DiscoverDesire on Fire075: “Where Are All the Good Men?” with Kevin Hermann
075: “Where Are All the Good Men?” with Kevin Hermann

075: “Where Are All the Good Men?” with Kevin Hermann

Update: 2023-03-29


You know how we love to invite men onto our podcast, and today’s guest brings a ton of depth, insight, and honesty around the male perspective. 


Kevin Hermann is a highly skilled and experienced coach, specializing in business, leadership, and life coaching. He’s led over 25 in-person retreats (that’s a LOT of retreats!!).


But so much more than all these credentials and accomplishments, what you get from Kevin is just the transparency he brings to this conversation. He shares openly about being newly engaged and monogamous, what this new level of commitment has brought up in his relationship… and so much more!


If you’ve ever been curious about men’s work — what it is, what it isn’t, how it’s changing — then this episode is for you. 


You’ll hear about what men are struggling with the most, what they need the most, and how connecting at a deeper level with themselves and other men is essential for their growth and wellbeing. (Sound familiar? We say the same about sisterhood all the time!)  


You can find Kevin on Instagram where he’s riffing on the evolution of the masculine and exploring the connection between style and spirituality.


What you’ll learn in this episode: 


  • What Kevin thinks about polarity — its benefits and challenges for men and women

  • How Kevin responds to the question, Where are all the good men? 

  • Why you can’t push your man into being in a men’s group (and a better way to introduce it) 


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075: “Where Are All the Good Men?” with Kevin Hermann

075: “Where Are All the Good Men?” with Kevin Hermann

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