DiscoverDesire on Fire052: Good-bye Good Girl, with Tanner and Maci Shelden
052: Good-bye Good Girl, with Tanner and Maci Shelden

052: Good-bye Good Girl, with Tanner and Maci Shelden

Update: 2022-08-10


To hear Maci Shelden talk today, you might never imagine where she was in her early 20s: playing the part, hanging out and drinking with high school and college friends, always bending over backwards for everyone, trying so hard to get it right and be a good girl. 


Underneath it all, she felt lonely and disconnected, like she was always pretending or putting on a show. She knew there had to be more to life than just going through the motions. 


And she was right! 


Maci has been with us at Desire on Fire since the very beginning. She was one of the participants on our very first online offering in 2018 (and has participated in many since), and is currently the student coordinator for our Inner Circle membership. 


In our very first in-person Desire on Fire retreat, she had a massive breakthrough that shattered her perception of herself. She also knew it would affect her new dating relationship with Tanner. 


She realized she was at a crossroads: Would she keep pretending like she always had, keep being the good girl she thought everyone expected? Or would she dare to be fully honest and say the thing that could end the relationship? 


In today’s episode, Maci and Tanner give the vulnerable-sweet-sexy details about what this work has done for them, what it has allowed them to say yes to, and how a desire-led life shapes every aspect of a relationship. 


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What Maci finally admitted (out loud!) about herself at a DoF retreat
  • The moment that shifted Maci and Tanner’s relationship 
  • Sexy details of their adventures together
  • The challenges along the way — and how they use this work daily to stay honest & connected
  • How this level of honesty affects every aspect of their relationship


Join us (and 300+ women!) in person at the Desire on Fire Experience event, October 29-30, in Southern California!

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052: Good-bye Good Girl, with Tanner and Maci Shelden

052: Good-bye Good Girl, with Tanner and Maci Shelden

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