DiscoverDesire on Fire044: Aimee's First Sex with a Woman!
044: Aimee's First Sex with a Woman!

044: Aimee's First Sex with a Woman!

Update: 2022-06-15


This is Aimee, and I recently had an experience that was exciting, expanding, and full of surprises of all kinds — my first time having sex with another woman. 


This felt like a big deal for a number of reasons (which I share in this episode), so I invited my dear friend Kelley Bode back to the podcast to interview me and have a real, no-holds-barred convo about this encounter. 


In this episode, you’ll get it all: the draw I couldn’t deny, the ways I felt challenged, how I stayed true to myself, and all the juicy (and oily!) details of the night itself. 


This is a pretty vulnerable share for me, but I want to explore it out loud, because my hope is that it can bring some opening for other women who might have been in the same place as I was. 


I’m on this journey to honor and listen to ALL of my desire — which includes both my sacred “yes” and my sacred “no.” And part of this work is recognizing when (and why) something that’s been a “no” for a long time might become a “yes” when the person, place, and time are in alignment. 


I think you’re gonna love this fun, sexy, playful, electric conversation!


What you’ll learn in this episode:


  • My past experiences of desiring women — and how this time was different
  • How this woman challenged my Erotic Blueprint in super surprising ways
  • Why it’s totally possible to have a desire and not be attached to its immediate fulfillment
  • How I used super-clear, up-front communication to make this experience the most fulfilling it could be (and what we miss out on when we don’t say the thing that needs to be said)
  • What this “means” about my sexual orientation (probably not what you expect)


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044: Aimee's First Sex with a Woman!

044: Aimee's First Sex with a Woman!

Aimee Batuski & Ellie Montgomerie