DiscoverDesire on Fire056: Good News: You Literally Can’t F*ck This Up, With Jamie King
056: Good News: You Literally Can’t F*ck This Up, With Jamie King

056: Good News: You Literally Can’t F*ck This Up, With Jamie King

Update: 2022-09-07


In early 2020, Jamie King was a rising star — an overnight sensation in the biz marketing world, landing 6-figure months like it was nothing and living in the limelight. 


She was also falling apart — stretched way too thin, trying to be everything to everyone, traveling all the time, doing constant hustle + grind when what she really desired was to be home with her kids. 


So for her, the lockdown was a godsend. It forced her to slow down. Take stock. Get back to the basics. Ask herself what she really wanted. 


And it turned out, she wanted something very different from what she’d wanted before. 


She had to get deeply in touch with everything she’d been bypassing. And she had to attend more than one ego-funeral that year. But it saved her, and it saved her marriage, and it gave her a whole new perspective on her mission and allowed her to shift her biz to be in alignment with her soul desires. 


Today, with her collection of “Slay” programs, Jamie teaches creatives, coaches, course creators, and online “Slay-dy Bosses” the Mindset, Spiritual, and Strategic steps for building a highly engaged tribe, and scaling their businesses to multiple 6 Figures. And she does it on her terms.


You’ll notice from the first minute of this interview: Jaimie does NOT hide from what’s real. It’s all out there — the struggles, “failures” (listen in for her fabulous, empowering perspective on this), revelations, brags, and evolutions. Everything she’s accomplished is precisely because she is 100% committed to telling, living, and embodying her truth. 


If you’re feeling the pull of a big transition or a shift in your identity — and especially if it’s kind of freaking you out — you are going to LOVE the wisdom Jamie brings in today’s conversation. 


What you’ll learn in today’s episode: 


  • What to do when your desires shift
  • How to frame your experiences with bad investments, heartbreak, wrong choices, and “failures”
  • The power of choosing to find the gift — and why it’s not the same as “toxic positivity” 
  • Discerning the difference between consumption and true desire
  • Embracing the pull to embrace a new identity 


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056: Good News: You Literally Can’t F*ck This Up, With Jamie King

056: Good News: You Literally Can’t F*ck This Up, With Jamie King

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