DiscoverBurnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith“The Assumption is I’m to Blame for How She Looks.”
“The Assumption is I’m to Blame for How She Looks.”

“The Assumption is I’m to Blame for How She Looks.”

Update: 2022-11-17


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Today Virginia is chatting with Emiko Davies, an award winning Australian-Japanese food writer, photographer, and cookbook author based in Italy. Her most recent book is Cinnamon & Salt, and she also shares her recipes on her Instagram and in her Substack newsletter,Emiko’s Newsletter.

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Disclaimer: Virginia is a journalist and human with a lot of informed opinions. Virginia is not a nutritionist, therapist, doctor, or any kind of health care provider. The conversation you're about to hear and all of the advice and opinions she gives are just for entertainment, information, and education purposes only. None of this is a substitute for individual medical or mental health advice.


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“The Assumption is I’m to Blame for How She Looks.”

“The Assumption is I’m to Blame for How She Looks.”

Virginia Sole-Smith