DiscoverLas Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang"Off Book, On The Record" (w/ Cody Rigsby)
"Off Book, On The Record" (w/ Cody Rigsby)

"Off Book, On The Record" (w/ Cody Rigsby)

Update: 2022-08-17


Jetlagged from their journey to Chromatica, Matt & Bowen still deliver a helluven ep. Because Cody Rigsby... IS THE BAR. BDE? More like 3CHE... Third Co-Host Energy! This u-NIQUE (!) episode of Las Cultch sees Matt, Bow & Cody take the readers, nay, the KATIES (you all have a new name) on quite a journey through culture. In fact, it's basically a culture catch-up! Covered: thoughts on Gaga's aforementioned Ball, Beyoncé's queer twirl about the dance floor with Renaissance and thoughts on the incredible album (of the year), what it's like to partner up with Cheryl Burke on Dancing With The Stars, Shania Twain's Netflix doc, first and best concerts, Britney's fedora-and-bare-feet impact on messy Southern gays, the loss of Anne Heche, what the Delta Skylounge gets so wrong, keeping it positive, recent Michelle Branch news, and how the straight community loves Vegas. Also, Cody's controversial and dangerous thoughts on Tayla Swiff, what it's like to be THEE Peloton instructor, Imogen Heap's influence on both "the girls" and Myspace culture, and the following questions: is it more "Disney Gay" to have a Mickey tattoo on your bicep or go to the parks once a month? Do YOU think this country knows what to do in an emergency? IS Be Real Over? Find out (kind of) THIS WEEK ON... Las Culturistas!!!

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"Off Book, On The Record" (w/ Cody Rigsby)

"Off Book, On The Record" (w/ Cody Rigsby)

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