Discover12 Hour Sound Machines for Sleep (no loops or fades)“Twilight Train Ride” - Sleep Story with 3hz Binaural Beats for REM Sleep (12 Hours)
“Twilight Train Ride” - Sleep Story with 3hz Binaural Beats for REM Sleep (12 Hours)

“Twilight Train Ride” - Sleep Story with 3hz Binaural Beats for REM Sleep (12 Hours)

Update: 2023-08-16


A calm, sleep-inducing story read for 7-10 minutes, followed by 12 uninterrupted hours of 3hz (Delta Waves) Binaural Beats for falling asleep quickly.

(Left Channel 103hz) - (Right Channel 100hz) = (Delta Frequency 3hz)

*For those interested in the science behind the incredible effectiveness of Binaural Beats for sleep, see more at the end of this description.

Rose embarks on a soothing train journey across the countryside, with the tranquil scenery of fields, forests, and coastlines unfolding outside her window. The rhythmic motion of the train, combined with a tapestry of natural sounds from chirping crickets to distant waves, lulls her into a peaceful slumber, mirroring the serenity of the night-time voyage.


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Binaural Beats target and enhance specific brain functions by using two separate tones with slightly different frequencies, one in the left channel of your speaker/headphones and one in the right. Your ears can’t hear the difference, but your brain closes the gap between the two frequencies with a third.

That third frequency? That’s the magic of Binaural Beats.

See…your brain’s activity outputs waves at a certain frequency for every function it performs.

When you sleep, your brain is outputting Delta waves at frequencies between 1-4 hz, for example.

When you listen to a Binaural Beat tuned between 1-4hz, you are causing your brain to output the frequency required for deep, restful sleep 💤


104hz in left channel - 100hz in right channel = 4hz (⬅️ that magical third frequency)

The same process can be used to promote states of Creativity, Meditation, Focus, Memorization, Problem Solving, and Relaxation, among other things.

Each Binaural Beats episode in this Podcast has been scientifically tuned to target the desired brain function stated in the title. Binaural Beats help millions of people around the world every day to sleep, study, focus, meditate, and heal. And we’re excited to offer them to the 12 Hour Sound Machine family!


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“Twilight Train Ride” - Sleep Story with 3hz Binaural Beats for REM Sleep (12 Hours)

“Twilight Train Ride” - Sleep Story with 3hz Binaural Beats for REM Sleep (12 Hours)

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