DiscoverBurnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith"You Are Not Considered a Whole Person After a Certain Age."
"You Are Not Considered a Whole Person After a Certain Age."

"You Are Not Considered a Whole Person After a Certain Age."

Update: 2023-03-02


Today Virginia is chatting with Debra Benfield, RDN. Debra has helped hundreds of women heal their relationship with food eating in their bodies over her 35-year career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in the prevention and treatment of disordered eating, and brings her passion, expertise, and lived experience to the intersection of pro-aging and body liberation work. Deb’s work is rooted in helping clients recognize internalized ageism and end it, dismantle internalized diet culture and fatphobia, nourish their bodies to support vitality and aging and develop a respectful partnership with their bodies. 

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Disclaimer: Virginia is a journalist and human with a lot of informed opinions. Virginia is not a nutritionist, therapist, doctor, or any kind of health care provider. The conversation you're about to hear and all of the advice and opinions she gives are just for entertainment, information, and education purposes only. None of this is a substitute for individual medical or mental health advice.


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"You Are Not Considered a Whole Person After a Certain Age."

"You Are Not Considered a Whole Person After a Certain Age."

Virginia Sole-Smith