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The Inquest of John Vinnicum Morse

The Inquest of John Vinnicum Morse

Update: 2023-01-28


John Morse was the first person that gave his inquest to District Attorney Hosea Knowlton after the suspicious murders of Andrew & Abby Borden on August 4, 1892, just a few hours after he left the house to pursue his errands after spending the night in the same room that Abby's body was found brutally hacked about the head the same way as her husband with no bloody footprints leaving the crime scene. 

D.A. Knowlton grilled him with questions attempting to piece together a plan with Emma or Lizzie to kill their father and stepmother. Many people believe that Uncle John had something to do with the murders but Morse, a lifelong bachelor, showed he had a deep fondness for the extended family he'd known for over 30 years and was invited back for the noonday meal when he came upon the crowds at the house and a guard at the door. 

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David Loftus as John Vinnicum Morse and psychopath Philip Gordon Reed from "The Knowlton Papers" published by the Fall River Historical Society.

Dennis Alexander: Announcer
Tanya Montoya as Lizzie Borden and Tim Dennis as Fall River Police Officer during a room search of Lizzie Borden's bedroom taken from "The Jennings Journals 1892." 

Guest appearance by radio star Jack Cone. "Everywhere that I looked not a trace of crimson could be found." Thanks, Jack, you're a class act! 

Cameo appearance by Arielle Nissenblatt @arithisandthat as Lizzie Borden at the pharmacy the day b4 the murders. "Ten cents of prussic acid, please." You rule! 

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The Inquest of John Vinnicum Morse

The Inquest of John Vinnicum Morse

Kate Lavender