05 Feeling in love doesn’t mean you’re in love19:07 Be mindful when taking risks23:29 The difference between pet peeves and non-negotiables26:44 Nobody will lie to you as much as you lie to yourself33:19 What’s the best way to deal with a breakup?36:14 Taking care of your mental health42:53 Essential oils44:21 The Best with NickConnect with Nick on:Don't Text Your Ex Happy Birthday with Prince on:
Ever feel stuck or anxious even though you are doing every technique for mindfulness you've heard? This week, Prince had a chance to talk to Gangaji, a teacher and an author who spent years in search of authentic awakening. She authored several books including The Diamond in Your Pocket which describes our never-ending search to find fulfillment, which, paradoxically, is already present if we will only stop long enough to discover its true source. Gangaji talks about life-long search for happiness, the curiosity to learn more about yourself for your self growth and healing, and why being present in the moment can change your life.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:44 What excites you these days?01:49 The search for happiness06:39 Papaji guided meditation11:00 What is self inquiry?18:51 Recognizing where your home is19:54 Living an authentic life 21:22 Stories of heartbreak23:49 Maintaining a level of presence27:17 The diamond in your pocket30:42 What are your worries?34:41 The Best with GangajiConnect with Gangaji on: with Prince on:
Welcome to Sauna Sessions! This week, Prince had a chance to chat with Gabbie Hanna, American YouTuber, social media influencer, comedian, author, and musician. She gained fame in the mid-2010s with her Vine account, where she was known for her comedic skits and original songs. Gabbie talked about her Illuminati and spirituality theories, the message created by musicians these days through their songs, and why it’s important to take a break from social media and life. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:59 “Botox can cause brain damage…”01:54 Illuminati & spirituality theories10:16 Deleting social media platforms15:14 False god17:43 Impostor syndrome23:09 “All is well” mindset26:17 Messaging of music & influence of artists30:08 Conservative vs. Liberated32:37 Having a healthy alone time35:26 Taking a break 39:45 “Get off social media..”40:53 What happens to our soul when we die?45:01 Growing up catholic47:19 Feeling vs. Knowing52:13 Good idea or God idea54:45 Fear of death 56:37 Loving your body 1:03:59 Feeling of not existingConnect with Prince on:
Welcome to Sauna Sessions! This week, Prince had a chance to chat with Lewis Howes, a New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness and The Mask of Masculinity. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance business coach, and keynote speaker. He hosts a top 100 iTunes-ranked Apple podcast, The School of Greatness. Lewis shared the importance of having a mentor and how to find greatness in life, health, relationship, and financial advice, and he also talked about his upcoming book called The Greatness Mindset: Unlock The Power Of Your Mind And Live Your Best Life Today.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:00 Success vs. Greatness03:04 Finding greatness and healing07:51 Having a mentor 11:55 “Remember the future…”13:22 Emotional regulation18:32 Vulnerability is the secret to a successful relationship21:10 Money25:43 Regression therapy29:13 Accepting his father can’t support him anymore33:01 Is struggle required for greatness?33:59 Real masculinity36:41 The most important relationship39:38 Brutal honesty of your priorities46:09 Someone he’d like to interview47:21 Fan questions49:20 You are worthy of love51:05 The Greatness MindsetConnect with Prince on:
Welcome to Sauna Sessions! This week Prince sits down with acclaimed author, international speaker, wisdom teacher, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Shefali. Their discussion is focused on parenting, setting boundaries for yourself and for your child, learning how to find the good in every situation, and the practice of meditation. Check out Dr. Shefali's latest book:The Parenting Map: Step-by-Step Solutions to Consciously Create the Ultimate Parent-Child RelationshipWhat We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:52 What was your childhood like?04:51 Parents are lost 08:46 Who got parenthood right?11:01 Boundaries are the key to every relationship15:16 Creating a healthy environment for a child19:39 Two core areas to work on as conscious parents24:18 Working to reparent ourselves28:52 Only you can see your value31:51 Meditation and mindfulness35:07 Everyone is enlightened except you36:36 What is the good in here?39:18 Meditation is a vital practice40:55 The Best Ever roundEpisode Resources: with Prince on:
Welcome to Sauna Sessions! This week Prince had a chance to chat with Doug Evans, a serial health food entrepreneur who began sprouting over 25 years ago and has been advocating for and educating on the benefits of sprouts. He wrote ‘The Sprout Book’ to help create a movement around growing your own food. In this episode, Doug shared the benefits of sprouts, why there is so much unhealthy food marketed, and how to get started on eating sprouts.What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:47 You are not genetically cursed06:48 Foods are engineered to be addictive09:13 People like to take the shortcut12:50 Change from within15:46 Sprouts25:09 Should we stop eating mature vegetables?27:36 Mature vegetables vs. sprouts30:07 The history and discovery of the nutritional values of sprouts35:24 Walking the talk37:12 Replacing supplements with sprouts42:20 Why is there so much unhealthy food?43:20 TV is addictive44:26 Don’t throw the avocado pit46:49 Psychic abilities & intuition48:49 How to get started on sprouts?54:55 Who can’t eat sprouts58:06 Equality for all human and animalsEpisode Resources: with Prince on:
Welcome to Sauna Sessions! This week Prince had a chance to chat with Sadhvi Bhagawati, a renowned spiritual leader and motivational speaker, based in Rishikesh, India. Originally from Los Angeles, a graduate of Stanford University, and a PhD in psychology, Sadhviji has lived on the banks of the sacred Ganga river, in the lap of the Himalayas for more than 25 years engaged in spiritual service, wisdom teaching, sacred action, and deep spiritual practice.On this week’s episode, Sadhvi talks about having gratitude, different types of breathwork and meditation, and how to transcend through sexual desires. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:38 Do you use the sauna for the health benefits?03:07 What is the purpose of this human experience?07:11 Is there a difference between soul and spirit?10:50 General Semantics12:08 The different names of God15:18 In Search of Secret India18:24 2014 Tsunami in South Asia25:33 Hydration session26:52 Do you have a morning routine?28:31 Having Gratitude31:00 Breathwork and meditation34:42 A particular type of meditation39:50 Documentaries about controversial gurus44:49 Toxicity in your peace and joy48:25 How do you transcend through sexual desires?55:54 Sexual Energy Practices59:43 From Hollywood to the HimalayasEpisode Resources:From Hollywood to the Himalayas with Prince on:
Welcome to Sauna Sessions! This week Prince had a chance to chat with 19 Keys, a thought leader, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker. He hopes to bring about a greater dialogue amongst the struggling communities of the world, to challenge himself and others daily to become the best version of ourselves we can be. 19 Keys talks about the importance of investing in yourself, having knowledge of your own self, and trusting your inner voice. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:34 19 Keys05:47 Investing on self07:38 High Level Conversations09:45 Knowledge of Self & God18:51 Trust & having an inner voice22:40 Cultivating your inner voice24:30 Not everything will come to where you’re going26:28 Old age31:17 Imperfection and correcting your flaws34:17 Importance of reading38:01 The lack of enlightenment42:37 Oneness of everyone50:27 Healing the body & mindEpisode Resources: with Prince on:
This week, Prince had a chance to chat with Marczell Klein, an American hypnotist, confidence trainer, motivational speaker, and success coach who has worked with tens of thousands of people all over the country. Marczell shared how he got into hypnosis, how he himself found confidence, and the power of hypnosis and how believing in yourself first can help improve your life. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro00:35 Getting into hypnosis03:23 Being confident05:20 The power of hypnosis07:51 Hypnosis is like autopilot08:44 Why is hypnosis not mainstream?11:30 Confidence is comfort13:43 Believe that you can17:14 Benefits of sauna19:04 Hypnosis in relationships24:56 Healing26:25 Be in the moment30:12 Change your mind first 31:35 Reading 34:35 First client38:07 Future plans39:41 Shifting a negative mindConnect with Prince on:
Welcome to Sauna Sessions! This week Prince had a chance to chat with Robby Robinson, a.k.a. The Black Prince. He is an old-school bodybuilder, the first ever Masters Mr. Olympia, and the first black man featured on Muscle Magazine. Robby talks about the downsides of using too many steroids, why food is killing us, and having the right mindset to pick yourself up and continue moving forward. What We Talked About:00:00 Intro01:27 Why do you work out?02:12 Getting into bodybuilding04:18 Training in the golden era07:31 Joe Weider09:17 The logo for Olympia 14:23 The power of the mind15:34 Steroids19:22 Philosophy on bodybuilding21:36 What’s the secret?26:15 The right nutrition31:20 You’re doing the treadmill wrong32:34 Life advice34:02 Sugar is deadlyEpisode Resources: with Prince on:
Join Prince EA as he seeks advice on ways to improve the mind, body, and spirit from leading experts in their industry.
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