DiscoverDesire on Fire055: Ellie Shares Her Amazing Birth Story!
055: Ellie Shares Her Amazing Birth Story!

055: Ellie Shares Her Amazing Birth Story!

Update: 2022-08-31


Waiting for Bear’s arrival involved months of preparation for Ellie and her husband Rob. They had a plan for a natural birth at home, including hiring a midwife and doula, taking special birthing classes, and creating a birthing plan (complete with playlists!). 


Then … the birth happened. And Bear, it seems, definitely had some different ideas about how and when he wanted to arrive in this world.


We talk a lot about surrender in this work — that sacred way we know we can trust what the Universe is up to and can trust our intuition and desire along the way. 


And sometimes surrender feels easy and amazing … and at other times, it is a deep spiritual (and literal!) labor. 


It requires heroic levels of inward listening. It asks you again and again to return to the primal ground of your being. 


Today, Ellie walks us through her entire birth odyssey, everything she was feeling, experiencing, and struggling with, all the support she received along the way, and what this journey has taught her that she never expected. This is an incredibly vulnerable, tender, and moving conversation! 


What you’ll learn in this episode: 


  • Ellie’s birth plan, and why she decided on a home birth
  • What helped her the most in early labor
  • The experience of a harrowing 30+-hour labor (that definitely did not go according to plan!)
  • How she made it through the hardest parts
  • What she wished she would have known going into labor
  • What she learned — and what she’d like her next birth to be like


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055: Ellie Shares Her Amazing Birth Story!

055: Ellie Shares Her Amazing Birth Story!

Aimee Batuski & Ellie Montgomerie