[Part 1/4] Dreaming Big about Your English Goals

[Part 1/4] Dreaming Big about Your English Goals

Update: 2024-02-0510


We are only 1 month into the year and you may be feeling like some of your 'New Year's resolutions' are already starting to fade.
Good news! I've today's podcast episode is going to fill you up with excitement and help renew your enthusiasm to keep going and break through big barriers this year!
Like Min, one of our students from China. 
Early last year, Min felt like she was spending WAY too much time thinking about what to say. She was trying so hard to speak correctly and constantly worried that she might say something offensive by accident.
But after being shown a different way to study real English, she quickly realized that most of the words she was using were totally normal, and definitely not offensive. This helped her to build her confidence and see quick improvements in her speaking fluency.
Additionally, studying English in this way has helped her to discover new words and phrases that sound really natural and help her to express her ideas easily, just like her native language. 
This level of confidence and ability is exactly what I want for you. 
I’ve got another inspiring student story to share with you that is really going to help you see what is possible with the right plan. 
Curious to hear the story? Listen to the podcast episode now!
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[Part 1/4] Dreaming Big about Your English Goals

[Part 1/4] Dreaming Big about Your English Goals

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