DiscoverJAYSON WALLER UNLEASHED#12: Buffalo to Storm: Jayson Waller's Resilience Journey
#12: Buffalo to Storm: Jayson Waller's Resilience Journey

#12: Buffalo to Storm: Jayson Waller's Resilience Journey

Update: 2023-09-19


In today's episode, Jayson shares his challenging journey dealing with Generac, a solar power company. He discusses facing layoffs, financial losses, and customer dissatisfaction, highlighting the importance of resilience, comparing it to the determination of a buffalo in a storm. 

Jayson also talks about transitioning from being a problem-solving "buffalo" to becoming the driving force for change, or the "storm." He's dedicated to turning his experiences into valuable lessons for others while giving a sneak peek of an upcoming documentary about his journey. 

Tune in to find inspiration and learn how to navigate hardships on your path to success!


  • Challenges faced and lessons learned

  • The importance of resilience and determination

  • Transitioning from problem-solving to leadership

  • Sharing experiences to inspire others

  • A sneak peek of an upcoming BAMFAM reality TV show


BAM- Business and Mindset specializes in business and personal mindset coaching.

This will help you achieve success at a high level and keep your mindset right. Jayson Waller has built 4 companies from the ground up with 3 worth tens of millions of dollars and his latest was worth over 1 Billion dollars and was set to go public. Jayson has a proven track record in Scaling, Marketing, Branding, and growing Sales in multiple businesses all while maintaining a Positive and Healthy Mindset.

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Business and Money, formerly True Underdog is a Top 3 Entrepreneurship podcast on Apple hosted by Jayson Waller, Former CEO of POWERHOME Solar, one of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA, and his high-profile guests share motivational tips, inspiring stories, and business-building lessons to help each listener grow in their entrepreneurial journey.


  • 00:00 : Prelude

  • 01:13 : Introduction to the new episode

  • 01:28 : Devastating loss and becoming the storm

  • 02:10 : Losing the billion-dollar business

  • 06:20 : Solar panel company's product liability issue

  • 10:49 : Solar panel system failure

  • 12:46 : Lawsuit against Generac

  • 14:45 : Dealing with a company's faulty product and lawsuits

  • 17:22 : How Jayson learned to face the challenges

  • 19:41 : Embracing a "buffalo mentality"

  • 22:10 : Creating his own battles and becoming the "storm"

  • 24:13 : Turning failure into fuel for success

  • 25:57 : Sharing knowledge and building relationships

  • 28:03 : Sneak peak of BAMFAM

  • 28:40 : END

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#12: Buffalo to Storm: Jayson Waller's Resilience Journey

#12: Buffalo to Storm: Jayson Waller's Resilience Journey

Jayson Waller