DiscoverThe Tragedy Academy”Embracing Life’s Experience: Mental Health, Emotional Support Animals, and Authenticity with Daniel Maigler”
”Embracing Life’s Experience: Mental Health, Emotional Support Animals, and Authenticity with Daniel Maigler”

”Embracing Life’s Experience: Mental Health, Emotional Support Animals, and Authenticity with Daniel Maigler”

Update: 2023-08-21


In this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast, host Jay Hicks sits down with Daniel Maigler, a dedicated mental health advocate and therapist. Daniel shares his personal journey into mental health and explores the complexities of depression, the human psyche, and the powerful connection between humans and emotional support animals. 🎙️

In a candid and insightful conversation, host Jay Hicks and guest Daniel Maigler explore the many layers of mental health. Drawing from his unique experiences and passion for helping others, Daniel shares powerful insights on understanding pain, the importance of empathy, and the therapeutic benefits of emotional support animals. Jay, with his background, provides a unique perspective on life's challenges and the value of authenticity. 🧠💖

Together, they delve into deep topics, from societal taboos surrounding suicide to the multifaceted nature of personal identity. Their discussion resonates with anyone who has faced mental health struggles or sought to understand the human experience. Daniel's work with Paws for Patrick, an organization connecting young people with mental health issues to emotional support animals, provides a practical and inspiring glimpse into alternative mental health treatment. 🐶🪞

Whether you're searching for laughter, enlightenment, or simply looking to grow your tree of knowledge, this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast will inspire you to think deeply and embrace life's opportunities. Be cool and keep learning! 🌱🎉

Key Takeaways

😊[00:03:40 - 00:07:37 ] Personal Journeys and Perspectives: Daniel's personal journey into mental health and Jay's perspective on viewing life's challenges as opportunities.

🧠[00:23:25 - 00:24:29 ] Understanding Pain and Mental Health: Insight into understanding and controlling pain and opening up the conversation on suicide.

💪[00:28:32 - 00:35:10 ] Resilience, Experience, and Connection: Focus on overcoming depression, embracing life's experience, and connecting to our best selves.

🐶[00:36:53 - 00:46:25 ] The Power and Respect of Emotional Support Animals: Discussions on the unique role of animals in mental health treatment and the importance of respect and awareness.

🤣[00:48:18 - 00:50:24 ] Authenticity and Support in Therapy: Emphasizing the roles of therapists and organizations in mental health support and the effectiveness of genuineness and humor in therapeutic practice.

Guest Bio:

Daniel Maigler is a licensed therapist passionate about mental health advocacy. His journey began with personal experiences and family discussions on mental health, which shaped his understanding of serving others. Working in various organizations, school social work, and private practice, he found fulfillment in connecting people to emotional support animals through organizations like Paws for Patrick. His genuine approach emphasizes understanding, empathy, and the vitality of life.

Guest Quotes:

🧠[00:05:29 ] Daniel: "This direct service with kids. I love this. But I didn't love making 19,000 a year. So some people said to me, all right, well, then you got to go to grad school. [...] it's this awesome dynamic environment."

💔[00:15:10 ] Daniel: "There is, I think, no greater feeling of failure you can have as a therapist than when you get that call that someone that you're working with has made a suicide attempt and unfortunately died by suicide..."

🐶[00:15:10 ] Daniel: "The Romer family started Paws for Patrick to try to connect young people with mental health issues to emotional support animals... The best therapists in the world, they can't be there for you at 3 in the morning. But your dog, your cat, your fish, whatever it is that brings you joy and connection, that can be there."

💪 [00:29:26 ] Daniel: "We're not promised happiness. We're just promised to have an experience... what kind of story do you want to be, what do you want your experience to be?" - An inspiring call to embrace life's experience and craft our own story despite the challenges.

🎨 [00:30:59 ] Jay: "I'm just standing in a portion. It's like paint by numbers or something like that. And each age is a different section. But, having the ability to be mindful enough to step back and look at the picture, live time, is the most difficult thing." - Jay's metaphor of life as a work of art, emphasizing the value of mindfulness and seeing the bigger picture.


🌱[00:35:25 ] Daniel: "It's just a matter of figuring out what is it that's going to connect me to the best version of myself. To help me to feel like, I'm only on this planet for so long, let's try to enjoy it a little bit."

💖[00:43:05 ] Daniel: "All an emotional support animal is, is, it's basically a statement that having this animal in your home might reduce the symptoms of your depression, anxiety, whatever you have. But there are a lot because there are many people who, like their landlords, will charge them extra fees or say you can't have animals here. And the point is, this is blocking people from the cheapest, most efficient mental health treatment we can possibly give them."

CTA for Guest:

🌟 Have you been moved by the powerful insights and experiences shared by our guest, Daniel Maigler? As a mental health advisor and a part of Paws for Patrick, Daniel's work has significantly impacted many lives, and his story could be a turning point for you too! 🐾

📧 Contact Daniel directly at to connect or inquire about his work. He's more than happy to engage with our listeners, and your email might start an enriching conversation. 💌

🌐 Explore more about Paws for Patrick by visiting, an incredible organization dedicated to mental health support through animal companionship. Learn how they're making a difference and how you can be a part of it. 🐶

🎧 Tune into Daniel's podcast, “Not Allowed to Die” Not Allowed to Die on Apple Podcasts, where he delves deeper into mental health discussions, shedding light on critical issues that often go unspoken. Subscribe today for an educational and eye-opening experience. 🎙️

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📚 Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or connection, Daniel's unique perspective on mental health and triumph over adversity is a must-explore. Take this opportunity to dive into his world and grow with his wisdom. 🌳

👏 Join us in celebrating Daniel's commitment to mental health and wellness. Follow, share, and be part of this incredible journey. Your path to understanding, empathy, and growth starts here. Be cool, and keep learning! ✌️

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”Embracing Life’s Experience: Mental Health, Emotional Support Animals, and Authenticity with Daniel Maigler”

”Embracing Life’s Experience: Mental Health, Emotional Support Animals, and Authenticity with Daniel Maigler”

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