DiscoverShrinking Trump"He's made himself the victim"
"He's made himself the victim"

"He's made himself the victim"

Update: 2024-06-071


Top Psychologists John Gartner and Harry Segal are joined by Dr. John Talmadge, one of the first to have written about Trump's dementia, as they address Trump's fixation on vengeance and peel back the layers of his rapid cognitive decline.

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Welcome to another addition of Shrinking Trump, where we meet each week to present the mounting evidence of Trump’s mental decline and early onset dementia. This week was particularly telling for Trump, as he attempts to deal with the reality of his conviction on 34 felony counts.

Our guest Dr. Talmadge is a Dartmouth University grad and former clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas. His article from 2015, described Trump as demented, and suffering from malignant narcissism. “Trump's dementia is generally overlooked because of the florid, colorful, and newsworthy nature of his malignant narcissism,” Talmadge wrote.

In this episode, Dr. Talmadge explains how Trump’s mental deficits and his attempts to conceal them are laid bare in the way he communicates. “With my background, I was struck very quickly by his language, his inability to handle complex ideas, and his difficulty adapting to novel situations,” Dr. Talmadge said. “The fact that he doesn't talk with people, he talks at people, which is called compensating for your deficits.”

You are not going to want to miss Dr. Talmadge’s diagnosis, in detail, of four of the most significant psychological symptoms that serve as evidence of Trump’s mental decline.

On today’s show, our hosts give us their diagnosis of a pandering, lie-filled, interview the Fox and Friends “B Team” gave to Trump over the weekend. They’ll break down Trump’s wildest statements from the interview and explain why that kind of unchecked, biased presentation of his lies is so dangerous. “He told lies about the conviction,” Harry said. “They asked him not one question about the charges. Not one question about the substance. They accepted his story that it's all made up.”

Our hosts will also examine how Trump’s paranoia and malignant narcissism allows him to energize his supporters by creating false threats based on generalities. “He said that there was someone with a machete in a McDonald's,” Dr. Segal said. “It turns out there was once someone with a machete outside of McDonald's. So Trump reads this one little clip, and now suddenly it's an invasion of criminals who are going to chop you to pieces with their machete.”

And finally - I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s segment of Good News, Bad News, where our hosts absolutely rip apart WSJ journal coverage of Biden’s mental health, based on statements made by, as Dr. Segal said, “Kevin McCarthy, a pathological liar and psychopath.”

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"He's made himself the victim"

"He's made himself the victim"

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