110: Shared Disorders

110: Shared Disorders

Update: 2024-02-29


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Happy Leap Day! To celebrate the extra day, Brooke and Connor answer your burning questions. From heartbreak advice to hooking up with their clones, they’re not holding back. Plus, they talk about the importance of food in a tube and why the government should employ more birds. 

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Hosted by Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, Created by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, and Produced by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood.

0:00 Last Chance For Merch!

0:32 Intro

0:52 Adult Paper Mache 

3:26 Hello From The Past!

6:12 Mr. and Mrs. Smith Thoughts 

9:19 Bachelor Thoughts

11:01 Alo Moves

12:41 The Theme Is Cry

14:45 The Golden Bachelor Slaps

16:20 ACOTAR Withdraws 

18:55 Keep Calm and Carry On

20:19 Fourth Wing Series

23:09 Chuck Bass Is Getting Married

25:01 HGTV Experience 

28:54 Food Nostalgia

38:58 Skinwalkers and Talking Birds 

37:49 Lume

39:50 Switched At Birth

44:00 Frankie vs Max

46:02 How Did B&C Meet

46:48 Fav Memory of Each Other

51:09 Skims

53:09 Brooke’s Dating Update

53:46 FMK: Live, Laugh, Love

54:25 Connor In ACOTAR

55:33 Hooking Up With Our Clones

57:35 Naming Our Listeners

58:44 Constant Communication

59:00 What You Would Send To Space

1:03:08 Heartbreak Advice

1:05:00 Should Old People Be Able To Vote?

1:06:47 Best Question For Last

1:08:49 Subscriber Check In

1:10:30 See You In Bonus!!! 
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110: Shared Disorders

110: Shared Disorders

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