DiscoverThe Tragedy Academy"Prove it to St. Peter"
"Prove it to St. Peter"

"Prove it to St. Peter"

Update: 2021-01-05


While Eric is out this week, Jay and Maria Introduce Chris to the show as our new tech-guy! While we start to talk about Chris’ input into the show, we wind up on a journey through Chris’ topsy-turvy night that landed him on the floor… literally! We move on to a very poignant discussion about how all three of us have had people tell us about great shows that we would probably not watch soon, which then discusses our show-watching positions and preferences. Jay then proceeds to ask Chris and Maria what they would do to prove their spot in heaven to St. Peter. We discuss trips to knock off supermarkets and how Jay has a healthy disdain for market shamers and the lack of receptacles for carrying said supermarket products out to your car.

However, a strong, brown, paper bag to carry your supermarket purchases out to the car is the way to go.  Not to mention the fantastic, DIY book covers that people either hated or loved if they had to make a book cover from a paper bag; was it a style or a way of life? Jay does a great job of circling back to Chris’s story about falling on the floor, and we confirmed he is, in fact, okay! And finally, Chris wraps it up with a. great monologue about accepting yourself, loving yourself, and becoming the superhero we all can be by merely accepting everything about ourselves!!!


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"Prove it to St. Peter"

"Prove it to St. Peter"

Maria, Chris, Eric, Jay