DiscoverBurnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith"I Sometimes Wonder What I Would Be Capable of if My Legs Didn’t Hurt."
"I Sometimes Wonder What I Would Be Capable of if My Legs Didn’t Hurt."

"I Sometimes Wonder What I Would Be Capable of if My Legs Didn’t Hurt."

Update: 2022-10-06


Today’s episode, a conversation with blogger and fat liberation activist Linda Gerhardt, is the kind of story I can only tell on Burnt Toast. Because lipedema—despite impacting some 11 percent of women worldwide—isn’t a Sexy News Story. It doesn’t have the kind of hook mainstream media outlets want. Lipedema patients aren’t the kind of victims (i.e. thin white ladies) that America loves to rally around. But there are millions of them living quietly, in pain, unable to access healthcare or even clear answers because, as Linda puts it, “lipedema lives in this cursed intersection of medical fatphobia and medical misogyny.”

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CW: This episode does contain some discussion of medical fatphobia and medical trauma, as well as prescription weight loss and weight loss surgery. If any of that wouldn't be good for you to listen to, please take care of yourself and give this one a miss.

Disclaimer: Virginia is a journalist and human with a lot of informed opinions. Virginia is not a nutritionist, therapist, doctor, or any kind of health care provider. The conversation you're about to hear and all of the advice and opinions she gives are just for entertainment, information, and education purposes only. None of this is a substitute for individual medical or mental health advice.


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Linda blogs at Fluffy Kitten Party

Linda's (awesome!) Instagram is @littlewingedpotatoes

The Standard of Care for Lipedema in the United States by Dr. Karen Herbst

Ragen Chastain on why movement doesn’t have to be joyful and health is not a moral obligation

Virginia is watching Bad Sisters (on Apple TV). 


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"I Sometimes Wonder What I Would Be Capable of if My Legs Didn’t Hurt."

"I Sometimes Wonder What I Would Be Capable of if My Legs Didn’t Hurt."

Virginia Sole-Smith