107: Gossip Is Healthy

107: Gossip Is Healthy

Update: 2024-02-08


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This week, Brooke and Connor break down why gossiping is not only a good thing but is also healthy! Plus, they talk about their experience at Grammys, surviving the great flood, and the new season of Curb. 

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0:00 Special Delivery!

0:38 Intro

0:56 Shocking Comments

2:52 Diving Into The Potatoes 

4:43 Midwest Thanksgiving

6:08 New Fav Word

7:38 Depressing LA Rain

10:00 What’s A Senator

12:50 BetterHelp

14:15 Life’s Greatest Mystery 

15:25 Gossiping IS Healthy

17:20 Hamsters Hibernating 

19:06 Connor’s Furniture Tribulations

23:11 FitBod

24:55 Required HS Reading

30:16 Bachelor Reactions

31:30 Hooking Up To Neurolink

33:53 Just Try

35:35 Mint Mobile

37:22 Brooke’s Brutal Uber

40:02 Grammys Recap

47:00 Squarespace

48:22 Tracy Chapman Took Us To Church

51:22 Celine Dion Reaction

52:01 The U2 Agenda

54:18 Grammys Closing Remarks

57:00 Meeting Seth Rogen

1:05:22 Curb Recap

1:08:56 See You In Bonus!!!
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107: Gossip Is Healthy

107: Gossip Is Healthy

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