116: Brain Rot

116: Brain Rot

Update: 2024-04-11


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This week, Brooke and Connor are back in the studio again to talk about Brooke’s new scam, Connor’s latest travel adventures, and of course JoJo Siwa’s rebrand. Plus, they reminisce on classic TikTok sounds and enter science corner to learn about earthquakes and tsunamis! 

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Hosted by Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, Created by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, and Produced by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood.

00:00 Look At Our Pot!

01:16 Adopt Don’t Shop

03:23 Intro

03:44 Farmer’s Markets

04:38 Peruvian Food

07:00 Brooke’s Tattoo Removal 

09:37 Brooke’s Bad Day

10:21 Squarespace

11:43 Getting Pansed

12:16 Connor’s Bad Day

13:22 Brand Trip To Aspen

14:27 Ski Instructor Trauma 

16:10 Influencer Trips

17:47 Back In the Studio

20:23 Liquid IV

22:30 Mi Pan Su Su Sum

25:06 NYC Earthquake

28:41 Tsunamis

31:44 Gypsy Rose Blanchard

33:30 Booking.com

34:18 Gypsy Rose’s Dating History

36:40 Predicting Gypsy’s Future

38:41 Sacha and Isla’s Divorce

41:55 We Love Isla!

42:41 Sneaking Into Paul 

44:23 MeUndies

45:58 Cheesy Movie Tropes

47:44 Mark Consuelos 

49:43 Today With Hoda & Jenna

51:16 YouTube TV

52:02 Jojo Siwa

54:03 French Teachers

56:16 Clean Your Coffee Pot

57:10 Cognitive Interviewing Connor

58:20 Collabing With Cody

1:00:11 Icing Connor

1:00:50 Connor’s Tour

1:02:36 Traveling is Hard

1:04:55 Tunnels Are Illegal? 

1:06:29 Making Mormon’s Mad

1:07:30 Following Billie Eilish 

1:08:30 Our Next Mash Up 

1:09:23 See You In Bonus!!

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116: Brain Rot

116: Brain Rot

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