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Congress plays an important role in addressing the opioid crisis as a public health emergency. In this bonus episode, hear how policymakers are working to identify solutions that help support our communities and turn the tide on the opioid epidemic. GuestsRepresentative Dave Joyce, Ohio’s 14th DistrictJessica Hulsey, Founder and CEO, Addiction Policy ForumResources: Addiction Policy Forum Addiction Policy Forum Training and WorkshopsTo learn more about what Emergent is doing to combat the opioid epidemic, visit
Native American communities have been some of the hardest hit by the opioid crisis. To understand why, the historical, social and economic contexts must be taken into consideration. In this episode, hear from experts and those impacted by the crisis to help uncover this important context. Additionally, hear how communities are rallying together to find solutions that incorporate culture and community to support those struggling and seeking recovery. GuestsNathan Billy, Behavioral Health Programs Director, National Indian Health BoardNickolaus Lewis, Vice Chairperson and Portland Area Representative, National Indian Health BoardJudith Surber, AuthorCharlene Bingham, MSWResources:The National Indian Health BoardReservation High The National Native American Boarding School Coalition (U.S)National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (Canada)To learn more about what Emergent is doing to combat the opioid epidemic, visit
First responders have been on the front lines of the opioid epidemic since it first began, and have witnessed how it has progressed and changed. In this episode, hear from first responders from across the country, and learn about some of the innovative programs they’re running to address this crisis, and connect more people with recovery support. Plus, hear what is being done to support responders who come face to face with the epidemic every day. GuestsMatthew Burgan, Community Paramedic at Frederick County Division of Fire RescueKevin Joles, Division Chief of EMS at Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical and Chair of the EMS section of the International Association of Fire ChiefsJohn Potvin, Director, Division of Emergency Medical Service and Deputy Emergency Management Director, East Providence Fire Department Resources: About Safe StationsPrevent Overdose Rhode IslandLawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical Frederick County Division of Fire RescueEast Providence Fire Department To learn more about what Emergent is doing to combat the opioid epidemic, visit
Generations of children have been impacted by the opioid crisis. Children with a parent or guardian who struggles with opioid dependency often feel isolated and don't know where to turn for support. In this episode, we explore Camp Mariposa, a program run by Eluna that provides a safe and fun environment for children and teaches them important life skills. GuestsBrian Maus, Director of Addiction Prevention and Mentoring Programs at Eluna Kobe, mentor and former attendee at Camp MariposaKaia, mentor and former attendee at Camp Mariposa Resources: About ElunaCamp Mariposa To learn more about what Emergent is doing to combat the opioid epidemic, visit
Thank you for listening to Countermeasures, we’re taking a break this week and will be back next Wednesday, November 29 to bring you more on how children and families are impacted by the Opioid Epidemic. To all of our American listeners, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving. We’ll see you next week
For people struggling with opioid dependency, the healthcare system can often be overwhelming and difficult to access, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When first responders, medical practitioners, mental health professionals, and public health experts come together, the healthcare systems can be an avenue for compassionate, evidence-based support.In this episode of Countermeasures, we explore science-backed innovations that help lower barriers to accessing care, rebuild trust, and improve outcomes.Guests: Jessica Hulsey, Founder and CEO, Addiction Policy ForumShannon McLoughlin, Social Worker in Hamilton, CanadaResources: Addiction Policy Forum Addiction Policy Forum Training and WorkshopsHamilton Opioid Information System To learn more about what Emergent is doing to combat the opioid epidemic, visit
Networks of support

Networks of support


Opioid use and dependency can be isolating. Having a robust network of community support is vital, both for those currently struggling and those in recovery. Creating spaces that meet people where they are and provide practical tools and resources without judgment is an important part of addressing this crisis.  In this episode, you will hear from professionals working in this space about the importance of these programs, how stigma continues to create barriers, and what more needs to be done. Guests: Amanda Scott, MPH, CHES, Prevention Services Director at Detroit Recovery Project Amanda Lick, Director, Community Health Solutions at EmergentResources:Detroit Recovery ProjectTo learn more about what Emergent is doing to combat the opioid epidemic, visit
Accidental overdose happens everywhere, to people from all walks of life, and continues to grow as a leading cause of death for Americans. But it doesn’t have to. In this episode, learn about Naloxone, which has the power to reverse an overdose and help save lives. You will hear first-hand accounts from those who have used Naloxone, and insights from experts on the importance of carrying it. Everyone has a role to play in helping prevent overdoses. Guests:Crystal, mother and advocateDr. Bonnie Milas, anesthesiologist, intensivist, Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical CenterGay Owens, PharmD, MBA, Senior Director, Global Medical Affairs at American Heart AssociationAmerican Red CrossTo learn more about what Emergent is doing to combat the opioid epidemic, visit
Meet some of the people driving positive change to combat the opioid crisis and reduce opioid overdose.  Hear the stories of resilience and hope from community advocates, first responders, public health experts and those whose lives have been directly touched by the crisis. This is Countermeasures, brought to you by Emergent.
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Dec 10th

juana Witmore

As a regular listener of Countermeasures, I'm deeply moved by the impactful stories and the dedication of those fighting the opioid epidemic. It's a critical issue that affects countless lives, and hearing firsthand experiences from various perspectives is both heartbreaking and inspiring. The podcast shines a light on the need for compassion, understanding, and effective solutions. It's a powerful tool for raising awareness and destigmatizing addiction, while also highlighting the resilience and hope that exist amidst the crisis.

Dec 7th
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